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So, i've done it...I've taken the first step to...

So, i've done it...I've taken the first step to the me I know I am....I'm TERRIFIED! Surgery is risking when it's not optional, so me electing to have this done is well....slight crazy, but, I know thisis what I want! I have always been a "square pants" my sister calls me Sponge Bob! Even though I know she's joking, it's true! I have a GREAT rack, but my buttom...fell out at birth.
Every girl just wants to feel sexy! And most times I feel confident, not sexy. I got quote this moring from EPSMiami and it's reasonable. I'm scared however and I have yet to make the appointment. Just alot to think about.

The Quote:

Good morning. I hope this email finds you well and very sorry for the delayed response. Below you will find all the information regarding the package and procedure.

In regards to your inquiry the pricing of the surgery is $7,799. That price is all-inclusive for the surgery. Payment for the surgery does not need to be paid in full, rather only a 10% deposit (non-refundable) to hold your spot. You can schedule up to five months from now your surgery. Just please let me know dates when possible.

The liposuction areas that are included in the Brazilian Butt Lift are: abdomen, flanks and upper & lower back. That is to say the following is included in the surgery package:

· Surgical fee

· Anesthesia Fee

· Facility Fee

· 2 Custom Compression garment

· 2 Post-operative massages

If you would like to add additional areas of liposuction, we can certainly discuss that once Dr. Salama has reviewed your pictures and made an assessment. Each additional area of liposuction will be $500, as that is the discounted rate.

Included in the package is transportation service. This includes transportation for all surgery related travel. To/from airport, preop appointments, post op appointments, and pharmacy stops.

I will add pictures should I keep the courage I have for this procedure.
Any advice?


So now i\I'm torn...does anyone how pics from Dr...

So now i\I'm torn...does anyone how pics from Dr.Perry? I really wanna see more of his work.

Seriously I'm a the last 3 months or...

Seriously I'm a the last 3 months or so I have looked at more pictures of women's behinds then anything else. I dream about buttocks and in patterns for some reason I make out the shape of the coveted hourglass figure! It's CRAZY!!!!! I have to decide on a doctor quick! The other day at work (i'm a bartender) there were these three amazing beautiful girls that walked into the resturant and it'snot that I'm ugly...I'm the sh*t (up top, cute face GREAT boobs) but, all three had DUMB BOOTIES! HOW??? BBL maybe...? It must be done! Dr. S has amazing results and a HUGH fan base, but, Dr. Perry ofters the shape I desire....any thought?

So this morning I spoke with Norma, Dr. Perry's...

So this morning I spoke with Norma, Dr. Perry's assistant...omg she's apple pie, sooo sweet! She was so helpful and friendly. She gave me alot of details and I just sent my pics off to Dr. P. Now I We will see what he quote's and what he can do to help my "lil booty" lmao! EXCITMENT!!!!

So today I got a personal email from Dr. Perry. He...

So today I got a personal email from Dr. Perry. He said that if I was free I could call him (at the time of the email) and have the consultation over the phone. Unfortunately I was out, stuffing my face with my sister and didn't get the email until way to late..however he left his cell phone number for me to call him when I had time. What Dr. has ever given his cell phone and made it a point to make sure you know he was avalible to you?!!! Amazballs!!! The time of the email was around 9pm EST and he said I could call then...great office hours. Even with no consultation, only 2 email correspondants, and a few phone calls to Norma I know Dr. Perry is my guy! Made my choice deposit will go in by Monday! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!

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