Almost 4 Weeks, New Pics!

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So, I'm all set with Dr. Ghurani on May 8th. I...

So, I'm all set with Dr. Ghurani on May 8th. I can't wait! My whole life I've always had a weird, sloping butt lol. I'm 5'4", 152 lbs. Even though I have a pretty face, I really need the whole package, especially since having my son. I know getting this procedure will work wonders for me emotionally (it's that big a deal), so as the date approaches I find it harder and harder to not think about it so much. I've been stalking some profiles here of ladies who had Dr. Ghurani, and all of you look FABULOUS. You all are my wish pics :) . I am so thankful for my wonderful hubby, who is going with me. My sx date is the same week as our anniversary, so this is a special journey for both of us. I love him so much for supporting me through this, even though my mother doesn't. I could care less about that, though. Just a few weeks until I get to see a better, badder me! Anyone else going to Salama or Ghurani that week? If so, I hope to see you all there, and best of luck to all of us! Time to shut it down this summer!! :)

Okay, ladies. Surgery is next Wednesday, and I...

Okay, ladies. Surgery is next Wednesday, and I can't help going over everything again and again. Hampton's booked, got plane tickets, and I had to get a rental car because the office lost their driver last week, I'm not sure what happened. But it's cool, because the car rental turned out to cost less than the price of transportation provided by the office (if you don't go for a luxury car.) So, anyone going to Dr. Salama or Ghurani within the next couple of weeks, just know that you may have to make arrangements now to rent a car.

Other than that, I'm ready to get down there! I've got plenty of maxi dresses, seamless camis to go under the garment, 2 pairs of sweats, socks, a robe, sandals and my adidas flip-flops, 2 hoodies, vitamin c and iron that I've been taking for a week now, a female urinal, bromelain and post-surgery vitamins, neosporin and gauze pads, and Dove unscented shower gel. Yep, I think that's just about everything, lol. I can't wait!

We just touched down in Ft. Lauderdale! It's...

We just touched down in Ft. Lauderdale! It's midnight, and I'm waiting on my shuttle to the rental car spot, then to the hotel, then SLEEP. Gotta get right back up in the morning for my pre-surgery appointment. So glad to finally be here. More later . :)

Well, my surgery is first thing in the morning,...

Well, my surgery is first thing in the morning, 7:30. I'm a little bit anxious, but my meeting with Dr. Ghurani was very reassuring. He said I already have a good shape for him to work with and that he could likely get about 1200 ccs each side. He was so nice! Talking with Dr. Ghurani really helped my confidence in my procedure. Now it's time for me to hydrate as much as possible before 11pm. The moment of truth is coming, so wish me luck ladies! :)

Hello ladies. I've been resting up since this...

Hello ladies. I've been resting up since this afternoon, so I'm only just now feeling like writing. I wish I could take some measurements, because my booty is stupid big lol. I was a little messed up from the anesthesia, but since throwing it up I feel much better now. I can't really tell just how small my waist is with the foam there, but I'm sure he made me tiny again :) . I love Dr. Ghurani and his staff. There's a cute young lady who was my nurse ( I wish I could remember her name), and she, Sergio, and Dr. Ghurani were wonderful to me. While prepping for my surgery they all maintained a great sense of humor because they knew I was a little nervous, and it helped! I've been sleeping off the anesthesia all day, and getting up to walk around my room every hour. My wonderful hubby has been reminding me to eat and walk, and emptying my drains for me. He even called the Dr. because he was concerned that only my front drain seems to be draining and I'm feeling a ton of pressure in my butt. Dr. Ghurani said its nothing to worry about and he'll take a look tomorrow. I just know I can't wait till I can take my first shower. I made it to the other side, girls! This first day is a bit rough, but I don't feel it if I sleep lol . I'll try to post some pics tomorrow when I'm not all messy. Thanks for all your support, you guys~~

Hello, ladies. Yesterday kicked my butt! I needed...

Hello, ladies. Yesterday kicked my butt! I needed to eat but couldn't hold anything down since the anesthesia was forcing its way out. Today I'm sore, but doing much better. I'm so glad to have had my shower finally. Dr. Ghurani has been calling to check on me, he's been really sweet. When I got undressed for my shower I couldn't stop looking at myself lol. He made me look so good! I'm posting new pics for you all. Thanks again for all your support and well wishes :)

Hey ladies. I've been taking a break for a few...

Hey ladies. I've been taking a break for a few days, trying to recover. But I had my first massage today. Ilene was wonderful but Oh. My. God. It was rather painful since I apparently had a lot of fluid in me. Ilene got it out, though, and I felt a little better afterwards. Now I'm leaking around my front drain again. I can't wait to get these things out. As for the pain, it has gotten better, but I ran out of Percocet early yesterday so I've just been managing on ibuprofen. It helps with the swelling around my butt, but the pain is still there so I've just been toughing it out. My recovery seems to be going well, but it is no joke. I have been having to have bowel movements for the last 4 days in a row, which is a pain for obvious reasons : taking the garment and foam off, moving drains out of the way, timing your squat to when your body is actually READY to let something out (it seems most times it's just a false alarm), taking breaks to stand in between, cleaning yourself, and then wrestling with the garment and drains and foam again, and finally resting. Sounds like a hassle, right? Well my body is playing a cruel trick on me. When I finally think I'm done and I get all dressed again, I have to go AGAIN. Three days of this so far. But they say beauty is pain, lol. I got a new garment today because my old one was disgusting, but for it being the same size it is really freaking tight. My husband and I had to really work to get it closed with the foam under it. I'm uncomfortable right now, but I just keep thinking about the result and that keeps me going through it. Can't wait till next week, hopefully it'll be much better by then! :)

2 Weeks, Massage Out in Town Tomorrow

I'm so glad to be home, you guys. I'm at two weeks now, and my butt is 44" even though the swelling has gone down significantly. I hope it doesn't get any smaller :p . I've been drinking protein shakes and eating lots of beef and chicken to feed my booty since I panicked at the shrinkage. I swelled back up again after my last protein shake lol. Tomorrow I'm going to Massage Envy, I hope they are as good as Ilene was. She got almost all the fluid out. I still have my front drain in, but I'm taking it out after my massage tomorrow. Also, I just started wearing the board and my stomach looks great from it. It seems like it helps to push out extra fluid. I'll post pics tomorrow once I take my drain out. Also, it feels like my booty is starting to soften a bit! Maybe in a couple weeks I can finally sleep on my side again! Lol

Almost 4 Weeks, New Pics!

Hey y'all. I know it's been a few days, but my healing is going well. I've been itching like crazy. I got some benadryl and it seems to help. I've been getting lymphatic massages at Massage Envy every week and my stomach is softening a little. I lost a little volume in my butt, I'm now 43" from the original 45". I was a little sad to see it go, but my waist is shrinking too so my butt still looks big :) . And it's starting to jiggle now! By next week this thing will be totally soft! BTW thanks to all you guys for your support and sweet comments. This is a really big deal for us, a life-changing thing, and it's wonderful to see women happy for each other's happiness. :)
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