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So I called Dr. Salamas office yesturday and got...

So I called Dr. Salamas office yesturday and got an appt with Dr. Ghurani for april 18th. Im pretty excited about my new journey all I can do is eat sleep and dream BBl lol... My husband told me I am driving him crazy but a girl wants what a girl wants, right? lol.... I will be attaching my wish pics and pre surgical pics tomorrow. Hope to be a BBL sister soon. XOXO :)

Hello Ladies, so I sent my email with wish pics...

Hello Ladies, so I sent my email with wish pics and before pics to Dr. Perry. I am interested in having multi options. I have heard hood things from ladies on here regarding Dr. Perry and have liked most of his work. I am also looking into Dr. Ghurani because I saw a few ladies on here but am just waiting waiting to go meet with him to see some pics that Nancy at the office told me about. So I guess I will be making my decision as soon as I got my answer from Dr. Perry back. Let's see what happens. But any info and input would be greatly appreciated as I am a newbie to the PS world and any info about things to do and not do before and after my BBL and things I will need would be great too. I am from Miami so I won't be traveling which I find will make it more easy and less stressing. Thank you all so much and good luck on your journey and if already had your done then I hope tand wish the quickest and painless recovery for you and congrats as well. XOXO

Aright girls, I went ahead and finally posted my...

Aright girls, I went ahead and finally posted my wisk pics and some presurgical pics of my body in desperate need of help lol...

Anyways I want to give you guys a little info on me as I havent really done this yet and feel its way over due.

I am 29 years old mother of 2. I have a 9 year old son and a beautiful 3 year old daughter. I got married at 16 and had my son at 19. I was over weight after I had him for several years and did yoyo diets on and off after I had him. In 2008 I decided enough was enough and started my weightloss journey. I had gone to see Dr. Salzhauer about a tummy tuck may of 2008 and becuase I was so heavy, at that time 232lbs, the cost was outragous. So I got on a diet and signed up for the gym and started my journey. By December 2008 I had dropped 39lbs and was at 193lbs. Well, my journey would come to a complete stop when on December 24 2008 I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful little girl. I was devistated but very excited for my new surprise journey. I had my daughter at 25 and after having her weighed in at 252 got back immediately on my weightloss again and have lost 77lbs. So after all this and 3 years of diet and exercise and sacrafice I am ready for a new me. So my current stats are:
170-175lbs (depending on what time of the month it is)
34C bust
33 waist
38 hips
42 at the fullest part of my butt.
My ideal measurements would be the following:
34C Bust (I want to get my boobs done in the near future)
26 waist
40 hips
46 butt at the fullest part
I feel these are not to far from what I have going on so hopefully the doctor I finally decide on will be able to hook a sister up.

I first wanted a tummy tuck so bad because my stomach is not flat and I do have stretch marks but that doesnt bother me at all. What really bothers me is the way it tends to flow over my jeans and me having to tuck it in every 2 minutes or when I am sitting down and it bulks up and just over flows. I get so self concious about it that I hate to wear tight shirts or anything that will mark my stomach area. I dont wear and cant remember the last time I wore a 2 piece bathing suit because I just get so uncomfortable I cant seem to have any fun. And my poor husband which is truly an mazing man and has been there for me through it all with his encourageing words and emotional support has not been able to really say I have ever worn a lingerie for him or say that I even feel comfortable being intimate with him because of this. I hate it because he truly is a great looking guy that goes to the gym and is muscular and fit as can possibly be. I feel that sometimes I push him away because of my insecurities and it sucks because that is not how I feel in the inside but cant stand what I look like on the outside. And even though I have lost 77lbs the sad part is that when I look ion the mirror I still see the 252lb girl and not what I look like now. My husband and I deserve better so its time for this to be over and my transformation begin.

I cant explain or can but would be on here for days how much this has affected my life and I am so ready to start over and enjoy what is left of my youth. I have been tsking care of others since I was 16 and am ready to finally take care of myself. I am ready to be a BBL sister and take my youth, looks and life back. Thank you all for reading my story, for posting your amazing stories, for posting up pics and for all the support you guys give. I feel we ladies always need other ladies going through the same thing to have support from. Well good luck to you all with your journeys and to the ones already there happy healing and may god bless you all above everything =)

Ok so I have been looking at some ladies on here...

Ok so I have been looking at some ladies on here and I feel like I have a pretty good chance of my stomach skin retracting nicely. I first wanted an tummy tuck but just cant get past that big a$$ scar from hip to hip. I feel that would depress me to look at everyday in the mirror. So then I found this site and started looking at every possible BBL story with pre and post surgical pics and to my surprise I noticed the stomach retracting and fell in love with this procedure. I would come on here day in and day out and read and read and read till I finally signed up. So even today seeing all these pics I am a bit skeptical about my stomach and am scared my skin will end up sagging and I will be so misreable and unhappy that I keep second guessing my decision to get the BBL. Can any of you ladies tell me what you think of your tummys post surgery did the skin retract nicely?

Also I am in the process of waiting for Dr. P to send me an emsil back with his reasponse but nothing yet. I was also considering sending my info and pics to Dra. Yily she seems to have really nice results and very decent prices. I could also make the trip something of a vacation/anniversary trip for my husband and I even though I feel he will be having way more fun then me. Do you guys know how long it takes to be able to walk around after surgery and be somewhat not as uncomfortable as the first day? Thanks a bunch for the info. P.S. I LOVE THIS SITE BTW. a definate BBL pre and post surgery essential.

Ok ladies, so I have contacted Dra. Yily, gave me...

Ok ladies, so I have contacted Dra. Yily, gave me a quote of $4900.00. Dr. Ghurani gave me quote of $7500.00 and I'm still in the process of waiting for Dr. Perry. I emailed him last Monday and haven't heard from him yet. I sent an email to Norma and can I say she is the sweetest lady I've met at doctor's office.She sent him a text yesturday afternoon to please respond to my email. Told me if he didint to contact her today after 6:00 pm. I hate being a pest but I. Ready to make my decision and give my deposit to set a date. I am also looking at getting the surgery in May and feel the longer I wait the chance is none of the doctors I'm interested in will have any dates available so I'm in like panic fast pace mode. I haven't started to buy any of the items I know I will need becaus I am still waiting to see when I'm getting it dine and with who and what they offer so hopefully I get a response by the end of this week.

