9 months post op thinking of a revision n more extra lipos

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Okay...here we go its first time im planning a...

okay...here we go its first time im planning a procedure on bbl...as everyone before this surgery we are nervous excited part of human nature...i dont know why we r soo insecure about our booty but we just are period lol...for many reasons as many as u i dont undress infront of my husband...i have two beautiful treasures my two lil girls theyre four and two...i planned on having another one but i wanna wait cus their two little but the problem is i cant stand waiting to get this done i want it asap... i hope i dont ruin my bbl when i have the last kid...if i do i will get this re done...haha any suggestions or anyone who had done this and had a last kid what was ur experience with ur body?

i am still afraid of the consequences though....if my butt will dissapear with time and go the same way it was what about ur stomach when they take all the fat what happens to the skin i wonder if the garment fixes that or what? what r some recommendations ladies? thanks soo much if u try helping me here...my motivation to get this done is to feel good in my clothes i feel like anything i wear sucks and dont look as how i want it to be...i feel so flat and square most of my fat is in my double chin my stomach flanks love handles....i have gained weight too much

i am 5'1 or less and i weight around 138-148 pounds... i will post pics of before and after for u to see i know i like to see before and after so i will do it for u as well ladies ...thanks to u all that post pics it really helps and thats why im choosin to go to doctor salama! i am from chicago im willin to travel that much to get this done i know i will see a difference im just not sure how much lol....but i trust doctor salama....im gettin in touch with nancy about payments and all i still gotta but the ticket the sooner i do the better...cheaper u know.. by the way nancy sounds really helpful and supportive shes really nice even though shes busy she dont make me feel rushy.i have research a lot i have learnt that im not the only one goin thorugh something like this i have learn that its better than gettin butt inplants less recovery time the only thing that sucks is not having to be able to sit or get ur butt to sit anywhere...for weeks i tried sleepin on my belly yesterday night and i culdnt help it so i pray i wont give up on this...i really want my results to come right i know i wont get a jlo butt am sure i will get a nice figure and thats all i want my clothes to look good on me cause sometimes i dont want to go out with family cus of my body i feel soo insecure about my waist i hope i get a good waist nancy said i gotta loose down to at least 135 lbs in order to see better results in my waist she also said i had good fat on the love handles and thats were u need most i think so am happy that she said it she motivate me more to get this done haha... my husbands reaction at first when i told him was tryin to convince me not to bcus all men was gonna b staring at me its all jealousy but he hasnt made the search like i have and its not his body its mine i only have control over it,,, so u can just imagine what he said when i mention i had to travel for this procedure lol....i love him and alll but hes not gonna make me give up on this.....also what makes me do this is bcus is funny but i have to admit my four year old daughter has more tighs and butt than i do she was already born w the brazzilian butt lol and when she grows up i want us to be bootylicious i love my kids but girls true or not? after giving birth our life changes happy cus we have our beautiful babies but not happy with our bodies wether its one thing or another we always complain...so do what makes u happy just make research dont always go with the first doctor u see seein their pics its the most helpful way in deciding also talking to other ppl who have done it experiences ect... thanks for reading this if u did i hope to hear from u girls with ur before and after good luck to us ladies i know this will make us more confident and happier...best wishes for u !

Im having a very difficult time discribing the...

im having a very difficult time discribing the butt i want. okay i want the biggest doctor can get off my fat...okay i have no outer cheeks at all so i want that filled as well as thighs and hips very feminine like artist on tv almost this shape of butt i have on my profile pic lol...something cute. but i heard some ppl leave it on dr.Salamas hands...hmmm? i still got time to think about that June i feel so fat im feeling soo down im very impatient that i want to have this surgery tomorrow lmao... j.k i still need the money i dont get it till next year...ugh! and even if i had that money salama is booked ....im in my period so i guess this feelin is temporary...good night,beautiful girls!

I was soo happy here looking at y'll before and...

I was soo happy here looking at y'll before and after experiences when i recvd a call...it was medical financing before they said they work with Salama but now their sayin is almost impossible i can try second time and get a cosigner...I really want this procedure!!done in June!! my taxes next year i will be gettin around 7 to $8,000 and i just need to save the rest which is about 1,000 more cus of the lipo on chin and plane tickets,,,and extra things to buy ugh! im really stressed here I just gotta keep saving im almost done payin furniture and that will leave me more free from stress...i will start saving next weeek...i got a feeling i wont do surgery This June im sad ppl :'(

I decided to add lipo to my inner thighs =) i...

