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I have scheduled my surgery at seduction cosmetics...

I have scheduled my surgery at seduction cosmetics in Aventura, Fl with Dr.Decio Carvalho for a Brazilian Butt Lift I am excited and nervous at the same time I finally got up the nerve to do this ! Although I do not see any reviews on Real Self I am hoping that I made the right choice ! Has anyone on here been to him for this procedure and can you send me pics! Thanks

Surgery scheduled finally for bbl!

I have my surgery on Aug 3rd 2016 ! I am very excited and nervous ! Well originally I was suppose to have Decio Carvalho but now my coordinator Sofia thinks that should go with Dr. Michael Rodriguez ! I been trying to do more research on here an find more pictures on here but I don't see any ! I see his name is one of the top doctors on RS but what does that really mean on here (RS) so if anyone knows him or has a friend who has been to Him can you please send me some bbl pics ! Thanks

Micheal Rodriguez Jardons Cosmetics

So I am supposed to have surgery with Micheal Rodriguez on !Aug 3rd
2016 ! Has anyone had a recent bbl procedure with him and can someone
please share their experience with me and send pictures please before
and after ! Thanks in advance I have not had the procedure yet but I'm
just nervous and anxious I need to see more recent results

Dr Decio Carvalho

Well I have switched back to dr carvalho I am scheduled for August 3rd that's is about 2 weeks ! I will post results and my experience as it happens !

Officially Countdown

Well Aug 3rd is almost here I'm very anxious ! Well I will be staying at the recovery house in Aventura and I will be down there for 5 days I'm ready !

Decio Carvalho -Seductions by Jardon

Well ladies I haven't had time to post and update because after surgery you are in a lot of pain ! Well I made it out safely ! I actually met the Dr the day before I showed him my wish pics I didn't have enough fat for the pics I showed him but I was completely honest with me from the very beginning ! I also found out I had a hernia and he was not going to do the surgery period unless I get it repaired because there was a chance during liposuction my intestine could come through the hole ! So I decided to go ahead and get it fixed ! I'm very glad I stayed at the recovery house they helped me so much here it is well worth the money ! You are on a strict diet and they make sure you eat ! At first I was stubborn on the 1st day and wouldn't eat but after passing out 2 times I changed my mind real quick !you do not have a appetite but you have to eat protein and healthy! Everyone I mean everyone was good to me here in Aventura ! I will finish my review later on I have to get ready for therapy

3weeks post op ! Feeling A Little better still can't sit on my butt yet! I'm still swollen a little !


I don't know know how this is going to turn out in the end when I posted pics a couple of weeks ago I was loving my result now that some of the swelling has gone down idk if I'm still satisfied I will let you all know in a few months ! Has anyone else had this problem !

4 months post of !

My results are not bad ! No I didn't get the size I wanted because I didn't have enough fat To make it the size I wanted it ! They said I had to get implants ,but I decided not to do it ! But I looks a lot better than I did over all Dr.Carvalho at seduction cosmetics did a great job !
Plantation Facial Plastic Surgeon

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