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Hello my BBL sisters! I'm fairly new to the site...

Hello my BBL sisters! I'm fairly new to the site I'm still trying to figure out how to post and so forth.

But yesterday I made my deposit I'm locked in with Dr.S and I couldn't be any more happier with my decision. Although I'm looking to get the surgery done this summer Cynthia is looking for a date for me just in case somebody cancels.

Well a little about myself. I'm 29 5'1 at 135 pounds with 4 kids yes 4! I love my weight just need a nice bubbly booty! Lol. I've never really had a nice butt it kinda runs in the family nobody does.

So this morning I'm feeling very nervous about...

So this morning I'm feeling very nervous about just the thought of the surgery! :/ I've never had any type of anything done. I'm wondering if I made the right choice?! Or does this happen to alot of girls before their sx? Maybe because I haven't spoken to absolutely nobody about and im keeping all these feelings boxed in. Been wanting the bbl for as far back as I can remember and now that I'm like a little over a month away the nerves are kicking in!

Hey girls! I must admit I've been stalking like...

Hey girls! I must admit I've been stalking like everyone's page and pics today Lol and couldn't be more happier being team Ghurani! Originally was going for Salama but I wanted a date for this summer and Ghurani came up first with an opening due to a cancellation. Blessed on that part! I posted 4 new pics of myself. Even if my stomach was just flat and I had a shape my ass will look quiet fine. I go to the gym regularly but it's just hasn't worked for me! Smh. And as a Hispanic you kno we gotta have arroz con habichules with everything we eat :( lol
Tonight I'm gonna lurk around on amazon and eBay to try and purchase a few necessities. Although I must admit I'm kinda lost as to what I really need a and what kind of compressions garment works best. So please ladies help me get as ready as possible! Thanks you so much I'm super greatful for stumbling upon this website and finding so many ladies with similar feelings about their bodies as mine! I was always so embarrassed some times to speak about the thought of havin a phat ass! I've read a lot of amazing reviews alot if ladies are prepared to a T going into sx I feel I'm far behind on everything. But then again I just booked last Friday with Dr.G so ill be easy in myself! Ttyl

Hey Ladies! Hope y'all had a great Mother's Day....

Hey Ladies! Hope y'all had a great Mother's Day.
Any who. I'm on amazon and eBay right now trying to buy the waist clinchers and stuff but have no idea what or which ones I should get! Any suggestions? Please help a sistaa out I'm a out 36 days out and need to start preparing myself.

Hey Ladies!

I have a few questions... Maybe I shouldn't out it all on blast on RS but hey.... So I have a couple of piercings... Nipple rings and my clitoris... I know they have plastic jewelry for when people do have sx they would swap out the metal for plastic. Do you think I would be able to do the whole plastic thing? Because I reeaalllyyy LOVE my piercings! And don't wanna go thru the hassle of re-piercing my clit especially! whooo-haaa does that hurtttt! So have any of yall had to take out your piercing? I can understand a belly ring but that I dont have... Ill call Cynthia tomorrow and check with her also...

Nervous wreck!

I'm almost a month out till its my time to be Bootified! And I'm a nervous wreck! I eat, sleep & dream Bbl! I had a badd dream last night that Dr G gave me the tiniest butt and still had all my stomach! Lmao I know that would never happen in real life! I'm over thinking myself. I'm scared for the pain afterwards mostly the sx it's self. Ugh. I need to relax! Do any of yall ladies go thru the same similar feelings?

What Meds does Ghurani/Salama office require you to take PreOp?!

Well since I haven't received my PreOp paperwork from Ghurani's office about what vitamins I should start taking I'm hoping some of you ladies can help me! LOl. Like should I go to like my local drug store (Walgreens/CVS) to get what I need? Which vitamins do I need? And what's the meds I see some of you ladies talk about Arnica? (Spell check) for like the brusing? Where can I get that at? I know y'all got all the answers cause y'all are amazing like that! :) LOl

Which Garments should I go with??

I need help my BBL SISTERS!

I'm looking into the Extra Firm Bodysuit Vedette 110 for $80

Firm Control Thong Vedette 111 for $55

Vedette 504 (butt out) for $50

Firm Control Cotton Waist Clincher for $55

Am I on the right path to which ones I need? Which works well for you? Help me I'm 15 till Sx! Omg! Didnt realize how near I was and I'm no where near prepared! :(
So any information you can help me with I would truly be grateful.

Nervous... 5 more days!!!

