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Nancy, the patient coordinator for Dr. Guharni...

Nancy, the patient coordinator for Dr. Guharni should be getting back with me today on the soonest surgery date. I am looking for Early September or mid September. Once I find out which of the two doctors had the soonest surgery date, I will book my consultation & pay my deposit. I'm also extremely nervous, because I was told by both doctors I will need to gain about 10 lbs before my surgery. I have plenty of time & have seemed to gain plenty of weigh in the past few months (still, at 5'6 & 119 lbs). Super anxious & would love to chat with anyone who has tips & advice for me or who is going through the same thing. I've found so many lovely ladies on here thus far!

Set &..almost ready!

I spoke with Nancy & it turns out that Dr. Rami Ghurani is the doctor for me. He had the surgery date I was looking for, around mid September. I'm super nervous & super excited. I have always been skinny, I'm only 19 years old, but my lack of ass is not the body I've dreamed about & that is my goal! *i will definitely post before pictures, ladies. Plenty of people say they would kill for my body. Well, dolls..there's always someone's body we would kill for. Lets kill for our OWN body by doing what we have to do to get it there!

Nancy called me after we had emailed back & forth & I got the doctors opinions. They said I needed to gain about FIFTEEN TO TWENTY LBS, actually. I'm thinking I'll gain about 12. I will keep my sisters updated on my calorie intake & all as well.

My fiancé & I booked our flights for the 15th of September from Memphis, TN until the 27th of September. I've paid my 10% deposit for my I want to say all that's left is booking a hotel but there is soooo much more to do!

Doing a little post op shopping/preparation!

I got some great ideas from my fellow BBL sisters & added a few things as well. Also, Nancy emailed me (even though it's Sunday) & said she got my signed document & down payment processed! So happy!
All of these things I got at Walmart

Heat Wraps powerful pain relief plus deep muscle relaxation wraps
Twin pick of Iron 65mg
Vitamin C 1,000mg
Tylenol extra strength
ZzzQuil (sleep aid)
Magnesium 250mg
Cloth measuring tape
Neosporin + pain relief
Benadryl itch cooling gel
Non stick pads
Gauze pads & sports tape
Maxi Pads for bleeding
Nivea Skin Firming Body Lotion +Q10
Nivea skin firming cellulite serum+Q10 (just in case, ladies)

A few updates! I now weigh in at 123.8 which I am very happy about. I plan on going up in weight as much as I can before surgery. I'm eating all kinds of food! You guys are so sweet & such motivation! I will get pictures up as soon as possible!

Why does time seem to be going by so slow?

I try to fill my days & go to sleep early, but the days seem to go by so slow. Weighing in my 120's, I weigh more than I ever have & it's very depressing. I can see the weight I'm putting on or at least I feel like I can. These next two months need to fly on by!

Anxiety to the max!

Don't get me wrong, I've had surgery before. I had my breast augmentation when I was 18 years old, here in Memphis by Dr. Ellis Tavin. Let me tell you ladies: BEST BREAST AUGMENTATION SURGEON IN THE WORLD. He gave me exactly what I wanted. On the other hand, I'm scared my lab results will show something wrong. Like a UTI I didn't know about? Or something strange like that!

ON THE PLUS SIDE: I'm up to 128.4 lbs! I am so proud of myself. I've been eating everything under the sun. I snack on chips & brownies constantly & eat all my meals, big meals now. I really (can't believe I'm saying this) want to get up to 140. I have never weighed over 116 in my entire life, but I really want to have an ample amount of fat to transfer. I've been hiding under big tshirts or the fat or sundresses. I wish my date would hurry up & get here! I plan on putting down another 10% or maybe more today or tomorrow

Weight update

I am weighing in at 125.4 now. I've been sleeping too much & not eating enough. I'm going to start eating more & more. I'm not paying all of this money for a surgery that I can hardly tell a difference in. These are pictures I took today laying out

Updates Updates Updates!

