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Ive been wanting a bbl for a long time, but id...

Ive been wanting a bbl for a long time, but id figured ill have one last baby before i do it. i gave birth to a handsome baby boy on Oct 2, 2012. i already have a 4 year old son so " The shop" is officially closed. lol after reading so many reviews im going with Salama. i feel he is the one whom can deliver what im looking for for the right price. Jimerson is nice but i wont have all that money plus Florida is way more convenient for me. my 4 year old son's father live in hollywood florida so he will be watching his son while im in recovery, My fiance and his family will watch the new baby.

im going to give myself additional time for my body to bounce back so my consultation can be as accurate as possible. im also going to allow my baby to be at least six months so he wont drive everyone as crazy.
i wont upload any wish pics because my wish is to just have my "Tookhes" bigger and more round, i want a "Fatty" lmao. i also want my back, flanks (love handles) and stomach lipoed really good. my fiance told me to make sure i get it right the first time because hes not paying all that money for it to come out wrong ... which is more then understandable. thats all im putting up for a while, ill most likely post up my consultation pics when i send them in.

Well i changed my mind, im going to post up a few...

well i changed my mind, im going to post up a few wish pics because i was stalking dr salama's website again and its recommended i bring in photos of what i would like to achieve...

Ive been doing some more research and Dr. Campos...

ive been doing some more research and Dr. Campos in Tijuana is giving Salama come comp... Campos' working is starting to look good to me. i emailed salamas office and the price has gone up $8299. if campos keeps up the good work i might just see what hes working with...

So ive emailed the pictures of my body to salamas...

so ive emailed the pictures of my body to salamas office .... the front side and back view of my body. i received an email from nancy saying that the doctor said im a great candidate for the procedure. im trying to get it down sept 2013. im going to calculate my budget . im going to look at one of the girl story. her name is sweet yellow i think. she has a great breakdown of the expenses. the price has gone up to $8299. ill put up my expenses breakdown when i complete and i might put some of my before if anyone cares to see.

Sweet_Yellow she has a very good breakdown

Sweet_Yellow she has a very good breakdown

Hubz and i where having a conversation about the...

hubz and i where having a conversation about the procedure n stuff... and he told me that i need to work out if i want the procedure to look good. he said this is my wedding gift and hes paying for me to look good. he doesnt want to pay for me to look ight... so he told me that i gotta hit the gym.

ok i admit i HATE working out .... if i liked to work out i wont need a procedure. i was a motivated person but lately working out has been such a challenge . i hope that god can give me the desire to start working out

I asked my mom is she would be my cosigner at...

I asked my mom is she would be my cosigner at first she said yes. She said she was going to call me back and she never did that fu#%!#% bi$!#%# . I got so mad at her not bcuz she said no I was more upset at the way the told me no. At first she sed yes she didn't call me back I started blowing up her house n cell after she didn't return my call after 3 hrs of waiting. I had to call my brother on his phone for him to pass her the phone for her to say no. Smfh n

Then I applied on my own n got denied... I felt like punching her in face for being a douche. But I got pre approved for no patient left behind.. Has anyone used this?

I came across the dr in dominican republic dr yily...

i came across the dr in dominican republic dr yily GOOGLE HER... her work seems ok and i heard much about her. i emailed my body pics and she said $3,000 after doing the budget estimate for D.R the calculated price is 5,600 for everything. flights and the recovery house. it seem good but im not jumpin out the window. i need some more info on her.

im also very happy because i weighted myself today and i lost 10 lbs. YAY i wason 170 lbs just 2 weeks ago so im pretty happy. ive been doing zumba.

i want to thank the girls for giving me that extra push ... motivation

thank you soo much ladies :)

Im finalizing my breakdown and i was thinking...

im finalizing my breakdown and i was thinking about those pre op vitimins... im currently taking vitimins this is the label i copied and pasted it from .
i hope these are the vitmins i need... god forbid some of these ingredients clash.

