-PLEASE READ** BBL and TT -Switched Docs-TEAM JIMMERSON-Update-1 Month post op PICS ATTACHED

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Ok guys, i am team Salama now!!!!! Did...

Ok guys, i am team Salama now!!!!!

Did extensive research and pondering on various Plastic Surgeons and he simply was the best fit for my budget along with posted results and from colleague referrals-

His credentials are solid and the complaints are minor and patient preference- no major malpractice shit or deaths/negligence- lol......

Sent my pics last week, got a response from Nancy on Monday and luckily was scheduled (taking the place of a cancellation) for Sept 11.

I am soooo hyped its ridiculous-lol......I am so amped up, I am not able to work-

I lost over a 100lbs so my body is in the melted candle phase, so I had a BIG OLE BOOTY, but its gone now and he needs to inflate it back- I am hoping to get this TT as well, because my stomach looks like brain matter.

I am pleasantly pleased and impressed with Nancy and her organization and turn-around with regard to forms, etc- she was 'on-it' and provided me all of the promised documents today just as she promised-

Here is the important stuff and I promise to post pics of before and after so that you too can see and follow my journey-


36yr old
weight 173lbs
massive weight loss (over 100 lbs)

I am quoted around 7800.00 total and this is comparable and fair in my opinion for all that I want and need. I am wondering if he can fill the flaccid skin areas of my butt back up- As you may be able to see, I was actually nicely large. (small waist/big but)

I have a lot of cellulite and I hope the procedure helps. I will inquire about a full TT for complete flatness if feasible, but I want to see how he feels 1st as he is well versed and has done many many cases of my body style.

I am also not wanting to pressure him with how many cc's I want. Hell, i hope i can get 1500 cc or more in each cheek because that was the size of my ass before the weight loss- LOL....... but we'll see.

Update: posting a link I just found from one of...

Update: posting a link I just found from one of our BBL's Lovely ladies (need to go back and get her screen name:) -Thank you beautiful!!!!

The youtube has a awesome video on usage of rolling pins in between lymphatic massages, etc- I think it's helpful- Check it out!

Here is the link:


check it out~

I am up- can't sleep! Thinkin bout my 'perfect...

I am up- can't sleep! Thinkin bout my 'perfect ass' thats soon to come- LOL..... this is a Hot Mess! lol..... I am wondering how long I need to stay as I am a drug rep and can't stay 2 weeks for post-op? any thoughts (I will still call Nancy to inquire)-
The Mini TT/BBL may require additional recovery-eesshhh~ Chime me if you have any idea-

Sad news for me BBL sisters.... So I go in...

Sad news for me BBL sisters....

So I go in this monday to get my labs and my EKG- both are abnormal- trying not to get discouraged, but I am fretting and want this to be over already-

I did not get clearance for the EKG until today- i had an abnormal T Wave.

My labs were also wack as I am anemic- my hgb is 8.1 and they want to clear it with a hematologist 1st as I was anemic last year during my physical- so.... I wont know until tomorrow if I will get the last of the required pre-op clearances-

This is frustrating as I really wanna take an earlier date, but I'm glad I did these tests a month out from my surgery at this point. Lesson learned..... do your pre-op testing early!

Plus I still do not have my packet and I really would like to ensure that I have everything that I need- arrrrrggggg. I called and emailed Nancy and she adised that jennifer was a bit late sending them out but I should get it soon:)

I have changed to Dr. J as I was unable to get any...

I have changed to Dr. J as I was unable to get any answers or return call over at my previous surgeon choice. I tried on numerous fronts and was un-successful~ I am certain that Dr. S is a proven, accomplished plastic surgeon- but if it is this hard to reach and communicate with him..... I can only imagine the response turn-around post surgery. I am not blasting him, simply not satisfied with the response after my initial down payment was made!

I couldn't get the packet nor the financing paperwork signed, arrggggg!

Often times the office response is a great reflector of post procedure responses. I also think that perhaps it had to do with my financing- I was initially cash... then I opted to have the Medical Financing. But as I assured them, I would ensure that the process was smooth- anyways..... it dosent matter- I found the surgeon that I feel will work for me.

I have opted to go with Dr. Jimerson- I had an in-person consultation, I flew in quickly to see him last week and was booked and taken care of right there~ They also have some additional financing options that apparently everyone is approved immediately.

