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I am new to this site and have been following all...

I am new to this site and have been following all these wonderful females for the past new months. I am 22 years old, no kids, very active (love running) but has never had a booty! I am looking to have my brazilian butt lift next may 2013. Dr. Salama is really busy and that is the soonest I could get in :-(
I have already sent in pictures to Dr. Salama and he has okay'd me as a candidate. Now just need to put down my deposit and set my date before pricing goes up.
I live in Iowa, so I will be traveling down to Florida for the procedure and recovery with either my mom or dad.
Lets hope Nancy calls me back today so I can start my countdown.

Height: 5'5
Weight: 150

So Nancy has called back and my date is officially...

So Nancy has called back and my date is officially May 20th!!!
My parents will be accompanying me to Florida from Iowa, so exciting but sooooo long to wait. Was hoping for a January date, but whatevr I'll just have to stock everyone else and admire their progress.

Is anyone else around this date?

So I am sooo obsessed with this site! I look at it...

So I am sooo obsessed with this site! I look at it before I go to bed and when I wake up. Its better then facebook n twitter haha... So I am having so many second thoughts about Dr. S, but each day I am getting more n more at peace with the decision I made. I was thinking about going to Dr. J but jeeze he is over 10k and Im about to start medical school!
My family thinks I am absolutely crazy for getting this done but I know it will give me the boost I need. :-)
Does anyone know about scaring? any vitamins or oils I should be taking now or applying to my skin? I want the best results and want to do my part (this is all new to me).
I am about to head to my dentist office, I had impressions taken of my mouth for bleach whitening, this is officially the start to the nursekw08 makeover haha! Then I will have school alllll day, then gotta hit then gym for a bit!
Read up on you lovely ladies later.

So I am again thinking I should reconsider Dr. S,...

So I am again thinking I should reconsider Dr. S, alot of ppl are not having the best results from him BUT I also have to say that Dr. J is not producing enough evidence that he is the next best thing... Decisions Decisions...

Does anyone have anything to say about my tangling feelings?

So I was curious as to how many cc's Dr. S would...

So I was curious as to how many cc's Dr. S would be able to get out of me so I emailed Nancy and she replied "around 800cc." So then I clarified with her, per cheek or total and she said TOTAL!!!! BBL sister's many of you have done research and some of you have already had the procedure done, so is 9K worth that, especially after the swelling goes down? I have pictures up and I thought I had more fat on me then that but I guess not... Need some suggestions please

For those of you who have done this, you guys keep saying "1000cc or 1500" does that mean total or per cheek???

Just wondering if it's worth gettin lipo of your...

Just wondering if it's worth gettin lipo of your arms... I've heard mixed reviews.

My favorite BBL RS booty is "mommymadeover" love...

my favorite BBL RS booty is "mommymadeover" love her results!!!!!
Hopefully I can get between 1100-1200cc due to the loss of volume that comes with recovery and what not. I am getting excited but every day is a emotional ride and I haven't even had the surgery yet lol.

I am in the process of getting teeth whitening and getting veneers placed on my first four front teeth, my family think I am going crazy but hey, we all want to be happy with ourselves and making that extra tweek here and there will do it! 2013 will be a great year for all of us! Im 22 and single sooo hopefully I start making it out in the dating world after my life clams down between work and surgeries lol...

*I ment doing teeth whitening not getting lol...

*I ment doing teeth whitening not getting lol...

Changed my doctor and feeling wonderful about the...

changed my doctor and feeling wonderful about the decision!!!!

Hello ladies, Havent posted in a awhile been...

Hello ladies,

Havent posted in a awhile been crazy with work, school, and leaving for vacation. But I am back now and let me tell you, I can not wait to get my BBL!!!! I need it tomorrow, for real!!! Me and three of my friends went to Vegas for the iHeart music festival and daaaaaaamn those girls were on point. Im not knocking myself, I do believe I have a pretty face and very blessed up top but when it comes to my butt... FAIL!!! Went to a pool party at Encore Beach Club, had to laugh to myself cuz I could see some girls injection sites, Yikes! Ima post a pic of an outfit I wore out and I kept thinking to myself, this is going to be soooo cute with my BBL and lil waist!!!!

