Dr. Ghurani - Sx Date 11/19/13... WHOLE YEAR POST OP. REVISION POSTPONED FOR NOW!!! Aventura, FL

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Hey Ladies! Been lurking on this site for a while...

Hey Ladies! Been lurking on this site for a while now, pretty much from the second I searched the web and realized there was a procedure that could make your waist smaller and butt bigger. That was about a year ago almost exactly and now, I'm a little over 2 weeks away from having my procedure and I am ecstatic! (This is going to be long because I'm gonna go into detail on everything because it helps me with my nervousness AND I'm sure some young lady is going to read it and know exactly what to expect at some point.)

Ok, so originally I was all set to go with Dr. Mendieta and he's a great doctor, but he was a bit expensive and I wasn't sure how or when I was going to get the money up for his 20% deposit (that cannot be financed), afford garments, time off, meds, pre-op, a place to stay and care, etc since his fee is only for the procedure, nothing else. So I kept searching here on RealSelf and found Dr. Salama's partner, Dr. Ghurani. His results were fabulous with nice hips, beautiful projection and just looked real! So after a little more research, I emailed Salama's office and got all the goods. Quick rundown:

Called Ghurani's office, was told someone would get back to me within 2 days. Got an email that same afternoon from Cynthia (TOTAL SWEETHEART!!) with the price of the surgery, which includes lipo on abdomen, flanks, & upper/lower back, 2 garments and 2 massages, and an opportunity for additional lipo areas. She asked me to send my photos in to get the dr's opinion and set up the procedure date and sign paperwork. I did, told her I was interested in Dr. Ghurani and she emailed me another (lower) price and some sx dates. One in October (about 3 weeks from the date of the email) and another in November. I already had CareCredit financing from when I was seriously considering Dr. Mendieta last year, so I told her and she said I could finance the ENTIRE surgery without having to pay a cash deposit of 10% (great for me...no $800 out of pocket up front!) I sent my photos and she got back to me the next day with Dr. Ghurani's opinion. He said I was a very good candidate with good fat deposits, he could aggressively lipo my flanks (where I'd see the biggest improvement), abdomen and back, giving me a great waist and better overall torso profile. All the fat grafted would be used in my butt to contour and get desired size and projection transferring a minimum of 1200cc's per side. Cynthia emailed me the opinion and also called me to let me know.

So, I went right ahead, let her run my CareCredit for the cost of the entire surgery ($7574), selected my date 11/19, got an email confirmation back with a receipt, all my info, staff info, and sx info. I thanked her for being such a sweetheart and scheduled a face-to-face consult with Dr. G. I think it was set for the next week. I was so excited.

I left early from work to go to the consult, and took my ex-boyfriend. (He's one of only 2 people that know I'm even having this surgery, and he's been supportive ever since last year when I first told him I wanted to have it done. Even tho we broke up early this year, he's still going to be my caretaker after my procedure). I have been doing EXTENSIVE research here and other places, so I was just ready for Dr. Ghurani to examine me in person and give me more info. The office is in a hospital/medical center I believe in a beautiful building. The waiting room was small like a regular dr's office. I signed it and there were about 4 ppl waiting. 1 girl was about 5 months post-op from a BBL and her mom was telling about how hard her recovery was, etc. I brought my laptop so my ex and I just talked, I looked up more wish pics, and just waited. Nomie called me back, gave me my scripts for meds, went over some medical questions, explained the procedure and aftercare, gave me a few papers and confirmed my sx date. Then she showed us the drains. THAT was a rude awakening for my ex. I think he thought this procedure was going to be a simple one...suck the fat from the belly and love handles, put it in the butt, rest a few days and then boom...sexy new ex-girlfriend. But as we spoke more and Nomie demonstrated where the drains go and how to empty them, etc, he was clearly uncomfortable. She also described how he would have to force me to eat and drink, keep up with my meds, and empty my drains and clean my garment, and remember things for me because after SX, most girls are forgetful. I think it was a RUDE awakening for him. I took that opportunity to show him so post SX pics from this site...bloody garments, bruising etc. and he was SHOCKED. I had to laugh.

Nomie was nice and informative. She has had the procedure done and she looks a little 'done' (if that makes sense) in my opinion but she looks good. After she gave me my boppy pillow (also included in sx cost!), she said Dr. G. was on his way in and for me to get undressed and put the little paper gown on. I did and about 15 mins later, he walks in.

Ladies...he INSTANTLY made me feel at home. He's GOOD LOOKING, tall, great smile, etc. Funny and full of info. He sat, went over some more med history questions, and then got into the procedure explanation. He explained EVERYTHING. Why we carry fat in certain places, how genetics, culture, etc determine our vision of beauty and what we want from our bodies, how fat works, just EVERYTHING. Then he began to draw on the paper lining the table I was sitting on of how he sculpted the body, what he wanted it to look like ultimately, etc. Then he made me drop the gown and then started poking and pointing out things on my body. He knew EXACTLY the stuff I hated, but he was very impressed with my body. He said I was built athletically, had excellent skin, excellent fat and that I would heal nicely and he could shape me beautifully but that I had slight scoliosis that he was sure I probably never was aware of and that was why I held weight more on one side of my butt than the other and why I had weird bulges/dents on my butt/hips (always HATED that and never knew why!). He said with lipo alone, I'd probably love my body without the BBL, but WITH it, I'd probably want to marry him...lol. He said he doesn't tell you CC's or take CC requested because the skin and fat tells him what he can do, but that he knows I'd be happy. He also said he hates the fake Nicki Minaj type booties but lots of girls want that so he does it. I told him I wanted a 'spanish girl' butt, upside down heart with nice curve and small waist and HIPS. Just an hour glass figure. He agreed and said he could make me as close to perfect as he possibly could. I showed him a few wish photos and he said I picked perfect ones for my height and body type (25 years old, african american, 5'3", about 150lbs). He asked if I wanted inner thigh lipo (without me even having to mention it) and said he would do it after he did the other stuff and that it might not make a HUGE difference but if wanted it, he would do it. After that, he wrapped up (it had been close to 2 hours!!) and said he couldn't wait to see me for sx.

Whew! So I got dressed and the young lady from the lobby was about to be seen. She let me touch her butt and ask her questions. She looked great, very natural, booty was nice and soft, natural feeling (my ex wanted to touch too but I told him to f**k off!) and she looked VERY happy. So we left. My ex was VERY concerned about the sx at this point. He didn't understand that its a MAJOR SURGERY with a hard recovery. So he started to get annoying because he started to question why I wanted it and if I really wanted to go for it. I'm worried that he won't have the stomach to help me after SX but he promises he's still behind me with it. We'll see.

I've called the office about 100 times since then with questions and I'm always answered pretty promptly. I THINK Cynthia is pregnant so she's out a little bit (I think it's her...not 100% sure but one of the girls I saw in the office is very pregnant and her voice sounded familiar) so my emails take a couple days, but calling is MUCH prompter. Nomie responds very quickly tho via email.

So now, I'm taking Iron, Vitamin C, B Complex and a multivitamin, but after a week I started getting headaches like never before, so I stopped for 2 days and they went away. Idk what it is but I know I have to keep taking them...

Anyway...I went and got all my med yesterday from Walgreens. Cost me about $30 with insurance. I'm scheduled to do my post-op blood work at Dr. G's office on 11/11 (a week from now) since I'm off work that day. That is costing me $160 that they added into my financing...score again! No money out of pocket since I don't think my insurance would cover it since my PCP didn't order it PLUS they have the results right there and don't have to stress about your PCP or lab sending them results on time, etc). Fingers crossed that I have no issues...I'm sure I don't but still.

I'm very nervous and feel like this is unreal that I'm going to have this procedure in just 2 weeks! But I NEED A PLACE TO STAY! I live in south Florida but about an hour away and I need to stay close to the Dr's office for at least 6 days. FInding a nice vacation rental or extended stay has been almost IMPOSSIBLE since I only want to spend about $350 AND I have to pay for a caretaker after the 1st day since my Ex can't take that many days off...just the actual sx day. Ugh...this is the only part that is coming out of my pocket and I'm trying to keep costs down. Any of you girls can help? Ugh! This is the only snag I've hit. Oh and info on garments..help me out you guys!

Ok. I think I've covered EVERYTHING so far. I'm going to try to upload some photos and wish pics and keep you all posted on the next steps!

Update - Hotel & post op care & massages

I'm going to add pics when I get home after work. But update...I booked my place to stay! I finally got the vacation rental that I had my eye on. I used the site Airbnb.com. Don't know how I even found it but I was googling and the site came up. If you sign up thru Facebook, you get $25 off your first booking. Every little bit helps! So that is out of the way. Its a BEAUTIFUL studio about 10 mins from both the SX center and Dr. Gs office right outside Hollywood and it has a queen bed plus a queen sized pullout couch, full kitchen, full bathroom, WIFI, washer & dryer, free parking right in front of the unit & more. I'm in love. Load off my back.

Now the bad news...my ex isnt sure he can be with me for Sx. His job is giving him a hard time. I got upset and told him not to worry, I would just hire a nurse (which I wasgonna do anyway since we knew he couldnt take many days off work to help me) but now its looking like I'm going to need full time help from the day of Sx. Bummer. More money that I have to scramble to find. I should make him contribute since he's backing out.

Other than that I've looked into massages here in the west Palm area and I found a great recommendation from another BBL sisters update (I'll find her name later). Called and the lady was very nice. Its recommended that you have 1-5 pre op lymphatic drainage massages before your SX and then at least 10 post op. Im gonna try for at least 2 pre op starting next week. Wish insurance could cover it.

So I need advice & numbers for nurses for Sx care. I have called a few...about $175 for 24 hours...trying to find cheaper if possible. Please BBL sisters, help me out! Pics later!

Up and Can't Sleep so update! Supplies & things I hate about my body!

Hello BBL ladies! I woke up about 2 hours ago (damn time change) and haven't fallen back asleep so I started packing my bag for SX (yes...2 weeks in advance) with some of the stuff I've picked up and researching more things. Soooooooo much info from you ladies got my head spinning on all the stuff I need to buy! I already have arnica gel and pills (on sale from Vitamin Shoppe), gauze, medical tape, medical dressings, extra strength tylenol, Hibiclens (to shower with for a few days pre SX), all my prescriptions, granny panties (lots), thick high (men's) socks, slippers, maxi pads, chloraseptic throat spray, hair bands (to anchor drains to thigh so they don't snag or trip me up in shower, etc), boppy pillow (given to me at EPS by staff, included in SX fee), thermometer, Neosporin, alcohol, peroxide, wound cleaner/Bactrin spray (2 different kinds...maybe for drain sites since they are the pain-relieving kind and I heard about the discomfort/burning of drains), baby wipes (big box for bathroom sessions and general wiping up...heard the #2's are messy :-/ ), blister cushions (garments rub against you and give you nasty red blisters at time, I've heard) and maybe 1 or 2 other things. I know I need more. I saw Bromelain at Vitamin Shoppe as well but I had only a limited amount of cash on me since I literally just ran in on a whim. (They had a nice sale on too! Check them out in your town if you're prepping for SX!)

I keep hearing about thick foam for your bed (what is this for? To cut so you can lay on your back with no pressure on your butt after SX, maybe?), extra foam for your garment (where can I get this at a good price? It's Epifoam, right?), an adjustable head rest type thing to slide into your bed at home that is pretty much the face cradle on a massage table to make stomach sleeping much easier (a BBL sister SWORE by this so I will be ordering from amazon. Brand is Earthlite), a camp seat for us ladies who work sitting down (I have told my job I'm having back surgery so I have practiced standing up and working and also kneeling on my desk chair...neither is very comfortable for more than about 20 mins or so, so this camp chair may be a good idea), a beach chair to cut a hole out of in and stack a boppy pillow on in order to "sit" after sx at times, Jolastic washing solution (for garments), Heelbo (for elbows since you will be up on them for weeks after SX, I guess), prosthetic fitting lotion for garments, a stimulation ball for your groin area to rub for lymphatic reasons and swelling (labia gets swollen due to compression, I've heard), Zims Max Freeze Gel for skin after SX (like arnica, I think) and a definite cream for itching and firming (heard garments do a NUMBER on your skin and your lymphatic system makes you itch like crazy as some points afterwards) and buckwheat pillows (supposed to be more sturdy and supportive and used to drive and under your knees for leaning. Don't collapse or go flat. Kinda expensive tho even on Amazon...another BBL swore by them tho and it made sense). My head is spinning but I'll get it together.

On to the body. I'm about 5'3", about 140-155 (same 15lbs for about 5 years on and off) but no one EVER believes I weigh that much, and I always gave the impression of having curves and a nice lil booty but my waist has been nonexistent FOREVER. My mom and I are shaped almost exactly alike (I'm shorter and a bit more curvy...it took for her to have kids to have the kind of body I already have, if that makes sense) and for YEARS she has been under the impression that she has a big butt and hips. It took my grandma (who is THICK, ya'll) to be like 'Ummm...no." My mom actually came to me to ask me if my grandma was right and I said yes. In my head I was like 'and that's why I'm having SX in 2 weeks because our bodies are too similar!'

Anyway, in my pics you see I have a lil hump booty, no butt cleavage and it's flat right above my crack. I have pockets of weird fat that look like they should have been hips but never really formed, so just weird lumps on each corner of my butt and directly under that it's hollow, like God scooped the fat out, making my butt square. I have a little volume but it's only on the bottom. No slope, no shelf, no nothing. If I'm wearing a tight dress and like a cardigan or blazer that stops maybe a 1/2 inch below my crack, I look FAB and that's what I've been doing to fool folks for years on this body, but no more!

I'm a natural 36C which I loooove, but i've always had a belly. Always. Even as a skinny minnie kid. No waist, really. Fat accumluates in my back/bra strap area, so I have rolls there and deep mid back folds. Just UGH! Makes me lumpy and bumpy and look bigger than I feel I am. In my pics, I look a LITTLE pulled in but I think it's just because the fat lumps I mentioned earlier give that illusion, if that makes sense (I THINK these are the flanks).