Hey ladies! I'm super excited but more nervous than anything. I still eat, sleep & dream BBL. I just want to go thru this sx and recovery as smooth as possible. Hoping for a fast clean smooth recovery hoping for no complications after ya kno just the normal feelings for anybody I guess that's going into this or any procedure. I have a high tolerance for pain but I read on one blog that its 1000x worse than child birth! Ugh. I had 4 kids all natural and that was dreadful. Oh lawd what have I got myself into?! The closer my date comes the more and more I ask myself like wtf were you thinking?! Lol. All for a phatt ass! I just can't wait to wake up on the other side I want to be done already. I'm all packed. I think I have most of what I'm gonna need I leave for Miami on Sunday. It is gonna be a bitter sweet day on sx day because my baby will be graduating from kindergarten the same day. My husband will be with him. But I've never missed anything that has to do with my kids! Well if any of you ladies that are gonna be in town around my time and wanna meet up to share our stories I'm down to do so! I think it would to cool to meet somebody that's going thru the same journey as I. Plus I think it would help with my nerves lol.

Less than 24hrs away to a big booty!

Hey ladies! Tomorrow is my big day. I've been looking forward to it for a long time now and my nerves are like working against me right now. Lol. Did any of y'all experience the second questioning urself? I'm like damn what was I thinking?! But I have faith that I will come out fine! I said by to my kids today. I almost cried but they have no idea and didn't wanna scare them like what is mami crying for? Lol. So yea pray for me ladies! Cause I know ima be an emotional wreck tonight and tomorrow. Oh and I got my period Saturday so yea ill be going into sx with it ugh. My pre op is at 230 today looking forward to finally meeting Cynthia and of course Dr Ghurani. Hoping he tells me nothing but good news! Well till later my bbl sisters.


Well ladies its now or never. No turning back now... I reallyyyyy can't believe this day has actually came. It's about 830am sx day. My sx is not till noon tho. Ugh. Just want it over! Ready to start this recovery I want the pain to go awayyyy already lol. At Pre op yesterday I did get to see Cynthia at all. Although Noami made me feel comfortable and my nerves immediately became relaxed. (I needed that) I thought I was gonna meet Ghurani then. I guess not... I checked in signed my life away went back. Noami briefly went over meds, sx, aftercare all the good stuff and so forth with me... I met one of my RS girls there yesterday and she assured me the pain will be rediculously outta this world :/ I love the honesty tho. I have to have a realalistic mindset. Just want day 1 to be over already! Well ladies dont wanna ask for yo much but please say a prayer for me it would be much appreciated. Ugh. My tears are starting to flow. My stomach is starting to turn... I miss my kids. Miss my husband. Wishing he was he to hold me. :'( But he's with my baby at kinder graduation. Well till the other side ladies. I shall join y'all! Bless me and hoping for a safe and healthy recovery for us all!! Ttyl

I got my small waist and big booty!

Sorry to take so long to update ladies I see the inbox's. I first wanna say thank you to everyone who wished me well and sent up a little prayer for me because good lord! I needed it! Lol I was super nervous! I will update a little bit later more in detail about how I'm feeling and how everything is going for me... Ttyl ladies


Rough start to my day I just wanna cry! I don't wanna start to regret this. It's just so uncomfortable and restless. Please keep me in ur thoughts ladies I'm going they it...

7 days post!