Good morning to all my bbl sisters. Looking for...

Good morning to all my bbl sisters. Looking for positive or negative experience/ feedback on arm liposuction. I have annoying arm fat that I can't get rid of no matter how many push ups, pulls ups, triceps dips I do. Triceps never get toned. Please help!

So I am worried I am not going to like the fat...

So I am worried I am not going to like the fat graft to my hips, I dont really have hips now, but I also haven't had kids. I feel if Dr. J does his work on my abd with his great lipo then I will have an image of an hour glass figure without having to get the lipo to my hips. Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome :-)

I'm scheduled for a consultation with dr J on...

I'm scheduled for a consultation with dr J on Thursday at 3. I'm really excited to make my deposit and get things moving. My parents will be coming with me to my surgery, but only problem is I need to figure out what month I'm going to have it done. I'm going to Jamaica in December for my moms 41st bday and she's using a lot of we vacation for this trip. So I'm thinking march even though I would love to have it done in January for my birthday. Oh well. How long does Dr J require you to be in Atlanta post op? I hear ppl talking about his nurses helping with putting on the garmet. Do you go to the office for this? What do you tell ppl afterwards. Cuz I'm going from no cakes to A$$ so I kno ima get busted out haha.

Called Dr. J's office today to make sure my...

Called Dr. J's office today to make sure my consultation time is at 3pm, I read a review saying that a girl had missed her phone consultation because Dr. J called early. The receptionist said that he will call between 12-5,which is his consultation times, but said he should call around the scheduled time. Will keep everyone posted on my phone consult with him, excited to have a set date!!!!

Good morning, Sorry this will be kinda short n...

Good morning,
Sorry this will be kinda short n I'm sure full of misspelled words. I'm in the airport and I can't connect to the Internet so I'm updating from my iPhone. Anyways, yesterday was my consultation. Everything went well, Dr J is very nice and informative. My consult personnel is Shelly and she seems to be friendly. So the consultation was set for 3pm, so 2pm my time. They didn't call until 2:45 so I'm assuming they were busy today n ppl had tons of questions for them. Dr J told me that I would only need hips n the BBL no other areas, actually told me to GAIN WEIGHT! He joked and said he could c my muscle in my leg and wanted to see fat lol. Not to happy about that but I told him I will c because I know how my body is and the first place I gain wt in is in my face! Just call me guinea pig, because my cheeks get so round. The. He started in on the questions, I was concerned about complications and having to do a second round since I run a lot. He told me I couldn't do marathons after this procedure with the risk of losing my grafting. I booked my procedure for march 7th which is a Thursday at 7:30am, I'm the first one of the day! Which is fine with me considering you can't eat after midnight. I'm always starving when I wake up, rarly skip breakfast. I'm very blessed to have my parents accompanying me on this trip, my poor dad is very anxious and is wanting my mom to stay the whole time because he says I whine but I think she will only stay for the first 2-3 days.
My dog is coming for the trip, I know but whatever. He's a daschund, 1 years old and travels with me n my family everywhere. So that's on my dads to do list, find a hotel that welcomes dogs.
My total is 8,800 because I'm paying cash. Biggest purchases I will make this far in my life.
Dr J also told me all the extra vitamins a lot of girls consume or blog about are unnecessary. Just need to make sure I'm not anemic, which I'm not.
Flight status shouldn't be an issue. My dads beat friend is a flight attendant and we get buddy passes all the time so I won't have to worry about purchasing a flight. My moms friend also works for the Atlanta falcons so the hotel, I believe the Hilton, is only $25/night. Hopefully they allow pets :-/
I think I've hint everything. Now for the saving to begin.
Oh wait, when I booked my date. There was only 3 days avaiable in March. Just an FYI ladies. You can always book before your consultation to lock in your date. I believe dates avaiable were Thursday the 7th, Friday the 8th or the 17th (not 100% on this last date).
Lmk if you have any questions.
Ugh stuck in Chicago for 3 hours!!!!!!

Forgot a few things. One Dr J said that having...