No hips, no real shape, so I'm looking to totally overhaul that. I want ROUND, PERKY, FAT booty. Not huge, but nice and well sized. Not a big shelf, more of a heart, curvy like Amber Rose (love her!) with an S-curve, a nice one!I have big thighs (big quad muscles as Dr. G. pointed out...he says I have an athletes' body which is why my butt is square shaped and my quads are big...the quads dominate my movement so in my workouts in the past, my butt grows slowly because my quads do all the work pretty much. Look up Nick Nilsson...his booty workouts are great because he addresses these problems. I was doing his workouts until I got lazy and decided I wanted SX first, then perfect the perfection with this methods!) Where was I? Oh yeah, big thighs/quads so I know I can pull off a bigger booty without looking fake because I have the thighs to hold it up. It's like I was MEANT to have ass, but my stomach and back got greedy and took the fat, so this SX is just putting it where it was SUPPOSED to be all along. Nothing fake or phony about that!

I want projection, S-Curve and hips, a sculpted and tight upper back/bra/love handle/flank area, and a flat tummy, of course. I'm also doing inner thigh lipo I think because I have cellulite there and my thighs rub together, but Dr. G. as I said, pointed out my QUADS are big and always will be so inner thigh lipo may not totally fix that probably but give me some improvement. My only concern with this is having to wear long garments for longer time to compress the thigh area AND I don't want this to interfere with what really matters - that aggressive upper/mid/lower back, abdomen and flank lipo. I mean, the waist sculpting is what I'm looking for and the Dr can only take out so much fat legally. Dr. G. told me there is NO WAY I have 4000L of fat in my body and my procedure will more than likely be one of his shorter ones (maybe 2 1/2 hrs) but still. I paid for the extra lipo ($500) i think and if he can't do it, then I think I get refunded so...we'll see. Posted some wish pics for you ladies. The sun is up and its time to get ready for work. I'm sure I'll be back soon since I can now update and upload from my phone! :) Happy researching and healing!

Garments I have in Mind

Another update...was up looking at garments last night when I couldn't sleeo, and they are confusing. Since im going to be spending so much time in them, I want to invest well! So I found these... A few that I've heard BBL ladies talk about, as well. So look at let me know!

Progress and questions about Intimacy... ;-)

Well ladies, the last few weeks I've been falling asleep quickly, but waking up between 2-4AM and just staying awake or lightly dozing until it's time to get up. Mostly doing research and reading reviews here on RS. Amazon and I are best friends too. Guess it's nerves/stress about my upcoming SX...13 days away now! Eek! Getting SUPER close!

Anyway, made some progress. Place to stay is booked, though I didn't book a full week (hopefully i can negotiate with the owner of the property to give me the additional 3 days I think I'm going to need in cash once I check in...fingers crossed on that!), I found a pretty suitable nursing solution, but one of my BBL sistas also PM'd me another nurse that she really recommends, so I'll be calling her today. At least I have one option that I know is affordable and they came pretty highly recommended by a popular girl on RS. Also, got my post op massages lined up. Another BBL sista that lives in my same area recommended this place and they have a LOT of knowledge of lipo and what you need afterwards. Plus its located right between my job and house on the route I take home and they spend OVER AN HOUR WITH YOU on every session, and they work with you on packages and price! Score! One of the ladies doesn't speak English tho, but the other masseuse does and she was very nice and informative. I think I'll stop by after work today and check them out a little more before I make up my mind to commit to them, although they sound perfect. I've secured the time off from work, filled my Amazon cart/wishlist up with garments, rajas, Squeems and other BBL items to order as I need them, and come up with my story on how to explain away my downtime and new fab body (had back surgery, which caused me to lose a bit of weight due to being bedridden, not eating as much, fluid/light diet, etc and once I healed up, I hit the gym and ate better...things I'm known for doing on and off anyway...and BAM, here ya go! Fab new DreamBootyVixen!)

I'm curious about my boo tho...he has NO CLUE that this is coming up. We aren't necessarily in a relationship (he says we are, I say not really, but close) more of "heavily involved" and although we talk about pretty much EVERYTHING, this here is PRIVATE. Since he knows my body well and sees me naked/intimately, I'm a little concerned about how he's going to view me afterwards. Not VERY concerned, mind you, cuz I'm doing this for ME 299% BUT still...wonder what he's going to say? Will he see my sudden scars and ask questions? What about me wearing a garment (helps with my back and posture, I'm sure I can say). I won't be home for over a week after the SX (staying about an hr away in Hollywood close to my Dr in order to keep discreet and to make healing/post op visits easier) so I'm sure he'll be concerned, nosy and want to see me. He is always VERY concerned when I don't feel well and checks up on me often and asks a LOT of damn questions (lol) so I'm just worried about keeping this under wraps. And although he appreciates my body now (as crappy and weird as I feel it is), and he is clearly VERY turned on by me ALL.THE.TIME (TMI but for real), my NEW body should be (hopefully) VERY different and much improved. Noticeably so when I'm naked so what's he gonna think? Will the story I came up with satisfy him? Will he even care? Lol...I know he is gonna be unable to keep his hands off me afterwards. He LOVES thick, curvy women and right now with my imperfect body (to ME, not him obviously), he is like a horny lil rabbit. I can only IMAGINE how frisky he's gonna be afterwards. I'm anxious. How soon can you be intimate, I wonder? I've seen a few ladies comment on this part of the SX, but now that mine is so close and I have someone special, it's def on my mind quite a bit at this point. I don't wanna go without loving for too long! Lol...so vets! Help me out! :-)

Other than that, I am just waiting for my pre-op app/blood work on Monday (about 8 days prior to SX). For some reason, I haven't concerned myself with the blood work or results at all, although they are the MAIN and MOST IMPORTANT prep part of this process. I just have to relax, bring my excitement down a bit and stay prayerful that all goes well and I have no health issues. I have been healthy all my life, thank the Lord, except for a very minor BP/cholesterol issue about a year ago. It was a little high (not even HIGH but just a 'hey...watch it with the fatty/fast foods, little miss thing!' from a Dr.) but it hasn't been an issue since. I go to my Ob/Gyn often and they haven't said a single word about it, so I'm hoping that all other things are a go. I know for a FACT I'm not preggo, no HIV, non-smoker (although I am around recreational drug users sometimes, but I don't indulge. No judgement to those that do BUT Dr. G. made it very clear that you must STOP SMOKING AND TAKING ANY RECREATIONAL DRUGS FOR AT LEAST 6 WEEKS OR HE WILL NOT OPERATE ON YOU! I heard they test you on SX day to make sure. Just an FYI!) He also said to stay away from 2nd hand smoke and alcohol for at least 4 weeks. Kinda forgot about that (don't really think I been around smoke much lately) and I have decided to stop drinking alcohol completely as of this past Sunday. Not even gonna take Advil/Tylenol for any period pains or headaches from now until after SX. So...hopefully that's good enough for clearance! Keep me in ya prayers ladies! Time to get ready for work now! Been typing my lil fingers off. Gonna take more (better) pics as well for you guys to see so we can really judge my post-op later! Inbox me or whatever! I love the support, advice and questions, my sistas! Positivity and helpfulness only will get us through this crazy thing we have decided to do! :)

More Pre-Op Photos

13 days pre-op photos...I kinda like my lil body/booty but its crazy to think that in less than 2 weeks, I will no longer be in this body any more. Crazy! So ready tho!

Garment Fun

Bbl sistas! My day is approaching! I found myself staring off into space, making 100 lists, and praying on and off all day at work. Whew. 1 week and 5 days until Booty Day!

Still trying to find my nurse solution. Its quite expensive but I think I know who I'm going with. I just have to really pray and be confident in my post op healing and be as strong and careful as i can because I cant afford more than a few days for the nurse. Please keep me in your thoughts on this especially, ladies!

Now fun stuff. After work, I went to this place in the mall called Slender Boutique that sells fajas, compression garments, girdles and cinchers. I tried on a few, including a butt out one just to see exactly what I was in for...man! I see now what the vets are talking about. Getting into those things are HARD! The girl gave me a butt out one to try in medium... I had to tug, jump, wiggle and dance to get that thing over these thighs. Then to get my arms in the straps and pull it up to fasten it (on the first/loosest hooks, mind you) was another 3 minute struggle. It was very tight, but not uncomfortable enough to make me hate it. The girl came to look and said it was TOO BIG! then she put me in a small...it took both of us to get it on and finally she was satisfied that it fit. Then she talked about the board and foams and said it would be perfect probably a week after Sx. The small was very, very tight but not crazy uncomfortable either. I got a picture but i cant remember if it was the small or medium. Oh well. It was fun to try them on and see what I had to loom forward too...however as hard as it was to get them on my REGULAR not swollen, sore or painful body and HUGE swollen, fat injected butt, i cant really believe or imagine how im gonna get into it after sx in less than 2 weeks. Man...it just got a little more real. Im still excited tho! I suggest you guys try if you have any kind of Brazilian area in your town or a store like this in your local mall. At least familiarize yourself with what's to come.

That's all for now! Happy researching and healing!

Quick Update: Good News

Got my call from EPS confirming my blood work appt on Monday. I had emailed Nomie earlier this week to confirm & ask a few questions and she told me I'd have my results in about 2 days. So by Wednesday, I'll have the complete green light! Fingers crossed.

Also, contacted another nurse with experience assisting lipo patients that lives in Broward and she agreed to help me for about 1/2 of what other ppl were trying to charge. I puy my negotiation hat on and threw in some non financial perks and she agreed! Man...I feel so much better! Affordable care that matched my budget. So now I only have to pray for clearance in pre op and pick up the few remaining supplies on my list. Nervous!


BBL ladies! Whew...things are so crazy! Yesterday, I was on a high because it seemed like EVERYTHING for this BBL was in place. Then I got an email from the site that I found my condo on to stay in post-op saying my reservation was being cancelled due to a 'credit/background check' that I didn't even know they were doing! There were canceling my reservation and refunding my money and I was not going to be allowed to use their site to rent. It was Airbnb.com so if you ladies are planning on using this site, contact them FIRST and see what this check thing is all about so you don't book and get happy like me and then get CANCELLED! Ugh...

I was upset but you know what, I didn't even feel like calling and arguing so I just went ahead, screamed for about a full minute, then got online and booked a room at the Extended Stay. Yup, regular ol' Extended Stay. I mean they have full kitchens, wifi, laundry, etc and for a week, I'm paying $380 before taxes. Only thing is, it's about 20 mins away from the office/sx center. Bummer but EVERYTHING can't be perfect and as long as I have an affordable place to stay where I can recover in private, then I'm good. My condo was MUCH closer and cozier, but hey. It is what it is. I'll still be looking in the mean time to see if I can maybe get another condo, so if you ladies have any info, feel free to drop it on me! But if I don't, I'm still set! So no worries!

I want to thank the ladies who have been inboxing me and supporting me. I have felt very alone in this journey since no one knows about my procedure except 2 ppl in my personal life. I see a lot of you ladies are in the same boat so it is AMAZING that we can get on here and support one another as total STRANGERS in this sisterhood of surgery. I look forward to maybe meeting some of you (time4change and BRAINsBEAUTYandBEAUTY especially! You girls are DOLLS and have helped me out a lot already! Thank you!

Well, I got a new mattress delivered last night that is like a cloud so when I finally get back home, I have something nice to sleep on after my SX (my old mattress I just took from my ex to be petty and it was a cheap, hard/firm piece of crap). My new bed is luxurious so I'm happy to have it! I ordered some BBL supplies off Amazon last night, I found quite a few sites for garments that I'm checking out and blood work is Monday. I have a kinda busy weekend (long one since I don't work Monday...yay!) and the days are steady ticking by and coming closer to my time on the table. I'm getting more and more nervous/anxious! Welp...lemme get up and head to a meeting. Catch you girls on the next update! :)

10 days tip SX!

Ok…time is ticking ALL THE WAY DOWN! Today I went and got the last of my supplies. I swear I'm not buying a single damn thing after today! I have a small suitcase packed with all supplies and then another bag full of clothing. I think I have just about everything I'll EVER need for this damn sx. Kept my receipts so whatever I don't use I'll take back.

Was curious about driving post-sx, so I decided to try something a bunch of BBL sistas mentioned in their reviews. I have a cylindrical 'sex pillow' that I ordered from Amazon months ago (its called the Liberator…look it up…it adds spice and position assistance in the bedroom!) Well, it's basically just a long cylinder pillow that's pretty sturdy since it's made to hold body weight during sex. A lot of ladies say they rolled up yoga mats and tied them closed and put them under their thighs in the car so your butt is elevated off the seat of the car, and used the boppy pillow behind their back for more support. Well, I got home from Walmart, got in my car, sat with the cylindrical pillow under my thighs so nothing was touching my butt, all weight on my thighs, and put the boppy behind me with the "U" facing up close to the very lower part of my back right above my butt and drove around my neighborhood. It worked! I was super tall but my butt was completely off the seat and I felt relatively comfy. I have about a 20 min commute to work (45 mins total daily with traffic because I work downtown and it's always CRAZY trying to make it to the highway) so I think it should work for that. I think I'm also going to do the rolled up mat/cylindrical pillow/boppy pillow thing for my desk chair at work for 2-3 weeks or however long I take to decide to fully start sitting again. Think I'll take it to my grandma's house to practice in her computer chair.

I also bought a camp chair (folding chair that you take to football games, beach, etc). Ladies say they cut a square for their butts out of the flimsy fabric of the seat and place their boppy's in the seat to sit on so you're mostly sitting on your thighs and no pressure on the booty (hanging out of the hole you cut). I didn't cut it but I will eventually.

No other updates. Just blood work tomorrow morning at Dr. G's office. Praying and fingers crossed that I have no health issues that come up and delay my SX. Haven't had any alcohol or been around any kind of smoke. Taking my vitamins, all that good stuff. Don't have a history of health issues at all up until this point, so I'm feelin a bit confident. Kinda feel like I should have been working out, but I gotta take my chances at this point. Maybe I'll start getting up early to walk/jog a bit.

This week is my last FULL week at work. Next week I'm only working Monday and then it's off to check into my hotel and prepare for sx. I have the very first sx of the day (Dr. G. only does 2 a day). I'm just ready to get it over with. TTYL girls!


Morning ladies..

