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I am going to be very honest. I placed a deposit...

I am going to be very honest. I placed a deposit with Dr. Salama and I am having a hard time deciding if he is the correct surgeon. Dr. Salama has a good reputation, from what I can find. However, I know more about Dr. Jimerson.

The issue... I am paying for my proedure in cash and Dr. Jimerson is beyond my cash reserve and I would need to finance some of it. I know I should probably stand by my commitment with Dr. Salama but I want the largest booty and smallest waist I can receive.

 If you have had expereince with Dr. Salama or Dr. Jimerson with a similar shape as mine, can you please comment or send me a personal message? I have no one in my daily life to ask and want to make the best decision possible. I am 5' 6" at 190 lbs. I want to be honest with where I am so I posted a picture. I know, there is more in the front than than the back, that is why I NEED this surgery.

Am I the only one obsessed with this site? I have...

Am I the only one obsessed with this site? I have been looking at booty everyday :) I need to decide on which doctor I am going to choose. I can not afford to revise and keep going back. I have children, a husband, and other bills. I need one great shot to increase by butt size, get me some hips, and obtain a smaller waist.

I have placed a deposit for Dr. Salama but also...

I have placed a deposit for Dr. Salama but also have a consultation with Dr. J himself tomorrow morning. What should I expect during my Dr. J consult? I am trying to figure out a way to say politely....I NEED BOOOTY MAGIC, the smallest waist and the largest A** you can give me. I have a more subdues list of questions tomorrow but in my mind I will be screaming this. I need to make a solid decision soon so I can focus on one PS.

What am I supposed to do with this upper abdomen...

What am I supposed to do with this upper abdomen fat?! How candoctors make the uppder abdomen much smaller? I have both upper and lower abdomen fat :(

Today, I had a 9:00 a.m. telephone consultation...

Today, I had a 9:00 a.m. telephone consultation scheduled with Dr. Jimerson. It is currently 3:30 p.m. and I still have not received a call. I have had my phone on ring and with me all day without a call or an email stating what the delay is. I cancelled meetings and moved clients to have my telephone on me. This is very inconvenient. Has anyone experienced this sort of issue before?

It is 7:00 p.m. and I have not received a call...

It is 7:00 p.m. and I have not received a call from Dr. J or a patient consultant. I called them twice and the operator just stated the doctor was busy and someone would call me back.

I finally spoke with Monica and Dr. J today. (See...

I finally spoke with Monica and Dr. J today. (See yesterday's post) This process is so emotional for me and I did not expect it to be. Dr. Jameson works best for me location wise because I am in Indiana but my husband travels for work and one of his locations is in Atlanta. Thus, he can move his schedule to assist me as I recover. It was so funny hearing Dr. J's voice in person after seeing video clips of him. Monica and Dr. J answered my questions. The prices have increased approximately 1K for the BBL since I scheduled my consult. This site has been a wealth of information for me and I will continue to update you all.

I will be unable to have my BBL procedure in Miami...

I will be unable to have my BBL procedure in Miami with Dr. Salama. I paid a $880 plus deposit and will sell it to you for $650. Please Inbox me if you are interested.

My surgery is in December but I need to lose at...

My surgery is in December but I need to lose at least 20 pound before surgery to obtain the results I want. I am currently approximately 190 pounds and 5'6". It seems like nothing is working. I sit at a desk ALLLLLLL day and snack a lot. If you have any suggestions for weight loss at a sedentary job, please share it with me. I have two sons that I chase after and care for. By the time they are asleep and I talk to my husband, I am plum out of energy. The scale is not moving at ALL.

Finally losing some weight! 6 months until my surgery.

I hqve been working out and have lost 10 pounds, thank GOD! I still and going to lose another 10-15 pounds. My surgery is 6 months away and it seems like all sorts of financial things are coming up. I am getting nervous about what I will look like when I am complete.