Forgot a few things.
One Dr J said that having the massages directly after surgery is also unnecessary. Hints why one of the BBL sisters on her disnt have one until week 2. He said I could wait until I get back home to start them because "your usually not ready for massages until week 2". But I will probably have a few done after week 1 down in ATL so I know what they are suppose to be done. I live in the mid west and there are not any doctors that preform this surgery.
He also talked about the garmet and that I will most likely go through 3-5 of them. He said he would lmk the information to buy them. When he does, I will post it.

So this morning I was talking with the boy about a...

So this morning I was talking with the boy about a possible BL/BA after my BBL. He straight said "Oh you trying to become some fashion girl off a cove... (long pause) Are you going to leave me once you get all this stuff done?" Well damn, didn't know he thought I was so shallow, I tried to laugh it off and so did he but I knew he was serious. Im getting my veneers in the next month, teeth need to be a bit more whit for my liking, then my BBL this March with Dr. J! I had him watch the TI and Tiny show so now I think he understands how amazing Dr. J is and what a banging difference I will be after :-) Of course like everyone else and their man, he's all like "I think your perfect the way your are." Well this isnt for him and not for anyone else but myself, which I feel he does not understand. Hope he comes around...
Im at home sick with the stomach flu ugh! I feel miserable!!!

I know this should be a duh type of question but...

I know this should be a duh type of question but seems like no one really talks about how their jeans fit post surgery. So if someone could help me out with this question, I would greatly appreciate it. Happy Friday everyone :-)

Good afternoon ladies. I was just wondering about...

Good afternoon ladies. I was just wondering about massage locations by Dr Jimerson. I know he doesn't require them but I would like to get atleast two before heading home. Of anyone has information on places please let me know. Happy healing to those who are recovering!

Hi! I've been very much MIA with updating but I've...

Hi! I've been very much MIA with updating but I've been on RealSelf everyday looking at everyone coming out of surgery. I was wondering if anyone could send me a list of supplies I will need for this procedure. Also, what compression garment have you ladies found that is really good??? Should I buy a garment before my surgery of wait till after? Only thing is with waiting is that I don't want to order the garment and be waiting on it to get here while the old one is loose. My journey is going well and I am glad to be apart of RealSelf. Have found a new BFF/BBL chicka that I talk to everyday! Happy healing to everyone recovering from surgery.

One more thing, this foam that everyone is talking about. Is it supplied by Dr J or have you ladies ordered it on your own? If so, where did you order it at?

I am looking into financing through Healthcare...

I am looking into financing through Healthcare direct but it asks for the provider ID number... Does any know Dr. J's ID number?

Surgery on march 7th, I was suppose to go at...

Surgery on march 7th, I was suppose to go at 7:30am. But I switched to financing and the office seriously called me, yes personally called me which is funny because its so hard to get someone on the phone. N moved my time to 1:30pm!!!!!!! I was livid!!!!!! Her excuse, which was unprofessional n a lie was that a small surgery was happening before mine and I had to get bumped. Funny thing is, I got moved the same exact day I switched to financing. Smdh. Very unprofessional!
Ok, I'm done ranting on that subject. Surgery in month, so much to do. I need to order this board. What size? Medium? It's the board Dr Salama gives to his patients.
Also, I haven't gaied the 10 lbs Dr J suggested. I've actually bee
n a gym rat and lost 5. I want these arms n legs to tone up a bit. Hopefully he finds enough fat for my wish pics.

Surgery in 19 days! So many bumps in the road but...

Surgery in 19 days! So many bumps in the road but sticking with my plan. My sister Is coming now. We are staying with my aunt so saving money that way. Flight book, surgery paid off and medical clearance cleared and office has received them. Speaking of the office, it's hell trying to get someone on the phone. Even when trying to make a payment! Was on hold Wednesday for 40 minutes!

Im a gym rat, so I've been enjoying the gym as...