Whew…yesterday was a long day. Went to EPS to get my blood work done. Got to the office, signed in and waited about 45 mins or so before I was taken back. I had an appointment but I showed up much earlier than the appt time, but they still took me. Nicole drew my blood and took my urine, then I went to the back office and spoke with Nancy, Cynthia and Nomie…very nice, super sweet ladies. They really praised my body and said they could tell I would be one of the 'best ones' because my frame and fat were already nice. Nancy kept talking about my booty ('You already have a nice big butt! It's gonna be FABULOUS after your surgery!') They made me laugh and they may just be saying that, but it was cute and sweet.

I guess I'll be getting the results in the next day or so, from what Nomie said. However, I did NOT get an EKG. I totally forgot about it when I was in the office but I know plenty of walk-in clinics in my area will do an EKG for you for a decent price (around $50), so I'll just get one after work today, most likely.

I wanted to show the heating pad and face cradle I ordered from Amazon. I'm going to pick them up from my family members house and try them out and let you guys know for sure how I feel about them. I also want to post the utterly ridiculous compilation of supplies that I have purchased and packed for my SX day. It's in a small suitcase and it is STUFFED, so you can check that out and get an idea of the stuff I gathered.

Last thing, I went and interviewed the nurse I'm hiring to care for me. LADIES SHE IS THE DAMN BOMB! She is an LPN and has years of experience and some lipo patient experience and she is incredibly nice. She sat with me, developed a care plan, an emergency plan, went over her experience with lipo patients, food, ambulation, just everything. She gave me lots of ideas on how to make my days easier, bathroom/shower time, I mean she put me totally at ease for post sx. She knew about everything and she made me feel very comfortable. So I'm finally FINALLY relaxing on most every part of the planning for this sx.

Ok. So let me get up and get ready for my last week at work. Hard to believe that this time next week, I'll be heading to the table (I have the first SX of the day at 7:30AM). My nerves and mind are on 100000000! Have a good day ladies!

Quick Update

Called the office to pay off my balance and order a couple more massages. So that's done. I am completely and totally PAID IN FULL for this damn procedure. Period. Done! 6 days until big booty/small waist day! I'm at work tryin to get all this stuff in order so when I'm out, my office isn't scrambling. Stressing me worse than the Sx itself!

I also found out that they don't require me to have an EKG as I'm young, healthy, not grossly overweight and have no history of health or heart issues. I had found a place that will do a walk in EKG for only $65, but Cynthia assured me that it was not needed. My blood work would give them all the info they needed. Another relief. She said they would call me if anything came up with my results but otherwise to just relax and prepare for my life to change. I am ready.

My girl BRAINsBEAUTYandBOOTY had her Sx yesterday and I'm waiting for her update. Fingers crossed she's doing great and looks beautiful (we have the same doc...Dr. G.)

That's it for now!

Amazon Orders

Just a few BBL supplies to make life a bit easier! Night ladies!

Almost Lost my Mojo, y'all....

Almost lost my mojo, y'all....got some bad news in my personal life today that has raised my stress levels and kind of made me not even look forward to my Sx on Tuesday. But my girl BRAINsBEAUTYandBOOTY came thru her Sx looking AMAZING & told me recovery is tough but doable, which made me decide to push all the way forward & just be strong & excited for my new body like I've been all these weeks so far. So. I'm DETERMINED. I literally have just this weekend left & then I'll be on the table. So...please keep me in your prayers!

Whew...just a few days. Down to the wire. Big booty land is in sight! Dr. G is making women BEAUTIFUL and I'm totally ready for it to be my time! Having trouble sleeping (anxiety/nerves, I guess) but I'll try to get some rest...night BBL sistas!

In Depth Supply List

I got a few inbox requests for my supply list...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not judge me or base YOUR supply list off mine because I am totally out of control when it comes to Walmart/Target and I overpack & overthink & OVERSPEND constantly. But I kept my receipts and anything that a fellow BBL sista can't use or get, then I'll return them. So, here it is:

MaxFreeze Gel (Walmart)
BioFreeze (had some laying around the house)
Culturelle probiotics
Chloraseptic spray
Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray (Target)
Tampons (for belly button formation and my cycle starts 3 days after sx)
Extra strength Tylenol
prescription meds (Percocet, etc)
granny panties ($1/per pair at Walmart)
head bands/hair ties
Accunode vibration ball (for massages on myself)
A&D ointment (for areas where garment rubs)
daily pill holder
Children's Benadryl (I have histamine issues & history of hives/breakouts...this stuff works MIRACLES!)
Medical tape (Curad)
Mederma scar gel
Nivea skin firming lotion
Arnica gel (Boiron)
Arnica pills (Hyland's)
Shower curtain liners (2 -Dollar store)
Bio Oil
Maxi pads
Bactine cleaning spray
Antiseptic wash (Bandaid)
Blister cushions (Bandaid)
Baby wipes
Baby oil
Surgical dressings (Curad)
Rolled gauze (Curad)
Gauze pads (Curad)
sports bras
Boppy pillow
Camp chair
Comfort Bath Cloths (lifted from local hospital)
Panty liners
Safety pins
Vinyl gloves
Command hooks
Hand sanitizer
Tape measurer
Flip flops
Workout (lycra) t-shirts (tightest ones I have)
Rolling pin (for massaging my abdomen)
Conair King sized heating pad
Earthlite Home Massage Kit face cradle for bed (stomach sleeping)
Thick socks
Hospital socks (with traction grips)
Zip up jacket
Maxi dresses
Jean jackets
Pretty underwear/boy shorts
Shea butter (for skin)
Coconut oil (for skin & massages)
Cotton swabs
sweat pants/tights/yoga pants
big T-shirts
cylindrical pillow (for driving/sitting on my thighs if needed)

The only thing I have left to get is bromelain (from either Vitamin Shoppe or GNC).

I think I'm BEYOND prepared for my BBL and I'm literally counting the hours until it's my turn on the table. I've been going crazy today cleaning up, doing laundry and preparing my house for me to be gone for a while. Keeping myself busy and my mind/body occupied. I also started taking the arnica pills (Nomie instructed me to start 2 days before sx) to prep for the bruising.

Happy healing and researching ladies!

Final Night

Well ladies...

You guys have encouraged me and checked on me and gave me so much positive and uplifting words and advice, and now, I have less than 12 hours until my surgery. I'm calm at the moment, but I was stressed for most of the day and really had to take a moment to sit by the lake in my neighborhood and just listen to music and breathe. Can't believe I made it here. Night before surgery! Oh.em.gee. I'm about as ready as I'll ever be. Currently sitting in the bed in my hotel savoring my last 18 minutes that I'm allowed to eat (no food or drink after 10pm) and just gearing up and praying for tomorrow. I'm a little anxious because nobody from Dr. G's office called me today to confirm my sx. And I have the first one of the day at 7:30AM. :( So that's quite stressful but I've come too far now so fingers crossed and prayers up that things go smoothly in the morning.

I have just about every single thing I think I could ever need. So right now, I'm going to shower, take a vitamin C and some arnica and see if I can get at least a couple hours of sleep. Next time I update, I'll be post-op! Keep me in your prayers ladies! I'm so anxious! I can't believe this is even real! Oh and I'm posting some final 1 day pre-op photos so you guys see EXACTLY what kind of difference Dr. G is going to make on this body. No more square half-flat booty and zero hips. It's gonna be all coke bottle everything after tomorrow! Got my wish pics printed out and all my questions/requests saved on my phone as a note so I can cover every single thing with Dr. G before I hit the table. EEEEKKKKK!!!!

Post Op !!!

Ladies...I made it! Let me tell ya, this is tough! BUT I'm not really in pain...I'm very very sore. My butt and my belly are very sore. Walking is hard...I feel & look like an old lady, lol. My nurse has been great & my ex even came to the Sx center (I was already under by then) and then met us at the hotel afterwards.

Garment is tight but feels fine. I have to be honest, I've barely looked at my ass or waist, but my ex said it's JUICY & BIG! Lol...my nurse says doing excellent for just a few hrs post. I just feel tired and fatigued a lot. Moving for more than 5 mins makes me warm & lightheaded. I know I need to eat & drink more so I'm doing that. Laying on my stomach isn't bad, getting up on the bed is quite a production tho...I'm getting better! I'm a little weak & tired & sore and I pissed all over myself (and the floor) earlier so that was frustrating ( I was trying to straddle the toilet & squat but of course it shot everywhere, including on my garment and floor. My nurse gave me a big gulp cup to try & finish, but I was weak, shaky & hot by then so I just waddled back into bed.) Gonna try again with the cup in a little while.

What else? Man, my eyelids are heavy from the anesthesia! Lol...I'm fine tho. Didn't expect to be feeling this good afterwards. I took a Percocet a few hrs ago just because of the heavy feeling and the soreness but it's totally bearable for now. Just uncomfortable. Sore sore sore sore! And my butt weighs 500lbs!

I'll update more when I have more strength girls. Just wanted to tell you I made it & I'm ok! Love you ladies for all the well wishes!

My whole update erased!!! Ugh!

I had done a detailed update for you ladies but my phone erased it! Ugh...I have some photos tho so I'll repost maybe tomorrow!

Day 2 Post Op Update

Hi ladies...

I've just been resting and healing. I feel fine, took my first shower this morning and washed this bloody, urine stained garment & compression socks finally. I put it back on all by myself. It was a task and uncomfortable, but I managed! I do a lot of walking, drinking a lot of fluid & napping. My stomach feels strange!! Like the skin literally doesn't belong to me...it's loose and wrinkled and just feels gross.

It's hard to post because I'm on my stomach and my arms get weak as I hold my phone in a weird way in order to see it & type on it. Hard to explain but I'll try & post more later. I have my first massage tomorrow & I am not looking forward to it AT ALL!

Here are some pics. It looks like I have a major shelf but I see that the CG sits and cuts right in that area. My butt is so swollen and tight & hard so hopefully after my massage, they give me my new garment & foams and the shelf look goes away. This drain in my ass is annoying, too. Like a permanent wedgie. My front drain site is burning a bit now too. It's not painful just uncomfortable :-(

Overall I'm pretty happy. My belly is very flat, my hips are rounded and I can't wait for it to drop, fluff & shrink a bit. Talk to you ladies soon!

Not a Great Morning - Post Op Day 3

Hey girls...

I am not feeling well today. I think I slept too much. I came home yesterday so I was alone for most of the day with no one to help me. No one here at my house knows about the procedure so I had to hide in my room for most of the night. It was fine...I wore a big sleeping t-shirt and some long pajama pants that hide my garment & drains. Walking around is tough...the CG def gives me that waddle effect.

But anyway, this AM I woke up (I think I slept maybe 5-6 hrs straight!) and I was just stiff and didn't feel like doing a thing, I went to pee and it took me 5 whole minutes to get the energy to get the urial and squat to pee. Then I spilled it on the floor :(

Right now, I'm eating yogurt and kneeling on my floor to type on the laptop. I think I need to do a #2 (my first one) because my stomach is bubbling and I keep passing gas (TMI but honestly...) that may be why I don't feel well. Stiff and tired. Today is also massage day so I'm worried to death about it. Welp, wanna eat a bit and lay down before I have to get ready to go!

Updated Photos

Ladies, I'm washing my garment. I had a rough morning but I'm much better now. I missed my massage appt because I had to shower and get dressed but it's rescheduled for Monday, so it's ok. My cycle also started today :-( But I wanted to show you guys some pics! I'll update more later!

Full Sx Breakdown

Feeling ok & bored so here's a breakdown:

Day of Sx: up early. Showered with Hibiclens really well. Didn't put on any lotion, perfume, deodorant etc. Wore a long sundress and regular panties & flip flops. Packed my backpack with Ensure, Gatorade, applesauce, throat spray & Percocet for when I woke up.

Drove to Sx center...I had first sx of the day (730). Sat in the waiting room with my nurse & small talked. Met Ruben for the first time...nice looking, tall guy! Very friendly. Told us Drs were running a little behind but they would get me in soon. A few mins later, 2 nurses (1 spoke decent English, the other barely any but both nice & sweet) came to get me & made me undress and put on a paper gown, compression stockings, socks, a hair net & paper underwear. I also gave a urine sample for the pregnancy test. They bagged my clothes and flip flops & gave them to my nurse. Then they led me to the recovery room to sit on a bed & wait for the anesthesiologist.

Maybe 20 mins later, the non English nurse lead me to what I see is Dr. G's office. Sergio the anesthesiologist was there and lawd is he FINE! He went over some medical info, explained the anesthesia process & a few other things & then Dr. G walked in. The three of us discussed a few other things & then it was time to take before photos. I undressed and posed for about 12 photos from all angles & then Dr. G went over what I wanted to look like. He drew on me as we spoke and I showed him my wish pics. He said he had a clear idea of what he was going to do and said it was time to get to work. I got dressed in my gown again and walked to the Sx room. Dr. G's assistant was already there waiting (also a cutie!) and he cracked a few jokes. Sergio was also there and he quickly laid me down and inserted my IV. Within seconds, I was feeling heavy and drowsy. Then I was out!

I woke up what felt like 5 minutes later, face down in a bed, shaking uncontrollably. A nurse came, put a heater thing in my bed and told me the Dr gave me medicine for the shaking. Then I felt her pulling me up to get out of the bed. I was SORE! I could feel that I had the CG on already because moving was hard. Somehow she got me on my feet, put my arms up, slipped my dress over my head and then sat me in a wheelchair & wrapped a blanket around me with the heater thing. THAT was painful on my butt. It was padded with pillows but still, did not feel good. She handed me some crackers and ice water and then my own nurse came in. They wheeled me out to the car and helped me into the back seat. That was hard and a bit painful. I dozed during the ride and drank a bit of the Gatorade I had brought and ate more crackers.

We got to my hotel and my nurse helped me out the car and into bed. I felt ok, just sore like I had done OVERTIME in the gym. No real pain. I took my meds, ate some soup & lots more crackers, then dozed off & on. I had to pee a bunch of times. It was a disaster at first using a big gulp cup. Urine all over myself.

The next few days were a lot of the same. Protein shakes, meds, water, Gatorade, applesauce & crackers. Walking a lot. I was feeling more or less fine. Bloody garment because my nurse wasn't squishing my drain bulbs correctly for them to drain so I was leaking out of my drain site & incisions. Nomie told me on my post op visit.

