Pre 38th Bday Gift BBL +12 Area Lipo Bmi 33 - Aventura, FL

I have been wishing and working for an ass for...

I have been wishing and working for an ass for years. Outside of Real self I've been stalking bbls and implants for about 15 years or more. Reading articles, books, etc. I never wanted a implant. 15 years ago most surgeons were pushing implants as the only sure not to have several rounds. I didn't want them.

I'm a diabetic women who is 37, 5'7, and 210. I've at my heaviest gotten up to 250. My glocuse levels are well controlled (A1C is under 6). My The problem is I'm a rectangle shape when I'm thin and a classic apple shape when I'm not. I have a loving husband and 4 beautiful children. Due to time, health concerns, and my husband's insistence I will be remaining in the states.

I didn't mind paying a higher price tag but in all honesty for my starting point and having to stay in the states. Dr. McAdoo was my first choice. I believe I have realistic enough expectations. My waist is 43 inches I realize I won't be a a 26 after round 1. I will without a doubt need a tummy tuck later. My pain tolerance and recovery time will not allow the 2 together. I don't really even want to be "small" I want to be curvy. I booked my December 15th surgery. Pics to some

Start pics &wish pics

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