Disla, Almonte or Baez? Can any DR Dolls give insight on these Docs?

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Okay...so I have been wanting this surgery for...

Okay...so I have been wanting this surgery for about 3yrs. Now I am on my way to finally booking a date. Dr. Campos does some amazing work, but traveling to Mexico will add more cost and will make the total about the same as staying here in the States(Dr. Campos quoted 6,495). Dr. Campos also wants to do a TT but I don't really think I need it. Dr. Perry is getting back to me but he stated anywhere between 7,000-7,900. but I can put some of that on my CareCredit account. Also, Dr. Perry said his lipo technique won't require a TT. Ultimately I don't want to do this surgery twice and want a great outcome any of you ladies think Perry can deliver the goods?

Sooo... I have been waiting on a phone consult...

Sooo... I have been waiting on a phone consult with Dr. Perry and he hasn't got back to me yet. I am starting to wonder if I should just call the office. I know he is probably busy, but I am seeing other ladies on here that have had their phone consults and they contacted him around the same time. I don't want to be impatient but I am really starting to get impatient. He sent me my quote via email and I am fine with the cost just want to make my next move to get my date.

Does anybody know if Dr. LaGrasso is still...

Does anybody know if Dr. LaGrasso is still performing the bbl with Pascual MD? I noticed some of the ladies had surgery with him through Pascual's office and they have a special going on for 5k. I was on his page as well and he states 7.5k for bbl, I am confused?

Norma is the Biznass!!!

I have been patiently waiting on that call from Dr. Perry and today decided I shall wait no more!! I called and Norma is the best I am booked for surgery and got to keep my original quote. His prices went up, but due to the communication issues she locked me in....Yayyyy! I am feeling good about this ladies. Even after getting discouraged, looking at other docs, I still knew Perry is the one for me! Now time to get busy with plane ticket and locating my lodging.

Goal photo added!

Using app to see potential!!

More of my shots using app!!

This app got me excited! I know September will be here faster than I know, but I'm ready to get to Miami and see Dr. Perry!!!

Changed my Date

I had to move my date forward to Aug 30th...Is anyone else going to be down there around the same time?

Now Researching DR....Disla, Almonte, Baez for 2014!

Well...It has been some time since I posted and as you can see no surgery for me yet. I was scheduled for Dr. Perry then my mother in law had a stroke and I needed to put my energy into my family. I still think Dr. Perry is great, but now things are different financially and I would like to get this surgery done by 2014 so I can get my body back!!! I have been reading up on the DR and there have been a lot of interesting reviews. I have seen Duran & Yily but I am afraid to go to them with the amount of patients they are pumping out weekly. I can't imagine being the sixth girl in one day. I don't doubt that they are good, but if I go out of the country I don't want my doctor overworked and overbooked. Then I saw Cabral but all the headlines about his work are scary he is not even allowed back in the States for 3 yrs because of his history... http://nypost.com/2012/04/03/quack-surgeon-sent-back-to-dominican-republic-after-disfiguring-women/

So...after much consideration I am looking into Disla, Almonte or Baez. Do any of you ladies have any history with them...good or bad?
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