Anyways besides all the above I am also tworn because I am getting this done with return and well I am feeling guilty because hubby wanted to take some classes to open up his own mini business on the side on weekends but now that I am getting this donehe tells me that he'll do it when we get the money saved after my surgery. I know he told me to get it done and he wants me to feelgood about myself but I just feel so bad inside. Like I'm being a greedy spoiled brat and selfish people don't end up right. God don't like ugly and lately I feel like that's what's happening. But then again he told me to do it I never asked or told him I was doing it. So, ladies why do I feel this way? Is it my way of freaking out and getting out of doing it subconsciously? Or is it that I truly feel guilty about taking all this money and end up not likeing what I come out with and then regret waisting the money and not letting my husband do his class and open up hid weekend business thing... It's really hard. I am a very family first, family oriented, them before me kind of person and maybe that's why I feel so bad. Also I got a 3 year old little girl that is attached to me by the hip.and when I get sick she worries more then my own mother does. She is a little old lady in a baby body and it kills me to make her worry about me for my own vanity. Also how am I suppose to explain to her that she has to except herself for who she is and is beautiful and is y when I am doing the opposite. I don't know I am having mixed emotions and feelings about this. That's why I need to get this date and deposit set because I am an emotional rollercoaster as we speak. I am very spontaneous and do things with impulse and when I get to much time to think about things these kind of things happen to me. I kind of torchr myself till the last minute. Well ladies. I'll keep you posted once I get the infamous quote from Dr. Perry. XOXO happy healing to you all.

Well oust say that I am super excited and super...

Well oust say that I am super excited and super anxious to get my quote and response back from Dr. Perry I contacted Norma as per her request and I'm still waiting . But its ok I know he is a busy man and I'm not the only one sending him requests so like my mom says good things come to those who wait. But after seeing JustRights results I'm like super duper more excited and an eager beaver waiting for m reasponse . Which I want to ask do you all know till when he is booked to? I want a mMay or early June date and am just worried he won't have anything in those date ranges by the time I get a response and put my deposit. OMG!!!!! The Torcher lol... Im very impatient always have been. Anyways I bought soe stuff yesturday night. I bought my thong vedette for after healing, I think its the vedette 700 bought it in black just because I think that color is ssexy. I got my vedette waist cincher/girdle and a mid thigh garment for post surgey so I can change them as I can see and read we will be in those for months. I spent $146.33 on all 3 pieces. I love me some eBay. Oh and super fast delivery free of charge . Get them by Friday or Saturday the lastest. I am already starting to by stuff so it doesn't hit me all at the same time. Next purchase is the Lipo foam and board. Does anyone know where I can find it? Anyways ttyl XOXO :)

Ok ladies, so I finally heard from Dr. Perry today...

ok ladies, so I finally heard from Dr. Perry today yay!!!!! I'm so excited. He was very nice and informative in my response. He quoted me $7900.00 which includes surgical fees, anesthesia, fat grafting to hips and butt, Lipo to full back and abdomen, medial and anterior knee area, inner and anterior thighs and arm Lipo along with 2 garments. Feel that is a pretty darn good pric e for all that work. Also, if you pay procedure all in cash you get a $200.00 discount which I think is pretty awesome too so it really comes out to $7700 for all the above including followup visits I'm sold. Dr. Ghurani quoted me $7500 but was not doing so much and any additional area of lipi was $500 so I would have gotten full abdomen full back and gland with fat graft to butt for that price with 2 garments , follow up visits and 2 massages but that was it. For $200 me dollars I.get soooo much more. So I am definitely going with Dr. Perry. Not only that he has a good price but he does good work and after seeing justrights results I m sooooo sold. He understands what I need and what I am wanting out of my procedure and feel will deliver great results. Also, Norma hasbeen super duper sweet this whole time. And I can't complain. So I'm looking at booking my surgery for May 17th or 24th which is right around the corner and I can't wait. I feel with all this work I'm gonna look banging. I never mentioned my knee area to him but I have always hated it because I have never been able to se my knees ven when I was 135 lbs and he was able to pin point that area with out me saying a word comes to show he knows what he's talking about . Well ladies team BBL it is but I got to throw in there Team Perry all the way even though I will still support and follow all the other ladies on here going with other doctors. We are herefor moral support and to lend each other knowledge advice prayers support and bbl love. So love to all ill update once my date is set in stone. XOXO ttyl :)

Alright ladies, hope you all.are doing great....

Alright ladies, hope you all.are doing great. Well, I went to Dr. Ghuranis consultation appt this morning. I have decided I want to have surgery with Dr. Perry but my hubby wanted me to go see Dr. Ghurani to speak to him in person and get another surgeon's perspective. Well, let me start by saying I never got a appt confirmation reminder. I also had changed my appt from the 24th with Dr. Salama because it wasn't till the end of themonth and I was gonna have surgery with Dr. Ghurani which had an earlier OR date so I.did the switch. My husband had asked for the day off from work without pay because he doesn't get paid days off at work sucks but anywho. He has wanted to be supportive of my surgery and wanted to ask his own questions and be present for the consult because he truly feels I don't need a BBL just some Lipo here and there but feel my butt is fine. I beg to differe but that's his opinion anyways I live about 45 min away from the office with out traffic. Miami traffic can get pretty intense. Anywho I call them to let them know I was in the building getting elevator cuz I.was running 5 min behind my appt which was at nine they said that was no problem. I get there sign in they give me papers to fill out and about 15 min later some lady comes out of the office and tells me Dr. Ghurani was called in for because a patient who had surgery yesturday had complications and needed to correct the Issue and was not going to be able to.see me that these things happen when its a doctor's office. I told her I completely know how that goes being thatvi.have been in the medical field myself for the last 7 1/2 year's but we would patients of issues with scheduling . Needless to say she said sorry to call to reschedule my appt. And that was it. Ok when I called they could have told me this and instead of having me sit fill out paper work and waist time they could have the moment in the office. Whatever its not my.loss its theres I'm the one with the money... I went to please my husband and give him the benefit of the doubt. By any means I am sticking to ky oinal decision. I.just wish that doctor Perry would allow me to meet him in advanced. Instead of the day before surgery. My husband was in the military and feels a person should get all the facts before moving forward.Get facts build a strategy and know your Ali... He doenst feel so happy with me not meeting Dr. P before hand. But hey what can you do??? Anyways that was such a turn off. First very unprofessional to not have the courtesy to call if he was called in over night regarding a complication and cancel my appt before hand. And second tell me it was due to surgical complications scary to hear. But, on the other hand I hope whoever was having complications gets better soon and gets out of surgery this time issues free. I feel for him or her and it was ok the doctor had to take care of her mot complaining at all about him doing that just wish his office would have handled it different. Anyways that person is now in my prayers and hope that god put angels around them and give Dr. Ghurani the help he needs to correct what is of conflict on that persons life so they can come out issue free and ready to heal and be beautiful or handsome. Well, girlys ttyl. Thanks for letting me share my experience for the day. God bless. XOXO

