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Hello, all u beautiful ladies..so glad to have...

Hello, all u beautiful ladies..so glad to have bumped into this fabulous site, where one can pretty much live through others vicariously! I've read just about everyone's journey and let me tell you... you all are some incredible women!

I to want this surgery so bad because all my life I've been the "oh you have such a beautiful face":/ lol..I'm sure some of you are on the same page... anyways,I would like to ask some of the women who have had the bbl done if there was any type of anxiety or depression after the procedure? Because I'm kind of a worry wart that thinks I'll have some type of issue with that once I go through with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm so excited to know that I to can have the nice figure I've always wanted... so someone let me know something... lol give me some info pleeezze o_O

By the way I will be posting pics soon..not to sure how I'm kinda new with this iPad!

Hi girlies, I'm still looking for an earlier date....

Hi girlies, I'm still looking for an earlier date..Feb,March or April :'/

Very happy today..I managed to get an earlier date...

Very happy today..I managed to get an earlier date since I have switched from Dr.S to Dr.R. I continue reading everyone's journeys and thanx to all of you, I learn something new everyday:) I'll be trying to post some pics today, sorry but I've been hesitating because uggghhhh..they are not the best. Anywho GL to all the newbies as well as all recovering bbl ladies..

Hello ladies, its been awhile since ive posted...

Hello ladies, its been awhile since ive posted anything but I wanted to wait until many date got closer. I have been reading up on pretty much everyone on RS..looking at newbies and of course vets. Anyway im sitting here thinking about my sx and beginning to feel nervous and anxious! I got cleared today all except for a urine infection that will be taken care of with some antibiotics Dr.Ghurani prescribed me. So nice of nomi to have taken the time to call in my prescription to my local walgreens since my printer at home seems to be constipated. .lol I don't know I think there's some paper stuck in it!! Anyway...20 MORE DAYS TILL SX!! By the way a big thanx to bigbutiez for answering all my questions, you look great girl..B-)

BTW......CRAP!! I cant seem to post any pics! I...

BTW......CRAP!! I cant seem to post any pics! I don't see the option on my ipad. .only to submit a video:( im trying with my galaxys3 but I still cant. Any ideas ladies:((

Sooooo...im less than 2wks away from my sx and im...

Sooooo...im less than 2wks away from my sx and im nervous as hell. Any positive feedback will be greatly appreciated:) I think I have everything I need (at least I hope)! Good luck to all!!!

So happy my time is almost up I thought it would...

So happy my time is almost up I thought it would never get here. I have all my supplies and meds in my suitcase at the door!


Just wanna say....aaaaahhhhhhh!!! 4 days till...

Just wanna say....aaaaahhhhhhh!!! 4 days till sx:))))))) sorry but I had to let it out!

As you all know...MY TIME IS HERE! Yes my dears, I...

As you all know...MY TIME IS HERE! Yes my dears, I met with Dr.Rami Ghurani and he is absolutely positively the doc for me:)) So I'm gonna make a long story short, here goes.....
got to my pre op at 3:00
Signed a bunch of paperwork and was called to the back by none other then Dr.Rami.
Then I met the beautiful Nancy. WAIT!! Did I say beautiful? I mean gorgeous! And The fabulous Nomie and Laila. Let me tell you once you conversate with these women they feel more like sisters than anything. Anyway my husband accompanied me to the back and Dr. Rami asked us to take a seat and began asking me health questions. After. Few min we got into what he calls the 'good stuff'! So he says ' tell me...what exactly are you looking for? And right before I could answer... he answered for me. Right there and then I knew he was aware of my defects. I smiled..lol cheezy huh?! So he checked out my body and boy oh boy WAS I EMBARRASED! I was standing in the middle of my husband, Dr.Rami and Nancy. He's was holding and feeling and squishing all my fat..hahaha it was hilarious we all busted out laughing at silly things I kept saying due to my nerves.
So after talking to Dr. Rami for about 1/12 we said adios until tomorrow. I went in nancys office received my boppy pillow and my bromelin pills, joked around with the girls in the office for a bit and headed back to my hotel room. All in all my first experience they get 10 out of 10. Tomorrow is my big day I'm due first thing in the morning at 8:30am and I really just wanna get this over with. I'm gonna try my best to keep you all informed hope to get some love from all my girls here on RS!! Pray for me ladies Im gonna need it!!!M:))

Hello ladies so I had a goodnights rest and I'm...