Im a gym rat, so I've been enjoying the gym as much as possible before I have surgery. Yesterday I ran a few miles and did the step machine, then later that night went to a cycling class and Im sure ppl were looking at me funny, 1) because I was staring at myself the entire time wondering how my butt would look after surgery 2) I was singing/rappin Cashin Out :-)... My RS BFF PrettyPhysique knows how I do haha...
Anyways, for those who have gone to a cycling class, yesterdays class was basically all "jumps," so as I biked up and down sitting and standing I watched my bootay in the mirror... Sure I was all off from everyone else but all I could think of was my new body in less than TWO weeks! Exciting but nerve recking!
The guy is kinda coming around, I don't think he fully understands how I will look when I come out... Should be entertaining.

Question for all you lovely ladies that have...

Question for all you lovely ladies that have ordered or used the board from Dr S. Do you start using it right away or what?
Flight leaves in 8 days! Can't wait!

Countdown till take off! I'm extremely excited...

Countdown till take off! I'm extremely excited ready for a vacation from work. Anyone going to be down in ATL march 5-17th?

Leaving tomorrow for ATL. Very excited. Hopefully...

Leaving tomorrow for ATL. Very excited. Hopefully it's warm weather because we just got another winter storm. Ice covered roads and another 4" of snow.

Ok, so I'm really not bashing his office but the...

Ok, so I'm really not bashing his office but the lack of communication and patient care is terrible! I didn't have any problems before this office became the next best thing next to water. But there's just so many unprofessional events that I have had to deal with.
Last week I got a call from one of the patient coordinators who literally tried to change my surgery date!!!! She was all like "can we switch your surgery till Friday the 8th because we have an inspection on Wednesday." Now I did it funny that just a few weeks ago I called them inregards to my migraine medication I was on, they called me back but not for my medication but to say "your financing right... Well your surgery will be moved till 1:30 instead of the 8am slot." WTF I was pissed. Got over that. But then when they called regarding them changing my date shit didnt make sense. They wanted to change it for an "inspection" but then when I told them no that I had already booked flights and massages pending my actual date, they acted all funny. Long story short, the coordinator got back on the phone saying she "thought" my surgery was on Wednesday and not Thursday and was moving dates for those having surgery on Wednesday. This didnt make sense because Dr J isn't even in the office Tuesday for pre op clearance. What a joke.

Yes there's more. I get a call today, keep on mind surgery is Thursday. A d the nurse is all like "ok looking over your clearance and just wanted to ask you when did you stop taking your migraine medication and the multivitamin".... I did get an attitude with her simply because they require clearances to be submitted three weeks prior to surgery and then for them to call and follow up on the clearance three days before surgery is ridiculous!

Dr J needs to either hire more staff or stop taking on so many cases.

Got a call from southwest last night at 8pm...

Got a call from southwest last night at 8pm stating my Chicago 10:40 flight was cancelled due to weather. I freaked out of course, being the drama queen I am. But we were placed on the earlier flight that's suppose to miss the storm. Gotta love loving in the Midwest. Ugh!
Waiting in the Omaha airport now to board. Keep y'all posted when we land.

Surgery time at 10am!!! All packed n ready for a...

Surgery time at 10am!!! All packed n ready for a new start.
Pre op today went well. Staff very nice and entertaining.

Will post pics later. Every time I stand I can't...

Will post pics later.
Every time I stand I can't be up for longer then 5 minutes. Nausea at its best. The nurse I had, oh man oh man. I'll update u guys later.
Pretty physique is mr girl, looooove u girl!!!!

So my surgery was last Thursday and let me tell...