It was so fast and quick- I feel that Dr. J definitely knows a woman's body..... he is something like a sculptor and he immediately begins thinking in his head of how he can sculpt you- I am having a full TT, BBL, and lipo all over and fat added to my hips- I Love my big hips and need them to stay that way!

My in-person consultation:

I flew in that morning and drove to his office (about an hour from the airport)
I had to wait on him for about 30mins. He was in an active surgery-
His office looks busy and was full of thin women looking for in-person consultations....but it was organized to my eyes.
I then met with my coordinator and she was delightful and is actually his sister. She has also had the TT and lipo and has experienced wonderful results.
I completed my initial paperwork
Dr. J did walk-in 30mins later and was pleasant and professional. He immediately understands what you need and want- he simulated where he wanted to take fat from and how he planned to put it to make your body the best.
He assured me that he would get me a skinny waist and a nice, rounder booty.

After my consultation, I was booked for 2 weeks out on the 6th~

WIsh me luck as I am scheduled for surgery in less than 13 days. I will re-post with new pre-op pics prior to me going under.

48hours update- Bout to catch my flight to ATL-...

48hours update-
Bout to catch my flight to ATL- Hoping for a speedy recovery- FULL TT/BBL/Full body Lipo/Additional Fat to hips-
I am posting my price as I have received many many inbox requests- I am paying 'a grip' Los Angeles/Hollywood prices actually~ but the consensus that we all have gathered is that 'Jimmerson is HIGH' - my total is $18,200.
Most of this is financed and about 3500 was cash. Paying this amount in way represents that I expect better results just like a long waiting list- but I beta get my money's worth-lol...... Dr. Jimmerson promised that he will perform MAGIC. He uses a 3-part fat transfer technique of placing fat under the muscle/in-between something/ and on top (I am loosely paraphrasing) but he explained why he appears to have a longer/better rate of projection and fat survival- Hence this preparation costs additionally with the surgery tech skill/time in facility/etc- He does know and understand that his prices are East Coast like, but he maintains that its because of his work and staff pass-thru costs..... hopes this helps for those that have asked-

Anywho- wish me luck- promise to post measurements and pre-op pics tonight. Not to necessarily floss or show off my curves, but for those who truly want to do comparative analysis of 'before' and a 'true after' with measurements immediately after the TT. This is important to a lot of us so I promise to do this- Lord Willing that is~

Oh, I forgot to add- although it did not look like it. I too had to add 10-15lbs on me. Jimmerson likes to have a nice amount of fat to work with- He is very results oriented.

Pray for me!

For those that have asked again: I am having the...

For those that have asked again: I am having the following procedures:
Full TT/Full Body Lipo w/fat grafting to hips-buttocks-for shape contouring to hips- wait till you look closely at the before pics as to why I need fat grafting to the hips. I LOVE wide hips and small waist......SORRY

total price: 18,200

I also have a private nurse through CHOICE Healthcare and they will provide 56hrs of initial care in-room,etc due to my TT and because I am going alone-this price is 500.00 that you must pay the day before surgery.They arrive to the surgery center 2 hours prior to your exit from the recovery. They get food, do everything including assisting you with walking and tubes/drainages/garment changing/etc- Just want to give this info for those who want multiple procedures and are going to Jimmerson.

Dr. J also employs a Lovenox regimen for the prevention of blood clotting-

I will not have massages until post-week 1 ladies as it is not recommended due to the Full TT incision. Remeber I am a post-massive weigh loss patient so there are extra pre-cautions that I have to abide by. Please Inbox me and I will give you more info if you too have lost a great deal of weight with Gastric Bypass or Lapband~

$8,500.00 is the Basic BBL Pricing at Jimmerson as...

$8,500.00 is the Basic BBL Pricing at Jimmerson as I last was informed(to my understanding)

Please understand that my additional costs come from a Full TT/Full Body Lipo essentially (you see those thighs) and $1,000.00 for fat grafting to the hips (yes.... to the hips) It may look like I'm thick but these pics are old and I am all skin now-

Hope this helps someone-

Please call and do the consultation for yourself as they have additional in-house/alternative financing up-to $5000k or something like that where everyone is essentially approved. Check and research with him and others. Simply wanting to give you a lil more info~ This is one of the main reasons he's always busy as well- He has more flexible financing- I believe there were 3-4 companies..... don't have the names but I simply wanted to put that info out there~

MADE IT BACK ON THIS SIDE! (Thanks to all who...