Alright my beautiful bbl queens, wanted to update...

Alright my beautiful bbl queens, wanted to update haven't done so in a minute and felt its time. Well I am officially getting surgery with the man with the master plan Dr. Perry. I am.scheduled for May17th and I got like 2weeks and 3 days left how exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. But, I can't freaking wait to getvmy ass on lol... Well I hav purchased a lot of The things I need. Only missing the Lipo foam, board, medium faja, medium squeem, xs squeem, arnica gel, bromelain, nivea q10 lotion, female urinal, and massages once I have surgery and that's it... I got all the other stuff down and ready. I called massage envy today and the do lymphatic drainage massages you pay $49 first oe then you become a member and pay $59 per month and intitles you to 1 massage per month and any other massage that same month will only be $39 each so instead of $75 I'm looking at this which I think is way better being that I need 2 massages a week and i got one close my my house. I have a question for you all though, how soon do you start putting the foam and board after surgery? And when do you use the arnica gel firming lotion? I am super excited about this. And truly hope I get what I want out of this surgery which is a smaller tighter abdomin then what I got going on now. I fell inlove with this procedure after going to the strip club for a friend's bm-day a year ago. Dam those chicks look freaky sexy... And of course my man was mn. I can twerk it pop it and drop it like a stripper and let me say my man can'tbe complain I work what I got going on now but he will definitely be in heaven with no complaints after the surgery is done... I know he is always telling me he thinks I'm all that and a bag of chips for having beast children and losing weight and the such but deep down inside I know he is super excited to have me get this big ol bitty I put to work for him you know what I mean ladies... Lol well I will update as the days get closer any advice thoughts ideas or info is always welcome and received with an open heart. Thanks again girlys hope you all are doing great ttyl XOXO god bless:)

I'm at the gym getting my workout on fosho... Gots...

I'm at the gym getting my workout on fosho... Gots to keep this all on point before AND after surgery. I find the gym to be so helpful to release stress and keep the weight in check cuz believe you me I love me some food.. well ladies I am extremely excited but. Freaking out so this is a way to let it out on the machines and weights and get my sweat on. When I get my booty this is gonna be to funny with alll the shallow dudes at the gym they ain't gonna be able to work anything but here eyes. Lmfao... I'm gonna enjoy that fosho... ok but can't touch ya feel me some scrappy from love and hip hop. Just had to say it was watchingiit yesturday and lissening to him as we speak at the gym...

Well ladies, today has been a rollercoaster of...

Well ladies, today has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I have been flipping the F out about having the surgery and all the risks and complications. I have 2 kids a 9 year old boy and a 3 year old girl and they are truly my life. I cant even imagine something happening to me and leaving them with out a mother just for vanity. I dont know there is days where I am super siked about it and there are days I wake up and say I dont want to go through with it and dont care losing $750 rather then my life. I dont know why I am just being so negative today. I find that this is in the back of my mind everyday and I start thinking omg this could be the last days of my life with my kids and it scares and freaks me out bad. I am the kind of person unfortunately that if I take meds and the have side effects I will get them all... And I am panicing that it will be the same way with the surgery... I am a christian women and believe in a powerful and almighty GOD that I know is watching over me and who is always shielding me from the daily grind but its still scary. I am not worried for me but for my kids I dont want to be the cause of there heart break or sadness. Its hard because I was talking to my 9 year old and as I was explaining I was gonna be having surgery and stuff I started tearing up and he asked me why I was crying and I told him because bad things could happen but that I was sure of my doctor and of my health and know who I believe in but that besides all that I was affraid and he looked and me and told me "then dont do it mom" and that was the most heart breaking thing I could have heard. I do and dont want to. I want to feel good about myself and I would go to the point of risking my life to get that feeling but then again I dont want to leave me children behind fro vanity. This is tuff ladies I am emotionally drained. I have tried speaking to my husband about it and he tell me he loves me the way I am and if I dont want to or dont feel ready that its fine there is always tomorrow and I know this but I want to do it for me. I have gone through alot these past few years and am ready to feel happy about myself and something going right for me but then again I cant because I have these feelings that are holding me back from enjoying my transforming journey. I wonder do butterflies get this much anxiety when they go from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly? In the cocoon stage they are so vulnerable, kind of how I feel right know... anyone have any advice or has gone through this. I have to call Dr. Perry's office tomorrow and ask if I can pop my zanac's becuase the anxiety is literally eating at me and depressing me and I want to be mentally emotionally and physically prepared for this but dont feel like I am giviing myself a fair shot at it if I am tormenting myself and I still got 2 weeks and 2 days to go. Thats a long time for this stress, torcher,, misery saddness, depression and mixed emotions to go on. thanks for hearing me out and letting me vent. Hope you all have a great evening. send a prayer for peace my way please!!! Ttyl XoXo :}

Well my bbl queens I'm so excited... I know I was...