I decided to add lipo to my inner thighs =) i uploaded my pic im soo flat square with no hips no nothing lol....i dont expect a big booty dont get me wrong but i know i wont be like my wish photos bc being realistic am flat so i cant complain about what results i get it depend on my body figure and fat dr. salama can grab i am just hopin for the biggest booty he can get off me and small waist yayy im soo excited but its still long time to wait ahhhhh!

Hi beautiful ladies how are you doing this...

hi beautiful ladies how are you doing this morning? i hope ur happy w ur results and the ones that havent done it like me just saving that money lol...ladies can u give me any recommendations on garments were to get any good ones for this bbl procedure...aside from the medication they give you in dr.salamas office what else medications do i need ? since im flyin on a plane from chicago im a little concern about how some of u girls mention that it was hard to be standing up and that most of u had to sit and if u girls had bad or good experience can u let me know just to figure out if to go on plane or not...thank u so much ladies hope u enjoy this weekend..sorry i almost forgot i know i said i posted a pic of me but my computer is acting a little dumb on me ill try some other day.

Is it okay to take nutrilite vitamins too? have...

is it okay to take nutrilite vitamins too? have any one heard of those vitamins some ppl told me they r very good...and what r all vitamins in total that ill be needin for this procedure? help will b much needed thanks girls

Hi beautiful ladies im having suspicious that i...

hi beautiful ladies im having suspicious that i might be prego heading to the emergency room tomorrow, i been feelin much sleepier and light period this month i also feel movements since sunday,....so if i am i gotta book my surgery till November 2013 when baby turns 6 months. Thats what experts said. other than this i think this will b my last kid cus i already have 2 girls...and their small still...

I had few questions to the girls who have already done the bbl , How was ur experience with the anesthesia u can Inbox me if u want i just want to know how that feels and step by step what they do to u as soon as u go in ur sx date....thanks ladies

do any of u got the website for editing ur photo like making ur curves bigger n the butt of ur dreams? i have no idea how this is call thanks ladies hope ur doing well i wish u the best luck!

So it turns out that the moving thing in my belly...

so it turns out that the moving thing in my belly is not a baby but cysts. I'm worried bc Was sure I was pregnant.. the cysts moved it kicks my right lower side abdomen. and I'm having some spotting everyday now. the cysts feels like it shakes then kicks and with some cramping.doctor said my iud is right in place gave me an appointment for pelvic abdominal ultrasound this thursday at 10:30....YESTERDAY OCT 1ST WAS BEAUTIFULLYBROKEN , FOREVERBOOTY , AND LABELLE SX I HOPE U GIRLS ARE HAPPY W UR RESULTS AND HOPE U RECOVER FAST U GUYS WERE IN MY PRAYERS YESTERDAY And will be so u can recover smoothly....I wanna thank uhfectionate06 I LOVE HER RESULTS AND SHE HAS HELP ME A LOT TOO WITH THINGS I DIDN'T KNOW SO THANK U GIRL!

Hi gurls I just thought I might share this with u....

hi gurls I just thought I might share this with u...it's about a real good faja. go to Google type VEDETTE COMPRESSION GARMENTS I bought one long time ago but I just check the website to make sure for u girls. it don't mark ur stomach or any area it's real tight they have varieties but the one I bought the underwear was soo stretchy n kinda big on me so that's why I didn't like it before cus I wad looking for the underwear to be tight but I'm glad I didn't throw it out I got the brand name from the back tag lol check it out girls! I hope it helps btw they are Colombian fajas good luck!

Hi beautiful ladies I upload one photo of my...

hi beautiful ladies I upload one photo of my unattractive behind no hips and flat squared butt. :'( plus the waist is where I have the most fat

Hey ppl I got off the phone with Nancy just now. I...

hey ppl I got off the phone with Nancy just now. I made a 200 payment today for the 10 % DOWN payment. last week I made 160$ payment that equals $360. next week I'll try 140$ so it can be 500 I'll just need 200 more to book my sx I'm soo excited can't wait!!


https://www.vedettestore.com/eng/details.php?id=128. this is the site for this garments just look under post operative u should be able to get varieties..

Ok I decided not to go for inner thighs . I won't...

ok I decided not to go for inner thighs . I won't get them Lipo bc I wanna save some fat for breast augmentation in the near future.maybe after the last baby ..I'm sure I got enough fat for bbl I'm getting my chin I will ask Nancy if I can get the jawl line too....if any of u had chin Lipo can u share w me ur experience I will let u guys know of my date I'm getting it book in two weeks I'm tryin but circumstances got on the way... I'm sure I will get an August date I'm gonna put myself on waiting list I want an early date like April. it seems almost too impossible but u never just know ...wish me luck bbl sisters

Hi bbl sisters !! Haven't uploaded anything yet...