(Thanks to all who prayed for me)

1st Off- Dr. Jimerson is NO JOKE!!!!!! His work on me is amazing- I went from flat ass to some video vixen type &*@#. I am so happy I can barely type. Also in alotta pain~

The pics attached are 4days post-op
I'm a bit too sore to go through everything in a detailed blog- I will definitely post a more detailed overview of pro's and con's with my surgery. Here are my post ops thus far and I plan to post more- DR. Jimerson is simply amazing! Thats all I can say at the moment- His work is amazing and worth every dolla! This my new Life Plastic Surgeon for any re-touches, breasts, or anything- I will re-post this weekend upon my return home. Luv you guys and wish you more success on your journeys.

14day post-op.... Well, well- my BBL sisters-...

14day post-op.... Well, well- my BBL sisters- finally got a minute to sit and provide a summary of some sort of review for my 14 day post-op..... I am exactly 14days out. No drains- Dr. Jimerson did a wonderful job on me and I am loving my new body. I am still numb in my lower back and have numbness in my thighs- my weight is steady at 170. I can actually see some ab definition. I almost cried looking at my new navel- I have not seen it in 19years (since my daughters birth). My ass is totally soft and not hard at all~ not sure if this is normal or not. I have not had alot of discomfort from the lipo as much as i've had from the TT. the fat grafting to the hips is soooooo nice. I can not explain the attention that this type of volume to the ass attracts. THis big ole booty is indeed not for everyone and some of my BBl sistas say its too big for them... lol- I'm texan, so it fits my physique and I LOVE it. It has projection and it has re-defined my body. I almost didnt make it out of the Atlanta airport.lol...... I had men/women observing and taking notice. I do like the head turner booty- I needed to get my body together and with the help of Dr. J... I did just that-

For those that have asked- I stayed at the Hyatt Place in Suwannee and my rate was 89.99- this was a GREAT price as the hyatt was nice and the shuttle took me to Dr. J's office and also to the store, etc-Please inquire as they have special Dr. J rates

I also want to add that due to my drains being taken out the day of my departure. I dripped and leaked a lil bit in the airport and on the plane ride home. It was very embarrassing, so please beware and take additional gauze for the back drain that may leak.

I also would like to add that I only do the cincher at the moment due to the TT discomfort and I have not been wearing the entire garment. I do wear the waist cincher all day and night super tight. I will resume my garment once my TT incisions are 3weeks old.

Also- let me add, I delicately sit on this at this...

Also- let me add, I delicately sit on this at this 2-week point.......I couldn't do a 6 week no -sitting- LOL......this booty is perfect in my eyes- please don't inbox me that its a bit too big for you- DO YOU!!!!..... (I kinda feel that sum of my sistas who share there dissent for my booty size secretly wish they'd gone bigger, lol) I'M JUS SAYIN. LOL.... LOL......

Kisses! Luv U Guys!

19 day post op update- I am still tingling in my...

19 day post op update- I am still tingling in my thighs & lower back.... I have actually gained 6 lbs and I am about 180lbs in the 19days post op pics... I am not entirely concerned with the weight gain as I am still swollen and need to eat more, protein shakes,etc- to heal well~so the 10lbs will drop back off once I resume exercise in the next few weeks.....

I am numb in my lower back a bit but I have the worse tingling in the early morning and late at night prior to going to bed- I am slated to start massages this week, now that my TT scar is less sensitive and at the 3 week point~ As you can see, the TT scar is pretty dark, but oh- well. I have started using the sheets and the derma care to lighten the scar. I have not loss volume and I am also very very happy with the booty projection. I needed this projection so very badly.

My husband has started to trip on a new level with the attention that I get now. It is almost annoying with his new found jealously. lol..... no worries, I went through this when I lost the weight with the lapband... he'll chill later. He wants to approve my pics that i post on here and also reviews my page. He is straight trippin so in a few days, I will resume intimacy...... lol... I have not attempted to do anything that would require me lying on my booty. lol...
I have resumed work and that requires flying 2x a wek. I sit on the boppy pillows- 2 of them and do muscle strain during the entire trip.... thats all i can do at this point~ I am hoping that I don't kill cells... but I gotta work-

Other than that, everything is actually good and recovery is not that bad- I am slated to get my breast done in a few months so .....I am trying to mentally get ready for that as well~

I will say that I absolutely lived on the Bromeline and pineapple juice (pure pineapple juice 100 concentrate) during and prior to surgery and that is why I think I faired a bit better in regards to bruising and also healing... I have heard this from other members who also took the Bromeline and pineapple juice religiously.... hope this helps!