Post Op visit was a mess. I was late (my nurse was nice but SLOW! It took her forever to do everything including get me to the office) so the office was PACKED with ppl and someone had seriously strong cologne on. I signed in & stood up for about 5 mins, then decided to just wait in the hallway with some fresher air. I was leaning against the wall when my nurse got off the elevator (she had parked the car) and she went in to complain about the wait and the crowdedness of the office. 5 mins later, Nomie called me in and had me walk thru the actual office and not the waiting room into a consult room. She undressed me and took my garment off. Whew! That was quite unpleasant. She cleaned me up, pointed out the issue with my drains, took my dressings/tape off (also painful on my skin that felt like it wasn't my own), then pulled the garment back up and put my dress back on. She said I looked great & was doing great & that I could shower and wash the garment in warm water & peroxide and dry it. Went to Walgreens for a few things, took meds, ate & ended up sleeping for a few hours. Decided to just shower the next morning.

Next morning, I got up, ate a little, then braved up to take the CG off & shower. I did it alone, my nurse watched and it was ok. Showering felt good! Got out and then it was a disaster. My BP/blood sugar must have fallen because I almost passed out after getting out of the tub. I had to scarf down an ensure & some Gatorade & crackers so that I could feel better. I did about 8 mins later.

I stayed undressed for a while and my nurse and I packed up my hotel room while my CG dried and loaded the car. I slept a bit then checked out of my room & drove (yes...I drove myself!) home.

Post Op Day 6

I am 6 days today (1 week bday for this donk tomorrow...yaaaayyy!) And I feel pretty damn good! I had my 1st massage today with Eileen...she is as amazing and sweet as everyone says she is! At first, she assumed I was here for my 5th or 6th massage but I let her know I'm only 6 days post and all the girls in the office & waiting room were very surprised. She took me back into a room, had me undress, get up on the table, put a gel on my back and use a machine on my back for a few mins. My back was SUPER tender so the gentle machine was making me cringe. Then the massage started. She pushed fluid in waves from my shoulder to my back drain on both sides of my back. NOT PLEASANT esp in my lower back, love handle/flank area but it wasn't crazy unbearable pain. I moaned a bit, did some fake Lamaze-style breathing and got thru it. Then she turned me over, put my butt in a boppy pillow and did the same process for the front. I thought it was gonna be horrible, but honestly it was MUCH easier than my back. I had a LOT of fluid on the left side of my belly so she worked it for quite a while, again, not pleasant but it wasn't terrible either. I was able to talk, laugh and kind of just relax thru it.

She called Nomie in to take my back drain out, so I bent over the table, she snipped the stitches and then pulled the drain out. My fave phrase - NOT PLEASANT! Again, not incredibly painful/unbearable but it was a bit uncomfortable for about 4 seconds. Once it was over, Nomie cleaned it, and put some neosporin on it and I was done! I left with the same large stage 1 garment I have been in since the day of my sx...Eileen felt I was could fit a medium stage 2 garment, BUT they didn't have any. She was tempted to put me in a small but didn't want to torture me. She said I would be shocked at how much smaller I would be getting in the coming days. She put a triangle in the back of my garment to smooth my shelf look down a bit and then I was out of there.

I feel good. I'm driving all the time now (again with 2 pillows) and I really feel almost normal. Having only 1 drain is GREAT! I cleaned up a bit here at home afterwards, cooked dinner, and now I'm going to spend a lil time with my boo...

The only negatives is that my bowel movements are kind of an ordeal (messy and very loose and GREEN!) and I have that burning/stretching feeling in my lipo areas when I stretch or reach a lot. Oh and itching of lipo areas too...not the most comfortable but it's to be expected. Ok guys! I'm out...

Updated Photos/2nd Massage

Hey girls...some updated photos. I'm STILL in this same large stage 1 garment. Yes, even after massage #2. They just don't have any in my size so I got more foam added but it is quite loose still.

I like the size of my butt a lot, and my hips are a bit fuller but I still feel I have a squarish look to them...the right hip looks dented in like it did pre-op. I think it's just my shape...I'll ask Dr. G about it but if it doesn't round out as I fluff then I'll be considering a round 2 just for the hips.

Celia said I was very very swollen and draining a lot when she massaged me. She suggested I start def using the heating pad on my lipo areas. She was a bit more thorough with the massage than Eileen but both are great & super nice.

Overall I'm pleased in how I look in my clothes so far. My butt is still very very firm. I can't wait to drop & fluff! Tired of laying on my stomach & not sitting already. But happy 1 week bday to my new ass!

Day 13-14 Post Op/3rd Massage/Total update (so it's long!)

Hi ladies,

I'm up because this medium stage 2 garment I'm in is KILLING ME! Lawd, it is digging into my underarms, cutting into the meat of the lower booty/thigh (even after I used some scissors to cut it for relief...I just stuck a sterile gauze pad between the garment and my skin because I couldn't take the digging anymore) and is trying to slice my crack in half (i have a sock between the thong-ish part and my cheeks so it doesn't creep up in my crack and kill me and a maxipad to protect my coochie) and it's digging into my side (I have 4 pieces of foam inside the garment as well). I am not digging this shit AT ALL!

I had my 3rd massage at EPS today (2 with Eileen, 1 with Celia) and it was ALMOST painless. My lower back/flank area is still numb and a little tender but not even 1/2 the way it was at my last massage (Tuesday before thanksgiving). My front is also numb and hard and mildly tender. The massage was fine and Eileen said I am healing incredible. She wished everyone was as easy as me (pat on the back). As most of you know, I came home from SX in a large stage 1 garment that I have had up until Day 13 (they didn't have any stage 2 garments in my size at my massage appts so I just kept getting foam added to the same one). I have to admit, I don't always wear the CG. I'm out of it WAAAAAAAAY more than I'm in it because, frankly, it's fucking uncomfortable. I know I know...I paid all this money and the docs orders...but man, my body needed to BREATHE! Now I wish I had never complained about the stage 1 CG cuz this new one is TORTURE! (And to think Eileen swore that the medium was going to be too big and brought me a small to try...we had to FIGHT to get this one on!) Whew...not pleasant at all!

Today I also got my front drain out. Let me tell ya'll, I am close to 2 RS sistas and when they shared their drain removal experiences with me, I LITERALLY cried from anxiety. Literally. They described it as a knife coming out of them and stinging. For some reason, thru allllllllll that I have dealt with in this surgery, the ONLY things I actually feared were massages and front drain removal. Isn't that crazy as hell? Anyway, all Thanksgiving holiday long, I dreaded my Monday appt because I knew this drain was coming out. I was so nervous, I was tempted to go to the ER/urgi-med clinic and beg them to dope me up and remove it for me early. Good thing I didn't waste my time or money because Nomie removed it in office and it was damn near PAINLESS. I laughed outloud when Nomie snipped the stitches, cleared it of scabs and pulled it out. I felt a slight tug and a tiny almost baby pinch and that was it. I had to ask her if it was out and then I saw her holding it. BEYOND easy. No pain AT ALL! Now I'm drain free and feel AMAZING!

Ok, besides that, I have experienced a yeast infection and jock itch. These issues have been the worst part of this process (and now this damn stage 2 CG has added onto that very short list). I have to admit, I was not taking my hygiene as seriously as I should have. Showering for me felt good, but my front drain gave me anxiety and once I was in my CG, I hated taking it off, so sometimes, I'd just fall asleep without showering (gross, but since this SX, all I want to do is lay down and sleep!) Plus with me being home all day, dozing off and on, keeping a schedule is difficult. I also kept having issues with urinating and #2's so all of that lead to the yeast infection and itchy, ugly jock itch. Both are clearing up thanks to OTC drugs and TLC/better hygiene. Moral of that story is to not let the fatigue and soreness stop you from taking care of yourself!

Boys & How I feel about my body...

2nd update of the morning...

I currently date 2 guys. My main Boo, lets call him Lover and another guy I'mma call BoyToy. I didn't tell either about my sx before hand. I talk to Lover every day and we see each other often, so keeping this from him was difficult. Thanksgiving night, he came to see me and I ended up spilling some of the beans. I said I had a procedure which is why I have been a bit standoffish and he surprised me by telling me he knew something was off with me (I didn't tell him what procedure I had tho). He was very concerned and a bit upset with me for keeping it from him. That next day, he left work early and spent a majority of the day with me and it was quite nice. He watched me like a hawk. I still had a my front drain in, so I took my CG off, wore a tank top and some baggy pajama pants and we hung out. I think he's noticed because he rubs my butt a lot but he didn't say much. Ladies, I wanted to jump his bones so damn bad! We have a HIGH sexual chemistry and usually when we are alone for more than 20 mins, it's on and popping! But he was VERY understanding of the fact I need to heal and when I started brainstorming possible positions to get in to make it easy on me, he said as eager as he is to get some loving, me healing and being comfortable is most important so we'll just have to wait (really, I need to wait because this jock itch is UGLY and I need that to heal and my discolored inner thigh skin to go back to normal before so I can get waxed and ready before ANYONE can hit this!!) so I'm glad he's so understanding. I had to hook him up tho for his troubles (if you know what I mean...smirk) so he left very happy and asking me 'how many more weeks until I can get the whole thing again cuz I got some work to put on you...' Lol!

Now BoyToy is a different story. We don't speak or hang out as much but he has been itching to get over here and spend time with me. He is very into my body and massaging me (heaven!) so when he called as I left my massage appt and got my drain removed, I thought 'why not...come on over!'. I got home and took my stage 2 CG off (I had forgotten my tshirt anyway so it had to come off so I could put a shirt on and treat my jock itch) so I just took it off completely. I also wanted to see exactly what I looked like in clothes since I no longer have a drain holding me down, so I threw on a tight fitting wife beater (that I used to hate because of my pot belly and rolls) and some tights. Ladies...my booty IS NOT HUGE, but that thing is round, high, full and with a bit of a shelf that had those tights looking RIGHT! My hips are a bit fuller and rounder and my waist is small and belly flat. I felt super cute! Not gonna lie, I wish I was a bit bigger, but I look 100% natural and curvy. Like I've been in the gym. I know I need to wait for fluffing and all that, but I'm already trying to figure out a way to afford a round 2 for a lil more volume/projection and hips. PLEASE DO NOT MISCONSTRUE THIS WITH ME BEING UNHAPPY BECAUSE MY BODY LOOKS 3000% BETTER THAN BEFORE! I also told Dr. G. i didn't want a huge ghetto booty, I just wanted to be coke bottle and I am damn sure that! This man did a great job on me and pics don't do it justice!

Anyway, I kept on that tank and tights when BoyToy arrived. He noticed immediately. He kept staring and when I laid on my stomach to watch TV (which is normal because of where my TV is located), he immediately started rubbing and massaging my back, lower back, thighs and booty. It felt GREAT! My lower back is still numb & a lil tender, so his hands there felt slightly uncomfortable but he massaged me so well, I almost went to sleep! (Mind you I had my 3rd massage 4 hrs earlier!) He was all on my booty. I was nervous because it is still pretty hard and I think he noticed but he said 'your ass looks amazing boo'. Then he SLAPPED it HARD. I almost roundhouse kicked him out of my bed. I just had to pretend I was ok and told him to be gentle. During his massage, he found my lipo scars but I was able to vaguely shrug it off as being clumsy (my scar in the middle of my back is almost like a large pimple with a scab on it, the 2 on either side of my butt look like scabbed over rug burns or scrapes and so does the one on my belly. I had gauze taped over where my front drain used to be and had panties on so he couldn't see that too well). He told me 'be more careful and don't hurt this gorgeous body'...he then made me take off the tights and rubbed my booty even more. It was HEAVENLY! He hinted at wanting to please me, but again, this jock itch is so ugly on my thighs and I need to be waxed so I had to turn him down. But I know my body is right because he def kept looking and touching. At one point he was even like 'I can't stop rubbing this ass!'

I'd like to think for 14 days post-op, that's a damn good reaction to this sx!

Day 14 Photos

Was playing around after taking tr stage 2 garment off and preparing to shower. This is a PINK bikini I bought about 5 months ago that looked very sloppy on me. It now looks AMAZING! Can't wait for this booty to drop and soften! Dr. G is a genius! I'm a little swollen in the abdomen area & I can still see a lil bit of fat in my middle back BUT Dr. G told me that area would be difficult because my folds are so deep. It's a 159% improvement tho so I'm happy. More compression and maybe a lil weight loss/toning up after my 6 weeks should have me looking PERFECT!!

Surgery Rants

Hello girls! I'm on day 17 post op and I feel great. I had my final massage at EPS with Celia yesterday. Whew...she is a sweetheart but she is AGGRESSIVE with the massages. She gets ALL the fluid out. It was a bit painful for me yesterday...I had swollen up quite a bit and had lots of stinging fluid in my abdomen and especially my back (as always) so she really worked on me. It's uncomfortable but TOTALLY worth it afterwards! Post massage you literally feel like the old, pre-sx you! No stiffness, no swelling, just sexy in your new body. My medium stage 2 CG with foams is now on the second set of hooks. It has a LOT of compression (I have the butt out one) and is much more comfortable that it was when I first got it on Monday. It will be too big probably by the beginning of next week so I'll be on the hunt for my next one.

But, let me get into the RANTS of being post-op. My BBL sistas will be able to related:

-itching! Lawd...being numb and itchy at the same time is TERRIBLE. You feel the itch in your back/belly/sides but when you go to scratch, your skin is numb and you literally can't relieve the itch. So it just goes on...it's so aggravating! Children's benadryl is a life saver tho...get you some! Also the cortisone lotion is a help too.

-numbness: you can't feel certain areas of skin due to the lipo, but those areas are still tender & painful to touch WHILE feeling numb. It's an oxymoron but once you go thru it, you'll understand. (I am finally getting a lot of feeling back in my lipo areas tho!)

-skin feeling foreign: It feels like your body doesn't belong to you. My first week post-op, i didn't even want to TOUCH my own stomach because the skin felt like...alien skin or something. It's hard to explain, but it's lumpy, numb, HARD and just plain strange. Now, more than 2 weeks post, it feels almost completely normal again.