So I sent in wish pictures & Nancy said I had actually gained a significant amount of weight. SHE AIN'T LYING, EITHER! I'm at 130 right now & my surgery is in a month & 2 days. I'm hoping to get up to 140. Ladies, I have never weighed over 120 in my entire life. This is a scary thing for me. I also got my packet in the mail yesterday! Boy, was it overwhelming. I know for a fact that insurance isn't going to cover it since it isn't medically required, it's just medical clearance for a cosmetic surgery. Ugh! On the plus side, I made another payment of $3,500 today, but the $3,000 won't go in until tomorrow morning. Trust me, I will be calling first thing to make sure it went through & to get my remaining balance. I have booked my flight for a 12 day stay, but won't book my hotel until after every dime for my surgery is paid for.

Oh! & I WAS ABLE TO ADD INNER THIGH LIPO! YAY! That & my belly is where all of the added weight gain has gone. It's depressing.

Updated pictures of weight gain

I can't believe I'm saying this, but..

Yes, I almost cancelled my surgery today. My surgery is 23 days away. No, it's not true that your surgery is nonrefundable if you make it before 21 days. All you lose is your security deposit. The reason I almost cancelled my surgery is because a "friend" of mine paid 3k towards my surgery up front & I would be paying them cash. It turns out today, they got their money refunded. Haven't heard from them when I asked to have my cash back that I had paid them so far. Sneaky people! I can't get higher than 132 on the scale, but I am noticing major differences in my body. I already have my fiancés & my flight booked, so really I would be out more money if I cancelled considering I'm so close already & this IS a surgery I'm wanting to have.

Beginning @ 110lbs projection & abdomen without weight gain

My first attempts at weight gain back two months ago..

I got super depressed, but kept on...I couldn't achieve the amount of projection working my ass muscles to the fullest extent just wasn't as big as I wanted. So weight gain it was.

Weight gain in October @ 129lbs

Never thought I'd weigh this much, but here I am. Almost there

Last pre op weigh gain pictures @ 131.5lbs & surgery in less than 2 weeks!

Please ladies! Send me your experiences, updates & progress & advice or questions! I'm awfully curious!


I did end up getting financed for $3,500 through united medical credit. They're amazing & very helpful. My surgery is now paid in full! & I have booked my hotel at Ramada Plaza Marco Polo Beach Resort. It's a nice hotel with everything I'll need, beach front view & the MAXIMUM I was willing to pay for a hotel, lol. I want to say I'm all finished, but....not even close!

Leaving my dog is honestly just like leaving my baby at home. & for 12 days? I don't know how I'll manage. Working on hiring transportation is my next step. Any recommendations would be amazing!

It's official! 7 days until I leave!

7 days until my fiancé & I leave Memphis, Tn & fly to Miami, Fl for my Brazilian Buttlift! It's amazing that I'm 19 years old & I already have breast implants & about to have my booty, too! I just can't believe that miracles have happened. At first my fiancé was completely against me changing my body whatsoever, but he knows I will always do what I want. I do consider my body his body, too, though, since we are one. & he finally came around.

& sisters!!! I have so many f*ing tattoos that I might as well just quit cropping my face & such out! Lord!

My surgery is Sept 17th. A lot of people have different opinions about stopping birth control two weeks before surgery, but I am choosing not to. I will put massagers on my legs to minimize clotting of blood (which is the only risk with birth control.)

We are just so excited to get this over & done with & get back home to take care of other responsibilities & come home to our baby (pit bull) lol.


Three days until I leave for Miami! I'm so exited! Got my animals taken care of! (Snake & dog) & doing a full over house cleaning now. Tomorrow will be the last relaxation day. Getting my hair & nails done tomorrow & my baby's head buzzed & Saturday my in laws are coming into town so it's family dinner & car maintence day. Lord have mercy on my little heart! It is just running a trillion mph!