Hi bbl sisters !!
Haven't uploaded anything yet first bc I haven't booked. Secondly, I'm thinking about doin my bbl w ghurani I heard he does same technique as Salama I really wannet to stay w Salama but he's real booked I really want like a march date or the last week of February my brothers girl cousin is getting married April last week of that month I know I won't b able to sit much I'll be like a month post op but I hate my body I just can't imagine going w this body :O .....I wanna wear something sexy I wanna show off my curves my main focus is having flat stomach tiny waist no bra rolls that's why I'm gonna loose more weight I know Dr. Ghurani will suck all the fat out lol....I want. . Nice looking hips and what I heard about this Dr that he takes his time listening to ur needs I don't wanna feel like another number. I just spoke to Nancy today real sweet lady like most of u have described her she said I'm goin to love my results I believe her . She said I need to loose weight she has experience so I will listen to her...she said I had the rolls so to loose some if I want tiny waist I won't have fat left is true I see that happening I love eating so I'm gonna try. Lol .. well I'll update as soon as I book my sx I will let u know for who I decided ;) girls without u I don't know how I will make this happen I try reading everyone's review when u post even if I don't post anything. I need a lap top or something my phone drags ok ladies I love u soo much big hugs n wish u luck on ur bbl journey each and everyone of u ??????

I'm nervous now is anyone having their sx on March?

I'm nervous now is anyone having their sx on March?

Hey girls! I decided that march is too soon and...

Hey girls!
I decided that march is too soon and I'm not ready yet ...I really want a May date is anyone interested? Let me know so we can speak w Nancy

Happy New year's!!?

Girls I am tryin to give u a chance on my date, so...

Girls I am tryin to give u a chance on my date, so far I haven't gotten a response I will b calling Nancy tomorrow to get a later date :( hope to hear from someone who wants my SX date I want a MAY date. Happy new year!?

So ugh Ghurani is booked till October , I can't...

So ugh Ghurani is booked till October , I can't wait that long so guess I'm sticking w March 13, 2013...I'm very happy again my boyfriend is helping me to get this done so phew! I apologize if any wanted my date...

Can anyone let me know what's most important that...

Can anyone let me know what's most important that I can't miss on SX post op..I'm barely getting ready cus SX is almost here and I have bought nothing yet. I really don't know what to take ... once I get things I will write them here maybe that way u can help me on what I'm missing :)

Girls I will have SX on march 13 w Ghurani. But i...

Girls I will have SX on march 13 w Ghurani. But i also have a wedding I can't miss!!! The wedding is on April twenty something n how am I gonna b standing when the rest are sitting ? Tips ...or should I move my date?

It's my final choice I'm goin to change date if...

It's my final choice I'm goin to change date if anyone is willing..I got March 13 ...I really want a May or June the soonest. I can't make it in March bc I can't miss to my cousins wedding I'll feel bad if I miss so if I ended goin post op I am definitely not sitting on my little cells. So if any of u want to swap I'm here!

There was a confusion at the office when I called...

There was a confusion at the office when I called to change my date to May Nomie thought I was w salama so she said he was booked till October she got myname b number so Nancy could do that for me. That's why I was posting here need a May date....lol but Nancy send me an email thank god that Ghurani has May dates available. I just need to get on phone w her asap :)

Is any1 having surgery on May 1st w salama or...

Is any1 having surgery on May 1st w salama or ghurani and want to split a room let me know as I'll be goin by myself :/ ...pm me if ur interested.

My main concern is scare of my lady part bein Lipo has anyone had Lipo there w salama? And what do u think some girl told me what if I loose sensation but I already spoke w Nancy as wanting that part flat cus I don't like how it is when I wear pants so if any of u know about that let me know n also tips to compress it without shrinking my butt ? good luck to all the ladies :)

Hey girls now that I got my taxes done...I'm...

Hey girls now that I got my taxes done...I'm getting 9, 000 dollars which I can afford ghurani but now I'm thinking about goin w yily cause of the good work I'm hearing no seromas n price . What do u THINK about the Lipo she does how many liters of fat does she take out. And the hips she makes? What about projection? Please anyone help

Hmm I still don't know what to do....if yily or...