I am 7 days post today and I'm feeling really good! So last Tuesday as I arrived at the surgery center I was a hysterical mess! I was more scared of the post pain than going under. Rang the bell. They let me asked me my name and time of sx. Tears ran down my face. I'm telling you ladies I was a mess! At this point I was wishing I could turn around. The nurse hugged me and spoke with me in Spanish and reassured me I was in great hands and she's gonna make sure I was ok! And told me to save my tears for after sx and laughted. That's what I did. For the moment. Then SeaDaze from here on RS who also had sx with Dr Ghurani comes walking in I met her at my pre op the day before. She asked me how I was doing and again the tears rolled!! She hugged me said a prayer for I! Omg she's the sweetest person I have met in a very long time! I've sure gained not only a bbl sister but a truly good spirited person! The nurse came back out to get me, brought me to the back were I gave them a pregnancy test (negative) and changed into my gown, paper panties and compression stockings. Ok things just got real! Made my way back to Ghurani's office. Spoke with the anesthesiologist (super cute ladies!) went over last minute things and he wanted to make sure I did remove my piercings :( He then informed me that Dr Ghurani will be in shortly. I was so nervous to meet him. Kinda was wondering to myself. Like I've never met this Dr and I'm allowing my life in his hands! Lol. He came in, I immediately felt and KNEW I was in great hands! He explained and went over the whole procedure with me told me all the good and the bad. He is a veryyyy honest man. After about 15-20 of talking he then told me he's gonna start to mark my body and take plenty of pics. He poked grabbed and marked my body up with his marker. I started to cry! Lol I know I know I'm such a baby! He stopped and asked what was wrong?! He told me "mamita trust me please! Your going to be fine! Your gonna have amazing results. We can take as much time as you need. I'm in no rush. We'll move when your ready". Ugh. Why is he so niceee?! Lol. I told him lets do this. There's no turning back. I have faith in him and my God! He proceeded. We were done with pictures and the markings. He told my friend she was more than welcomed to wait in the waiting room or leave, they checked once more to make sure they had each others phone numbers. I hugged her and said bye we both cried! I walked to the operating room with the anesthesiologist I climbed on the operating table I started to pray. He asked me if I was ok. I told him yes ima big girl I got this! He said "we're good here" and we both laughed. I needed that. Lol. He placed my left arm out and he said to me that he was gonna place and I.V. In my arm and that it may burn. As it did. He told me I was gonna get woosy I remember him walking around to my right side asking me to strectch my right arm out and BOOM! I'M AWAKE FROM SX! That's exactly how it feels. I heard the nurse and my friend telling me its time for me to go home. They helped me up from I don't know where put my dress over my head sat me in the wheelchair. Told my friend to pull the car up. I remember feeling way more nausea and light headed than pain. I was amazed by that. I rented a van so what I did was stow both front seats in the floor. Took 3 pillows from the hotel. Put them on the floor with a shower curtain liner in top so the blood wouldn't seep thru. And I was out for the count. I stood at the Hyatt in downtown Miami which is about 27 min away. The drive wasn't all that bad. I made arrangements with the front desk to have a wheelchair available around 7pm waiting for me. So when the bellman saw our van they immediately knew what we needed. They helped my friend with me. They let us use the service elevator to our 18th floor. Which was great on their behalf. Really appreciated that. They have a huge lobby and didn't wanna be waiting for an elevator and have people looking at me. I was so hungry. I had crackers with peanut butter, Special K bars, pineapple, watermelon, Gatorade, water. I took a pain pill didn't really need it but didn't wanna pay for it later that night. I slept and woke plenty of times. My head was killing more than anything. True story ladies. I was so light headed nausea was crazy. I think it was the combo of both antibiotics together that made me sick. Later that night I started to throw up in my bed my head felt so heavy that I couldn't lift it so it was all over my face. Once my friend was able to get me up and to the bathroom I was toooo dizzy to stand. I fainted! fell to my knees and all I could hear was my friend telling me "c'mon you can't do this be strong get up" she was panicking. J wouldn't blame her. You loose alot of blood with sx and plus I was on my 4th day of my period. She says I helped her lift myself back up. Back to the bed I went. I woke up the next morning feeling a little bit better. My pain level was maybe a 7 on 10 being the highest. The ride to my post op wasn't that bad I think the floor to the van felt like a bed! Lol. Made it to Ghurani's office. He greeted me, wished me a happy healing. He took off my soaked somewhat bloody-fluid drained garment off it was dreadful. Most pain I felt since awaking from sx actually. I then looked at myself for the 1st time. Omg! I was absoultly amazed at what MY Dr did. GHURANI IS ON FIRE LADIES! He then put that nasty garment back on. Ugh. Went back to hotel. I was feeling miserably sick to my stomach and dizzy. The nausea was way more than the sx it's self I swear. I've only taken 2 Percs to this day. The pain was bearable. I would wake up so stiff and sore my elbows and shoulders hurt so bad from the way I have to sleep. I went for maybe 2 walks everyday. I couldn't stand I was too dizzy. Friday came where I had to go to my 1st massage. It was with the oh so good Cecelia. She's so sweet love her accent :) the massage felt so good on my back. My right side of my stomach was and still is very the most sensitive. It felt really good on my stomach as well just burned like hell on the bottom right side at the end of the front drain omg!! That burning sensation is rediculously painful to me anyway. And I can tolerate some pain. Lol. After that massage oh lord you couldn't tell me nothing! I felt brand new! I knew i wasn't tho. But I felt great! I actually left the massage with no garment on so that I could have washed it and I can shower. I was given the stage 2 garment in a large and foams. Wasn't to stoked about it being a large. Made it back to the hotel. Got dressed put some makeup on and went to walk the boardwalk and met up with SeaDaze. Felt so good to be out and about. That stage 2 garment is no joke! That night I slept with it and the foams. I woke up sooo stiff and then dizzy once again. I felt like I was back at day 1. I knew something was wrong. I stopped that morning taking the flagyl medication. Both the antibiotics together were getting me sick beyond this world. Besides I've never had a yeast infection ever so I was willing to take my chances. I hadn't cried my whole post op. I cried before lol (a lot) but day 4 I couldn't take the nausea I cried out in discomfort in the shower the hot water hitting my body was everything. I then spoke with Dr. Ghurani he told me maybe I was switched to soon to a tighter garment. Told me to wash and dry my first garment on a high/hot setting and go back to that and foams. Sooo much better. The days were getting back on track to a normal healing. I eventually switched back to the stage 2 garment with foams. But I wasn't getting enough compression at at. The large was way to big. So basically payed for that 2nd garment for no reason. I was pissed. Because then I knew I was gonna have to dish out more money to buy a smaller garment. Smh. As I then awaited till today (Tuesday) for my second massage and back drain removal I was excited. Massage was more intense felt great on my back my stomach was kinda hurting more especially on the right side ugh it's sooo tender! And the buuuurrrnnnn! Ahhhh! I was going thru it! So the lady that gave me the massage I forgot her name, told me I needed wayyyy more compression than what I'm getting. So I ended having to but a small garment there at the office. $120 ugh was not to happy with that at all. I had no idea how that was gonna get up passed my hips and over my ass?! That shit was tight!! Lol they did it tho. Foams are in. Nomie then cut it for me so it's more like shorts on me instead of to my knee. I can't wait to get outta this thing completely forever! Lol. Back drain didn't hurt coming out by the way. Spoke with Cynthia for a few minutes after the massage they all wished me well and said to send pics. And I was out the door. Good Bye Elite Plastic Surgery! They have overall exceeded my expectations. Dr Salama Dr Ghurani office has a helleva staff they make you feel so comfortable and really want what's best for you! I'm so glad I went with Ghurani. He himself is something incredible. He needs more exposure. I'm here to say I'm 110% satisfied patient. Well ladies ttyl. Time to attend to my babies! Ill post better pics once I'm hooked to wifi with my iPad. These are a few I have on my phone.