TO those that have asked- Here's what I took...

TO those that have asked-

Here's what I took leading up to the surgery in regards to vitamins/regimine,etc~

Bromeline (powder)
Pineapple Juice (pure 100% concentrate)- mixed Bromeline in this 3x daily and 5x daily a few weeks prior to surgery
Vitamin C- Liquid
Multi-Vitamin chewable
B-12- Injections (1 per week)
Iron pills (Iron Infusion- 2 months prior due to low hgb)
Protein Shakes

Hey guys- I missed you all~ Well let me start by...

Hey guys- I missed you all~ Well let me start by saying that my thighs STILL HURT~ and I'm a bit numb still in my lower back~ All is actually going well~ I have lost 10lbs so Im down in the 160's and my but looks bigger now..... Now I know this bubble is BIG, but I needed Dr. J to fill that empty skin up so I LOVE IT! I dont pay to park/drinks/ anything wit this new bootay- its so funny.....

But in all seriousness, I really love my new tummy and the way I feel about my body. I have posted my measurements and I have alot of inbox's for how many cc's and I am still waiting to hear back rom my nurse- I forgot to ask her~ I don't have any 1 month complaints other than my leg lipo was the most painful. I have resumed work and walking- I plan to start workin out in 2 more weeks..... the Tummy tuck no longer hurts- the incision is sore sometimes when I eat- but for the most part... its also no trouble-email me if you have more questions:)

I will update again if I loose or gain volume in a few weeks!

Kisses and Much Luv-

btw: Yes, this is a lemme see ( a ghetto/club bootay/donkey bootay/too much bootay) these are some of the ridiculous things that ppl on here refer to this beautiful ass as.... its all good tho! lets support one another and gain the knowledge so that when each of us make our surgical journey, we can have a better understanding of what to expect:)

It's def workin for me! I work in the corporate world- AND Yes, they toooooo be LOOKIN- in a GOOD Way... LOL~ So if you criticisms, thats fine, but please don't inbox me- LOL


Had a few thigh lipo questions- I posted the thigh...

Had a few thigh lipo questions- I posted the thigh pics I have at the moment~ my thighs hurt the most and still do. I have to sleep with a pillow between my legs and it hurts to walk sometimes. He told me post-surgery that he had to graft from my thighs the most so they will hurt for a longer time. I don't kno if I will get the thigh lipo again as it is very very painful and has made the recovery longer..... (1) month Post-Op Review

SEX Discussion for the ladies So here goes, I...

SEX Discussion for the ladies

So here goes, I been bouncin & jigglin round here for ova 4-5weeks since surgery and my husband was lookin like a an ol'nasty man at this juicy booty-
So I figured I would try to give him a lil to get him to a 'happy place'this past weekend. Well, with the BBL/full body lipo really, and this tummy tuck- nuh, uh-

It was a comical,painful and quite exhausting. So..... here goes
1st: there is a hole from the drain apparently from the drains right in the crack area- this lil hole hurts (for me) so be ready for that. Why is that there-anyone kno?
2ndly: MY THIGHS HAD FULL LIPO, so the leg raising and turnin was a 'no go'- I had to call for a 'time out' like in boxing. He was gettin inpatient and scared so we had to stop/grab the heatin pad/put the heating pad on my my legs and start again. too funny
3rd- my TT wouldnt allow for a whole lotta thrusting and he was trying to pull and push like he makin a porno- AGAIN, I had to call for a 'time out'- LOL........ by this time, he was frustrated cuz I wasn't layin on this expensive ass-nor could I ride anything with this full leg lipo and standing was painful too...... So after about an hour of this- he made it work-I was exhausted and next go round he gotta rub that Arnica gel as foreplay- lol....lol......

we decide to try next week again after I've had a massage to loosen up a lil bit- lol...... The BBL is painful for some, but the legs appear to be my weakness- Just wantin to update you guys as this was my 1st experience since surgery-maybe too much- but I had to tell you~ tehehe

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