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After carrying 2 huge full term pregnancies,...

After carrying 2 huge full term pregnancies, change in diet and eating habits my body has changed dramatically.All I want is a nice flat stomach and back a round ass to give me the confidence I need.I am sick and tired of full swim suits and no ass. DR LAGRASSO get ur wand its almost time to work ur magic.


I'm 5'6" tall 170 lbs and I am wonder how much is too much.I already have DD breast and really want to be well proportioned but i dnt want the asss to look big and fake. I think 1200-1300cc should do....what u think?


Its almost time for me to be a lean mean sexy machine! As excited as I am yet I am soooo nervous.Nervous about the anesthesia, about the pain and fear of getting a booty I dnt like. Oh well I must look at the bright side its just a day and a half left with these nerves.

Its Time!!!!!

Yea I am here about to be caked out

cake cake cake

Love it

1week postop

It has been a long week where I have questioned myself and my choices for getting BBL.Initially the weight of my body and the pain and frustration was getting a lil much.By day 3 I was able to push myself up with lil pain and get my own food.I think my real problem was that I wasn't relaxing and being patient. Now 8 days later I am out and about lol still not sitting on the booty but VERY HAPPY SO FAR, even though I have to get more compression on my stomach.


Finally its happened to me...I am sexy like a home sweet home lamp shade....Team Lagrasso all day. So pleased with my 2 week F/U the fact I have a seroma seems so insignificant...that is how impressed I am by my new body. I am still staying off my ass and getting massages. Living sexy

Drum roll pls

Make room for me and my ass lol on the list of sexiest.I am just all types of happy right now! My seroma is almost gone my stomach is flattening nicely my ass is round (still high though) 3wks post op I couldn't ask for more.I am using the boppy to slouch/sit and i still haven't sat on my butt yet yea! Dr Lagrasso is where my loyalty is tooo happy evem though sometimes I wonder if I should've asked for bigger lolol I am back to normal for the most part and will be getting my garments altered I need more compression!
To my bbl sistas thnx!!! 1!

So far so good, he is thorough and he really impresses me.I dnt listen to the noise in the market.... his work is beautiful!

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