im also having alot of trouble finding the foam boards and boppy pillow.... i keep finding the baby boppies... ???? are those ok?
ive checked ebay amazon and makemeheal

When i first joined realself i found this girl...

when i first joined realself i found this girl that had the direct link to the salama girdle i book marked the link THATS IT... my freakin laptop crashed and i lost the link and ive been on the search ever since.... after must searching and looking at many sites i think ive found it the think for the compression garment is

i hope this helps ladies and if anyone finds another please share

I started my review with dr salama but his price...

i started my review with dr salama but his price just pretty high for me. i came across dr yily in dominican republic. after doing much research ima go for it.

so far ive estimated my whole trip to be $6000

in this cost includes

surgery $3000
(this includes 1 compression garment preop tests cardiologist anesthesiologist clinic fee)
flights $1000 for 2 people.... (i have a friend that works for delta im working on a discount)
recovery house for me $1000 14 days
(this includes round trip from airport room 2 beds, 3 meals, nurse 24hrs , security, access to internet wifi and transportation to surgery.)
extra compression garment $150

-vitamins b complex w/vitamin c + folic acid
*-VitaMedica Plastic Surgery Pre & Post-Op Program 4pc Kit (w/Vitamins, Arnica, *-Bromelain) $92.95
*-Boiron Arnica Montana Gel (Size: 2.6 oz.) $10.95 each but im buying 2 $21.90
*-Kelo-cote Scar Healing & Reduction Gel 20g - $44.95
*-SinEcch Arnica Montana Post Surgery Therapy $28.95
(the items with the stars are estimated to $200) i would add a lil extra for those vitamins listed first like $50

Passport $300 (2 people)

- Plastic Gloves
- Gauze/ Tape
- Dial Anti bacterial hand soap
-Feminine Wipes and baby wipes
-stool softener
- bio oil
- monistat 1
-compression socks

I'm going to round it up to $6,000

im going out there with my fiance and im trying to get my two homegirls and my cousin to come. im trying to convince a few of my fiances friends to come too. just because im going to be all screwed up doesn't mean they cant have a blast ... i told them just come check on me make sure I'm alive.

im also worried about the pain meds... one of ladies said the meds given to her by yily make her nauseous. i dont condone pill use but if im getting lipo i need to be knocked out. i want to be lifted off meds... lol then ill start weening myself off slowly just like i did when i had my son. i was perked up for the first 3 days.... IMMA NEED THAT.

i havent gave my deposit but my fiance just filed his taxes once he gets them im putting down payments on everything. simple as that
Aug aint even booked yet do i want tuedsay AUGUST 6. IM CALLIN THIS DATE !!!!!!!!!!!!

when i first started on this site i was weighing 170 lbs, now i weighing 155. ive been doing Zumba 4 to 5 times a weeks and ive been eating crap.. (healthy) turkey bacon ,eggs whites, salads alot of grilled meat. drinking alot of water and taking my vitamins.

i got a map of Dominican republic

look at pics

I emailed yily about Aug 14, 2013 and she said its...

I emailed yily about Aug 14, 2013 and she said its available n thats all she said... she didnt say pay here or stuff like that... so i emailed her back sayin how do i pay give me the info.... lmaooo duhhhh but yea i got that date and WHO'S COMING WITH ME? (jerry miguire voice)

im super hyped i already bought a salome levanta cola faja its only cost me $100 flat. i already tried it on n it looks great . i also started knocking buying lil things here n there. i bought a female urinal ... on sale 8 bucks and a boppy ring for 9. i have until august. in two weeks hopefully cop my flight. Holla ima be a big booty hoe....lmaoooo nah im kidding but i will have a big booty for my birthday god willing. my bday is aug 24. :0)

I'm writing this update because I've noticed...