Hello ladies so I had a goodnights rest and I'm ready to go! I took my shower with anti bacterial soap got some comfy clothes on. Please ladies PLEASE Pray that all goes well with my sx as well as my recovery!! I feel the ladies on this site like close friends since were all have this sx in common, thanx girlies!


I MADE IT GIRLS, SO HAPPY ITS OVER WITH. ILL SAY FOR ME THE PAIN ISSSSS BAAAAD! I don't like taking narcotic painkillers..... BUT I DID. I THANK ALL OF YOU FOR KEEPING ME IN YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. Pleas give youselves a big hug for me thanks again and ill try to post more tomorrow:))))

Hi ladies, I made it through my check up today it...

hi ladies, I made it through my check up today it was tough. The percs made me extremely dizzy so I discontinued them. I'm taking advil as well as extra strenghth Tylenol and I feel much better. I have been eating and drinking ok and taking meds just fine. I have my foams on and cami but I can't seem to get comfy ughh my back is killing me. Anyway my first massage is Tuesday and I'm already scared because when I feel my tummy IT HURTS!!! I also want to include that Dr.Rami is an incredible person he has been so nice and caring. Nancy and Cynthia are the best they made me feel so comfortable and safe these women are amazing. Overall the teamwork between all of them make the place grade A! And I mus'nt forget the gorgeous anesthesiologist ..lol..so ladies thank you once again for being one of my biggest support system I truly do appreciate every single one of you:)

Hello beautiful chicks! Just here with a quick...

Hello beautiful chicks! Just here with a quick update..I'm feeling much better today. The extensive pressure I had on my butt has gone down dramatically I feel like they are not so tight anymore. I had my first bm yesterday without a problem and no it was not messy at all! Funny thing though, my husband helped me go pee the first couple days with a funnel I bought at my local ace store. So he stands behind me while turn towards the back of the toilet and guess what??? Haha I peed all over his hand the first few times! I wanted to bust out laughing so bad but then the pain of my lipo wouldn't let me:) well here I am laying on my tummy typing and bored out of my mind. I continue to have the stiffness on my back but I found a great way to sleep without a lot of pain on my back. I pile up 4 pillows like how dominoes look when they fall and bam! that does the trick. I'm taking all my meds except for the percs, those pills made me feel worse than I was:( they gave me headaches, nausea and I was lightheaded the first couple of days after sx. So Dr.Rami told me to get off em and start my advil and xtr strenghth Tylenol and waalla I feel great now. Now about my first Shower where should I begin?! Hmmm, well it was tough! I almost passed out I had to smell some alcohol and hold on to my hubby while it subsided then I washed brushed my teeth changed and felt great. So I'm happy thus far that even through the pain and uncomfort I would still do it again!! Yes the day after my sx I asked myself why? Why did I do this? But you know I started thinking about how bad I felt with that busted booty..lol crap I want to laugh bad with that one but I can't yet.. So if

you're scared or nervous it's all normal baby dolls everything in life is a risk and a process if one lady can get a bbl, we all can get a bbl!! Thanks to all the lovely ladies who hit me up here or in private your words are a big uplift:))))))

So I had my first massage and I'm not saying it...

So I had my first massage and I'm not saying it was a cake walk but it was pretty easy for me! I did take 2 advils 30 min before and that was good enough;-) I had tons of liquid like literally I drenched the pad as well as my boppy..yea gross! But I felt like a million bucks afterwards. Next massage on thurs and I'm looking so forward to it thanks to my girl celia! You know this sx is so bittersweet because you go through a difficult recovery and through the midts you meet beautiful people inside and out that once its time to go back home it feels kinda sad:( but I will def give Dr.Rami and the girls a shout every now and then. Ttyl fabulous ladies?????



Ok so I just wrote a long ass review only for it...

Ok so I just wrote a long ass review only for it not to post..ugghh ok so im going to narrow it down my ladies..ive been feeling good I haven't been taking pain meds in 2 days. I continue to wake up stiff and uncomfortable. I am def shrinking:) back drain was removed yesterday and no more compression stockings. On my way for my second massage and hopefully front drain removed. Im am stoked to be going home today. Im definately gonna miss ?Dr.Rami?and his lovely staff but will keep them updated with my continuing results..so check out my pic with the man himself;))

Hello girls, well I decided to do a quick update....

