Scheduled my Surgery Date for Bbl! - Aventura, FL

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Hey ladies, so I carefully reviewed doctors and...

Hey ladies, so I carefully reviewed doctors and went to multiple consultations and even when I thought I found the right Doctor, I ended up losing $2000 and joining the Dr Salama team! Have not had the procedure yet I am scheduled for jan 30 2014 so excited, I am going to document the pre and postop

Canceled and switched

Hey ladies I was scheduled for surgery in 3 weeks and cancelled because I read some terrifying things about Salama, I have now switched to dr rami ghurani and let me tell you what hell I went through to switch this at last minute, I will be having surgery in the beginning of feb and I am scared shitless but so blessed god put this situation in front of me so I could switch I did ALOT of praying on this and I believe he has answered my prayers

Switched to Dr Rami ghurani

This is a roller coaster of emotions and stress especially 3 weeks before surgery, switched doctors 4 times!

Pre op

I'm 21 years old 5'4 and weigh 140 still need to gain some weight posting pics soon

3 weeks pre op

So elite told me it would be a good idea to get my wisdom teeth out, to not have infection the day of surgery, and let me tell you how happy I am that I did this, I have never been under anesthesia before, and I'm glad I did earlier instead of the day of sx. I got so so sick from the anesthesia, like threw up about 30 times even with them putting nausea medication the same time as the anesthesia, what helped anyone else???

Scared and nervous

2 more weeks ladies, and let me tell you this is all I can think about day and night, what helped you ladies calm down?? praying has been helping me a lot of course, but I just keeping thinking of the worst possible thing that can happen, any advice??

Whose in town?

Would really like to meet up with some ladies during my stay in aventura! I will be at the recovery house from feb 4 - feb 15 let me know and send me a message with your phone number, good luck and prayers to all my bbl sisters! Much love

7 days pre op pictures eeeekkkk

48 hours!!!

In less than 48 hours I will be having surgery! Going down to Miami tomorrow for my pre op, I'm so exhausted, I work at a bar and it just makes you so physically exhausted, had to call off tonight cause I'm stressing my body too much no bueno, and I'm prob getting my period the day of surgery fml

Will update after pre op appt! Pray for me ladies

7 hours!!!!!

Oh my goodness ladies I cannot express how happy and how nervous I am, I just would love to ask for prayers and I pray psalms 91 over me and all the other sisters in the name of Jesus, I pray The Lord guides dr ghurani do hands over me during this time, will see and update you ladies maƱana!!!!!

I made it

Praise god I made it outlasted thank you for all the prayers I'm healing amazing but my butt is not as big as I wanted I will upload pics now, Liz the nurse at the recovery house is a god sent angel, the first 24 hours was pure hell just with the vomiting and dizziness the pain in my opinion was and is not too bad


I will get back to everyone when I feel better, deff need prayers this is no joke thank you ladies

So upset and disappointed

I went into this 146lbs and the dr only gave me 770ccs!? I paid all cash and Now I feel like this was a waste of time and money I'm so sad and so disappointed I should've never switched from salama

Ladies, 5 days post op

Well this process in the beginning was complete pure hell physically and emotionally this is going to be a longgg review now that i am feeling well, day of my surgery went great until the second i entered the recovery house. I have been through what it feels like Hell and back. I was mistaken by the care taker, the first hour she was great and then my life changed 360... let me tell you ladies i was the only one in the house with this woman for 3 days... let me start off by saying this woman was so damn cheap that i slept in a puddle of my own blood and the smell of anesthesia for 2 days! she hanged my sheets and padding maybe twice and with this procedure you know its a ton of blood, i was throwing up for 3 days straight and she told me i need to try and make it to the bathroom?! that she didnt wanna keep changing the trash? are you f ing kidding me?! i paid almost $2 gs for this house and this bitch cant give me a new gauze on my bed because theyre running out?! it gets better... she washed the plastic bag i had BEEN throwing up in and told me to take the same "walmart" bag in the car with justin for my appointment... you are so self centered and lazy that you cant find me a new plastic bag to throw up in????? not only am i dealing with this witch, she keeps telling me how small my butt is and all the other girls that come in here having juicy salama butts... how the hell is that supposed to make me feel? i was out of touch with my family because on top of all of this i caught a nasty nasty bug.. the saddest part to me was she had the audacity to PRAY with me from a woman of god to another woman of god and then treat me like this?! anyways... im only going to tell one more story which appalled me, on her last day mind you im the only one in the house, i asked her from a loving voice can you just check on me every 20 min to see if im at least breathing and she told me i got things i have to do....... what a low life centered disgusting human i had to bare with... on thursday she left and i was going to leave because of the shock and traumatization i have been through and Irene walks in and i was just crying to her and explaining what was going on cause i thought it was normal and she truly truly saved my life inside out.... now healing wise ladies i just got better today DR. ghurani was on the phone with me 24/7 answering all my questions and needs, i almost got admitted to the er by myself today because i couldnt move i was having nightmares of me dying couldnt breath heart racing everything and he prescribed me something for stress and im just taking motrin for pain and what a 360 i went through, he is truly amazing with his patients and care i was calling him at all hours and not once did he not return my call he is amazing, i still want my booty bigger, but im going to let it fluff and see how everything goes, as for massage, went in on absolutely NO pain meds and it was not that bad, forgot the motrin because i had to get off the oxycodones, but the office and celia are really great and attentive they took care of the house situation right away and i really couldnt be happier.

