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Just starting the process of looking into getting...

Just starting the process of looking into getting a BBL. I originally started looking into a tummy tuck after getting a breast lift done a year and a half ago. Somehow I came across a BBL and now I can't wait. It was surprisingly easy to get him on board after showing him some of y'all's pictures!!

So far I have sent my pictures to Dr. Salama, Dr. Campos and Dr. Cardenas. Quickest response was Salama by far! Wish I had looked into this a year ago when he was doing TT and BBL together for less than $10,000. Now it's 2 separate surgeries with the BBL first at $8,499 and followed by a TT at $5800. Salamas patient coordinator said I could great results and after the BBL we can decide if I still need a TT. I am almost positive I will since gaining 60 lbs with my first pregnancy left me with loose skin.

As soon as I get my other quotes I will make my choice. I love Cardenas TT and Salamas BBL. Campos seems like a nice middle but traveling that far is a bit scary.

I've added my before pics and hopefully soon I will have a SX date and then beautiful after pics.

Height 5' 6"
Weight: 145-150 I think, haven't weighed myself in a month.
Bra: 34ddd
Waist: 27
Hips: 40

Goal: flatter tummy and nice full round butt!!

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