Well my bbl queens I'm so excited... I know I was having a shit fit the other day but took getright2013 advice and can say I am at peace with my decision to go on with my procedure. I am happy I did cuz I know I would have been kicking myself in the butt if I hadn't. Well I officially have 11 days till surgery and am getting last minute things I have pending for post op care. I still need to purchase 1 good garment that I can have taken in as I shrink and a medium waist clincher and a small waist clincher and my bromelain which I will start taking this week. My pre op tests are the 14th only 3 days before surgery so I hope everything comes put fine. I had labs and an elf in march and all was normal only thing I had was elevated white blood cells due to sickness and was the reason I had the tests done so I hope everything will be ok. I get my period some time this week and boy those are heavy and extremely painful so I hoe my iron isn't to low or get low red blood count cuz of the loss of blood from it. I'm taking 65mg of iron and hope that helps along with multi vitamin, emergen-c, B-12 with folic acid and D-3. Hope that helps and as soon as I get my bromelain will take that as well. I have a few questions for the vets... When should you start the arnica and arnica gel and nivea q 10 cream? Also at what point after surgery do you start putting on the foam and board and the waist cinchers? Als can you take like ibuprofen after surgery for pain instead of pain killers those constipated me and prefer to take them only when extremely necessary. Also when do you start the messages post op? I was looking into message envy. It's way cheaper and will end up paying in a longer spans of time. You guys should look into it. You pay 49 fo 1st message then 59 to become member monthly and onceyu se that months message that's covered with the 59 you only pay 39 for each additional one that month. So it come out good to me and I still have 5 months after that to go get my messages after my ten post op so ill get 1 a month there after till my membership expires... I think ill go get those extra 5 messages right before or during my period which is when I bloat and retain the most water. Well ladies time does fly when your having fun lol... I am ready to go get this and start my healing and be beach ready cuz I love me some beach especially being from Miami we live at the beach during the summer. Which reminds me do you guys know when we are allowed to get in the water or pool after surgery? I'm gonna right this down to ask Dr. P. Well I've been doing tons of cardio and did some weights for legs Friday and I am sore as can be... I'll re post more new preop pics right before surgery with new measurements and weight. Haven't been dieting just working out and just being a bit more conscious of my earring habbits. Hopefully I get the body I am dreaming of. Well ladies take care god bless and ttyl XOXO :)

Well, ladies met Dr. Perry yesturday at my per op...

Well, ladies met Dr. Perry yesturday at my per op visit. I am very happy I chose him. He understands me exactly... Well, also got my labs, dot and physical. Dog was perfect, physical was good to am at low risk just waiting on blood work but pray all comes out perfect. I am ready got all my supplies and post op care essentials and am just ready to get this done and over with so the healing can begin. I am nervous but not as much as I was before. Have been taking xanax for the anxiety but haven't needed it since yesturday hurray me!!!! My hubby is the one freaking out now I think I passed it on to him.. but he is also excited. He was asking questions and ingaging in the appt with Dr. Perry and I found that to bo was cute. All he sai was take care of her doc thats my life right there. How Romantic... Sw a lot of beautiful women there too so I'm excited. Well ladies I will keep you all updated as it yes closer and the Day comes. I will spend the next t o days cleaning Irganizing and leaving the house ready so my man doesn't have much to do after. Well ladies send a pray for peace in my heart from now til surgery cuz I know the nerves will kick in soon. Ttyl XOXO :)

wow the swelling sucks....

hey all my bbl sistas I'm good made it to the other side. All went well, and had first message today with Miriam OMG is all I can say that stuff really hurt and took the life out of me. I have severe swelling in my thighs and abdomen but love what I see so far. Dr. P did a great job if I must say. I want to add pics from my phone but not sure how but will post them as sion as I can. Question how soon should I start using the foam and change from doctor Perry's garment? Any undo will be so greatly appreciated. Ttyl xoxo

post op pics super swollen day 3

Well ladies, I am super swollen and it truly sucks. I went to se Miriam yesturday for 2nd message and let's say it was worse then the first day. My incision in my left hand was closed and she couldn't get it to open so that sucked but worked on everything else. It's been about 5 hours and I haven't gone to pee been drinking fluids and nothing my body is just holding on to all the water weight. Well, ladies I go see Dr. P again today. I'm super exhausted... This takes the life out of you. Well ladies ill update with more details when I feel a bit better. But so far so good...

day 4 and 5 post op pics

Still swollen Dr. P went to town with my garment. It rides up due to nothing really holding it down. Feel like I'm compromiseing my results die to swelling complication. I hope my thighs don't stay lumpy and heal weird due to lack of compression since day 2 post op cuz it gonna suck cuz its a lot of money down the drain. I can't put another garment on per Dr. Perry till the swelling subsides he thinks by next Tuesday which is a long time if you ask me. Currently my thighs are lumpy and hurt very badly due to excess swellind they are as stiff and as hard as my butt due to the excess fluid in them. And they are warm to the touch. I hope that by the time I can put on another garment it won't be to late for the thighs. It's very frustrating because I am doing everything as told and just feel like my recovery is going to take longer due to the issue. But, atleast I'm ok health is ok and no other complications came from the severe swelling. Well I go see Miriam today again for message 4 and they don't get any easier due to the swelling. But thanks to her and all her extra care and attention I'm not as bad or it didint get as bad as it could have cuz I saw her the next morning after surgery and saw it and was truly helping me out above and beyond. So ladies she rocks... I haven't showered yet because I'm making sure my incisions are all closed before I do that. But besides all this I am loving my results so far so I hope once my swelling subsides a bit I can love it even more. Well ladies keep those prayers coming please truly need them ttyl xoxo;)