Hmm I still don't know what to do....if yily or ghurani...yily has that coke bottle shape I like I'm just gonna wait n see her results of the month n make a decision but still haven't seen anyone w my body type goin w her...decisions decisions.............or ghurani has to give me that coke bottle shape

For two days I was deciding on dra.yily d los...

For two days I was deciding on dra.yily d los santos but I change my mind I'm sticking w ghurani. I believe he can sculpt me nicely I'm hoping for. Nervous about that .

LADIES !! I really want to know who is interested in splitting a room w me n maybe a nurse since no one at my home can go w me. I seen this Is hard n I don't want to b by myself. Please let me know I'm willing to stay for 8 to 10 days don't know yet how long. My surgery date is MAY 1st 2013. Any1 even from salama patient doesn't matter . Inbox me or comment .

Hello I'm still looking for someone that is having...

Hello I'm still looking for someone that is having surgery with salama or ghurani on May 1st. ..or around there anyone that's goin alone inbox me if u wanna split a room??

Hey ladies thanks to Baltimore found a studio it's...

Hey ladies thanks to Baltimore found a studio it's pretty nice 9 mins away from Dr. Salamas office and ghurani s I think it's great just need someone so we can split the cost n help each other out Baltimore will b next door which is great that way we encourage ourselves w the pain let me know ladies I will b staying April 30 to May 9

Still searching for someone who wants to split a...

Still searching for someone who wants to split a room inbox me please! :)

Hola my beautiful bbl sistas I changed my date for...

Hola my beautiful bbl sistas I changed my date for the third time now it's July 3rd.

My current measurements are as of now Torso 35...

My current measurements are as of now
Torso 35.5
Waist. 34
Abdomen 38 :/
Butt & hips 39.5 :'(

Hope my waist gets small like a 26 n hips area like a 46 or more my weight right now is 144 5'0 ft

Thanks to girl2 now I have a roommate thanks girl...

Thanks to girl2 now I have a roommate thanks girl :) can't wait to meet u !

Got my place booked already after weeks, it's been...

Got my place booked already after weeks, it's been real hard finding one finally I booked it it's like 11 mins from the office and 20 mins if I take the bus to the beach.. it's located in Hollywood fl.....I just reserve it bc the price was 475 plus 50 damage refundable deposit. I think it's a good price it's a king bedroom w a little bed in the same room I thinks it's great. Price for the ten days I'm staying... two ppl could fit in in the king bed. I'm a lil worried bc I don't know if to take my niece she really want to go w me but she's young like 13 :/ I kinda do want her w me to keep ourselves company plus I'm goin to need a lot of walking I can walk w her around to beach and stuff....I don't want her to cook for me I think I can do that myself... when I arrived I will make some soups so next day when I have surgery I will just warm it n eat it so she won't do that I'm goin to buy a grabber to pick my own things up ...I don't wanna put her through all this trouble :/ I don't have anyone to go w me this is fustrating ......I think imma just get me a nurse does anyone know about a great nurse who don't eat ur food n doesn't sleep all night or talkin on the phone? ..I heard a nurse named Chiquita is the best is this even true lol?

Hey girls how are ya ? am just updating something...

hey girls how are ya ? am just updating something real quick to let u guys know where I am at...im going to write down what I have bought so far
Nivea Q 10 firming lotion
Bio oil (works the same as Palmers Cocoa Butter) for scars uneven skin etc. a little more pricey but real good
Dial Bar Soap just need the hand dial soap
Maxi Pads to push her up
under shirts I need more though
Gauze and tape
I need peroxide spray
hat and sunglasses
triple antibiotic
flip flops
when I get everything ready I will try writing all the prices so u can get an idea of how much u might spend...
I got flight booked I decided to bring my niece along w me just need to prepare w a caregiver to pick me up from office cause she's not over 18 yet... really deciding if to get the chin lipo as I haven't seen ghuranis work on that :/ anyone getting that part lipo let me know how it goes w ghurani thanks u ladies

I just wanted to share something about liposuction...

I just wanted to share something about liposuction...
Do NOT's

Do NOT apply ice-packs or a heating pad to skin overlying the areas treated by liposuction.Do NOT apply hydrogen peroxide or plastic Band-Aids to incision sites. Liposuction incision sites heal faster and better without topical antibiotics.Do NOT soak in a bath, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, or the ocean for at least 7 days after surgery in order to minimize the risk of infection

Yayy I'm so happy I drop two pounds now I'm 143 ,...