5 days post op

6 days post op

Massage #2

No pain meds again, feeling amazing, waist is getting tinyyy, still want my booty bigger, I got my back drain out, didn't even feel it, Celia is the best, I love her so much , nomie is over my shit cause I'm always worrying but I love her lol she's awesome, and Cynthia is such a beautiful person inside out, and as for the recovery house Heidi and Irene are so amazing they never ever complain and are always working for you 24/7. Always keeping track of meds... Feeling good, praise God

I do NOT regret Dr. Ghurani

hello beautiful ladies, when i wrote about the 780ccs being injected and how upset i was, i was in a vulnerable position and i had a nurse telling me my butt looked small, i was all alone at the recovery house and went through pure hell for 3 days... as my results go by, i absolutely love my body , Ghurani shaped me beautifully, yes i wanted more, and still do, but my skin would not stretch and he didnt wanna cause a cyst from where the fat would die if he pushed it too much, i will go for round 2 eventually but who knows if this baby fluffs right, im great with that, my butt doesnt look fake it looks so real and bubbly... i talk to Dr g everyday, he has to be the most loving and caring doctor i have ever met. and its only been a week and my booty is jiggling, i try clapping and twerkin a little for the girls at the house (cause i get down), but supposedly i shouldnt be creating chaos and madness lol, i met the most amazing women at the house, Sharina is my boo thang, she is on realself but she forgot her username when she came back home the DAY of suurgery high on morphine trying to do a new review lmaoooo...out of control.. she craps me up all day and night and thats what i needed all along and our nurses are more like sisters to us, Irene and Heidi, ive had the worst experience turn into a blessing

1 week post up

Booty changed when I went into the stage 2 garment looks bigger!

Look at this assssss

People tell me they're jealous at how beautifully shaped it is

Lumpy stomach

I love my body and I am dreading losing volume, I hate the lumps though I'm doing massages religiously, only time will tell, love you sisters!

10 day

Deff lost volume today :/

Serious question

I bought the vedette with the butt out, but it is SO tight, I'm scared I'm losing volume putting it on, did anyone lose volume putting on a tight vedette? I cut the hips out and love it on, it's just the getting in and out I'm worried about


This garment from ann cherry, waist band is amazing!!! A sweet girl from the house recommended it, and my stomach is so tiny when I take it off

3 weeks

Update ladies! so my butt has lost a little volume, but I'm trying to be positive, because I want to live a positive life. the way my booty is shaped is absolutely flawless I'm obsessed with it when I lay on my stomach. So I wanted to touch base on pain, its been 3 weeks since my surgery, and my stomach is in A LOT of pain, I called dr to see if it was normal and he said yes that the sensory nerves are starting to come back... eeekkkk I'm on my 7th massage and lord have mercy on my love handles, the pain is RIDICULOUS... but I know pain is beauty. i'm going to go back to dr.ghurani for my breasts and round 2 , even though 780ccs looks beautiful on me, I want at least 400ccs more and I wanna take it from my arms and inner thighs no way am I doing lipo again on my tummy, I am too tiny so it caused a lot of pain.. as for Elite, I am very disappointed in the way they handled the recovery house situation, they told me to my face that they would not allow a nurse back in the house that would treat a patient as bad as she did me.. I don't know if they think I lied or what, but she was back the NEXT DAY after I left, I don't have an issue with her getting her job back , but don't you dare lie to my face, and tell me she was fired and then promise me a free new garment, squeem which I still have NOT received. I was just dumbfounded. if you are a Ghurani girl I suggest you not stay in the recovery house period, the treat salama girls 1000000 times better than what I went through which was pure HELL

3 weeks

1 month post op dr Ghurani pictures

9 months post op!

I love my body, i lost some of my butt.. I am going to go back prob next december to have a little more done. I am going to be getting my boobs done, but idk what doctor will be doing it, I am planning for june 2015. I will post pictures soon. the only issue i am having is, i have this pouch under my belly, and i absolutely HATE it, ive gained a little weight but not much.. i dont like what lipo did to my stomach, gurani did a great job, but i just hate wearing bikinis because it look hard, my massage therapist is going to do micro needles to maybe make it look better, i will keep you updated... oh and one more thing!! ive never had stretch marks and i have them all over my butt :( ! my therapist said the micro needle should take it away since its the beggining stage so i will post pictures soon!

Round 2

Hey ladies! I'm back and looking to do a little more with Ghurani!

I love the way he sculpted me even though I do want to go bigger, handled my body with high care healing went fast

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