I have had a few struggled and am changing doctors

My son needed speech therapy, my car broke down, I am planning a family trip, school uniforms were $600 and the kids have unexpected medical bills. Yikes. I want this for me, but I also have a budget to stick with. I was paying for Jimerson cash but I started running out of it the last few months. Now I am going to have to finance part of the procedure and pay half for the remainder. Anyone know about Dr. Perry?

I was a bit dissappointed to switch doctors because I wanted to go with Jimerson. However, I have to make the best decision I can.

Spongbob be gone!

I am down 11 Pounds!

I have been on a quest to lose weight, not just for this BBL procedure but in general. I have lost 11 pounds and would like to lose 15-20 more my surgery. I am focusing on one day and a time. Anyone have any good low carb chicken dinner recipies?

I need nursing, massage and hotel info please!

I can not believe that I am three months away from my BBL procedure! I am getting quite nervous. Can you please share with me nurses, massage therapists, and hotels to stay in. I also need a list of items to purchase. I do not want to overspend or to over pack. I am really getting nervous. My husband can not travel with me now :( Thanks!

Anyone try the 48 hour hollywod diet?

I am less than three months away from becoming a Perry Doll and I stil want to lose more weight. Today I am starting the 48 Hour Hollywood diet. has anyone tried that. I have been stressed and sitting on the couch. It is time for me to pick myself up and get it in with a healthier lifestyle. I went to zumba and hip hop cardio classes recently. The reality is hitting me that I am almost at my surgery date. I have dreamed of this for years. I wish I knew of this procedure when I was 21 :)

Wish pics...

51 Days from becoming TEAM PERRY!

Flight booked...
Massages booked with Moriam....
Hotel booked....
Rental car reserved.....
Sister coming to nurse me....

Lost the weight...,,,Hell NO!!!! I have only kept off 10 pounds this year. I am in desperation mode. It is hitting me that this surgery is less than 2 months away. I need to do what I an to lose another 15-20 pounds...actually losing anything else would be great! I do not want my hard earned money to not go to the best use because I am still super Spongebob...pray for me... I on my way to get these lemons for the master cleanse. I have only been able to make it through three days in the past. Pray!!!!

50 Days to PERRY DOLL! 1st day of Master Cleanse!

I started my 10 day master cleanse today. I have never gone beyond day three on this cleanse before. I am really going to try to focus this time. I need something to happen with my weight. I am paying my HARD earned money for this procedure and I want to look Bootyliscious! To do that, I must move away from the plate. I arrived at work today and guess what...It is BOSSES DAY and the break room is full of food. I just walked away.

Squeem.Vedette...Spanx ---I am so confused with what post op garment I am supposed to buy. What is preferred?

35 days to my updated body and I am nervous!

I feel like I have not gotten all of the things I need. I am nervous about whether I am going to be in pain and if I will like my results. I am still fat and can not seem to get off of this plateau !!!!

I am not wearing my butt pads from now until my surgery!

I have declared that I am not going to wear my butt pads for these final 22 days until my BBL. I am as small as I going to be, I have as much money as I am going to have, I have the supplied that I have, and my butt certainly get any smaller by then. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I have thought about this procedure for years and my time is almost here. Whatever the butt outcome, it will be better than this FLATT AZZ pancake I have. My top half is the BOMB but my bottom half looks like a BOMB is almost a new day.

PRAY FOR MY FINANCES!!!! I helped a family member with a 1K loan...Yikes

I have been thinking about this procedure for years. Today, I received a call from a close family member who was in desperate need of financial help. I looked at some of my BOOTY money and wanted to be selfish with it but my heart said, give the $1,000. So I did. I believe God will provide what I need when I am in Miami.

I have:
Most of my supplies
Plane tickets (Me and my nurse)
Scheduled massages with Miriam
Booked my room
Maxi Dresses
Final payment

The last thing I need to do is get medically cleared. That will be next week. I cannot worry about the $1000 because in my heart I felt like she needed the money. Please pay for me that I have everything covered. I have one more check before my procedure, 12/1. That is going to have to cover everything else I need.