Yayy I'm so happy I drop two pounds now I'm 143 , so excited! Can't wait to get over this it's causing me so much stress w money so gotta stay positive that everything will come out good :)

Today I went to www.nomorerack.com I love this...

today I went to www.nomorerack.com I love this website cus theirs a lot of deals I found two things I need for surgery...a king size heating pad the real costs is 40 dollars but it was 15 dollars I order it with two dollar shipping...I order 10 pack of shirts with spaghetti straps 95%coton 5%spandex real price over 100 dollars but I got them for 29$ with two dollar shipping :) so happy I just need a grabber stick and funnel to pee good luck ladies let me know if im missin something important thanks

I bought a grabber stick for 20$ at Ace Hardware...

I bought a grabber stick for 20$ at Ace Hardware store ....I need vitamins which I'll be buying them at gnc store..iron 325 mg and vitamin c 1000 mg

Hello beautiful ladies ! I wanton share a little...

Hello beautiful ladies ! I wanton share a little something w u guys. I was getting some symptoms thought we'll might as well go to Dr n get that check I thought it was blood pressure but I come out of the Dr w some pills pescribed to me cus I have anxiety disorder ..I call Cynthia she says it doesn't affect surgery so that's good but now I'm left thinkin do I have anxiety for life? Cus if I do it sucks :/ does anyone know how to control this? Oh I also got told by Dr I need therapy for that so it sucks even more .

Six weeks left for my surgery im starting to take...

six weeks left for my surgery im starting to take some vitamins...am taking a multivitamin mineral every day with b complex calcium and another one that is for hair skin n nails...I need my iron and vitamic c ...any suggestions on what else I need ?

July 3rd bbl ~ Dr. Rami~ Thnx for all the support ladies and for having my questions solved, im almost ready!

I started running with my friend it's been 5 days straight, hopefully I start to see results in my weight loss. My required weight is 135-130, however I started wearing this Wraps that are 59 signing up but retail they are 99 so I rather sign up, once u apply it and wrap self in it for 45 mins you see immediate results. I measure myself before and after the wrap was off I lost 2 3/4 inches, yayyy me am so happy I found this if u want or need info on this pm me. I have pics I will post them now from my phone so u can see...I barely done one wrap so I know I need more like maybe four to see a big difference but maybe I'll do two more because I need the fat for Lipo ;)

July 3rd bbl {Dr.Rami} Thnx for all the support ladies n having my question solved, I'm almost ready!

I will post my measuments right now

July 3rd

Here's the measurements as promised

posted new pre op pics

Nancy said I reach my weight goal

new pre op pics


Ghurani July 3rd pre op pics added

Have to weight myself

Neishia5 had bbl March 11 2013 with dr. Salama she had trouble posting pics

vitamins require by staff

Iron 65mg -5 pills a day =325mg (that's what u need)
Vitamin C 1000mg- 1 a day
Bromelain 500mg- 2 times a day=1000 mg (that's what u need a day)
I also take calcium, hair skin n nails vitamins, multivitamin mineral, b complex and three more vitamins that consists of veggies fruits and proteins that ur body don't take daily but needs daily:)

pre op pics

pre op

post vitamins


My preop clearance appointment is today I'm really nervous about my condition, hopefully not a problem. Will update as soon as I get home . Happy healing to all my bbl sister trying to recover ?

pre op clearance today, ekg tomorrow

I had my appointment today at 5pm to get my lab work and urine test . I will received the lab results soon , urine test negative yayy! And ekg will b done tomorrow. I have anxiety disorder doctor advised me to take my pills daily and that it won't affect surgery sooo happy!! She asked my family history ect. Told them that heart problem n diabetes runs in family . Ok I'm feeling good that this is becoming real yayyy!!!

Only a few days until my surgery

Only a few days until my surgery with Ghurani, So far im ready with everything I decided to take my Link card to purchase all my grocery at walmart. Im getting Lipo on the chin any suggestions on what I need? Im sharing condo with a bbl sister in here her screen name is girl2 shes great girl very fun to talk to also motivates me that everything will b fine and that's what I need positive vibes all around me hehehe. Im really thinking about what to ask ghurani because his way of working is if u want more HIPS the less projection he will give u, and if u want PROJECTION the less hips. I don't know but I need both...getting sad here :( but honestly my problem always has been the hips so im going to ask him to focus on my hips and to just give me the most he can with projection I want more projection on the bottom of my butt cheeks and the sides I have none lol. wish me luck beautiful ladies!!! oh, one question why are ghurani post op ladies disappearing n not posting hmm I wonder if I will disappear too ahaha! j,k

