Dr.Alvarez Angel Nov/Dec 2016

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Hi Ladies! I am 27. I have 1 child via C-Section....

Hi Ladies! I am 27. I have 1 child via C-Section. After much research and consideration I have chosen to get a Breast reduction, lift and a BBL. I have chosen to put my body in the hands of Dr.Salama. I have been on my research journey for a while. I still have a consultation with Dr.Miami coming up in January 2016. I am not convinced that Dr.Miami will give me a 2016 surgery date, even though the consultation is in January my surgery date may be in 2017 is what I was told by his staff. Yep he is that booked. All that Instagram fame I guess, but his work is good and he is a safe and an affordable surgeon. BUT a bitch has no time to wait! My Bday will be that following month and I am in need of a new body ASAP. I'm tired of looking a hot mess.
I am 5'0 currently 195. I have to be at least 169 for surgery but my goal is to be 160 or 165. I am wanting a Feb or March 2016 date. That will give me over 3 months to safely lose the weight. I have already started exercising and eating right. I will go in depth with that as I update. As of now wish yo girl luck and keep me motivated!
I am wanting a breast reduction because every since I was young my breast have been to big for my body. Right now I am a 38DD maybe a DDD in some bras. My back is always hurting. I had insurance when I was in college that would have paid for it but I let my mom talk me out of having the reduction. I know right what a mistake that was. Not really sure why she didn't want me to do it I assume she was just worried about the cut. But as of this moment I could care less about a scar! I mean i pray that I don't keloid or scar bad but at least I will be able to sit without back pain. So Breast reduction with lift is the 1st on my agenda. Second I will be having a BBL cause baby I have never had any ass! lol I mean it's not pancake flat but its flat. I need projection and POW.
I contacted Dr.Salama's office, the office emailed me the price for the BBL which is 8299.00 which they are saying is a special. As well as 10 day stay at serenity recovery house for 1899.00. Man how I wish I would have caught him around 2012 or 2013 when the price was 6k. But now everybody wanting an ASS and ASS prices is booming! lol. Anyways I asked the price for the reduction and lift and I am waiting on a response. Then i will send my photos , then confirm a date and book a flight. I went on priceline to get flight prices I searched for Feb and March dates from Houston to MiA and they were around 130.00 hell yes thats a steal i know! I will be grabbing that ticket once i confirm everything. The office stated I can pay 10% to lock in my date. I also asked if he can do both procedures at the same time if so I will be so delighted! If not thats fine to but I will be doing my breast first since my back is giving me problems. So I am waiting to hear from them to answer my questions. I don't think I left anything out. I will try to be as detailed as possible. I will update once I hear from the office. Talk to you lovely ladies soon.

Sent Photos to Cynthia/ Weightloss update

Hi Ladies. Just a quick update. I just emailed my photos to Cynthia at Dr.Salamas office. Today is Friday so I may not hear from her until Monday. I Spoke to her regarding the two procedures being done at once a BBL and Breast reduction and lift. Cythina stated that I could not have both procedures at the same time. She told me to send the photos and the doctor will decide which one he suggest I do first. It doesn't matter which procedure will be done first I will be happy either way. So when she responds I will let you ladies know.

Weightloss update: Ok so when I started this review I was 195 I am now 185 whoop whoop ! my goal is 160/165 before surgery. Dr.Salamas office has a promotion if you book now meaning a November or December surgery date you can get 1500.00 off. So I am trying to get to my goal size by December, If not January will be fine but I will not be able to get the 1500.00 discount. I have been drinking 2 body by V protein smoothies a day plus working out for an hour each day. I'm going to double up on my exercises I plan do a 1 hour work out in the am and 1 hour workout at night. Nothing else to update as of now. I will be back once Cynthia responds.

No Longer going to Salama I will be going to Dr.Hasan

So Cynthia called me and stated that from viewing my pictures I would need a tummy tuck b/c I have loose skin. Idk how you can observe that from a picture. My skin is actually not lose. But idk, Salama was a little to pricey for me anyways. I decided to go with Hasan I have seen him lipo women with stomach's bigger than mine. So no TT for me. I will be getting bbl, lipo full back ,arms and thighs. Waiting to hear back from vanity.

Going to be a Duran Doll

Well ladies I'm back on my journey after life happened and I had so much going on. Hasan has went missing and now I have no choice but to go to DR. I always wanted to go to Duran anyways but was scared of the thought of going alone. But now that I know someone personally who went I will be going. I can't wait! I think I have found a surgery buddy too. I will be staying at Serenity RH and I will be booking my date for the 2nd week of December!
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