Dr Salama amazing BBL 10 days post!!!!!

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I was actually only interested in a Brazilian Butt...

I was actually only interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift but Dr Salama recommeded a tummy tuck as well. I actually did the consult via internet and phone so I might only need a mini tuck that will be determined in person.

So I spoke with Ruben again...he is awesome..I...

So I spoke with Ruben again...he is awesome..I wonder how he looks? But anyways the tummy tuck usually goes for 4500 and a mini tuck for 2500. He also said I could separate both surgeries.....I could have bbl first and then tt a month later...not sure what to do.. Surely I will save money combining them but I am more concern with post op recovery. Although Ruben did mention that tt and bbl are common and recovery is not as bad as you think..

He also recommended lipo of inner thighs for 400 extra

Any tips and advice appreciated!

Paid my deposit for May 20....whoop whoop...can't...

Paid my deposit for May 20....whoop whoop...can't believe he was so booked. I wanted to have surgery in April sooooo now I have to wait an extra month.....wish I could get this over with already. I think the waiting is going to kill me....geez..but none the least very excited...I think hubby is more excited than me ;)

So now I'm trying to eat healthy and do some exercise. Not trying to lose weight but want to be in good physical shape for surgery..lots of walking and zumba classes till then....

So surgery rescheduled for October :( Had to buy...

So surgery rescheduled for October :(
Had to buy a car. But I guess I could plan a little better for my surgery. So ladies there is an opening for May 14 if anyone is interested. Loving everyone's result so far on this site so I am confident my results will be just as good.

Hi ladies!! Really need to reschedule my...

Hi ladies!!

Really need to reschedule my surgery from march 4 to the last week of march or first week of April. I'm taking my daughter and her school changed her spring break dates because of the hurricane we had. If anyone is willing to swap please let me know.

Need to change my surgery date again!!!!!!!...

Need to change my surgery date again!!!!!!! Smh!!!!
Im scheduled for march 29 Friday and need an April or May date!!!!
Please inbox me if anyone is interested!!!!


Still need to switch! Is anyone willing to swap???...

Still need to switch! Is anyone willing to swap??? Thanks

Hello Ladies Looking to switch my July 15 date...

Hello Ladies

Looking to switch my July 15 date for April or June. If anyone is interested please inbox me.

done!!!! finally! today!!!

i was such a baby;Dr sergio had to pat my head!!! surgery was at 8;30 am and i left at 1pm; including recovery time. will post pics later. not to bad was expecting worse
lipo does feel like i did 100000 sit ups. will post pics later but looking good

still groggy from anesthesia and pain meds
good luck ladies

Pre and 9 dats post

Hopes this cheeks fluffs out little more.

Became really anemic; almost needing a transfusion. Hope the fat takes.

More pics

Dr Salama is awesome; kinda of a cutie!!! He smelled real nice!! Really embarrassing showing off my muffin top and Brazilian wax gone wrong.
Overall, everyone was awesome. Have no complaints whatsoever. Recovery was real tough!! Excruciating almost. My only regret was not checking my hemoglobin earlier and making sure it was at least 13 or 14 before surgery. He is very very aggressive with the lipo so there a lot of volume lost and hence my anemia!! Been drinking spinach smoothies, lentil soup and red meat to help bring up my red blood cells.

????Dr Salama BBL 2 weeks update ????

Will make 3 weeks this Friday of Dr Salama amazing BBL. I'm so impress this far. My hip to waist ratio is incredible measurements are now:
34 29 43; before surgery 38 35 41
Have to say never looked so good even before my kids!!! Very happy I decided to do my surgery with Salama. I'm also a RN so I did a thorough research for about 3 years before deciding on Salama. So glad I did!! He even worked at my hospital in NY in some point of his career. I learned on the day of surgery while we talking; him very comfortable / me butt naked LOL

Worst part is recovery. Surgery is easy. Start IV --feel drowsy---wake up face down!! First four days were horrid! Had to go get a stronger Percocet prescription!!! Took that for a week then gradually decrease the dose. Ladies colace did nothing for me!!!! I was really backed up; a friend have me her grandmother's medication. Don't remember the name but boooy did it work. It was a liquid!! I think on day seven; I felt so miserable I went to see Salama at the surgical facility. He was sti in surgery. So the nurse had me lay down in the recovery area. As soon as she asked how I was I began sobbing. Geez, I cried more than my kids that first week. I even cried when hubby brought me ham and not honey turkey. Anyways, Salama came and he was such a sweet heart. He tickle my feet to wake me up; and I thought my feet look horrid; they were dry and cracked and I'm sure they were pretty dirty. But he looked at my pale skin and decided to give me fluids. He also checked my hemoglobin; it was looooow 8.6
I didn't want a blood transfusion so I completed my fluids but my big girl panties on ( not really) and my boo took me back to hotel.
I started drinking spinach juice, eating lots of red meat and by two days felt a lot better.

Celia also came by the hotel to give me massage. Before she started I took my Percocet and that was day 10 already!

So day 11 was my flight back to NY,
Didn't want to leave Miami. It was nice recovering with Palm trees and the beach minutes away. So I was nervous about my flight. But thank God there were no delays. We actually arrived early. I sat for the most part on my boppy and pillow. I had my dr note but I was just too tired to stand. I would just shift the pressure on my cheeks while I sat; don't think I lost any volume--- cuz of course I measured when I got home.

I really miss sitting down. There so many things that require sitting: pedicures, dinners, movies, driving etc etc And sleeping is such a hassle; my neck is always hurting and my arms constantly fall asleep. Not comfortable!! But at least I have 10 more days before my month mark. Don't think I'm waiting 6-8 weeks to sit!!!!

Been wearing my garnet religiously; had to take in the sides becuz it was getting big. Will buy new one this Friday; fajate #10066. Celia told me those are really good. The girdle also has vitamins inside the material to help with healing dunno sounds like it can help.

Overall very happy I got this done. I wasn't looking for perfection. But he came close lol My belly looks great. I do have some wrinkling but I don't mind. My booty looks amazing. My hubby is always checking for bumps and symmetry!! LoL. He is my ass inspector!!!

Marriott Hotel at Doral, Florida

Hotel was 20-30 minutes away from office and surgical unit. It was a 2 bedroom suite that I got for 100/ night. My girlfriend gets a federal discount; otherwise it's 200-300 night. Also suggest going on groupon and lifebooker; I've seen some good hotels there!!

Does anyone find that their booty looks better with the girdle on than without????

I love my booty with the girdle on but without it I feel its not as perky and high.
Im sure the compression lifts up the booty; but I must admit that I am a little disappointed.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I can't really rate the doctor because I haven't met or spoken to Dr Salama...but hs brother Ruben is awesome. I'm really confident Dr Salama will be able to meet my expectations.

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