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To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please...

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.

Hello Ladies;)
I was suppose to update yesterday but I had a headache and wasn't feeling well:( I really wanted to let u all know my waist has finally gone down and I haven't even used the cincher yet!! My waist is measuring at 29 1/2" from originally 36" "YAY ME!"
I have to admit its a bitter sweet feeling because my Booty is now measuring 45" :( As much as I tried psyching myself out to not care bcuz I was losing swelling! But lets face it ladies no matter wut we try to tell ourselves we will feel sad, down, or even depressed about losing volume on our Beautiful Voluptuous BOOTY's!!!
Now I can understand Y women go for round 2's! I feel as once u go in u r Hooked n will not stop until our Booty's stay at either 47" or above!! LOL!!!!

Now I would like to say that I hadn't excercised in years b4 SX!!! Let me just say I wish w all my heart that I would have! W clothes on I may look pretty good, but my thighs r so cottege cheesy that it actually makes me sick to my stomach!! Nice Booty n ugly legs!! No no no NOT GOOD!!!! So now I'm going to b hitting the gym n Zumba classes as soon as I'm able!!! My only fear is losing more Volume!!! Truth is I already kno I will but I DON'T WANT TO!!! (BOO HOO) Lol!! I kno I was like 41" b4 SX n most of that was Tummy!! My butt was almost flat!! It still amazes me how flat my booty got after so many years of having a big booty!



Ladies I want to stress to u how important it is to get massages! I'm going to b honest n say I have not gone enough to get massaged n u can see it in my tummy! I still have lumps:( no one else's fault but mine! I promised myself I would make it a point to get in there as often as possible! Bcuz I kno Dr G did an amazing job so I need to step up my game! Lol!

I also want to stress to u that it is important to make sure to get ur CG when ur current CG gets loose or isn't compressing enough!! I'm sure that if I would of ordered my CG sooner I would have a smaller waist !! I did get a Squeem in a size S but I feel it stretches n now it isn't compressing enough! So now I have to get an XS! I can't say it's bcuz I'm smaller I just think it stretched to my size ! Lol! I have to confess that I have been eating badly lately n gained a few lbs!:( SHAME ON ME!! As of yesterday I have increased my water intake n I'm eating 1600 calories all organic... This morning when I got on the scale I lost water weight;) but as I was taking pics I wasn't very happy w what I saw! My body looks like it's starting to re-absorb the ugly fat or my weight gain is showing more on back ( bra fat) n my ugly fat thighs!!! Ugh!!! So I texted Dr G n he called back right away n said to apply more compression n continue to put foams. I told him i need buy more foam bcuz mine looks waisted so he said to go to To buy more.
Ladies stay away from the ice cream chocolates n chips! At least for those of us that gain weight easily! I will let u kno how I do by next Wednesday or actually two wks from now. I also wanted to comment on the fact that I miss the vets on RS!!! Part of the reason y I went so long without a smaller garment was bcuz I wasn't sure if I should get a vedette 317 since they pretty much sold out in my size n r on clearance. Not sure if it was bcuz it wasn't as good or if I should stick w lipo express garment butt out! So I ordered lipo express butt out which is way more expensive. Oh well it's worth it too get the shape I was meant to have after SX! So I will never second guess again!!! Ok ladies please let me kno wut u think n if u have any questions I will be on RS today but won't b on for next couple of wks. U can PM me n I will give u my number so u can text me. God Bless Xoxo till next time;)

Hey there my BBL Sisters:) Just want to let u all...

Hey there my BBL Sisters:) Just want to let u all kno how I'm doing. I'm doing fine, living overall results n the few things I'm unhappy w has to do w my age n 7 kids! Anyway I can't say I'm sitting completely yet, when I drive its on boppy pillow n it tingles as if u have been walking for a long time n blood starts circulating, well that's how it feels if u get my drift:) I'm having an extremely hard time finding pants!! Waist is small but thighs n BOOTY R BIG! So the top of pants r sticking out:( I've bought a few thick leggings but those barely fit over my @$$ n u can still see butt crack in the light!! So for now it's leggings n long shirt/dress or awkward pants.... Also medium tops fit great on Waist but small on boobs!! I went to forever 21 this wknd n girls those pants r made for no @$$ women!!! Anyway this guy approached me 4 different times asking different dumb questions n finally asked if we could go out!! I was like thank u for asking but I'm married w 7 kids!!! N his eyes were likeO__O WOW UR KIDDING ME!! He shook my hand n said well ur absolutely gorgeous at the same time looking at my ass from the side!! LOL!! Wut a jerk right?? He tried giving me his number as if I would actually call him!!!! He was not bad looking n tall n nice teeth!! LOL!!! Yes I actually always notice men's teeth! Tells me a lot ... lol but still he didn't respect the fact that I said I am MARRIED!!! As this man kept approaching me this other man kept starring n listening to the conversation as if he were watching a soap! I have to say when I was about 5 yrs younger men still hit on me but last 5 noone has even bothered looking my way!! That is until Now!!! I have to admit that even though that guy was just being a guy, he made my day!!! It felt great to feel beautiful n desired again!!! Well from other men, u kno wut I mean right? I Luv my hubby n I will always b faithful! But it does feel good to feel attractive again!!! I haven't gone out much since SX n that was the first time I went to the mall! Men n women just kept looking n looking!!! I'm going to dinner w my friends n I'm not sure how things will b but I'm already getting little comments from my hubby about me going w my friends alone n ladies he has never n I mean never been jealous!! Not even when we first met n I had a nice body n booty to go w it! SO Y NOW??? I DON'T GET IT!!!
I still wear my CG but when I go somewhere I just wear the Cincher.... By the time I get back I feel that sensation of my skin pulling apart! I mainly sit on thighs n only on certain chairs n I'm still sleeping in my tummy. Well ladies I'm sorry but these kids have me going insane ! Lol if u have any questions feel free to ask:) God bless