So my surgery was last Thursday and let me tell you the issues with the IV's r a shame. The nurse who is only 3 months out of school forreal missed my vein. Now I know a hard stick but I can assure you I'm not a hard one. Anyways surgery went well, same routine like everyone else. Only thing is the CRNA gave me some versed and I don't remember walking into the OR room or anything. Dr J did ask what I wanted and I also asked for his professional opinion.
Post op was rough for me. I don't do well under anesthesia. I didn't end up leaving the facility till after 3 because I was so out of it.
The first night of surgery was pure hell. For one my sister didnt force fluids and I tried getting up be myself and I fell! Foundyoumissneebooty talked about how stiff you are in the garment and the time she fell when getting her phone fixed. Yes, that was me. I feel backwards like a stiff stick. I couldn't stop myself. I smoothly went off on my sister who is my caregiver because I called her a million times and she was sleep downstairs.
I use a men's urinal and it works just fine for me. I stick it up there and handle my business.
Day two was okay, I was eating regular food but needed to increase my fluids.
I went to the Atlantic station for lunch with my cousin who lives down here and that trip took every once of energy I had. I was so happy to get home and rest.
My JP drain is draining well. Yesterday we took of the bandage and for the first time I only had 20cc out!
Taking off the garment for the first time was PURE HELL!!!! I have chronic migraines and I could literally count my heat beats in my head. I was light headed and it took three ppl to take it off and put it back on. Now yesterday was much better. My sister slid it on and off with minimal difficulty.
I'm still very swollen and taking medications as scheduled.
Today we r going to go get me a clincher and a "small" garment", I'm medium now. I'm just going to get it ahead of time so that I don't have to wait for it to be shipped to my house.
What I brought was enough, although I packed too many yoga pants. I didn't over pack. Most of the stuff I brought was gauze, disposable wipes, alcohol swabs, Scissors, dial soap, maxi pads (padding the shoulder straps), gloves, protein bars, heated blanket, mag citrate, urinal.
We brought food and small things down here. But I promise you, that you will not need all the stuff ppl promise by. It's a waste of money and waste of space.
I have not had a BM yet but will try again when I take off my garment.
If anyone is in ATL lmk.
Oh, first massage is tomorrow. Excited for that.
Dr J placed 800cc in each cheek and 200 in hips. Took out 3600

I'm having the worst headaches nothing is helping...

I'm having the worst headaches nothing is helping them!!!! I wake up all hours of the night because of this headache and stiffness. I'm so exhausted! I can't wait for my massage today.

Also for those how put their garment on n off. How did you do it almost? Or was there someone always helping you?

Doesn't matter how much you read and prepare for...

Doesn't matter how much you read and prepare for this, it's not the same. Some days I'm fine then in a quick second I'm balling and can not move. I considered myself a very active and healthy person and one would think I could endure pain and get myself up and at 'Em...... Hummmm not so much.
Mornings are the absolute worst. Nights are terrible, I can't move and get stiff every two hours on the dot. I just can not wait for the day that I'm able again. Ugh!!!
Follow up Friday to get my drain out. Thank goodness. It hasn't been draining for the last three days.
Also my migraines r terrible. Worse then ever. Dr J instructed me to stop my pain pills n lovenox because it could be contributing. I hope it works because these r out of control.
Every bit on my body blew up yesterday. My ankles r gone, my knees are non existent, n my vigina..... Yeah she's about the size of a watermelon. Laughing but I'm soooo serious. My thighs r inflamed and hard as a rock.... Lord help me baby Jesus!

Anywhoooo, should I be massaging my lipo'd areas or what? The massage place I went to last night was a joke and waste of my time. She barely touched me and was too damn concerned about my drain and bruising. I was too annoyed.

So I went to massage envy in laweranceville and...

So I went to massage envy in laweranceville and the therapist Rose barely touched me, was so concerned about my drain and blah blah blah.
So I contacted Belinda to see what the deal was. She states that lymphatic massages are a soft touch but you should see results right after massage in inflammatory areas.
I'm really confused because some of you bbl ppl that get your massages done state that it feels like your getting skinned alive.... What's the deal? Are they suppose to be with pressure or not? I'm open to all comments and experiences.

My medium post op garment is loose even with foam...

My medium post op garment is loose even with foam n board. Small is a but too tight on butt n hips. So leaning towards waist clincher. Lmk what brand you think is best.

Also, had a massage with Belinda. Let's just say it was amazing. Muchlre enjoyable n beneficial then massage envy. She even went for 2 hours n only chargd me for 1 because I was so swollen n tight. Today I'm feeling much better n def noticed the difference. Here is her contact into. (770) 771-2570

Week three we are allows to do light workouts. Now...

Week three we are allows to do light workouts. Now I love going to the gym. Now for those who have fine post op three weeks. Do you wear your garment or what?
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