BBL ....round 2

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I like to think of this round 2 as the...

I like to think of this round 2 as the photofinishing stage of my transformation. First, Dr. Salama laid the foundations by repairing my abdominal area after two pregnancies and c-sections, and added a Breast lift with no implants. I don't hate on it but when it comes to plastic surgery, I can't put anything in my body that wasn't already there. Then Dr. S gave me the butt I always should've had. By the sixth month my shape settled in and I decided to go for a round 2. I want a tad more roundness and to fill in some minimal reabsorption. So basically, photofinishing what was already done. Very excited now, I'm already picking up things I know I will need.

2 More Months....

So I'm getting ready. Pre op clearance is in the works, and my supplies and garments have all been bought, RH stay and flights booked also. sooooooo excited, can't wait to get it done!!! This time, not going to ask DR. S to be modest. GO BIG, or not at all!!!!!! :)

Cleared for SX!!!

I just can't wait to do this!!! It's gonna be kind of sad for me though. This will be the last time I see my team at the RH and at Salama's office. I went into this at the beginning knowing that I would have the mommy makeover first, then the BBL, always keeping an open mind about having a Round 2 bbl as I've realized from research that sometimes it's necessary. But three elective surgeries is all I'm willing to do, and although I can understand now how it can be addicting, this is it for me. Dr. Salama did a great job on me the first two times, so I can't wait to see my results now. Anyone else headed to see him around April 21?

3 weeks to go! New pics.

These are taken as I'm getting ready to go in for a round 2 bbl/ revision. I didn't do my part when it comes to toning, otherwise my body would look tighter. It was tough because my kids were younger after my first bbl and neither were in school. It will be easy to find the time now after this surgery since I'm a stay at home mom and both kids will be in a school program.

Almost there..

I really can't wait to get this done :/
Been sooo busy every day taking care of house, children and everything and everyone else. At the end of the day I have absolutely no energy to even wash my face sometimes. I swear sometimes I don't even know how I get things done. That's why can't wait to have ten days to myself to rest and recover, and further sexify my body. ;)
Everything is paid for, just need to set aside a few hundred dollars for extras over there.
Being that I've been through this twice already, and know more or less what to pack and what is just unnecessary, this is what's in my suitcase:
3 loose sundresses
Crocs slip on flat sandals
2 pair of toe-less compression hose
Compression sleeves
3 seamless fitted wide strap tanks
No underwear ..
1 seamless sports bra
18 inch foam roller cut in half lengthwise , to help with sitting to poop
Bbl pillow
Large funnel with a long stem, for peeing it's better than a female urinal device and trust me on this, there will be no mess
Compressed new body pillow, helps if you are not a stomach sleeper and find it uncomfortable and you get neck cramps, if you need more info on that just ask...
All perscribed meds
Large sterile abdominal pads to line the thong strap of the garment you will wear, again , trust me on this
Large sterile guaze pads with adhesive borders, good if you are dong any lipo in the arms as they tend to bleed longer than other areas
4x4 sterile absorbent Johnson & Johnson gauze
Antibacterial ointment
Extra strength Tylenol, when you want to quit the Percocet
Dial soap
Dove soap
Toothbrush, Paste, hair stuff, deodorant, other Hygene stuff
A little makeup, for the trip home.
A good book, iPad, phone and chargers
2 towels, just because I like to use my own towels
1 pair of warm socks
A LOT of personal wipes
Arnica pills and bromelain pills
Arnica rub
Firming body lotion
Aquaphor for lips
Sucking candy
Breathe right strips ( I tend to snore at times)
Benadryl for itching just in case

Keep in mind ladies that if you stay at the recovery house, Justin the driver will take you to the pharmacy before dropping you there, so you can get some stuff there and a lot of stuff I also bought on Amazon.

Excited!!! Just a few more days!!

Nomie, Salama's awesome patient coordinator is already in touch with me! I love that they remember me, and are so efficient!! Just want to hurry this up so I can return home and be with my two children and husband...

Post op day 2

I made it. It's a bit more painful this time around. But my booty is huge!!! Lol.

Day 3 post op..what a difference a day makes

Feeling very strong today. Had several bowel movements, soreness is present but not overwhelming, and been off percocet since yesterday 11am.

Post op review for Dr. S...reflections

I went for this round 2 because I believe that for some body types, it takes two rounds. I was very boxy and had no projection at all. The first surgery was a mommy makeover with no implants, which fixed my stretched muscles and excess skind saggy boobies. Second was the first BBL which gave me a very defined waist, hips, and fullness mostly in the middle and bottom. The results the first time were great with minimal reabsorption, no necrosis, just a couple of tiny dents. This round further removed any remaining fat in my back, arms and thighs and filled out only the top for roundness, and filled the two tiny dents. My booty is huge and I LOVE my results. I feel like every time I have gone to Dr. Salama, I got exactly what I asked for, within reason.
Candidates for this surgery do need to realize that what they ask for has to be within reason for their body type. The butt you want has to be compatible with your frame. Dr. Salama is great at determining what will look great on you as an individual, while taking your wishes into consideration.
Once again I stayed at the recovery house with Grace and Lourdes and little help from Cathy. It's really a great provision and I highly recommend paying the 1899 to stay here. You don't just get post surgical care and meals. Your laundry gets done, you get reminders about what you have to do, transportation to all surgery and massage related appointments, and you get the company of people who are going through it too. It's a great path to independence after surgery. I know it seems like a lot of money but if there is no one to travel with you, I highly recommend it. It actually comes out to be equally as or less expensive than most decent south Florida rentals and hotels. And you DO need someone to care for you especially for the first 4-5 days at least...hiring a nurse for a few hours a day doesn't compare to this. These ladies really care and the house is so clean. They work hard and sometimes have to deal with some very nasty people who don't realize how good they have it. Also, keep in mind that you will not be the only girl here..although they are not always full, there are 9 beds spread over four spacious bedrooms... so you may not have someone there at your beck and call when you snap your fingers. But you will be cared for, and they WILL get to you. So be nice, and be patient. You make it easier for them to be super nice to you in return. Put yourself in their place. Would you want help someone who is nasty and demanding? Just some observations from all THREE of my stays here.
Thanks again to Nomie, Cynthia, Nancy, the front desk, Celia one of the massage therapists, the anesthesiologist, nurses, and Dr. Salama for making this experience and my previous ones, virtually seamless.

6 weeks and settled in to my new, new butt

I healed very fast this round, thank Goodness! Started working out, just weight training and light cardio, don't want to a lose too much fat even tho I have booty enough to !! Wearing my garment and foam still, but only in the house because my swelling is minimal . Check it out...
Dr. Moises Salama

Dr. Salama is straightforward but don't let that intimidate you, he is really very sweet and funny. He also really loves what he does, like really enjoys dishing out hotter bodies. He is honest and realistic. He will listen to what you want, tell you his opinion based on your body type and than you will come to a consensus together.

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