-drains suck: pure and simple. My front drain gave me anxiety and the back drain was just annoying as hell. Trying to conceal them, making sure to monitor them and drain them correctly and trying to get comfy when laying on them was just a pain in the ass. They were a main reminder to me that I had actually had surgery. I'm glad to be thru with them!

Garments suck: they are tight, cut into your skin, itch, make it hard to breathe, are a pain to get on & off for BM's/showers/etc and are just generally annoying. You get used to them quickly tho and they make your body look AMAZING under your clothes. Plus they help keep the skin tight and shape you, so they are a necessary evil.

No sitting: THE TOUGHEST! I'm tired of kneeling & laying down. I do sit on occasion with the boppy and it works GREAT! I even mimic how to lay down on my back with my boppy the same way they do in the office when you go get massaged. I haven't lost any projection from sitting, btw.

Rock hard butt: I just want it to soften, fluff & drop already! Lol...i want it to jiggle and move like a regular butt. It's softer than before...but super high and round (see photos) still. I know I have to be patient but I'm ready!

Stiffness: this is a constant battle. Some days I feel like the old me, others I feel like an old lady. Esp first thing in the AM. But it's just the way it goes! Heating pad and biofreeze are my friends!

Messy #2's/BM's: Just be ready! Have the gloves & plenty of wipes handy and also see if you can time them because getting in and out of the garment is tough.

Lack of Dr contact: I have only spoken (via text that I initiated) to Dr. G. ONCE since I had my procedure. He was prompt with his responses, but I haven't heard or seen him since then. I haven't seen him at all since I was laying on the table falling asleep from the anesthesia. I think I'm going to ask for an appt with him this coming week just so I can speak to him on my recovery in general and touch base. I know they have a LOT of patients, but I would think we would get more attention. The staff at the office is great tho...

Those are all the things I can think of that I deal with daily that are annoying. But truly, if I had to do this ALL OVER AGAIN, I would in a heartbeat. Without question. I feel AMAZING and I look EVEN MORE AMAZING! I've been blessed with a very smooth recovery that I did mostly without any help (nurse only for the first 36 hours after sx) and these issues are more nuisances then anything. I'm very happy with my decision and I'd consider a round 2 (JUST FOR MORE HIPS) but I doubt I'll do it. Also..I'm gonna try to get intimate today with my main boo. I'll let you know how it goes! (wink)

3 weeks post op!

Hello BBL sistas!

Today makes 3 weeks post op! I am very happy. Booty is big...big enough that ppl, including my mom, have noticed the change. Today I had on a dress that used to be very tight on me (no garment on). I was standing talking to her and she commented on how skinny I had gotten and how small my waist was (look at your itty bitty waist!) and asked me to turn around. I did and she was like "you look like you got butt shots or something!" I just laughed and said 'it's the weight loss & squats before bed'.

A few days ago, I had on some tights and a big off the shoulder top. I went to visit some friends and as soon as I turned to close the door behind me, my friend was like 'damn! When did your ass get so fat?' Again, I just said I lost some weight so everything stands out more. The boo saw me in a dress (long striped tight fitting sun dress) and he constantly said how good I looked in it. So this ass is noticeable. It's a perfect round bubble. To me, it doesn't look very big...but in clothes, it is HUGE! I think I've just gotten used to it. But other ppl are def noticing!

I've gotten intimate a few times since my last update. Ladies...it was GREAT! I did riding (very very easy to do!), missionary on my boppy (not very comfortable and I wouldn't recommend it for longer than a couple minutes) and doggy. He almost couldn't contain himself. He hasn't commented on my newly round and perky ass directly, but he clearly notices something is different. (I told him I had back surgery). During the doggy, he wanted to grip my hips/waist but it was very tender, so he caught hold of the lil nightgown I was wearing instead. Worked fine. So sex is possible, you just have to be careful.

As far as how I feel, stiffness and stinging is common. Itching too. I have about 85% feeling back in all my lipo areas and I can massage myself now (heating pad for 1 hr, then rubbing lipo areas with coconut oil). I have to line up massages with my local place sometime soon but money is tight right now. My stage 2 CG with foams is still pretty tight. My body looks amazing when I first take it off. Omg! Amazing! I need to order a new one to wear under my clothes more. A black one that's less noticeable. I'll be doing that this week. Other than that, I'm happy. Booty starting to jiggle a lil bit...finally! Still needs to drop & soften but I'm getting there! Still considering a round 2 for hips. I look soooo incredibly natural & I have minimal scarring. Still bruised up a bit & tender in areas. But overall I'm very pleased!

5th Massage/New Garment Ordered

Hello yall!

Let me tell yall...I had an AMAZING massage today at a local spa in my town. I got the name of it from another BBL sista that lives in my area. It's been about 7 days since my last massage, my stage 2 CG with foams wasn't compressing nearly enough and I could feel hard areas of fluid and scar tissue forming in lots of areas so I knew it was beyond time to get one. I called the spa (La Sirena) and she told me to come in at 10:30AM. I did...the therapist spoke very little English so the receptionist had to interpret. She (the therapist) had lipo almost 2 years ago so she knew exactly what I needed.

In the treatment room, she rubbed me with some Icy Hot/Biofreeze type cream, then wrapped me in plastic wrap. She laid me down on the table and heated it, then wrapped me in like a blanket type thing and let me "steam/sweat" for about 25 mins. She unwrapped me and then started the massage. It was almost painless! She worked on my back and got all the fluid and hard balls of scar tissue out. Then she brought out the ultrasound machine. Afterwards, she turned me over and did the front. Maaaaaaaaaaannnnnn, I feel GREAT! Waist is back to being nice and small, lumpiness has smoothed out and I don't feel as stiff!

I'm currently waiting for UPS to deliver my Vedette 136. Ordered it off Amazon for about $38, added $3.99 for overnight shipping (I knew I was going to get a massage today and that stage 2 CG was gonna be a JOKE to even put back on, so I wanted the new garment here today for me to get into fresh from my massage). So I'm just waiting for the doorbell to ring! No updates other than that! Ready to be 4 weeks this coming Tuesday! 1 whole month for this ass! :)

Vedette 136 Garment and 5th Massage Pics

My Vedette 136 finally came at 5:04PM! So I took some pics after my massage and with the new garment on. I love it! It's so pretty! I got it in small, and it's quite tight and makes my shape look lovely!

Ladies...my booty isn't quite big enough for me. Today it's looking smaller than it EVER has & it's kinda depressing. :-( It's VERY round & perky but just not big enough. Not enough POW for me at this point. It's a TOTAL IMPROVEMENT from my body before, please don't get me wrong and I'm happy with the work Dr. G did...but I think I just have booty envy. I'm only 3 weeks & 3 days (24 days) post op so I have to wait and see how fluffing & all that works out but...I think I want it bigger. My shape is gorgeous, but I think I want more booty & def more hips. Sigh...I don't wanna become 'that girl' cuz I'm not unhappy, I think I'm just greedy (and kinda crazy...don't judge me! This process is so up & down...everyday your mood & opinion changes! Trust me!)

Anyway...enjoy the pics!

Before and After Update

I have some photos to add. I did side by sides of me the night before Sx and me on day 24 post op (1 day ago)

I also posted myself in a dress that I purchased and last wore in winter of 2010. Whew...the changes! So today, I am enjoying this body y'all! Booty looks good, waist looks nice. Natural, shapely, and lots of POW. So today is an up day! :-) I took my Vedette 136 off in order to go to brunch with my mom, lay on my heating pad, massage myself with coconut oil & shower. So about 2 hrs with it off. No garment on under the dress, btw on either photo!

Just an FYI

Just wanted to give you ladies a lil update: I have had my Vedette 136 for a few days and it's great and shapes me nicely. However I had to do a few alterations. I wear it with a tshirt and panties underneath. The hooks were digging into my skin and I didn't want to leave marks so I added the tshirt. Then after wearing it for a full 2 days, I realized that it was folding a big and digging into me in certain areas, plus my back was looking lumpy, so I added my foam back into it OVER my tshirt. Took it off a few mins ago as I prepare to shower and my waist is MUCH slimmer, less bulky and my back rolls/skin folds are smooth! I anticipate having to either add a Squeem or go down in size in this garment since it is folding a little (but it is very tight and compresses well!) It's a small so I may just send it back and get an xsmall...we shall see. I'll be a full 4 WEEKS POST OP tomorrow!! Yayyy!!

Finally! 4 full weeks post op!

Today I'm 4 weeks post op. I had my Sx on 11/19. Let me tell you, it's been a journey but I wouldn't change it for anything in this world. I love my body. For real. Some days the booty and hips look small to me, other days I can't stop staring at myself. But I am def amazed at what Dr. G has done for me and my confidence levels.

So far, I haven't had not one single complication. I was driving 3 days post op, only had about 30 hrs of nurse care, my drain removals were painless, no burns, no edemas, I never felt any real pain (soreness yes, stinging & burning of lipo areas & stiffness, yes, but no pain), my skin is tight, I don't have stretch marks, my scars are healing amazingly, my body looks natural, and I'm just very happy overall. I'm glad I made it to this point of 4 weeks and I can't wait until more fluffing & dropping happens as I make my way to 6 weeks. I thank all you ladies for checking on me, inboxing me and supporting me. I'm so grateful to have such a breezy recovery but even so I had some hard days & some emotional ups & downs. I can't imagine how women who had tough recoveries must feel. And I did this 95% alone. No one knew about my Sx except 2 ppl an I've had to hide and tiptoe around my friends & family until I was healed enough to wear regular clothes and move more freely. But I made it! Hopefully my journey inspires you guys! Pain is beauty but goddamn it's worth it!

I'm posing pics of my scars. I did the best I could but they're so minimal, they're almost invisible on my camera! All I've been doing for my scars since day 1 is alternating between neosporin (when they were fresh) and then moving to Mederma & bio oil after every shower. My drain sites itch still but that's about it.

5 while weeks since Sx

Yes, I've made it to 5 weeks! As of yesterday, I hit another milestone. I don't have any real updates...my body is maintaining. I recently had my first night out & true opportunity to show off this body and let me tell y'all...I KILLED, ok? I wore that striped dress in my photos, no CG, and of course some killer heels and strutted into a party. Ppl I had known for YEARS sat up & took notice. Let's just say I caused QUITE a commotion. Lol...it felt great to wear a body hugging dress & look and feel amazing. No Spanx, no feeling uncomfortable or fat, no belly hanging out, just a tiny waist, shapely hips & fat ass that caused heads to turn. Even my FEMALES friends were commenting. A female friend of mine even posted on Facebook about how great I looked and we are NOT that close, so my night out was a success. Gave a guy my number and when he called me that next day, he talked about my "perfect hourglass body and that banging ass dress". I can FINALLY rock all these sexy clothes I
bought over the years without layering blazers over it to hide love handles and lumps and putting on a girdle to keep it all in place. I feel amazing. I am so thankful for this damn surgery y'all.

My friends and family keep asking me what I'm doing to look so great. I keep saying just lost some weight and doing some squats with weights. The men in my life are ALL OVER THIS ASS. I didn't do this for make attention, BUT the male attention is amazing. EVERYBODY NOTICES THE DIFFERENCE. Was walking away from my main boo to go in the house a few days ago wearing some tights and he started singing 'Shawty got a big ol butt...'. My other boo is always like 'the ass is looking plump...rotund!' And slapping it. It's still not as soft as I want it to be, but it is getting softer. I have sex often, and it's great. My back and flanks are still tender. When ppl hug me or touch me (or when one of the boo's get excited and grab my waist/hips), it's painful. Not killer, but def unpleasant. Wish it would go away but with time, I guess. I'm still in my small 136 with foams. Money is tight so I can't afford any other garments right now but maybe this weekend, I'll get a Squeem or a smaller 136 (cuz I love that thing! So cute and comfy to wear under clothes).

Other than that, I've had to run/jog a few times (to cross a street or catch up to someone) and my body jiggling/bouncing is PAINFUL! Whew...I've been wanting to get back in the gym but I can't imagine it yet. My stomach is very hard. Feels like I have abs. I think scar tissue and all that is taking over. Not numb anymore, really. Not much itching. I love my heating pad. Still get lots of stinging, weird burning sensation in my lipo areas at times but they don't last long. I love that I look so natural. I'm happy with my results!

I've emailed Dr. G and EPS with photos and they say I look great. Plan on making an appt to see him one day in the next 2 weeks or so, just so he can see my progress in person. I have some concerns about flatness in areas but I know that I caused them myself from sitting/laying down. Trust me, it's hard to just be flat on your belly. I like to lay on my right hip so that one is dented a bit (only I notice it tho) and my cheeks have some flatness (not very noticeable but I see it so you know how that goes) and I still think I have some fat in my bra strap area. I would consider a round 2 just to get a lil more of a perfect hourglass shape and fix those flat areas.

Feel free to inbox me with any questions or concerns.

Oops...forgot to add pics!

6 Week Update

I have MADE IT TO 6 WEEKS! Time has flown and dragged at the same time. My fellow BBL sista and I have named the 6 week mark as the 'Feel Better Zone' and I do feel more normal but not 100% quite yet. I LOVE MY WAIST AND BOOTY! I have gotten so many compliments and comments, attention. My clothes fit much differently. Jeans fit my booty but my former 28-30in waist pants have so much room in them in the waist area. Even belts don't help (I don't own any)! My old size 8-10 dresses DEF don't fit that well. Much too big in the waist, so I will have to have a bunch of stuff altered or give away if I can't get them to fit properly. That's a good and bad problem, I guess. Lol...I have also weighed myself and I am now about 139lbs...I believe I was about 148-151lbs prior to Sx. I haven't been "dieting" or working out (I can't wait to get back in the gym tho!). I eat less now I believe just because I don't wanna ruin my body but I still eat the same types of food as I did prior. Just get full faster.

I still swell. I didn't even realize how much I swell until this morning. I had my CG off (still the same small Vedette 136 with 5 pieces of foam) for quite a few hrs yesterday. I laid on my heating pad and massaged myself several time (I was just layin around the house) and I felt a lot of fluid build up. I worked it out as best and I could, showered and then slept in my CG. Woke up and my waist was super tiny and shapely. All that fluid was gone and my skin was smooth and tight. When will this damn swelling go away?! Ugh!