Hello girls, well I decided to do a quick update. My healing is coming along i would say ok... my tummy is hard and lumpy so is my back. My butt cheeks have a prickly feeling inside. I continue to feel uncomfortable sleeping and I still feel the stiffness. These are all effects I knew I would have to deal with ahead of time, so no big deal! Anyway aside from that, im excited due to the drastic downsize of my garment. I was an XL at 10 days and felt it getting really loose so I went to get another one. And I was so surprised to come out tge store wearing a med! YESSSSSSSS:-)) so i tried the med garment and closed it on the second row:O I was like whaaaaaat! So I realized I was gonna need a small garment fairly quick. So I bought both! Anywho, I will be posting new pics and I just wanna say my body may not have perfect results in someone elses eyes, but to me it is! Oh by the way I haven't experienced any itching whatsoever! Ttyl girlies:-)))

Hey ladies, so I'm a few days shy of 7wks and...

Hey ladies, so I'm a few days shy of 7wks and loving myself more and more each day! I know Its been a while since my update but once your this far out of sx you just focus on healing and getting over new hurdles that come at you through the process. I guess the only new things are easing yourself back into your normal activities like sitting and driving. Theres been no complications none of the famous itching and no more swelling of legs or ankles. I continue to wear my CG in a small as well as my board n foam. I personally feel like I my garment is shaping me and shrinking my waist nicely without a waist cincher So I don't think I'll be buying one anytime soon. Anyway funny thing, I went out with some friends this weekend and DAMN all eyes on me!! I mean I wasn't turning heads, I was breaking necks! Lol..I had males and females hitting on me..! Some chik even grabbed my booty and I gave her the UGLY EYE!!! Yes I did.
So ladies get ready for it, get ready for all the negative and positives that come with the booty cause there's plenty:) so I will be posting pics randomly if you have any questions or comments feel free to inbox me. Oh by the way good luck to all my girlies that are on there way to a better booty..I will be keeping up with ur sx's luv ya'll;-)))


Hello ladies, I know I haven't been involved as much but Im using this time for healing. Well lets see where o where should I start?? Ok so I am 3mths out of sx! I wear my cg on & off (especially to sleep) because it seem that I still get a bit swollen without it:-(...there's nomore stiffness but I am still numb in some areas. I have started sitting on my booty 3wks now and its still aaallllll theeeeeeere..lol my booty is now nice an soft and it feels funny ( in a good way!) When I walk..:-D I totally luv, luv, luv shopping for clothes but I do have a hard time due to my disproportions.. hahaha! But dont get me wrong, I am so greatfull for awwwll disss..lol anyway my luv's, this whole process of sx and recovery has been a great experience beginning with Dr.Rami and all the fabulous women on RS that came before me and after! Please continue to write me if u have questions or comments and i will try to answer what i can as promptly as possible:-)Smooches to all of ya'll and of course good luck to all my bbl sistas vets & newbies????????



Hello ladies, just wanna say thank you to all of you who took the time to congratulate me on my results and have been so patient for me to update:-) I do apologize if I don't answer every question inbox or outbox because I have so many!! Anyways since my sx( about 9 months now) everything's gone fairly well. I thank god there were no complications whatsoever..I did wear my cg for as long as I could and even way longer than I was suppose to. So far I am still very happy with my results and continue to get TONS of compliments from men and female;-) I did gain a few lbs back (TOTALLY NORMAL!) because you can't live on soup and Gatorade ..lol! But my waist continues to be small compare to my big lovely booty:-))) Now I will post a few pics, but they will be with clothes on...I was not to happy when I tried to remove some pics on RS and it wouldn't let me. RS claims the right to everything you put on here and make it quite difficult to remove anything..grrrrr:-(( so anywho enough with that! I do want to congratulate vets and newbies on their journey it's a tough one! Hugs, kisses and lots o' luck;-***

Added update;

By the way a very important detail I forgot to add is that I am planning on a tummy tuck in the future!!!!! because once my tummy softend up my skin got pretty loose:-(( yes I feel I still look good but us women are never really satisfied.. Wink wink;-)
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