day 4 and 5 post op pics

Still swollen Dr. P went to town with my garment. It rides up due to nothing really holding it down. Feel like I'm compromiseing my results die to swelling complication. I hope my thighs don't stay lumpy and heal weird due to lack of compression since day 2 post op cuz it gonna suck cuz its a lot of money down the drain. I can't put another garment on per Dr. Perry till the swelling subsides he thinks by next Tuesday which is a long time if you ask me. Currently my thighs are lumpy and hurt very badly due to excess swellind they are as stiff and as hard as my butt due to the excess fluid in them. And they are warm to the touch. I hope that by the time I can put on another garment it won't be to late for the thighs. It's very frustrating because I am doing everything as told and just feel like my recovery is going to take longer due to the issue. But, atleast I'm ok health is ok and no other complications came from the severe swelling. Well I go see Miriam today again for message 4 and they don't get any easier due to the swelling. But thanks to her and all her extra care and attention I'm not as bad or it didint get as bad as it could have cuz I saw her the next morning after surgery and saw it and was truly helping me out above and beyond. So ladies she rocks... I haven't showered yet because I'm making sure my incisions are all closed before I do that. But besides all this I am loving my results so far so I hope once my swelling subsides a bit I can love it even more. Well ladies keep those prayers coming please truly need them ttyl xoxo;)

more pics

Added day

more pics

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9 days post op tummy is ugly....

Hey ladies so I'm 9 days post op and I have had 5 massages so far. Got them back to back. My stomach looks bad... I had issues with garment right after surgery from swelling and blah blah blah. I got a good faja now and am wearing that but my stomach still looks disfigured. Is there anything besides the Lipo foam and board and nivea q 10 lotion and messages I should be doing. How often should I put on foam and board and how many times do I cream and how soon does the stomach start looking better. I look horrible naked. I don't even want my man to see it. Any info will be so greatly appreciated also how soon did you girls start using a vest? So I can put one on as well. I'm gonna put up some pics so you girls can see what I'm talking about. l hope everyone is having great beautiful and smooth healing. Ttyl xoxob:)

more pics 9 days post op

Got this dress at discovery for 9 dollars pretty good store for a quick outfit or for flowy ones for the summer... It's not to far from Dr. Perry's office and worth the trip if in need of a dress post op.

can anyone say hemorrhoids...

Ok so I'm like so in disbelief... I have been able to go to the bathroom since surgery with no help if meds. I'm already taking a million things to add one more to the lengthy list. And well I passed my first stool on my 3rd day post op... Then my second 5th day post op third on day 7 post op and well today was bad.... I woke up with hemorrhoids ughhh:( so then I'm going about doing some house work and taking care of my kids and I start feeling pain and pressure and all of a sudden I need to go #2 and let's say it wasn't a smoooth as I'd imagine. Now I'm all layed out because my ass is in fire. Oh brother I get out of one issue to have a new one so hopefully I can get these things under control before they get to crazy... Any advice on what to do to make it better or ez the process would greatly help. Thanks a bunch.

tummy pics wre in

tummy pics are in and you guy can see how bad it looks. i have been doing everything to the t. and even went and bought me a good faja from catherines but not sure what can be done to make it look better then it does now. i have gotten a total of 5 massages all back to back. last massage was thutrarsday go gey t number 6 either tomorroe if any therapist is avaiable if not Tuesday. i have already down size from my faja pirchade aae which is cool so im shrinking just dony know about this gutt... you ladies rake a look and let me know whst you yhink does it look right for 9 days ppsy op 5 messages and a tighter garment. ttyl girls thanks.


Tummy let me know what you all think...

ok so here goes my review from day 1 post op.

Ok ladies its been long over due. So day of surgery I woke up but bearly slept got up to my last antibacterial shower got my clothes on and gave my kids a hug kiss told them I loved them and was off at 7:00 to meet Dr. Perry for surgery. Got there and about 4 minutes later he arrived got out of the car and went into the building he took me to a little room where he took all my pre op pics spoke about my wish pics again handed them to him per his request and then a lady came in asked me several questions. She was the anesthesiologist after took a prego test which Jessica told mevwas negative happy to here that. And then said my last good bye to my man hugged him gave him a kiss promised him I would be fine that I would not let him get rid of me that easily to kind of change his mood he was in tears and seemed scared for me so wanted to throw some humor in there that's just part of my personality especially when I'm nervous I kill it with humor and he was taken out by Dr. Perry and I went into the surgical area which was a few steps away with Jessica and the anesthesiologist super nice ladies. She put in my iv and at that point I started to laugh at everything and she realized I was super nervous and gave me something to kill the edge. In matter of seconds I started to feel good. She talked to me some more Sr. Perry came in and I asked him if my hubby was ok. He told me well no not really he is a hot mess out side but I.explained everything to him and he seemed a bit better but no he is not alright at all won't be till he sees you again so that made Mr feel so loved and while Dr. Perry is telling me this he tells me we are gonna give you some oxygen so I need you to take deep breathes and I just remember feeling specially loved by my husband and Dr Perry telling me the next time he sees you you'll have wild curves and I was out like a light. It's funny how we don't have track of time while under. They woke me up and I was in pain shacking like a leaf my butt was burning. My lip was swollen andbanged up I'm guessing from the tubes and I was cranky... The first thing I asked for was my hubby which was what I fell asleep with on my mind he came and I asked him how my kids were doing and what time it was it was 3:50 pm I couldn't believe it. He asked me how I was feeling and I was like duhhhh what do you think in shaking like leaf I'm in pain and my but is burning. He then has the balls to pull off my covers to see the goods with out permission and took a pic I got post cuz I was cold... But happy he disd it after cuz i would have not had the pics for memory. I was super duper thirsty ans Jessica brought me some water Dr. Perry went a got meapple juice and warmed it up cuz I was cold and let me just say it ws the best tasting apple juice ever. My throat was sore and huurt to swallow but it didint keep me from drinking liquids I was parched.... I started to get my energy up and Jessica asked me if I was ready to get up I was like.yes please called my man in to help her I was like 10 times her size and Dr.Perry was in another surgery so he came in helped her get me out of bed and then she started to squish my belly to get out the fluids and let's say it was alot of fluids ... My husband was freaking out when he saw all the blood and stuff splashing on the floor. Lol... They helped me put on my garment and clothes she got me some stuff to cover my car and brought me a wheel chair which I did not fit into scary... So I walked out of the building and took a flight of stairs right out of surgery like a true champ. Got in my car and got home. I went to bed and got up a lot to pre. Got home at around 5:50 pm that day my hubby went to get me some soup and some other stuff like water and gatorade and then my kids got home at around 10 from my.moms house. I wasn't tired I felt fine wasn't in so much pain didint get nauseous and definitely didint lose my appetite.. but was sore but nothing major. Layed for a bit and around 10 I decided I was tired of laying so walked around talked to the kids had more soup and watched tv kneeling on my sofa for a bit... Bad move but wouldn't have noticed till the next morning. So at around midnight I went to bed kept getting up all night between the peeing and the leaking and the pills it was annoying. I got up the next morning and boy did I look like a monster. My legs were 5 times the size they were from the day before my face looked like fiona from shrek. My hands wanted to explode. My garment was so tight around my mid thigh I couldnt stand it. I looked like I was 200pds. I felt Hugh fat monstrous super ugly. I wanted to cry cuz I had worked so hard for the last 3 year's to lose 72lbs and at that moment it took me way back. I was scared sad and regretful but what was done was done.