pre op photos weight 141 lost 4pounds

The more I loose the more butt disappeared..I like how my mid section has shrink but not my butt it used to be more fuller . At least the bbl will make my dream come true :))

heres another pic

Needs work lol

my time to the other side is approaching

my time to the other side is approaching soon enough, all this month of June I can hardly concentrate on anything. I have my luggage stuffed already with everything I need so far, oh and the vitamins are making me sick to my stomach I have to eat very good so I wont feel like this. I been cramping but still no signs of period hopefully I get it today or tomorrow because theirs only a couple more days for surgery, don't want to have it during my recovery it would suck cus I heavy bleed big time. Im excited because im going to have company with girl2 shes awesome person and I know we both will cheer each other through the worst times. Im praying for a healthy recovery for her and me. I hate to think that im going to leave my two daughters and my husband :'( I have never been 10 days away from them. Tearz* I have no idea how post op pain is so im really praying, reading posts here sometimes scares me I really hope is all worth it. I keep having nightmares that I have surgery and that I look at myself disappointed lol. its a nightmare..maybe im going to take some pics to dr.ghurani so he can really see what I want because we pay so much money to see a difference not to end up the same. okay ladies I just needed to vent i must confess i feel better now. im getting chin lipo so i don't know how well ghurani does with that even if i loose weight i always have fat under my chin sucks big time. i don't want have a small waist and lookin fatt from face disgusting lol. hopefully ghurani makes a difference in my chin.

my list

Nivea Q 10 firming lotion
Bio oil
Dial Bar Soap
hand dial soap
Maxi Pads to push her up
under shirts 95% cotton 5% spandex
hat and sunglasses
triple antibiotic
microwave Tupperware bowl to avoid using the stove
king heating pad
my jewelry
toothbrush toothpaste deodorant sponge bath
hair straightner
zebra print throw just in case if i need it
one old towel
pillows getting them when i arrive at walmart
grocery with linkcard when i arrive at walmart
cell phone-charger
small look alike ipod for music
digital camera
maxi dresses 5
im using marium the driver she no longer works for elite plastic surgery office so shes charging me 225 and extra ten dollars because my niece arrives at different time and shes not included. I might not get a nurse so will see....shes going to pick me up from ft Lauderdale fl airport then drop me off at my preop after that take me grocery shopping then to my condo. then she will pick me up again to pick up my niece cus shes arriving at 8 pm. I tried for her to arrive like me but long story w spirit airlines they suck. that's all for now ladies. good luck on any upcoming surgery and happy happy healings god bless yous.


chap stick
clips for drains
make up
face cleansers toner and lotion
water bottle 24 oz
wipes buyin that at walmart when i arrive

someone publicate my photos on Facebook and with a fake me

Im deleting this because someone post my naked photos on Facebook girls sorry :'( I wont post no more im so mad

7 days post op ghurani

hey ladies first of all i wanna thank u all for helping me through this experience because if it werent for all of u sharing ur experiences i wouldnt be able to make this through. ok now for all who wanna know how my recovery went, im ready to share the story.