Sorry ladies I didn't put any pics:( nothing new...

Sorry ladies I didn't put any pics:( nothing new as far as shape n down sizing:) I do however want to say that we r told we can stop wearing CG at 8 wks o_o umm I don't think so!!! I don't kno about others BBL SISTERS, but as for myself I felt my skin burning more than ever n it's like u gain inches on ur waist ur thighs and I gained hlf inch on booty. Which sure who doesn't want to gain more booty but SURE IN THE HECK NOT ON WAIST N EVERYWHERE ELSE!!!!! UGH I ALMOST FEEL AS IF IM DOOMED IF I STAY OUT OF CG N CINCHER!!!

IM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING GOING BACK NEXT YR FOR MORE LIPO N A TOUCH UP.... Not bcuz I'm unhappy w my results but bcuz I still need to lose weight n if I go on a diet I kno for sure that the first thing to go will b this BOOTY!!! Ladies I can't seem to maintain my weight, n my hubby is no help!!! I already told hubby ok I'm going for more lipo n a touch up, but this time it will just b u n me n telling everyone we r going somewhere else! Too many secrets this last time! N everyone asked way too many questions!! If any of u sweethearts can give me advice on best ways to build thigh muscles n lose weight on arms I would highly appreciate it!!! :) I will b on RS but I won't post for about another wk or two depending on improvements/weightloss/booty volume n so forth:) xoxo n God Bless u!!!

Ladies I'm a faithful woman n dedicated to my...

Ladies I'm a faithful woman n dedicated to my husband n to my lord!!! My husband n I went out n now he is acting so dumb!! Mind u I had a butt n nice figure b4 we got married n now my husband wants to control wut I wear n if I walk by myself may God forbid!! I'm do depressed!! I don't kno wut to do!! My husband had never been jealous b4!! Why is he acting like this????? MAY GOD HELP ME!!!!

Revision Nov 10 2015

It's been over 2 years since I had my BBL. My surgery was with Dr. Ghurani. I feel he did an awesome job on my body n Booty:) I have struggled with weight so therefore that's why I'm going in for a revision. Is anyone going to Dr. Ghurani this year? I'm sorry I didn't keep up with posts:( I was going through so many struggles in my life but the booty was still looking great until I recently lost weight on hcg n lipotropic shots. I still need to lose upper fat in my arms n thighs. I called Spectrum or actually I emailed for consultation for Ghurani n his coordinator says that Dr. G said I shouldn't lose any weight. But yet I way like 25lbs more than I did b4 bbl:/ ... Is it just me or does it seem like there are way less reviews on realself compared to 2 years ago? I will post pics soon:)

Is anyone Going with Dr. Ghurani?

Curious to see If anyone is Going to Dr. Ghurani for BBL or Revision anytime this year? If so what do u think of the staff n clinic?

Any Advice On Where to stay in Miami Fl? Is anyone having SX at Spectrum Aesthetics in Nov ?

Hi Ladies:) so sad that I'm not seeing anyone really going to Dr. Ghurani. I haven't been on realself in a long while n don't kno why he isn't partners with Dr. Salama. I've been looking online for an apartment in Miami but I haven't seen anything I really like. Price wise everything seems to be very pricey n adding on to the already expensive revision! Paying way more than original BBL n I really don't understand y the website at Spectrum says $4000 n yet for Ghurani is way more:( seems like everyone who is going to spectrum are sure picking the other doctors. Even tho I have 6 months to save n pay for my Sx I really pray I can save for that n flight n the Stay:/


I called Spectrum n I asked if the price for BBL of $4000 on their website pertained to all doctors, n the girl who answered said yes. So I'm really confused bcuz when I asked why I was given a way higher price for Dr. Ghurani she said oh maybe not for him idk what his charges are. Ladies if he works there wouldn't u think it should apply to him as well? If not then they should have Price of sx for each doctor! They have 3 doctors posted on their site n video clips of each it doesn't have posted that each doctor charges differently. I'm not trying to talk bad about them but I honestly don't think it's right! I really Love the wrk Dr. G did on me n I really trust him w my body n my life! So I'm really praying that he calls me soon! I don't see on RS anyone going to him for BBL. Ladies he is such a down to earth loving n very caring doctor and person! I wish I would of taken more pics of myself bcuz his work did last on me but I messed up by eating badly from stress n no exercise! I'm not doing that again!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Ghurani thanks to Asiangotbooty's results n experience thru RealSelf...

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