days 2 and 3 post op

Well I felt like crap I was extremely swollen only person who saw me these days was my god sent message therapist Miriam. I thank the lord that he put her in my path because if it wasn't for this caring and loving lady who knows her stuff and has all the certificates in a wall that over fills it to back it up I don't know what would have been of me. My legs were the size of elephants, I could barely get my eyes e

continued sorry got cut off...

opened due to the horrible swelling. My body tends to naturally swell on a regular bases and I knew it was gonna get bad told Dr. Perry but he told me it was normal to swell but sent me lasix and I was taking them right out of surgery but they were not strong enough for my situation. So Miriam saw me took the best care of me and I can't thank her enough. She went above and beyond for me as I mentioned on my previous post. I love her little doggie mojo he is too cute... But these two day were miserable. The messages hurt like hell but were extremely needed so I took it like a beast and did what needed to be done. Shout out to Miriam for all her help and attention. You all need her in your life right out of surgery everyone else is generic. Lol...

18 days post op swelling down and everything else too

The swelling has definitely gotten better. It is down about 50 to 60 percent from day 1 but everything else has gone down with it the hipsoty too. Which really sucks. I truly wish it doesn't go down anymore. I go see Dr. Perry today and will be bringing that up cuz I started with a 42 inch hip measurement and 3 days post op was 50 and no its 48.25 so I've lost 1.75 inches in the last 2 wks and 4 days. Dr Perry told me that whatever is left after 2 weeks is mine to keep but I'm scared cuz that's a lot of volume loss in such a short amount of time but we shall see. I still got that fluid collection located in my lower abdomen which is really annoying cuz my lower abdomen still hasn't been able to attach but I'm gonna stay hopeful that today's draining will be the last one I need it will be it... I haven't been able to complete my review cuzz life has kicked in and I really ad tobecome dependent on day 2 ofrecovery and its been tuff with all my set backs. But I got some stuff I would like to put on here about my whole experience... Well I will do that as soon as i get a chance .

can anyone say bad office administration....

