Working it Out!!! Goal Set and mind is Right!!

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I mention Brazilian butt lift to people. They say...

I mention Brazilian butt lift to people. They say I'm crazy lol. If I am at least im not alone. i have a site full of bbl sisiters just like me. i love it too.No but I'm serious. I want an ass I'm getting one. I've have been going back and forth with Cynthia at Salama's office for three weeks. Emails and phone calls. Yesterday wad my bday and she just happen to call me. I said screw it here's my deposit. I have been peeking at this site for about 6 months now . I finally got the courage to call the office. Cynthia is very nice and easy to talk to . I really needed someone to listen and she did. I know she is probably tired of me by now. I swear i emailed or called her every day. People can be so judgmental . So I don't know if I should keep it a secret and share my news. I don't know how to feel because I made a bug step to get what I want. So the next decision is to decide if I want to wait til sept for Salama or get an earlier date with Dr. Ghurani. I seen adianbooty103112 and she looks beautiful. Lovely. I researched him and he has a very impressive background. Made me more confident in picking him. I want my bbl in June. It'll give me more time to plan and plus my daughter will be out of school . I'm so confused ladies.

So after much thought I decided to go with Dr....

So after much thought I decided to go with Dr. Rami. He has a pretty impressive background. Based on what I've seen from asianbooty103112 he the BOMB. Lol. I was told I need to lose 20-30 lbs. I'm okay with that I need to get rid of some it anyway. I've already lost ten. I'm 5'10" 235lbs. I would like to get to 190 before surgery. Everyone on RS is trying to gain weight. Am I the only one trying to lose weight. I know I not the only one. I called the office this morning during my down time at work. Cynthia was on another call but call me back in less that five minutes. Just in time. I didn't want my coworkers all in the bizzness. She was happy and energetic as always . I told her I wanted to go with Rami in mid June. So I'm schedule June 12. We talked and she reminded me to get eating right and exercising. I laughed through the entire conversation because I was so excited. Next step is to book flights and find a nice place to stay. Any suggestions? I'm so addicted to this site!!!
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So I have already started eating healthy. I don't want to go on a strict diet. Mainly because I need something I can stick with after my bbl. I need to lose between 20-30 lbs. I would like to get to at least 185-190. However, I don't want to lose to much fat!! Im focused on weightloss and toning. Only light weights. After I lose the 30 lbs I'm going to fly to Florida for another consultation. That way we can really go into detail about my wants . Also I'll know if I should lose so more weight. I have like seven months to get everything together. I m just going to take it one day a time.

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