Kinda bumbed. Vets I need ur advice!!

They put me in the small stage 2 garment yesterday at my appt. So today when I took it off to shower and so forth. From the garment being as tight as possible it's folding the cami so I had so many folds, lines and creases on my belly. :( ugh I'm so worried. That these lines will stay. I need some of y'all vets advice?? What do I do?! It seems like the tighter the garment the more the shirt folds inside!

IM BACK! Update on lots!

So yes I know I've been gone for quiet some time now.
So where do I start. I am exactly 8 months and one week. Am I 100% happy with my results? I'd say it's like 80-20. My overall expierience with Dr. Ghurani is hard to explain. He is an amazing Doctor. I only met him twice and that was literally like 30 min before sx them the next morning after sx for like 10 min. His staff? Um they were all over me before sx. After my massages were up... Crickets! I do not like that. But anyways. My results vary. I still have not had any complications or anything to this day. Thank God. I still have numbing in my arms and fingers and a pain in my right ass cheek that does not go way don't know what the heck it could be. I don't have any hard spots in my butt. I was still sore along my sides up untill like 2 months ago if I were to raise my hands above my head or stretch when I slept something along those lines it will feel like my tissue was separation from my skin ugh nothing to unbearable but I thought was kinda wierd being 5-6-7 months post op. I still lay on my stomach. I still only sit to a minimum. Still scared of volume loss! Haha I know I'm crazy it's all in my stomach is a little lumpy. I still wear a body shaper/waist trainer at least 4-5 days a week still so hard to cut back on my old eating habits. So this kinda keeps my stomach in place. I did start going to the gym like a month ago. Trying to work on some squating and different stuff to keep me in shape. Before sx I wanted my ass to measure like 43-44" out of sx I think I was like 42" ugh that was like a bummer. Lol I wanted a phatty fa real! I think I have major volume lost since then. Well I know I do. Last I measured I was like 38-39" ugh it still looks ok. I have been told I have "great projection" "perfect shape" all type of things it makes me smile I feel happy. But damn you Ghurani why do I have so much volume lost?! This is where I stand now. I fight with these lil monsters in my head- one telling me girl go that round 2! And the other one like girl you look great! So I'm not to sure. I have mixed emotions. Ima wait till this summer I'll continue to work out then maybe for next summer if I'm still not satisfied I will do round 2. Because I figure if I lost this much since sx imagine next year? So I just want it a little fuller! Lol. Well I know I've left some things out but I figured I at least give y'all a rough draft lol. The pics are as of today. I will measure when I find my tape. Feel free to inbox me or ask questions! Ttyl CfromNy

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