I arrived at ft lauderdale airport July 2nd my birthday so happy about that, I met with marium and let me tell u i dont recommend her to u because i think shes a greedy person so busy everywhere n then sometimes she leaves u waiting because she has to go to drop something off in someones home or take someone she isnt helpful enough she doesnt help u w bags or anything thats just my experience with her . she took me to my pre op n i sign some papers i got greeeted by Nomie im dissapointed on her cus she had a little attitute, thats just my story, because to me i thought she was gonna b nice as she sounded on phone. anyways nancy was a sweetheart so petite woman when i got called in i was a nervous!!! cus i was gonna meet up with the famous ghurani..ok so ghurani comes in and omg! OMG! cute looking man not that old. lol he say my name and welcomes me and thank me for choosing him ect. i was so insecure about my body that when he tells me okay honey im gonna walk out u take ur clothes off and put this paper garment on okay. this was the hardest for me i undress looked at my body in the mirror n i was so nervous . he came with nancy and i think from my anxiety i just got to panick n cried told nancy that she had to turn around because i couldnt let her see me naked ... i know i was mean she didnt got offended though she knows about my anxiety,,,so ghurani got to see my body n i was so embarrase lol...he said he needed to shape my waist n take all fat n make me an hourglass shape said i had really tight skin . then i got dress he started to say all the consequenses risks , i walk out worried about my tight skin , next day surgery day at 7:30 am...ghurani was late 30 mins . he took pics again a nurse took my urine test said happily not pregnant!! got me into garment paper the hair paper thing n victoria secret undies,. they laid me down in the surgery room ghurani was so busy w things i was praying anesthesiologist same nurse hit my vein injected n i felt so calm relax n thats when i dont remember anything i woke up real late ladies , at 5 pm my roomate had her surgery like at 12 n we woke up at the same time we were both mumbling n the first thing i ask was what time is it i didnt like how i was laying down with my butt on the table.. i think w boppy pillow they made me get up and i was in a lot of pain my butt hurted alot my legs and my stomach was in aching...when they put me in wheelchair i ask for water crackers felt so dizzy lightheaded light i couldnt walk so tired sleepy and stiff,,,if i touch my stomach through garment that would hurt, im glad i dont feel that way any more anymore im just swelling alot my legs im standing as im typing,,,first 3 days was all sleep get up drink alot of gatorade eat try to push stuff in my throat my throat was so dryyy...i was shockin at timess...thats how it went i started to feel the pain so i took my perc i just culdnt help it,. i threw up the first couple days. so on when i was 5 days post op i stop taking percs felt better when out to walk w my niece let me telll u shes helpin me alot and i did got a nurse first days she was ok i would say just drags n is lazy but she did help me drain and bathe me, on friday i got my massage celia is a sweetheart she made me feel very comfortable. did ultrasound n it did hurted u guys i felt the pain but i was cryin or screaming just moanin little n feelin some spots burning but thats all i shrank alot when she was done cus first i looked pregnant, so got my second garment lipo express and i feel good w it just super tight can barely breath but now im okay still get stiff but i can tolerate it and thanks that i didnt get lipo on arms that helps me to get up i get on all four and slide off of bed slowly ,,,i been doin some stretches celia taught me.. so tomorrow is my last massage with her and lets see how it goes. i already forgot the pain or im tryin to be strong. hopefully it wont hurt guys,

almost 2 weeks post op n got 1200 ccs

Almost 2 weeks post op. Hi ladies I pray each and everyone of u happy healing!n the few who are about to have surgery too! Im feeling way better not nauseous or light headed anymore so happy bout that. I get weird dreams but I think that's from my antibiotics pill, glad I finish them meds today. Just taking my vitamins n iron. Is a must. Im still swollen from my ankles every time I walk or stand n I do get tired I cant walk too fast cus my butt still hard . It has soften in the upper area and when is this booty gonna soften up? Vets? Any of u can u tell me....... Dr . Ghurani said he gave me 1200 ccs of all pure fat I dont understand what he meant by all pure fat, that made me smile though lol. Almost all my incisions are close I have one hole in each side of hips one of them the one on the left side was holding the drain n it hurts a little is not closing yet. Yuck! I got another incision hole in the pubic area n one under my breasts too small can't even tell. The crack one where drain was is almost closing yayy. One on each butt cheek above n below the below I just know is there because he told me but I really dont see them. The last one is in the middle of my back by bra line :) I clean them twice a day w dial soap n then put my ointment. Gauze n tape. Im still wearing my second stage garment is still super tight on the first row , im going to try to do the second row when I get my next massage. This Wednesday . when do I need to purchase a squeem or waist clincher ? And which one is better vets please help!?



Tips on what kind of pants to wear ?

Tips on what kind of pants to wear?
Hello ladies im 3 weeks post op tomorrow yayyy!! I been eating normal or a little more than I should, have to stop thought . Im still in my 2nd stage garment because I'm waiting for my 3rd garment which is a small thong one.. I been sitting on my boppy pillow n no volume loss yet :)

new pic w dress n garment on foams n board.

At 3 weeks

taken today

Im loving my results ladies :)) my ass is dropping n jiggling .. no volume lost at all, my waist is I think 30 I dont know if im measuring wrong. I hope I shrink some more. Though.



1 month post n pic

Hi ladies, im doing pretty good thanks to God no infections at this moment. Hope it continues this way. I do sit without my boppy now but like in my car and my sofa at home, I sleep with my boppy turn sideways or sleep facing the ceiling :) I haven't lost volume just the swelling . Im very happy with my results and with the dr. I chose Ghurani :) hes very talented. I was real flat before im sorry I dont post pics of before but soneone created a fake profile of Facebook n put my before pics n started adding my family n friends thats why I haven't anymore. But I had no hips no ass at all so flat so picture that lol. Im gonna start hittin the gym soon. I will post more pics soon .