Need to get labs done tomorrow and get last minute supplies

I am feeling nervous about my medical clearance. I will all is well but I will know this week. Also, I can not believe my procedure is 17 DAYS AWAY, Yikes. I hate to be away from my kids that long. I am going to practice Facetime and a webcam so at least I can see their faces while I am away. I want to have realistic BBL expectations but I also want to look back at it and see a difference from what is there now.

Recent pics of me

Since I am almost at my BBL surgery date (12/6/13) with Dr. Perry, I want to give you more pictures of me so you can compare them to my AFTER! I never understood why people on here post after pics but not before pics.

Can Perry turn this apple into a pear?

I have been an apple/inverted triangle shape my entire life. Is it possible for Dr. Perry to turn my apple shape into a pear? Do I have wishful thinking. I am trying to be realistic but I worry about what my "after" will look like.

15 Days from my BOOTY Upgrade! Labwork today...What about all of these piercings?

I went for my lab work today. My primary doctor is really cool and we are both around the same age. She was all in my personal business regarding:

Why I was having my surgery in Miami?
Why do I even need lipo?
I do not even have a lot of fat on me...I should just work out a bit more or go to her weight loss clinic if I want to lose some weight.

I just kept thinking, can you run these tests so I can get me medical clearance PLEASE!!!! I was being polite but inside I was saying, stop asking me all of these questions not related to my medical history.


I know she was just doing her job and curious at the same time. I will find out tomorrow what the verdict is.

Piercings - Well I have a host of piercings and the Norma, Dr. Perry's assistant told me that I need them out for surgery. Is there any alternative? I have ear, nipple, clit, tongue, and nose piercings. HAS ANYONE TOOK OUT ALL OF THEIR PIERCINGS?

I AM MEDICALLY CLEAR! 9 DAYS to Perry Princess! I tired out my Vedette 100 and my son said I smelled like a balloon


I have been thinking about this procedure for so long that I started to get worried that I would not get medically cleared for some reason. I do not have any health issues, that I know of, but that is why you take lab results. For the past two days, I have been dealing with my doctor's office telling me that they faxed my labs and EKG results to Norma in Dr. Perry's office but when I spoke with Norma, she said that she did not have them. NORMA is a doll and very patient. I needed my labs and medical clearance before Thanksgiving. Norma called my doctor and I kept calling until FINALLY the fax went through and I am all good to go.

Vedette 100
Moving along I tried on my new waist cincher and my son hugged me while I had it on. He said, " Mommy, why do you smell like a balloon." Almost could not stop laughing. The shaper has latex in it so that is what he smelled. At least he did not say that I looked like a balloon.

I am actually getting quite nervous because I am scared of the potential pain. Why did I not lose more weight? I am where I am but I which I was a bit smaller.

3 Days until my BBL and my job is trippin! Cna I use a omputer after surgery?

I have been slow at work most of the year. For some evil reason, my work picked up the past few weeks. One of my supervisors just left my desk talking about this big project I need to complete this week and next week. I was thinking, Um, hello, my plane leaves tomorrow and my little A** is getting on it." I think I am going to be up all night truing to complete work. I also may need to take my computer to work in Miami.

VETS? After my surgery, will I be able to use a laptop to do work? Will I be in too much pain to work?


Sorry for the above typos...I am soooo upset!

Sx tomorrow! Dr. Perry is so cool and Norma is awesome!

Today I went to my pre-op appointment. I will say that Dr. Perry is sooo kind and knowledgeable and Norma is awesome and beautiful. Norma was expecting me to arrive , I completed my forms and then met with Dr. Perry. He answered ALLLLL of the questions I had and explained everything to me. I was nervous but he made me feel very comfortable. I am ready for my new BOOTAY and am praying for great results.

Day 1 Post op pics

I tried to take them as clear as possible. I have a BOOTY and a much smaller waist.

day 2 post op pics... i am loving where my shape is heading...