Still tenderness in my lipo areas, belly is still hard but booty is SOFT and ladies, I can TWERK! I dance in the mirror all the time and just watch this nice perky bubble ass of mine bounce and clap! Lawd! It's so ROUND!!! Lol! I feel like I need to be on a stage somewhere! Best feeling ever! What else? Oh, stinging and burning. It happens all the time. Not terrible but def annoyin in my lipo areas. Other than that, I am sitting without a boppy, laying on my back/sides and just living regular life. I feel about 95% normal but still have tenderness.

I'm very happy with the work Dr. G has done and I am showing this body off much more. I look SO natural. Minimal scars...OMG. I am so blessed. I would do this all over again in a heartbeat.

Bonus Photos

Hey all! First, let me say I just logged onto RS from my laptop (I usually update from my phone) and the update to the site is FAB! Lol...I was like look at RS gettin all FANCY!

Anyway, I just wanted to post some photos of me at officially 6 weeks. These were taken while I was out on a ride spending the day with my main boo in the bathroom. Ass is sitting nice. Those jeans are a 28 from Forever XXI and I haven't worn them in over a year or so (could not fit them in the waist...gave me super muffin top!) They were FIT-TING, ya hear me? Main boo was eyeing me down alllllll day. He is always hinting that my ass is much bigger than it used to be. I told him I had 'back' surgery and his fave thing to say is 'well they must have gave you ass shots or a growth hormone during it cuz you done got THICK'. Lol...I'll never tell ANYONE my secret. So, enjoy the photos. Again, my booty isn't HUGE in my eyes, but it's round, it sits nicely, it jiggles and claps and I look good in my jeans. I still have folds in my mid back that looks like fat, but Dr.G. told me in my consult that those back folds were deep so he would more than likely not be able to remove them 100%. I do tend to swell a bit in that area (bra area) so it still looks like I'm carrying a bit of fat, but it's not very noticeable in my clothes and stuff so I'm not gonna be too concerned about it. I AM considering a round 2 for more hips and more volume (I'm crazy, I know), but it's really just booty greed. I'm not unhappy at all. I look GOOD. Body looks amazing and I've come a looooong way from those pitiful 'before' photos. A sista is just WAITING for that fluff factor to come in, tho. I think I'll be ready for the gym soon too. Show this ass off in some tight yoga pants and a sports bra while I kill the squats and all the machines! Walk around like all those lil hotties I used to be jealous of pre-op.

Happy New Year girls! Happy healing and researching!

Whew...this Booty Journey!

Ladies...time is passing so quickly! Can y'all believe I'm a whole 7 weeks post-op already? Whew...Sx seems like it was just yesterday AND 6000 yrs ago at the same time! I've been so busy with life that it's kinda flying by.

Anyway, quick update. Still having LOTS of sex (wink). Seems like the boys can't get enough of this body. I feel more confident so I think my sensuality is increasing which in turn makes me more desired. I'm turning heads all the time. Have gone out clubbing a few more times and a simple white dress from American Apparel had me center of attention in the club. I've worn it 3000 times before and never got such a reaction. That's how good I look now. It's CRAZY!

I get a lot if sharp/stabbing pains that last about 3 seconds. It happens all over my abdomen and back. I'm sitting which is fine, no discomfort...laying on my back/sides tho gets uncomfortable after about 20 minutes. I usually lay on top of a regular ol pillow or my boppy and it's much more comfy. Lots of tightness and stretching/ripping/burning sensation in the small of my back and my lower back when I bend over or stretch/twist at the waist. Like when I go from laying flat on my back to sitting up, I can feel my back stretching & pulling. It's not unbearable but def something to be aware of. Lipo areas on my back/sides are still a bit sensitive to any kind of rough touch. I think I may be gaining a little weight so I'm eager to get back in the gym. Want these results to be popping at all times! I was about 152lbs prior to Sx and I weigh 139lbs now. Can't even believe it.

I've ordered a new garment...one with some thermal insulation and zipper so once it comes in, I'll be wearing it to workout. I still swell a bit so I am gonna stay in a garment until that goes away. The Vedette 136 is comfortable and I may be ordering an xs in that soon as well.

I think that's about it tho. No other problems or issues. Enjoy the photos (taken today)! Booty still hadn't dropped like I want it to but it's looking nice & plump!

Journey Photos

Decided to make a collage to show the progression of the booty side by side…these photos are from the right before my SX all the way to now (7 weeks post op). It doesn't look like I lost much volume from the day of SX and the booty gets better everyday! My before is just soooo crazy! Can't even believe that was me, to be honest! Lol…man Dr. Ghurani did so amazing work on this body! Don't get me wrong, I've seen the difference in my own body, but seeing the side by sides made me REALLY realize why ppl have been looking at me hard and asking me how I could have possibly gotten a body like this. The transformation is UNREAL!

9 Weeks Plus Update

Heeeeeey ladies!

Sorry I've been ghost...been busy enjoying this booty and just living. Life has been UP and down for me these last few months so now things are finally settling down. I have a boyfriend now (yay me!), a new job (yay me!!) and getting back in the swing of everything. But yall don't care about that, you guys just wanna hear about The Ass.

She's doing great! TWERKING AND BOUNCING AND JIGGLING ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE! Before I used to have to really try to get this lil booty to bounce, now it just happens so easily. I mesmerize myself by dancing in the mirror every chance I get. I still get stinging and itching in my lipo areas, and a bit of tenderness/numbness still lingering in my back. Stomach feels like I have abs...hard where abs are, soft in other areas (normal feeling...like I worked out a lot which I kinda did over the years...just couldnt burn that damn belly fat off!) HOWEVER, I think I've gained some weight cuz my back has a bit of fat on it. I also think Dr. G. didn't suck ALL the midback fat out so that plus a lil bit of weight gain from bad eating has me a bit disappointed in my back. ITS NOT TERRIBLE AND NOWHERE NEAR MY PRE-OP, but I notice it, and you know how we are ladies. Picky.

I also have noticed a bit of flatness in certain areas of my butt (near crack area...more than likely from sitting/leaning/driving/having sex so early in my post-op recovery...totally my fault NOT Dr. G's cuz he gave me a perfectly round booty) and loss of hip volume. My right hip has a definite dent/flatness that is quite noticeable and my left hip looks to be a bit dented/flat as well. I believe this is ALSO from laying on my sides etc. So please please please...WAIT THAT ENTIRE 6-8 WEEKS BEFORE YOU LAY ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR BELLY. That fat is quite impressionable and moldable at this point of your recovery and you can easily alter your results if you aren't careful. Now none of these 'imperfections' are that bad but I see them and I notice them and I feel that I want a round 2 to correct them. I want more lipo of my back and more hips/lateral filling. I also am not thrilled about how I didn't really get much of an 'S' curve in my back, so my "shelf" looks a bit weird in certain clothing to me. I want to see if I can get anything done about that, but that could also just be my body not being able to curve like that. So we'll see.

Again...I am not unhappy with my results. I love my body and I love the way I look in clothes but I think I've become "that" girl, being that I already want to go under the knife again because I know I can be nearly perfect if I let myself recover fully before trying to sit/lay down/etc. I wanted hips from the beginning but Dr. G. worked me as best as he could and did what he felt was best for my body. And he did an AMAZING job...I just have hip greed/waist envy so I have decided to get more. Simple as that.

Other than that, none of my clothes really fit. I went to Target today and tried on clothes really for the first time and I had to remind myself to pick up certain items that I would normally bypass because my pre-op shape wouldn't be cute in them. I picked up some nice slim fit cargo type work pants and I could barely get this ass and hips in them. The waistband gapped so far and just barely covered my crack. But man they looked GREAT on me! Tried on some dressed and they looked great. No bra lumps, no love handles...it was really great just looking GOOD in all types of clothes that I've avoided for years. I actually feel that I can dress BETTER now that almost everything flatters my shape.

CG...ordered an xsmall Vedette 136. I had ordered an Ann Chery garment that has a zipper, but I am not a fan of the way it fits and it doesn't really compress anything, so I went back to Amazon and got another trusty 136. It just arrived today. Gonna be wearing this MUCH more often, because I still swell a little, I think and I just like the way my shape looks in it, of course.

Alright. I think that is IT! Covered everything. Hopefully this doesn't discourage any ladies because I GOT WHAT I WANTED AND WHAT DR. G THOUGHT WAS BEST FOR MY BODY AND I AM IN LOVE BUT.... IM GREEDY! LOL...and I didn't listen to the Dr and do my aftercare by the book so I got a lil bit of healing issues but that was MY fault...not the surgeons. Please understand this! And even with my lil nitpicking, I still turn heads, my boo still be drooling, and I'm sexy as hell when I look in the mirror, so I'm GLAD I bought this body. After my next round, ya'll gon see me naked in magazines, I'mma be so fine! (lol...j/k!)

Also, I have no idea what's going on with Dr. G and where he works...I've emailed him and he said whenever I want to see him, just to book an appt on a day when he does SX at EPS (haven't done that yet) so Idk. I wanted to see if I can book my 2nd round (which I can't even do til I'm 6 months out) at Vanity since he's supposed so cheap there, but I'm seeing that's not the case. I def want only him touching me so I'm gonna have to see what we can work out and where this man works! Lol...

Ok! I'm outta here! Happy researching and healing ladies!

Up and Down on this Ass Train...

And by that I mean some days while I'm happy with my body, I still look at myself very critically and see things I think I need a revision for...

Then I try on some clothes and look like POW and I'm just like 'clearly I'm crazy as fuck cuz I look GOOD AS HELL'...

Well, I'm 10 weeks post op. I went shopping a bit today because NONE OF MY CLOTHES FIT! All my jeans gap at the waist. I used to buy a 27-30in waist (size 9-11) in my jeans and a medium or large in shirts, 8-10 in dresses because I had so much belly and no hips and I hated to have anything dig into my stomach and show that awful muffin top or those bra rolls. NOW that all that shit is GONE, everything is too damn big! I fit a size 4 dress now, about a size 7 or so in jeans (sometimes ass/hips don't fit or I can't get them past my thighs so I need a 9 but the waist is too big in the 9, still...big booty/small waist issues!) and small or xsmall in shirts/tops. Some days my ass and hips look to small, but then I'll put something on and look like I belong in a video somewhere. Crazy.

The men in my life compliment me more now than EVER in my life. I have always been a very pretty/sexy woman, always had lots of male attention, but now men really can't take their eyes off me. My stomach gets LOTS of compliments (it looks/feels like I have abs but I think it's just kind of lumpy from the lipo, but no one can really tell except me but I could be wrong) and then the ass. BF says it's 'sitting just right'. And the more attracted they are, the more touchy-feely they are. Ladies, PLEASE GET READY because you become irresistible after this damn procedure. Trust me!

Besides that, the normal stuff still goes on from my last update. I'm STILL mildly sore and tender in some areas. Just a little bit tho. Lots of sharp/stabbing/stinging/burning pain in lipo areas STILL. Very very very little swelling (that I notice). Plenty of booty meat jiggling. Nothing much has really changed.

I have tried to get quotes from Vanity and EPS for a round 2 with Dr. G. A revision really. (I know I know...I need to wait...I just want to see what the man says!) but neither office has gotten back to me yet. I know there is some funny business with Dr. G. and where he currently performs procedures and with which office but idk. I do have a direct email and phone number for him, so I may just contact him directly again, but I was trying to avoid that. We'll see.

Other than that I WILL be going to the gym or pole dancing or pilates in the coming days. Just have been super lazy. Started eating better tho and I feel like the weight I previously believed I was gaining is kinda fading away. Weird. Also, I still haven't told anyone other than the 2 ppl that knew from the beginning that I had sx. So it's VERY entertaining seeing ppl do a double take at me and asking how I look so good or what's different about me. If you're going to keep this procedure a secret, then I suggest you have your story ready ladies because PEOPLE ARE GOING TO ASK.

Ok. Posting pics and then getting out of here! :)

Happy researching and healing girls!

Bare Booty Pics

Hey ladies…coming up on yet another week post op! Almost 12! Can you believe it! Geez…

Anyway, I realized I haven't done almost any bare ass pics so you can see what my booty ACTUALLY looks like, so I decided to do some of those for you guys. I have decided I have DEFINITELY gained a little belly weight back…not major but enough for me to notice, so working out is gonna be needed. I need to get a special body suit from Stellas Corset (I went the cheap route and got a Ann Chery version, but it didn't work so I have to spend the $100 and get the correct one) so I can work out in it. Gotta get it right!

I've been VERY sore when laying down for some reason the last 2 weeks or so (maybe because I have my small Vedette 136 that I wear very often and when I'm not in it & I'm in bed, my skin feels tender and sore). Sitting is fine, no pain whatsoever, but laying down, I need a pillow under my hips/butt in order to get comfortable. It's been this way since I stopped laying on my belly only).

People noticing. People asking how I got my body this way. Couple ppl flat out asking me if I had work done (I always say no). Lots of head turning, take lots of selfies and try on lots of clothing that clings to my booty and hips and small waist because I look damn good in EVERYTHING! Shorts, tight skirts, slim fit dresses, EVERYTHING! Curves are POW!

Still considering a vision to fix my flat areas (told you guys all about that in previous reviews). Oh and you'll notice my tummy looks weird…well that damn 136 folds right above my belly button for some reason and it's made a permanent DENT in my stomach! So my tummy looks a bit weird in the photos but in person it doesn't really. Everyone who sees it just thinks I have baby abs showing thru. The Vedette 136 makes a difference because I def still swell a bit (like I've told y'all before).

That's about it! Enjoy!

Super Quick Story…13 weeks Post Op!

Hey BBL sistas!

Quickly…I'm 13 weeks post op tomorrow! TIME IS FLYING! Still considering a round 2/revision to perfect some things but I'm looking and feeling great!

Last week, I met the boyfriends' family officially. He, his mom & sis were in a store and I met them there. I wanted to look cute but "respectable" so I had on (ironically) the same sundress I wore to my sx. It was loose and flow-y and didn't show much…so I thought. I was around his mom for maybe 20-30 mins. Then he and I left.