... :)

garment on

Vedette garment

2 month n 1 week post fluffin is happening. and I havent been cheating food :)


2 month 2 weeks post very itchy how does it go away?

Hey ladies. I need to update .my butt is still there not going anywhere :) my stomach is healing not that hard anymore. But I been very itchy if I go outside and it feels hot I start to sweat from my back real bad and itchy like pinches or needle pokes everywhere I hate it . When will this stop? Vets help! No signs of infections thank god. :) im loving my results everywhere I go I brake necks lol this is something kinda new for me because I noticed ppl wanna be behind me all the time I dont like that attention but at least I know my results are fabulous ! I been sitting normally no boppy no volume lost.. it still hurts pike bruise if I jump or run....but the pain is nothing serious. My butt is fat im so happy thanks to ghurani!! I just need to contact the office about if I sweat I get itch

3 months post today happy :)

Hey girls I am in the stage where I cant wear garment because the bothersome of the crazy itch is still here w me, I only get crazy itchy if I go out and sun rays hit my belly and back thats when I start to scratch to the point where I can't control myself anyone going through this ??? I bought the gel but it did not work I bought the cream that one did work but im running out of cream and I have to go buy another one. I cant wait for winter to come because of this reason. Well besides the itching thats very disturbing , I also would like to add that im loving my butt and hips he gave me what I wanted projection he exceeded my expectations to me is a good size butt for my frame so happy as the last pics nothing has change my butt is still fat I dont know if its fluffing I gotta measure I think I did loose volume when I turn 1 month but after the 2nd month I notice my volume came back so maybe thats the fluff I hope my hips n butt fluff more lol....I gotta buy my cincher I havent because I am paying all my bills I left behind. I am not thinking of any round 2s this is it for me now. My pubic I love it is flat I dont have that problem anymore :) I do have a little loose skin the dr told me I might need a tt in the future but hopefully I can correct that through toning up and using some WRAPS FROK IT WORKS. I veen starting to exercise at home with youtube videos toning my legs and my stomach also my butt and my arms, but I stop after 30 kins when I start to sweat and the crazy itching starts ugh so annoying when will it go away?! I still have hard spots I guess whats swelling in my pelvic area pubic part too. I haven't gotten massages due to money problems. I stop at the 6th massage not good smh.. .my mom continue after that she was good but she only did for 15 mins but everyday I hope that helped a little. She did for 2 weeks :) I gotta measure myself again cus I been eating a little too much I dont wanna gain weight. What else if u have any questions please let me know I dont remember what else to say sorry

3months post pic w same dress as before

The other pic w the same dress I was wearing the 2nd stage garment. This recent pic with no garment.

pic of before and after w maxi dress

So flat

3 months and a half post op new pic

Torso 31.5
Waist 28.5 I lost inches :)
Hips 40 very happy w that

my weight is 133

Pre op weight was 139 and thats only because ghuranis office told me to loose weight but before that I was 150 I think im fluffing my butt increased 1 inch I was 39 now im 40 :)

waist training

Im gonna use this latex ann cherry waist cincher everyday now its really comfortable. It compresses ur torso as same on the lower abdomen ..so measuring 28.5 in now lets see how low I get from waist lol challenging myself.

this pic is before surgery eww

I look awful my hips were measuring the same as my abdomen lol

new preop pics

I am wearing my second stage garment of lipo express garment they gave me at salamas office size medium...it fits kinda loose but the waist cincher helps alot I measure my waist torso is 31 inch and waist is 27 yayy my waist is shrinking finally.it wasn't shrinking when I wasn't using cincher now that I do ..I have learn a big lesson from bigbootytinywaist :) thank u





turning 4months post in November 3rd

Im wearing my ann cherry waist cincher im tryin everyday sometimes at night or during the day for a few hours but I have to continue. Because I could tell when I get swollen... think the itching is minimizing I do get itchy but when I go to the fan it goes away fast . What else ummm omg I forgot to tell u how im loving the attention lol we had a party at my house and my man got so jealous cus my brothers guy friends were trying to get w me they told my cousin n brother how beautiful I was lol n but I saw them staring at my body lmao was so funny that makes me feel that ghuranis results are amazings!!!!

doing a revision

Hello ladies I am 9 post op itching is gone sometimes I get it but is tolerable. I am doing a revision because doctor reach a limit of fat and I had more fat than four liters. My stomach looks uneven n I feel uncomfortable with that I will show pics. I want also extra lipo on my armpits my inner thighs n put the fat on my lower butt and more hips
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