I'm writing this update because I've noticed garments is a HUGE issue The best advice I can give to all the ladies is to buy the garments yourself try to find a *******Colombian shop or boutique they usually carry great compression garments and they help you try them on . Laury130 told me this an it makes a lot of sense Ordering an item like that online is a gamble so you want to be as sure as possible . I live in New York in queens I went to 82 in Jackson heights . For those ladies that live in other place try googling fajas Salome las original

I'm excited I just saved a bunch of money by...

I'm excited I just saved a bunch of money by having a friend that works for DELTA which means flights for two people are gonna cost less then 300 . Yay :)

Here's the links recommended by some other girls...

Here's the links recommended by some other girls for the tummy board and lipo foam

Tummy board


Here's another board recommended by one of the...

Here's another board recommended by one of the ladies on this site

Im still here doing extra research and im...

im still here doing extra research and im aggravated with MMH is a complicated site theres not enough pics and when they do have pics their impossible to see.. smfh i hate makemeheal its only good to buy those arnica vitimins

I want chin lipo so bad but my partner is opposing...

I want chin lipo so bad but my partner is opposing it he's making remarks like "you gonna get so much surgery u gonna turn into lil Kim..." --______-- it's not that serious buddy... I'm also considering a lift but once again my partner says I need something that's still real . What do y'all think?

I just confirmed my 16 day stay aparte plaza del...

I just confirmed my 16 day stay aparte plaza del sol . I already bought most of my supplies I'm just missing my vitamins 4 pack.

I need help do i need all these items? or is it a...

I need help do i need all these items? or is it a waste of money?

boiron arnica montana gel
kelo- cote scar healing reduction
sinecch arnica montana post surgery tablets

Ladies save ALL your deposit receipts that chase...

Ladies save ALL your deposit receipts that chase gives you. Yily asks for it as a confirmation. I threw mines in the garbage like a !$&@ I had to open my box of plastic gloves out my supplies and dig ... In three bags :( but I found it tho.
Moral is please save all your receipts .

I'm noticing and reading the good the bad and the...

I'm noticing and reading the good the bad and the ugly and it's effecting me I'm starting to get cold feet . I'm trying to stay positive . I have so many things running through my mind. I've been emailing yily back and forth and she's getting much better at replying. Ima take a moment and absorb all this new info and from there ill finalize my descions

I haven't decided if jm still going through with...

I haven't decided if jm still going through with this by I've upload body and booty shape info for those that care

I don't like ass betting.. I said I was going to...

I don't like ass betting.. I said I was going to yily and god willing I'm going . I'm just going to be a Germa phobe I'm going to tell yily that I have OCD simple as that. I'm going to have alot of chux ,my own blankets ,detergent, my own squeem wash ,Carib soap (germicidal soap) . Clorox wipes. I'm just going to try to avoid germs . And most important STOP SMOKING I'm going to stop 6 weeks before just to cover my ass ... Pun lol

Hotel Plaza del Sol is paid off from Aug 9 to Aug...

Hotel Plaza del Sol is paid off from Aug 9 to Aug 26 $640. To MY NYC FUTURE DOLLIES if youre going to buy clothing for this procedure shop at prettygirl. i bought 5 tanks 2 dresses 2 capris for 30 dollars, i also bought 2 pairs of comfy shoes from the 5 dollar shoe warehouse 14 dollars. im not ballin out on throw away clothing i might leave all that in DR..

i also called yilys office trying to find out how the group discounts are being honored now. i spoke to yily HERSELF and she told me that she would love to explain but shes n the middle of operating.. talk about being responsive lmaooo i told her i was sorry and that ill follow up with one of her assistances.

Dr yily = (more to work with) natural proportioned booty with HIPS
Dr. duran= (way more to work with) big girl speciality) big butt with HIPs curves
Dr. salama=(average to less to work with) less hips Big Ol Booty
Dr. Jimerson = (from less to way more to work with specializes in average to less) Curves maybe ... HUGE Stripper booty. PROs if you have a nice/good shape you will look like a video vixen..CONS SOME butts look funny and SOME chicks look boxy.