Ok so I'm a little ticked off. I want to start by saying my after care has been pretty bad considering the lump sum I paid to have my surgery... I'm not complaining about Dr. Perry's work on my body, he did a great job but about post op care. I know I'm from Miami and its easier to see him but apperently he is more available and concerned for his out of town pts then he is for his locals AMD in my opinion and 7 year medical background experience he should be like that across the board. I don't want to start from the begining but so u guys can understand my fustration and reason to feel this way. Ok so here it goes when I chose Dr. Perry I researched him liked his work and read a lot of good comments and reviews on him and figred I would expect the same for me. Well I read on one review that he himself wheeled the patient out and helped her to get on the car... I on the other hand walked out of the building cuz was to big to fit in the tiny wheel chair they brought me so o waddled pit the building and went down 6 flights of stairs to get into my car which I had to figure how to get into myself... He opened the O.R. door said you look good and then closed the door and that's all I saw of him at discharge. I understand he was in surgery so I was like no prob and didint pay any mind. But then came the severe swelling. Well on my pre op appt I sat with him and told him I tend to swell just by looking at salt having my period or just because... I also told him about my vericose veins I had removed from one leg and how I had some on my other and needed some diuretics cuz I knew it was gonna get really bad. He said everyone swells that's normal but ill send you a low dose of lasixs just toget you through the first 3 days... Well right out of surgery I took my first pill and when I woke up the next morning I couldnt recognize my face my thighs in general I looked like a swollen monster. I texted him and sent him a pic explained it was really bad it hurt to stand on my feet and couldn't even bend my legs cuz the swelling wouldn't let me he said it was normal to keep taking the lasixs and drink my fluids so I did. Buy sunday day two I was even worse then Saturday 24 hours post surgery omg my fingers wereike the size of Twinkies and its no lie. Textrd him again told him it got worse and I wasn't going to the bathroom as much as I should have and my garment was cutting into my thighs due to the severe swelling told me to cut the bottom part of the garment in the inner high area where the elastic band was and to keep taking the lasixs and fluids I said ok. By this point I was becoming scared I would end up with a clot due to my bad vein history and severe swelling so I decided to just stand and walk most of Sunday and did the same Saturday and into m Monday. 3 days post op and I had yet to see the doctor only person caring for me was Miriam thank god you guys have no idea. Well finally went to see Dr. Perry and when he saw me monday afternoon which was changed from 12 to 6:30 cuz he was in surgery and had to cancel my ride that had asked for the afternoon off work for then nothing AnD a waist. I felt bad but got over it too cuz hey he was beautifying someone else so I didint pay no mind and hot over it. Well he saw me and flipped out was in shock couldn't believe I was that swollen and he said wow you weren't kidding when you told me you swelled. And all I said was yep I wasn't. He then literally went to town on my garment cut it up immediately and told me no compression on your legs till the swelling goes down put me on stronger diuretics and tolde I would havet try to lay on my back and compromise my booty for the sale of the legs.. hello I was trying to avoid all this aty pre op visit but no one listened. And btw when you have Lipo isint it the most important thing to have compression so the swelling doesn't have a Chance of even happening? Atleast that's what I understand well then why if I had Lipo to my inner thigh, anterior thigh, knee and the little fat that bulges next to the knee in the inner thight area, basically almost my whole thigh anteriorly and posteriorly down to my knee did I get a mid thigh garment compressing only half of the thigh work and the other half exposed and very vulnerable to swelling? I think o should have been given a garment based on my surgical areas not a standard garment given to everyone my garment should have gone all the way down to cover my knee which was worked on to compress it all. But I didint and the areas exposed swelled like a balloon. Well then I take care of that. Buy mind you before seeing him Monday for the swelling I never got a call from him to see how I was post op at least the next day as I had read on another girl's review... And he had already known of my swelling cuz I had informed him of it not once did I get a call to check up on me... Well then went in Tuesday to follow up on my leg swelling and must say I waited on the lobby for quite some time and that didint help either but that was fine I understood he had other pts but shot it sucks to stand when you are swollen post op on pain and all you want to do is lay down or sleep. So saw him told me couldn't wear a garment till my swelling went down told him I couldn't lay on my back to lift my legs cuz it hurt to much and just layed on tummy and elevated legs that way. He said that was fine and then told me to wait till the following Tuesday when I had my post op appt again to see if I could get into a garment. Well I didint wait by Wednesday I was in a garment that compressed all the way down to my calves and can I say I felt a relief. I started peeing like every 30 minutes cuz even with the stronger diuretics I still wasn't going like I should. And the swelling started going down. Thank god for Enrique at Catherine's fajas. Well by Saturday I was already going back to see Enrique for a smaller garment. The garment really saved my legs from the swelling. Compression is key. So anyways then by day 6 I get this huge sack of fluids as I had shown you all again informed the doctor Thursday day 6 but because that coming Monday was memorial day Norma tells me that Dr. Perry was not available that Thursday to see me cuz he was planning a vacation with his family and that it was a long weekend... Hello its Thursday memorial day ain't till Monday and he sees pt's Tuesday and Thursday's right so why couldn't I come in it was only 5:20 when I found the sack... So I told her ok no problem ill just go to the E. R. If it gets to bad... Thanks and hung up. To be honest I was furious and apauld that that was how they handled my situation mind you ladies I live 10 mins from the office. So I have been in the medical field and worked for 6 years with an orthopedic surgeon and we never ignored one of our pt's concerns post surgery. Always on call... I couldn't believe what was going on and started to put all these events together and got even more upset especially being the fact that I paid cold hard cash.... Ladies cash to get such treatment after surgery the most important part of it all. So to me it was like you take my money do my surgery then f*** everything else that's not right. I expect after care good aftercare cuz for that I could have gone to some crsp place and paid less. But I went to him cuz he was good and caring unlike others... Don't get me wrong when you are there he pays good attention to you answers your questions addresses you concerns and doesn't rush you or the appt but I need that like always especially when I got a concern... Well whatever Friday passed Sunday passed Monday and then came Tuesday I went to see him again now regarding my fluid collection and to follow up on the legs. He was like for sure we need to drain its a lot so he did took it all out gave me the thumbs up on my decision to buy the garment ahead of time cuz he saw it truly helped the swelling and then I was off told me to come back in a week which was today 18 post op to follow up on the fluid to make sure it didn't return but it did the next morning after the draining it was all full of fluid again so I texted him Wednesday told him it had filled up and if he wanted m to ome in Thursday to have it drained again or if I.should wait till my next appt which was today. Never got an answer nt a message again Thursday morning didint get an answer. So I left it alone and well today I'm going to my appt and when I get there Norma comes out and tells me as I'm getting out of the car that Dr. Perry wasn't there cuz he had an emeency and had to leave. Ok so u could have called to inform me he wasn't there and now I have to wait 2 more days with this sack of fluid till I go see him Thursday to get it drained. Ok so it will be 9 days that ill have this toxic fluid in my body and pray don't end up with an infection cuz of it just sitting there and hopefully my skin will attach evenly after cuz the rest has and its not a small area its my whole lower abdomen and it goes up into my waist / rib area on the right side. I have had 7 massages only got 3 more to go and I hope poor Miriam can do wonders in those 3 days for that area to attach and take out lumps I got from the same fluid just sitting there. So this my beautiful ladies is why I said poor office administration... I will eventually bring all this to Dr. Perry's attention but will wait till the end of my treatment cuz I just want to finish in peace and on my last office visit I will nicely tell him how I feel and will let him know when ever he is ready to have someone take care of his pt's appropriately be caring empathetic professional and run his business the way it should be toward success to give me a call and will hand him my very impressive, experienced and out of this world resume so just incase he has a change of heart. Or if not atleast my words will be heard and things will change where they need to for future patients to come. Ladies we are not dollar signs we are humans with feelings and need of attention and time post surgery. We should not be ignored or pit to the side for the next appt 2 or 4 or in my case 7 days later... Not right in my opinion for $7550 I paid. Well again if you had good care great I'm happy for u and that's how it should be and how it is when it comes to surgical pt's. But this my experience my situation and just hope no one else goes through this cuz it sucks to feel you are alone post op when things aren't going right and u need that little extra care that goes such a long way and is so much appreciated and valued at the end. It's a whole package pre and post surgical as well as the surgery itself it all goes hand in hand. Why buy a car if its pretty on the out side pretty in the inside but it ain't got no motor to run it.. you feel me? Well ladies I will keep you posted when I see Dr. Perry Thursday. Again he is great at what he does he will hook u up for sure maybe I have just had a stream of bad luck with my post op care and it isint like this all the time but if it is it needs to change cuz we need care and it ain't free and definitely not cheap... Alright ladies ttyl have a great night...

some 18 days post op pics...

Panty pics lol...

volume lose...