I decided to use Jason as my transportation. His rates are really affordable, honestly. If anyone needs his info, just inbox me or comment & I will gladly give it to you! Nancy recommended him & he was very nice.

Hey ladies! I'm in Miami!

I got here about 4pm yesterday. Spent the day just relaxing, getting some last minute calories in & swimming in the pool & ocean.

Downside, I left all of my prescriptions at home! Honestly, ladies. I thought I had everything. I got them filled way too soon!

My pre op is tomorrow at 12:30 & Justin will be picking me up from my resort. Very excited/nervous!

I'm alive (just barley)

My surgery did happen on the 17th. I am just now feeling up to post anything. The pain & nausea is real. You have to stay on top of your pain meds whether you are sleeping or not, because when you wake up, it'll hit you all at once. The hardest thing for me is finding a position for my damn neck! There's right side & left side..& I have to be on the very edge of the pillow each way, otherwise I feel like I'm suffocating. I can do things a lot easier now versus 2 days ago. I couldn't use my arms to get up because they were so sore. My arms have no where to go! I'm going to hate sleeping like this for 3 months.
I went in for my preop yesterday & got my garnment taken off & foams put in. I forgot my t shirt so I had to repeat the whole process as soon as I got back to my room.

Reason being for the tshirt is..ladies, this garmet WILL burn your skin. & we don't want that.

First massage, check!

She was so sweet & I literally feel like a new woman now! It did hurt, mostly on my sides, inner thighs & stomach, but I know it needed to be done. Everything else felt fine. I was able to take off my compression socks & I got foam put all around me. Same garmet. Triangle foam in the back, two sheets on my sides & a rectangle in the front. Oh! & I FINALLY got to meet the beautiful Nancy! I was very happy, because ultimately she was the deciding factor for my surgery. Being only 19, I really trusted this facility & my doctor because of her words.

I must say this

The lists that the helpful ladies have put out is what it is..helpful. I haven't needed to use a single thing other that antibacterial soap, girls. Please don't overpack. I feel like I wasted so much suitcase space packing all of these things. My nurse even told me she read the list & they don't reccomend you buy half of those things.

The peeing funnel..she said the best way is to hold a cup & pee & she is right. After surgery you are shakey & the funnel doesn't fully cup you. I peed everywhere :(
Do bring cotton balls because my belly button did basically just collapse so you'll want those to hold its shape

Picture at 3 days post op

A few updated pictures. 5 days post op

Updated pictures

Home sweet home!

I finally told my mom (my conservative, southern baptist mom) about my surgery. She wasn't surprised but was upset, lol. That's okay, though! Everything is fine. My weight is the same, but that's with all my garments & jacket & such on. I said goodbye to Miami & I am back in Memphis, ready to finish healing. Oh!! Someone slashed one of my tires while I was gone. How cute & childish! Just because I'm 19, my mentality is of a 39 year old, lol. Some people just don't get that people work hard for their things!

Anyways! I got both of my drains out, finally! I'll update you guys with pictures

11 days post op

11 days post op! Tubes out!

10 days post op

Updated pictures. 2 weeks post op!

I have no idea how far post op! But I have some info!

It's been at least 2 years I feel. As I mentioned in my posts above about my fiancé, we got married literally a month after my surgery! Since then, we have had a little girl & I am currently pregnant with a little boy! ;)
OKAY, I don't know if people know this or not, but I was EXTREMELY discouraged a year after my surgery. I lost a lot of weight, I mean a lot & my butt basically disappeared. My understanding is we are born with the amount of fat cells we will always have, they just shrink or get bigger. When you lose weight, your butt will shrink since your fat cells are there. I did keep the bubble butt shape, though.
Now, fast forward to having a baby & currently being pregnant..y' butt is HUGE. like it's almost scary how big it is.
These pictures don't even do it justice to just how big it is. But I just wanted to share this info in case anyone else felt discouraged about losing projection. Love you ladies!

2 yr post op

Dr. Guharni

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