***those comments are based on MY opinions only. im no expert

My current measurements are 36.5 31 40. I ordered...

My current measurements are 36.5 31 40. I ordered my lipo foam and I bought my tummy board from cali calente

These few weeks have been emotionally rough to me....

These few weeks have been emotionally rough to me. I lost more weight due to my "depression" now I'm at 140 lbs . I haven't been sleeping or eating right but I still continue to take my vitamins. I bought 4 sheets of lipo foam and 2 packs of wee pads (50 ct each pack) and my tummy board. I have a slight heart problem, when I was pregnant I had to wear a holster to monitor my heartrate. I get arrhythmia/palpatation often as well as chest pain and shortness of breath. My doctor also gives me intramuscular injections for a condition I have . My self esteem is on the floor and I hope my health issues don't stop me from getting the body I've always wanted ... I'm worried I don't want to die in the process just for the sake if vanity .

Impress me dr yily

Impress me dr yily

Ima see what Duran is quoting yilys patients don't...

Ima see what Duran is quoting yilys patients don't seem to be too happy with her work and especially her attitude . Dominicans out of all people are very respectful especially when it comes to business. I don't understand why she would treat patients mean. It's not a good look. I'm in NYC busting my ass making my hubby's life damn near impossible about getting this money up for this surgery. I'm not going through all this to number one not get what I want or number two catch this lady on a bad day and she doesn't give me what I want. Ain't nobody got time fo dat . And me just remind a selected few this is MY BLOG if you don't like what I'm writing your opinions will be ignored and your more then welcomed to GTFO my page . Click home . To the rest of you lovely ladies thanx for reading

Didn't go long over due

I know I haven't updated I didn't make it to DR. My babydaddy said he was going to pay for it but he didn't with bullshitting self. Now that I'm saving all my money and not depending on him . All of a sudden I'm selfish and immature he's claiming I'm insecure and stuff . I've been working since the age of 15 and I have nothin to show for it . My boys have everything they need I love them more then the air I breath and they dress wayyyy better then me . my kids wear polo Ralph Lauren and retro Jordan's. I've always been unhappy with my body and since he cheated in he past didn't help my self esteem .... I'm a wrong for wanted to do something for me??? I want this new body for me and to boost my self esteem ... He swears ima leave him or something but I just want to look in the mirror and love how my clothes fit me ...

Is the supply list complete ?

Hey ladies ?Am I missing anything
surgery supply list
Bio oil
Alcohol pads
Female urinal
hand sanitizer
Germicidal soap
Inflatable cushion
Maxi pads
Gauze pads
Bottle of rubbing alcohol
Baby wipes wet wipes
Anti embolism socks
Tummy board
Lipo foam sheets
Wee wee pads
Microfiber clothes
Band aids
Allergy tablets
Anti itch cream
Anti bacterial soap
Triple antibiotic ointment
Pill organizer
Vitamin C 500 mg
Scar gel
Box of Plastic gloves
B-Complex with folic acid plus vitamin C
Iron pills 65mg

Let me know if I'm missing anything

Should I buy the makemeheal pre op program kit? I want my hemoglobin levels to be good

Scheduled for April 14,2014 staying at real recovery armonia

I'm thinking of starting a new diet spinach pineapple purée and almonds.... I gotta increase my hemoglobin levels as much as I can.

In exactly two months I'll be in Dr

I'm just excited

Switching Doctors I just can't risk it.