The next day, I he texted me 'my mom says you have ASS!' I ALMOST FAINTED. How did she even see it? My dress was floor length, a very busy flower pattern and not at all tight! I would have thought my cleavage would have caught her attn (wasn't a LOT but my boobs are hard to not notice most times) but no…moms caught that ass. Lol…I thought it was funny and just goes to show that this ass I purchased really can't be hidden. Or his mom be looking hard as hell…but she also said I was pretty and could see we're happy together so he says I'm IN THERE! yayyy me!

Ok ladies…I'm outta here! Any questions or advice, make sure you comment or inbox me! :)

14 Week Update

Gonna throw up a couple photos I took this past weekend. Booty still holding firm! I realized that I don't measure myself so maybe I'll look for my tape measurer and let y'all know. I know I'm down 18lbs since Sx. Jeans don't fit. I'm a size 4 in dresses. Maybe a 7 in pants (hard to find any to fit my thighs & big fat ass but don't ago at the waist. Big booty problems!) wore a maxi dress to a park to watch a game and walking thru the crowd, I literally had men stopping, staring & commenting. Of all ages. Attn CRAZY! loving this decision I made!

Oh, I look at my before pics & realized that Dr. G really gave me some hips! Lol....I'm telling you, refer to photos and the way you look/feel in clothes to judge your results. It really puts things in perspective!

Enjoy ladies!

Scars & Incision Sites

Somebody asked me a while ago about scars & incision sites, so I figured I'd quickly address it here as well.

Ok, I am 25, black (duh) and very brown skinned. I typically scar/bruise easily so I was scared of what I'd look like post op. I do not have keloid skin, however.

I had incisions under both breasts, in my belly button, in the very middle of my back (right where bra would clip together), on the top of each buttcheek, on the lower right side of my belly (right over the crease where your thigh meets your pelvis area) and drain holes right in my crack and on the left side of my stomach right above the thigh crease (same exact spot as the incision site on the right.) they have all healed well. Not very noticeable at all. I put Mederma & Bio Oil on them every day and that's it! Hope this helps!

Cats Outta The Bag

Welp, ladies, after over 3 months, my mother found out about my surgery.

We live together and while I did my best to keep it under wraps, she confessed today that she was going thru my things in my room and bathroom and found my medications, urinal, bandages, CGs and, today, the folder that I kept all my pre/post op directions, prescriptions, phone #s etc (because she once again, went thru my room and it was on my dresser since I needed Dr. G's number to ask him a question). I am upset because she questioned how i could afford it, how I could not tell her and how I could lie about it all this time (all the exact reasons why I decided not to tell her I was getting sx in the first place). I told her bottom line…because it wasn't your business. You didn't pay for it, it's not your body and at the end of the day, it was my decision and none of your business. It's not my fault you ask a million questions and I didn't feel like you were privy to know what I chose to do with my body at age 25. She says I lied, and I did, but I'm not sorry. I was trying to protect my personal choice and she just does not know how to accept when I say "I don't want to discuss it, it's private." She asked me almost from the day I cam home 3 days after sx if I had had something done, and I denied it, because, like I said, it was my choice. She chose to keep asking and then today when she saw the folder on my dresser said "I just needed to confirm my suspicion" so she went thru it. Fine. You found what you were looking for. Now she says she feels betrayed, etc. I understand her position, but she's missing the main point. I'm an adult, I do what I please and all my decisions, no matter how major they are, don't have to be run past her. She wanted to snoop and now she feels hurt, but that's the same thing to me as having a spouse that goes thru your phone and finds something they don't like. You invaded my privacy and now want ME to apologize for YOU being hurt. Had you respected boundaries, you might not be feeling the way you feel right now. However you chose not to so….tough.

So…moral of that story is, be careful ladies if you are choosing to hide having a procedure. If you know certain ppl will be nosy, take precautions or prepare for them to confront you (if they are that type). She caught me completely off guard so I got very emotional and started crying (which I HATE) but at the end of the day, I stand by my decision and how I handled my sx and that is just that. I'm still feeling emotional so let me get out of the house. It's a beautiful day in sunny S. FL so I'm gonna take advantage!

Happy researching and healing girls!

17 weeks post op!

Hey ladies!

Booty is still holding. I have been itching to hit the beach to show off but weather hasn't been permitting here for some reason. Still turning heads, still getting comments. Recently went over a family members house who hasn't seen me since maybe Thanksgiving (a week after sx, when I still was swollen and had drains and was wearing baggy clothes). I went over wearing a tank top and some jeans and when they opened the door, they literally stood with their mouths open and asked how I had lost so much weight! They grilled me for about 15 minutes on my exercise, diet, everything. This is where keeping the sx a secret gets hard because ppl really just want to do WHATEVER it is you say you're doing in order to get similar results…but of course the surgeon got me where I am so I just say general healthy tips that ppl SHOULD be doing anyway (less fried/fast food, more water, walk often, don't snack on junk). I think I've encouraged ppl to get healthier so I guess I'm doing a good deed (even tho I'm keeping a MAJOR secret).

I don't think my mom has told anyone about my surgery since she found out. We haven't talked about it since that day, however she did reveal a few months ago that she was thinking of getting lipo, so we'll see if she approaches me about it.

Other than that, booty is still good, my hips look a tad bit bigger to me so maybe the fat is "settling" and "fluffing" still, which is good. Some days my ass look GIGANTIC esp in pics. Others it looks regular but it always grabs attention!

I have gotten a quote from another surgeon on a round 2 to lipo my back/bra area and belly again since and my inner thighs with fat transfer to hips and to round the sides and crack area of my butt a lil more. NOT TO GET BIGGER, just perfect my silhouette. This was not an error from Dr. G….it's just that I healed a certain way, CGs cut into me a certain way while my fat was still clay-like and pliable and I want a bit more of an exaggerated/womanly figure. I got a quote form Dr. Yily in the DR and man, I am seriously considering it! I can't get in touch with Dr. G STILL and Dr. Yily got back to me immediately and answered all my questions. So we'll see!

I'll try to post some pics later…that's all for now. Happy researching and healing girls! :)

Latest Pics

Get girls! Can you believe it's been 4 months? Wow!

Booty is great...def gained some weight so I'm in the gym. Enjoying my body, liking it more but def still going for round 2. Told my boyfriend that I got a BBL & he was perfectly fine with it (said he knew something had changed but couldn't put his finger on it) so that's a relief! So far 4 ppl in my personal life know I've had this surgery. Not revealing to ANYONE else!

Been on the beach, felt great in my itty bitty bikini! Gonna post some pics and then call it a night. Exhausted & sore from the gym.


Hey ladies! No pics, just a few updates. Booty is holding, I feel like for the most part I look curvier (hips included) and I fill my clothes out nicely, and the weight I have gained (in my belly, bra area and lower back) fills me out and I look more natural. BUT...still got waist and booty/hip greed so I'm still researching for a revision.

A "friend" of mine, I found out, has been discussing me with other friends and they speculated that I got work done and were trying to figure out what I did. I did admit it to the friend who came and told me about it & at this point, I really don't care who knows. I'm not going to shout it from the rooftops but I look great but I'm no longer overly concerned with who knows or not. I'm grown, it's my money and body and IDGAF, really.

The BF does NOT want me getting a round 2, he thinks the gym is all I need, but I feel differently. Gonna see how I can make it happen because I know he'll support if I do.

Other than that, still going hard in the gym, trying to change my eating habits more and just getting life together, work and school.

Happy healing & researching girls!

8 MONTHS POST OP and a Revision Surgery coming soon!

Heloooooooo girls! I know, it's been forever. Work, school, gym, boyfriend, side hustles....it's just been a lot on my plate. But I am back, booty is still sitting nice & plump (even being in the gym lifting weights & running, doing kickboxing, etc...HAVE NOT LOST ONE DAMN INCH OF ASS!) and things are going well.

Well, if you have kept up with me on my journey so far, than you would know that I have been wanting a 2nd BBL/Revision for a while now. Well, I am getting it! No I don't want a bigger butt, but I did gain a little weight and I'm not entirely happy with the overall shape at this point. I have hip greed and I have a little bit of flatness in some areas so I found Dr. Ghurani again (HE IS NOT AT ELITE OF VANITY OR ANYWHERE ELSE! HE HAS HIS OWN PRACTICE NOW IN MIAMI. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY ANY OF THE OTHER CRAP OTHER OFFICES MAY BE TELLING YOU!) at his new office and we talked for a long time on fixing my issues. Oh my God, it was so good to see him again! I literally haven't seen him since he put me to sleep on the operating table. We sat and spoke, took new photos, looked over my old ones (pre-op pics taken right before he marked me, the marked photos, ME ON THE OPERATING TABLE, and pics taken yesterday at the office) and he saw exactly the issues that I had after healing and how we could get my shape to be exactly what I want. He's so amazing!

Ok, so here is what happened...I searched for Dr. G., called EPS and Vanity, both gave me conflicting stories. I finally found someone who gave a new number for him, called it and reached his practice manager who was very nice & sweet and gave me an appt for 7/18 at his new solo practice location. I went in yesterday to his office in deep Miami near the airport, into a very nice surgical center space that he shares with a couple different Dr's. I met Thania, his assistant, who is beautiful and suuuuuuuper nice. She sat with me a few minutes and spoke about what I was there for and what I wanted and then took me next door to Dr. G's office. She gave me a gown to put on and I waited. About 10 mins later, the Guru walked in and I was so happy! He hugged and kissed me, remembered me immediately and said that lots of girls have called him about me and shown him my pics. He thanked me for being so loyal and for going through every option to find him and let him see my progress. He pulled up a llll the pics he had taken of me from the day of sx when he marked me, and then showed me pics of my during the surgery and right after. Girls, I was amazed. I finally found out he took out 3600 fat and put in 900cc's in each cheek (I never knew until yesterday). yes, girls, he reached almost the max on my lipo. The side by side pics were really unbelievable. Then I got up and took off my gown (had on bra & panties) and he was amazed at how great I looked and how my great my skin had responded to the lipo. He said my stomach was AMAZING and when he touched it, he could feel my 6 pack underneath. He laughed and said 'I didn't give you abs! That's the gym!" He said my belly was perfect and that he would refuse to touch it again since my skin was tight, I have no lumps and my scars looked good. When I turned around, he could tell I had gained weight because my flanks and love handles were a lil bigger than what he had done (like I've been saying) but that the difference pre & post op was phenomenal. He was really proud of his work on my body. He kept repeating it and staring at me.

We took more pics from all angles and did a side by side of them from day of sx. He immediately pointed out rounding my hips (lower/lateral thigh area) and softening my shelf so that it was more gradual tear dropped shape and not so abrupt of a POW booty, work on my love handles, bra fat area and flanks. The lipo would be aggressive and he would go through my same holes. HE WOULD NOT BE TOUCHING MY BELLY, just my back and waist. But he knew that I would have no issues and that I would literally be perfect. He wants to use my pics for his website! Awww...

After that, Thania gave me my quote and my price was amazing. I was afraid at how much I would have to pay but he really gave me a deal. I'm not going to share it (sorry) but it just goes to show what kind of man and Dr he is. Literally, he's great. Wow! The only downside is that he refuses to operate on me until I hit my 1-year mark so that all my scar tissue and stuff can heal and settle so the 2nd lipo is safe. I'm fine with that! So, by holiday time, I will be back under the knife!

I'll update more a little later. Here are a few pics from earlier this month to show my progress. Enjoy!

1 year anniversary next month! MY BOOTY IS TURNING 1!!! Tips & observations for you guys...PART 1

Hi girls! I know that I don't update as much, but for some reason, when the surgery has been done & you're all healed, you just don't think about it as much. However, I think it's important that I keep you guys updated through the ENTIRE first year so that you know what to expect. My booty birthday is next month, November 19, and the time seems to have FLOWN! This time last year I was running around, getting supplies & fantasizing about what my new body would look like. Now, I'm trying to arrange my 2nd surgery (revision surgery) to give me the super perfection that I'm trying to achieve.

So, the Ass - it's fine. Fat, round, soft with a lil bit of firmness so it's not sloppy or jiggling out of control, but very nice & natural feeling. Nothing feels fake or hard or lumpy. (I also work out so I have a lil bit of firmness from all the squats and running, etc that I do, so add that in to account as well.) Either way, the ass is soft & supple. Perfect for grabbing and smacking.

No pain. None. I stopped having the shooting pains/numbness/itching/tightness in my lower back/flanks probably around 4 months out, if I recall. (After the lipo, you will see that almost all girls complain of the numbness, etc which lasts for quite a while after the surgery. It's not terrible, but it's annoying and weird. You get used to it & then, one day, it just disappears.) I WILL SAY that at times, my hip area feels a tiny bit numb when I go to scratch an itch there. I think maybe that will never go away but it's literally like barely noticeable. No big deal, nothing to worry about.

I can dance, run (in the first 4-5 months, any kind of running/jumping made my ass hurt. Now, while my lower body feels a lil heavy at times cuz of all this extra booty I'm dragging, I can do anything and have no pain). It's easy to twerk, almost make it clap (I'm working on it), whatever I wanna do. Basically, there is nothing that I can't do with my ass.

