Tummy tuck 4 weeks post op

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Well im 29, a mother of two, i been thinking...

Well im 29, a mother of two, i been thinking about this surgery my entire life, I have no booty at all, my shape is a square. My husband is not convinced but im doing this for me. My surgery is scheduled for june 5/2014. Im so excited i cannot stop thinking about it. The location is in Aventura, with Dr Lagrasso, hoping he give me the confidence I've been lacking.

Pre op

Well, got my pre-op scheduled for May 23 hope everything goes well.


Anyone had any experience with Dr Lagrasso?, if so please share. Well, told my mother half the truth, told her Im gonna have lipo NOT bbl, she lives in texas and is coming to take care of me the first week of the surgery, she's gonna find out after. It's going to be not only painfull, but difficult having a 9 month old baby at home.


Well started taking vitamins and arnica I know the surgery i's a month 1/2 away but still, I feel so anxious. After the surgery when can I go back to work?

1 month

1 month and 14 days 'till my surgery. :)


I bought 3 fajas that im not sure and gonna use, but either way just in case, and thinking or buying a corset to put on top of the faja, 23 more days to go, tomorrow I'll have the blood work. It's gonna be so hard to change my eating habits being a latina :(, and my husband want me start already , I told him " I still like 20 days to eat want i want", he said "No you have to start now! :( I said well you don't get to eat anything sweet in front of me.

Ann cherry faja

Just got my Ann Cherry vest size M, it looks kind of small, and DAMN that thing is heavy compare to other fajas ,I guest it's for the latex. Someone have tried it? Any suggestions? Just 16 days left, yeyyy.

Pre op

Today went well, had my EkG, my blood pressure, and blood work, everything good, still have to come back to meet the doctor he was in surgery.
Got a lost of intruction that I want to share
Pre op intructions
- No smoking for two weeks prior to surgery and two months after.
- DO NOT TAKE VITAMINS, aspirin or any products containing aspirin for two weeks prior to surgery and two week after.
- Do not drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages for one week prior to surgery.
- Shower using Hibiclens or Chlorhexidine soap the day before and the morning of surgery.
-you are not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight the day before surgery.
-The antibiotics should be taken the night before surgery.
- wear LOOSE fitting, DARK clothes to the office, NO JEWERLY, NO NAIL POLISH.
-do mot take pain medication other than tylenol two weeks prior to surgery
-do not remove your garment for the first 24 hours
-the drains are usually remove 7 days after the procedure
- Feel free to remove the garment for two hours a day
- you are not able to sit on your butt for a period of 2 weeks, you will have to sleep on your stomach
- It make take 4 to 6 weeksfor all the swelling to go away
- drink plenty of water, pineapple juice or grapefruit juice.
-you can shower 24 hours after surgery
-no bathing in tub, pool or beach for 3 weeks.
-no dor operate a motor vehicle for 48 hours after aurgery
- No lifting, pushing or pulling for 15 days
- start mild exercise in 15 days
-do not remove dressing

Hope it helps, 12more days to go :)

Waist cincher

Does anyone knows how long do I have to wait to use the waist cincher because the doctor told me 3 months after surgery but I think it's to long. How long did you ladies wait? Any suggestions, I want to use it on top of the faja to go to work.

New faja

So my boss brought me a faja from colombia zise S, it fits but that thing it's so hard to put it on. It tightened enough before surgery, but after the surgery should I buy one extra small just in case?

Anxiety is killing me.

So the countdown started, my anxiety level is super high, I just want to eat and eat, BUT stopped myself and instead of eating I just crochet it takes my mind away of everything.

Salad, 6 more days!

It is bad to eat to much salad? I've been stuffing myself with salad and chicken, trying not eat rice 'cause that's my weakness, just wondering.

Almost there!

Im feel relaxed, this diet is killing me though. Do I dare to look at the mirror after the surgery, I don't know :( Do I? I will be uploading more pictures of me before surgery in 2 days yeyyy!!!

Sad ;(

Ok so I got a call today that the surgery was reschedule instead of 1:30 pm it's gonna be at 4:30 pm, NOW im scared because it's gonna be the las surgery of the day, im guessing, so the doctor it's gonna be tired, he's gonna be in a rush, I don't know but I dont wanna be the las one.

Today is the day

Well my mom is more nervous than me. Im so thirsty it sucks not to be Able to drink water.

Right here

In the lobby waiting for the doctor to call me. NOW im nervous.


I will try to upload a pict before surgery

Ready to go

Nervous but ready

In so much pain

Pain so much pain a lot that's whay i can say for now i will upload pict later


Still in a lot of pain more now that they change the faja and clean up my sutures

Day 3

So much better, no pain just a little itchy, so many gases and with this faja i feel like im going to explode so much pression. I feel soooo sore the must dificult time is getting in and out of bed, went to the bathroom yesterday to poop that was a challenge. Big thanks to my mom for being here i could'nt done it without her.


So here is where im getting my massages

4day post op

So today i took my second bath, it felt so good i was without the faja only for 15 minutes by the time i tried to put it on it was a nightmare, OMG, it hurts so bad, i guess im going to do my massages with it on. Dont know if i can but im going to ask, my belly is so swollen, im bloated, and one of my drains pop out and it's leaking it hurts when i move.


The massage today felt like heaven/hell, i drain a lot during my first one and the itching ohhh the itching, but after you feel like a million bucks.

Sharp pain

They said sharp pain is normal, just for my "luck" mine is in my left upper back, so sharp it wont let me breathe, and it gets more intense at night time last night i was crying even with medication it still hurts.

One week post op

Well, the doctor said the shooting pain was "normal" to happen because he was very agressive, the drains are out, still a lot of bruises, but doing better every day. I sat on a boppy pillow yesterday. My knees are swollen and my faja feels a little bit bigger already. I so happy i can finally carry my baby girl :)

Bummer :(

I just noticed that one of my side the left one is less fuller than the other one. DAMN!! If i noticed everyone else is going to, I guess a retouch is next. Ohhhh I feel horrible.

Back to work

I thought going back to work would be easy, it's been 20 days post op, boy was i wrong I feel like shit every day, my stomach hurt all the time and on top of that I have a rash in my back and front because of the faja and it way to hot, not even feel better with the air condition on. So fustrated, i feel depresed all the time, crying with no motive.

2 round January 28/2015

So excited!!!!!!

second round january 28/2015

so excited!!!!!!!

Tummy tuck

Well im having a Tummy tuck same day im " fixing " my butt, not sure about it ohh well.

Tomorrow is the day

So i will be uploading a few pictures so you can see my tummy after lipo, not sure about the tummy tuck im scare of the big scar.

All done!!

All done with the tummy tuck and the butt, not sure about the last one though, I don't see any difference whatsoever, not in pain all is numb, I still walk a little bend over but that's normal, I will keek you post.

TT 8 days post op

Feeling a lot better, walking a lot.

Tummy tuck 2 weeks post op

Been doing good so far, still a litlle bend over, and the muscle under my boobs is so swollen, im going back to work in 1 week. I will keep you post.

Tt week 3

Feel pretty good, going back to back sure helps but at the end of the day I finish super tired, i have one little spot, that i've benn using antibiotics, but nothing i should worry about.

1 month pos op TT

Been good, it doesn't hurt anymore my belly still sleep, all the black crust is gone, feeling better but still cannot lift anything heavy. I still get a lot of sweeling mostly at the end of the day.
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