Surgery day summary... Finally

I am 3 days post op and just now have enough strength to type more than a fee words. My sx experience went really smoothly. My appointment was at 7:30 am. I arrived a few minutes early. Dr. Perry arrived and let me and my nurse in. Dr. Perry is so approachable and he was ready to go to work on my. I took a prego test, which was negative. Filled out some final consents and met with the anesthesiologist. I was impressed that the thoroughly checked my labs to verify again that I was healthy enough for the surgery. Dr. Perry drew all over me and we again discussed what body shape I wanted. He was very confident in his abilities which made m feel more confortable. Honestly, I was nervous and praying for a healthy procedure. I love my husband and children so much ...I kept thinking about them and missing them.

The SX and the other side
I walked into the SX room, laid down and the anethesiologist found my vein. He stated that he was going to give me a margarita . A minute or so after that I woke up on my back in recovery feeling drugged up. I was talking by my speech was slurred and my vision was blurry. Jessica, Dr. Perry's assistant gave me orange juice and water. Dr. Perry then said it was time for me to stand up and put the garment on. I was not sure how that was going to happen because I still felt dizzy and sleepy. I stool yo but needed to hold Dr. Perry's shoulder to not fall over. When I stood up fluids gushed down my legs. They cleaned me up and put the garment on me . The next thing I knew they were sitting me in the wheelchair. I felt like the process was moving so fast by in hindsight I was just still drugged up. I remember. The doctor, and the nurse wheeling me to the car. I sat in the front seat and walked from the car to my hotel room.

First night
I felt sore and stiff wanting to just sleep. That night I was uncomfortable and it was hard to get out of the bed. Every 3 hours or so I tried to pee. The first 2 times I started feeling warm and dizzy and feared that I would pass out . After that I could pee just fine with the funnel from the auto section :) that funnel is priceless! The first night was really TOUGH but I made it through.

5 Days post op waist/hip(butt) measurements

12/11/13 -5 days post op
Waist 36 in
Hips/butt 45.5 in
I have never had this sort of shape before. I am amazed!

New pics - 5 days post op

Yesterday I woke up feeling bad and sluggish. Miriam, the massage therapist, told me that it was because the anethesia wore off. Wow, I was moving slowly. Today, I feel much better and am walking easier. I have to focus on the long term healing and not doing too much.

It is SO hard to SLEEP!

Before this surgery I used to live my sleep, now I dread it.

Step 1- I lay down to sleep and it takes at least 30 minutes to get confortable with laying on my stomach so much. My neck hurts and my arms fall asleep...

Step 3: By the time I finally go to sleep, I wake up every 3 hours or so to pee, when I finally stand up to pee I am stiff as hell

Step 3- Repeat Step 1 above.

I know sleep and rest are important to recovery but it is very hard to do it. I wonder how long it will take tO sleep better.


I meant in my prior post that I used to "love sleep"... Sorry for any other typos.

2 mon po and booty is still here.

I am 2 months post op and Dr. Perry's magic is still here. I plan on updating you monthly for at least a year.

My butt and hips are still present and juice. Some of the initial swelling went down but my shape has stayed the same.

My waist has gotten smaller and is still sore.

I wear a garment 7-11 hours per day.

I still do not sleep on my back IU sites.

I still sit with a pillow under me or sit on my thighs.

My husband said this was the best money I have ever spent.


My abs and sides are still sore

I still do not feel comfortable sitting directly on my butt

I can not work out at the level like I had before the BBL

I get random sharp pains in my back and sides

Dr. Wendell Perry is awesome and I am glad that I chose him.

NEW PICS - 6 mo Post op - STILL THERE - Thinking of Round 2 (BBL- Dr. Perry)

I am 6 months post op and my proportions are stilt the same my hips/butt is 45/46 inches and my waist is 34 inches. This is a HUGE change from my pre-surgery boy. Dr. Perry did an awesome job. I am thinking about Round 2 to smooth out my back some more and to make my waist smaller. My friends think I am crazy for thinking about another round because my current results are so good. I will decide soon. I have BOOTY GREED!

6 mo post op pics - TEAM PERRY

6 mo comparison pic

Dr. Perry did an amazing Job!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am on the Wendell Perry Bus...

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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