Waistline is still small. I'm so used to my body now (and I've gained a little bit of weight/filled out a little) so I kind of an immune to the way I look in a lot of ways, but everyone who sees me with a fitted tank top on or something comments about how small my waist is, what a nice waistline I have and how flat and nice my belly is. It's like when you have big/nice boobs. You know they're nice/big but you stop paying attn to them because they're yours. But then you run into someone & they're like "DAMN YOU GOT NICE TITTIES!" or you put on a banging dress that shows them off and you remember....yeah, yeah I do have nice titties! It's just like that with my stomach/waist for me (and my boobs...they're all natural but the lipo makes them look amazing compared to my small waist & flat belly!) Like I said, I gained a little weight since my sx, but for me, it's filled me out so that I look more natural. When I first got my surgery, my waist was sooooooooooo small (to me) and I wasn't used to it so it looked a little weird IN MY EYES. The extra 5lbs or so I gained made me look perfect (which I think Dr. G. does on purpose because YOU ARE GOING TO GAIN WEIGHT AFTER SURGERY. YOU CAN'T LIVE ON THE GATORADE & SOUP & ENSURE DIET THEY PUT YOU ON RIGHT AFTER SURGERY FOREVER. Lol...start eating real food again and the weight is gonna come. Just be mindful)

Weight...ok like I said...YOU WILL GAIN A LEAST A COUPLE OF POUNDS IN THE MONTHS AFTER YOUR SURGERY. Do you hear me? It's gonna happen! The good part is that, you gain a little weight, your fat settles/fluffs and your true shape comes out. You look beautifully natural and curvy & not like you just got off an operating table. In the first week or so after you're surgery, your diet is limited because you're sick (from anesthesia/antibiotics), tired as hell, its hard to move (tight ass garments & your body just trying to recover from sx) and a bunch of other reasons. I ate a lot of turkey, chicken, oatmeal, Ensure, Gatorage, soup and stuff like that. But once you can eat regular food, the weight comes on. It's natural. Don't panic. The good thing (in my experience) is that while you CAN gain weight back, it doesn't work the way it used to before the surgery. My thighs get bigger and my upper back gets a little bigger, as well as my love handles, but he made me so small, that even the weight gain isn't a huge deal. ALSO, I can lose it very quickly. So yes, I notice when I gain weight, but in no way do i look fat/sloppy like i used to before my procedure. You stay proportionate, which is GREAT! But of course, if you push the limits, I'm sure you can gain significant weight & "ruin" what you spent all the money, time & pain to fix, and we def don't wanna do that. So I say workout at least a little, eat better and don't overthink it.

1 year anniversary next month! MY BOOTY IS TURNING 1!!! Tips & observations for you guys...PART 2

Attention...men, women, white, black, everything in between. People notice. They are always commenting on this ass, my waist, my shape, everything. My boyfriend, who is fully aware of my surgery, will see me in a nice fitted maxi dress or a work skirt and be like 'damn....you have a fat ass. Jesus Chris'. Was over a friend's house & one girl was like "it's so not fair....you're body is so perfect. Ppl PAY for that & you just got it naturally. Do you even workout?" MY BODY IS SO NATURAL THAT PEOPLE COMPARE PPL WHO THEY KNOW HAVE HAD SURGERY TO ME WITHOUT EVEN SUSPECTING THAT I HAD SURGERY MYSELF. That's how good my doctor is. What I will say is that people who KNEW me right before I had surgery, they question how my body is so curvy now. But they are pretty easily convinced when I say "I just lost weight & worked out more". I mean I went from having a sloppy, half flat boxy ass, to being slim, nice & curvy & round with a flat belly & pulled in waist. I DON'T look FAKE but i do look DIFFERENT...but I'm OK with that. So, be aware of that kind of thing, ladies, as you go through this procedure. At the same time, I've also been around ppl I've known for YEARS & they just are like 'yeah...you've always had ass but now that you're smaller, it's more POW'. So...you just never know. But I can SHUT A ROOM/CLUB DOWN when I walk in now & that's what I love.
I can wear ANYTHING I want. Tight, fitted, short, anything. But…sometimes, certain clothes look inappropriate because my ass is so big. And trust me….it’s BIG. Some days, in some pics, it doesn't look big, but it’s so perfectly shaped & perky, that it just stands out. Some outfits I used to be able to wear to church and maybe around older people (parents’ friends, etc) I absolutely cannot pull off anymore. Waaaaay too sexy & draw too much attention now. Have to remember those types of things if you want to look appropriate for certain places (work, kids’ school, church functions, whatever). My boyfriend & I were at the pool a few months ago and I had to get up to let his parents into the pool area. I caught his dad’s eyes almost pop out of his head because he had never seen me in anything outside of jeans & tshirts or something when I was around. I was in a bikini that wasn't tiny but when you have a body like this, everything looks like WHOA! It’s hard to hide. So….just something to take note on.

Opinions….I’m on social media and we all know there are a LOT of women who are getting BBLS’s & other forms of surgery. Some look great, some look natural, others don’t. But people who HAVE NEVER GOTTEN A PROCEDURE are suddenly experts on them. They think because they've seen a few girls who have gotten fat transfer or implants or butt shots that that means that EVERYBODY is the same & that you’re fake or insecure or you just crazy. The ignorance is annoying, but, I realize that I can’t educate everybody so I just try to ignore it. I get secret satisfaction when ppl who SWEAR they can tell when someone has had work done are totally CLUELESS & complimenting me on how good I look in the next breath. I also get annoyed at the people who always say “well, why get surgery when you can just workout?” Because we all know, that no amount of working out can change the shape of your body the way surgery does if you want a certain look. Yes, exercise & diet can do wonderful things, squats can def improve your booty but even if I did squats for the rest of my life, I would never get the waist, hips & ass that Dr. G. gave me. People are ignorant and opinionated though so for those people, I just try to tune them out. I've kept my surgery to myself as much as I can. I don’t owe anybody anything so I just stay quiet. Quick story: a girl that I know who has a VERY nice body even after quite a few kids loves to show off. Tight skirts, fitted maxi dresses, tight jeans. She gets a LOT of attention on her body. I don’t blame her (she’s all natural). Well, we were pretty good friends but it was well known that when she showed off those curves, the men were going to notice. Once I got my surgery, healed and started to show off my own new curves, I was the new showstopper. I have always been nice looking, and I had the great skin & really nice boobs, I was just missing the curvy hips & butt & small waist. Now, I have it all. Once I started grabbing attention and men & women were amazed at my shape, my friendship with her ended. Just like that. I heard from someone that she was saying “she knew I got work done & that I refused to admit it so she was just going to tell everyone about it so they knew my body was fake.” My answer….fake or real, surgery or natural, when I walk into a room, heads turn, people look and I kill. I wear a dress or rock some jeans, and this body is the center of attention. You can scream to the top of your lungs that I had surgery but that does not stop me from being fine & for looking great in a tight dress. And NOT ONE PERSON is going to stop looking just because I wasn't born with this ass. It’s mine now and it’s not going anywhere. So….I just shrug it off. Watch out for jealous “friends” and even family members who are trying to figure out how you can afford thousands of dollars for surgery and what doctor you used and how you look the way you do, passing judgment and telling you that you didn't need it and that you should just accept what you look like or work out or gain weight/lose weight or whatever bullshit they say to make you change your mind. People are envious and evil when ppl improve themselves & they are either too scared or ignorant to do the same. That was a major lesson that I have learned in this process. People don’t want you to look/do better than them. It’s sad. People are also nosy. You don’t owe ANYONE ANY EXPLANATION on what you want to do with your money and your body. Tell people if YOU want, keep it a secret if YOU want. Research, be safe, be smart and get what you want and FUCK who doesn't like it :)

Booty Bday Around the Corner

Hey girls...as you all may know, I will be a full year post op in 9 days...9 days!!! Omg...this year has been crazy but my ass has been awesome & I'm very very glad that I made the choice to get this surgery.

I also am getting a 2nd touch up procedure done with Dr. G sometime in 2015. Trying to get the money & all that right. Filling out/rounding my hips, softening my shelf, and more lipo of my bra area, love handles & flanks. Not touching my actually belly at all (doc refused, said my stomach was perfect). I was instructed to wait a full year post op before he would operate on me again (scar tissue/healing reasons). So I have been gathering more wish pics & I also finally remembered to take some current pics for you ladies to see. That's all I have for now!


Ladies. Today is my BOOTY BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, my ass is officially a whole 365 days old! I got my surgery, last year on 11/19/13 @ around 8AM. So I was on the table dead sleep right about now I think. Whew...I remember it like it was yesterday almost. Time flew...omg! I remember almost everything I did before hand and just being nervous but ready for the next chapter.

Well, I have been LIVING that next chapter and it has been pretty damn good to me. I am here, happy, healthy & looking fabulous! My ass and small waist have made me feel free enough to wear clingy dresses, tight shirts, and bikinis. I strut my stuff everywhere and I'm very happy and fortunate to have been able to have this procedure done by such an amazing doctor, Dr. Ghurani, and have had such an easy and speedy recovery. I had some rough times, ups & downs and setbacks leading up the the surgery and afterwards, but I wouldn't change it. I got what I wanted and now I'm trying to gear up for a little bit of tweaking to reach perfect with a round 2/revision (also with Dr. Ghurani to soften my shelf, add a little more fat to my hips to round them out and soften my shape, a little more lipo on my back/love handles and give me more of an S-curve).

I just wanted to drop in and say thanks to EVERYONE who has been following my journey for the past year. All your prayers and questions, suggestions and checking in on me has really helped me make it this far! I hope my experience taught you, inspired you, encouraged you & informed you. We go through a LOT for beauty but we deserve it and we deserve to have as much true & accurate information & first hand stories as possible so that we can make sound decisions. Thanks ladies! You guys mean so much to me & I'm so thankful for our little (well, not so little) community of sisterhood! :) I'll try to post some pics later (I'm on the computer & posting pics is much easier on my phone) so you guys can see a full 1-year old booty. I'll also try to do some more before/after pics & document how the ass has changed from month to month in recovery. Remember, they say you don't know what your full/exact shape is going to look like until about a year or so out. Well, I'll be glad to show you so you can get an idea!

Thanks again girls!

2nd Round Surgery Set for March 2015

Happy Holidays ladies!

I know, I've been ghost for a lil while. Everything is fine. Ass is fine. Just wanted to update you on my 2nd round since I know some of you are keeping tabs on that.

First, let me say, I want a 2nd round solely because I want to perfect a few things, not because I'm unhappy with the work Dr. G. did. A combination of rarely wearing my compression garments (I was out of them waaaay more than I was in them), getting garments with boning in it too early in my recovery (made some dents and lumps in certain areas), cheating and sitting/laying on my sides (hips) too early (which led to the flatness in my hips that I complain about) and some weight gain (which I think I did subconsciously b/c I knew I wanted a round 2) have led me to this decision. I think I'm also fighting against my very square natural shape too. My mom is shaped the same way...so hopefully, concentrating on certain areas to get my rounded out & curvy on this 2nd round will have me looking exactly how I want to look. Hourglass. Boobs, tiny waist, hips, nice bubble booty. With that said, I told you girls I went to see Dr. G. for a consultation back in July. He said I looked amazing & when I stripped down, he saw exactly my problem areas. WE ARE NOT MAKING MY ASS ANY BIGGER! Lawd knows, I don't need that! We are just going to do:
1. Aggressive lipo of flanks & back...gaining weight has given me some bra fat & rolls. NOTHING like my before pics, but noticeable to me & perfect to suck out & add to my flat hip areas. I am NOT lipoing my stomach anymore. It is perfectly flat for the most part & my skin recovered really well. I don't have that lipo-belly look (no ripples) & I wanna keep it that way.
2. soften my shelf...I remember when I was in my stage 1 garment right after SX, the garment was cutting into and making a visible line right above my crack. So I have a very abrupt shelf, almost. In clingier clothes is noticeable (to me), so I want it smoothed out so it's just a natural lil bubble
3. Scoop/S-curve in back...this goes along with the shelf thing. Like I said before, there is literally almost a horizontal line right between my lower back & where my ass "starts" kind of. Need that scooped out & smoothed so I have a curvier silhouette.
4. Lateral filling in hips...more hourglass , curvier look to fill out the flattened areas. I want it closer to the BOTTOM of my butt, on my thighs b/c that looks more natural than higher up on the hip line line most girls who get SX have.

I really want the Miracle Watts type body. Her work was done PERFECTLY! OMG!

So anyway, it's been close to 5 months since I last saw Dr. G & spoke to him about my revision & got my quote. I called his office yesterday & spoke to Thania & she sent me all my info & forms to fill out & we set a tentative sx date for March 24, 2015! Whew! This is making it more real for me again, now that I have a date. I'll be sending my deposit in after the holidays & then paying off the balance as quickly as I can. His new office makes everything very very simple. I have LOTS of supplies left over from my first procedure & now my boyfriend is fully aware of it & my plans to have another one (even tho he doesn't know I set my date yet & started the process) so I'll have him to care for me and this time around I'm working (I had lost my job just 4 days before surgery last year and didn't work again until almost 3 months later) and I also have him so things like ordering more garments, getting more massages & etc will be MUCH easier to afford & arrange than the last time around. Welp! I think that's it. I know I owe you guys pics. Promise I'll try to remember soon. Enjoy your Christmas holiday & Happy New Year, girls! :) As always, I'm available to help with whatever you guys need :)

Happy New Year!

Hey girlies! Hope you guys had a great holiday season& happy new year. Just a quick update...I sent in my deposit money & forms for my BBL revision to Thania at Dr. G's office today! Yes...I'm finally finalizing everything. Feels good! So ready. I wore a dress to the mall this weekend...a midi dress that isn't tight but def skims these curves nicely. Girls...everywhere I went, heads were turning. I got approached by several teenaged boys in different stores (some kind of HS sports team cuz they all had on uniforms) and they were all over the mall. I would walk by a group & they'd all stop talking & just say 'daaaammmmnnnn...' Or 'good lawd!' It was cute. My BF told me I couldn't leave the house in that dress when he saw me getting ready to walk out the door. That dress & this body def made an impression. I think its the lil but of jiggle that my ass has that makes the guys eyes pop out, definitely. I realized that some days I cover up more & dress down cuz I don't always want ppl staring....other days, I'm like 'eat your heart out!' lol...so that was a lil story for you guys from a vet that's over a year post op!

Quick updates

Hey girls! It's been a loooooong time! But here I am...over a year post op. My revision was postponed...life is hectic so I had to prioritize but I'm still gonna get it, don't worry! However, here are some recent pics to show you how this body is holding up. No girdle/shaper on, maxi dress is an x-small or small, I believe. Even tho I've gaibed maybe 10lbs since surgery...body still looks about the same. Waist, booty, stomach, everything. I'm a little bigger but still proportioned. As you can see, booty is still POW! I'm slowly getting back into the gym, as well. lol...so enjoy & I'll try to update again soon!

Dr. G. is GREAT! Nice, handsome, VERY INFORMATIVE, full of jokes, advice and just all around amazing. Made me very comfortable, took away my nervousness, told me the real deal and didn't sell any dreams. Listened to me and told me EXACTLY what he would do to transform my body. I couldn't have asked for a better consultation and I look forward to my surgery. Honestly, I felt like I was in great hands and full of hope for the new life I could have after this is all over!

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