I'm switching doctors I've read a few reviews and yily isn't performing the surgeries. Which explains the hit and miss situations. If I'm paying my money it's because I expect her hands to work on my body not some non descript trainee . This is my life and money we talking about here I'm not trying to get a round two because my man has been trying me nuts about round one . I would prefer to go to Duran but as we all know she's booked until August I've been talking to carbral and Robles I'll make my choice by April. But if anyone does know of anyone that's doesn't want their surgery date with Duran please hit me up I'll pay your deposit and give you $50. Thank you

46 Days

Passport came today... I'm still trying to get in contact with dr Durans office to confirm a swap a she quoted 4800 for liposculpture of my back tummy tuck bbl and chin lipo . Cabral quoted me 4500 for the same but as we all know his prices don't really included much I think you have to add 170 for vital examines and like 240 for meds 45 for consolation. I also want to thank HOTCHICK she's an absolute doll she's super sweet helpful and knowledgable . Thank you for everything Hun we definitely must do dinner brunch something ????

Gisele doingmything

Add me on Facebook to be added on to my group it's not for any particular doctor it's just for dolls getting a sx in April

Not my first choice Cabral is gonna be my doc

Since I can't get a date with Duran ima go with cabral he's charging me 4500 as we all know his quote doesn't include anything . So add 500 to that . I'm just praying that everything works out ok and I have a successful complication free sx with a speedy and safe recovery. 35 days away

Building up hemo

All items recommended for hemo boosting . spinach beans liver red meat pineapples strawberries mangoes can help also .... My hemo is at 12.2 now working to make it higher . Feosol high potency iron . Multivitamin with iron geritol mega blood builder and hemoglobin tea .

7 days

Finalizing everything I got my money bags packed all my arrangments made just waiting for my day to come

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow is my big day pray for me ladies

First night bloody murder

It was horrible for me not because in conditions cipla is nice please the nurses are nice too but the pain is too much

Jacked up bruhhh

17 days po

I'm finally 17 days po I have fluid build up in my lower belly it's annoying I still can't walk str8 and I hate massages ... They hurt like hell

Alil over 3 weeks po

I love my curves and tummy tuck but I'm not too happy with my booty I wish I had projection . Guess Ina squat it out in 3 more weeks

Seen hector Cabral 4/14 shorts thong joint

I'm almost six weeks and I've been getting my massages 3 times a week in sunnyside queens a place called Permenant skin and beauty I love this place amparo and Elizabeth are the best I love em . The Shorts thong joint has become my bestest friend in the world I put it on under my regular Faja and it gives the that projection I didn't have .

Seen hector Cabral 4/14 shorts joint thing

Idk if I posted These pics already phone be acting up

3 months PO

Not fully satisfied with my results I have to wear those shorts to make my ass have that projection . I'm seeing if I can work a round 2 into the budget

6months PO Cabral

I'm 6 moths PO and I'm not happy with my projection but like I've mentioned before I love my waist

1yr 4 months po

My cover up tat and my belly ring .... I took it the belly tho it was too much I cNt deal with it getting stuck on my belt jeans and it hurting when I bend over to pick up something



Quick up date

Planning a Round 2 with Ramon Sabala

I'm planning to get a a breastlift lipo on my chin,arms,back, thighs, and abdomen and a bbl correction for some evenness I'm planning to get this done in Aug peeps

Aug 15 is my SX with Ramon Sabala

god willing ill be leaving aug 10 and have my sx on the 15. i just ordered my vitamedic pack some wees pads and some tees. I'm packing really light this time last time i came with so many extras and i didn't even use it.....

not happy

right now I'm depressed and extremely unhappy .... i seen girls that she their sx and they look amazing, i got my tummy tuck i have huge bump on top of my belly button.... its noticeable but other girls get their tummy tuck and their stomachs look perfect, i got a bbl and of course my ass looks square and my buttcheeks are uneven..... other chicks get bbl and are running up and down beaches with thongs on...... i don't wear thongs anymore. i go to sabala hoping he could fix this problem but no.... now i have 2 dot scars under my ass which make it so obvious i got work done i don't even feel comfortable in a swimsuit..... my ass looks even more deformed that before... i really hate myself right now. just my fuckin luck when i try to fix myself up.... but everyone else has wonderful results I'm fuckin done and upset.
Dr. Hector Cabral

*****hector cabral

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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