Forgot to mention that 3 days post op did my measurements waist was 32inches hips/booty was 50 yesturday I measured and it was 48.25 inches and waist was 31 inches. Measured naked today and waist was 30 inches and hip/ booty was 47 on the oney are you kidding me so in 2 weeks and 4 days I have lost 3 inches this sucks... I started with a 43 inch hip measurment before surgery. Just sucks cuz o got hips too so how much booty did I lose and how much hips did I get cuz I'm only 4 inches from what I was originally. I hope it doesn't go down any more cuz all thus pain and extra stress post surgery would have not been worth it then... Please pray for my booty volume ladies I'm worried. Oh and I've been good no sitting oit at alll... Nada has touched it but my garment and blanket at night and well maybe my man rubbing it very lightly to make a booty wish lol... But that it no reason for it to have melted away. Maybe it was just so big cuz of my swelling... Talk about booty greed huh??? Lol my man was like don't get it to big cuz its gonna look to fake but just to say he was the one that noticed it shrank yesturday and mentioned it to me... And was all concerned. I told him I wanted more and he said no it was perfect now he's the one tripping lol... Anyways ill ask Perry on Thursday how many cc's he put in the hips and butt cuz with all I have had going on it was the last thing on my mind anyways xoxo ttyl

post op 4wks 4days

Wanted to just post some updated pics. Sorry been M.I.A. but got the kids home for Sumner break and boy they are keeping me busy. Started the gym last Monday went well a lil pain in the butt muscle area while on treadmill walking at 2.5 no incline god I feel like a rooky doesn't seem I have been going since 2008 but ain't trying yoess my booty or myself up. All in due time. Haven't done weight training cuz I can't sit on but yet... And am not working out with my boppy so that will have to wait but I take walking over not doing anything at all. I'm gonna try to start doing some weights for the arms that don't require sitting to tone those and some abs also so let see how week 2 treats me at the gym.. anyways. I go see Perry Thursday for my month follow up and hopefully he is pleased with my results so gar. I also got my last massage last Thursday it was bitter sweet but will continue to get them


I will continue to get my massages here and there till my 3 months are up. Was thinking like every other week

6wk pics

Updated pics...

more 6wk pics

More pics of my juicy booty

9 weeks post op

Well ladies I'm doing good. Still going to thegm. Getting usto sitting on my nee booty. I don't sit on it for long periods of time just because I'm still affraid of flattening it out lol but overall I'm happy. I'm a little worried that after the 3 months when I take my garment off everything is going to get weird. Ive gotten usto having this thing on 24/7 along with my foam board and waist clincher. Don't know if I will take it off cold turkey after 3 months might keep it on for a few more months but only wear it all day throughout and then take it off for sleeping. But I'm not sure let's see how it goes. My stomach looks much better now then from day 1 but its still work in progress. I have a bit of saggy skin around my upper navel but I have learned to accept it. If it gets better great if not then it is what it is and ill be ok with it. But overall I'm still optimistic about it keeping positive and following all the instructions to the T. I have been going to the gym now for the last 6 weeks but can't really hit it as hard as I usually do from lack of movement and so much constriction. Igo to the gym with my faja, foam, board and waist cinchet and it makes it hard to really do anything so I'm looking forward to hitting the 3 month mark to be able to go to the gym with out the added layers and really get pumping but I'm happy that I'm atleast going. After recovery I'm looking into finally losing the last bit of weight I am carrying around and hit my goal of 160 but with curves and booty thanks to a generous husband and a skilful Dr. Perry. Well girls ill try to keep you all posted as it gets closer take care and good luck to all in the healing process or in the process of becoming bootyfied... Xoxo ttyl

9wks 5 days

Hey ladies well I woke up extremely swollen today. I got my period last night and it is kicking my ass. Anywho, I started a calorie cycling diet yedturday thanks to Zulu princess. Her page has a lot of helpful and interesting info regarding this diet. She has lost some 28 lbs and is doing a fabulos job so shout out to her and her hard work and dedication. Well, I am currently at the point where I wish I would have gotten a bit more booty. At first it started off looking big right out of surgery but then as the swelling went down so did the volume and now it just looks normal to me. My hubby didintvwant it to big and because he was paying for the booty doc went with his request. So now I'm left with a normal sized butt... Egh :( what can yo do the booty greed is real ladies... At first I was freaking out cuz it looked so big now I'm just sad and a bit disappointed I don't have the big juicy stripper booty I wanted but it is what it is and just for the record now I understand why a lot of girls go for round two if I had the money ill do it again in a Heart beat. To update you all on the tummy situation... Well, it looks wayyyy better then from the first few weeks post op but not what I Had imagined. It's retracted nicely but unfortunately there is some saggy skin around the upper part of my navel area. Weird cuz I never had lose skin on my upper abdomin only lower area where I had c-section scar. But I am ok with that and have learned to accept it. If it get better from now till my 3.months great if not it us what it is and will then look into getting a tummy tuck in the future. But for now I'm just planning on continuing to cncentrate on the recovery and lose some extra weight and that's the best I can do. I do swell here and there still but its due to my period lack of water or sodium intake. I usually swell anyways even with out surgery so I have a feeling I'm gonna be the one that is in the 6 months for recovery and swelling but we shall see. Depending on how I look and feel at my 3 month mark I might use faja only at night and be only with a waist cincher during the day but if I'm not 100% and still swelling I might just keep wearing it for the 6 months 24/7 along with foam and board but will decide at that point. I'm looking forward to getting into normal clothing with out the added layers. I'm over the leggings and long dresses. Especially being from Florida it can get very hot and layers are not good for a girl here... My current measurements are
32 bust
28.5 waist
47 hips/butt
I would have liked my waist to be a 27 but if it stays where it is I'm fine with it too . But its definitely better then before so its ok. I can't complain I started out post surgery in a 4xl Lipo express garment and am currently in a medium. I have to take it to get fixed at the waist into a small and am going to leave the legs alone cuz they ain't gonna get any smaller. I have thick legs always have so any smaller and my circulation will be screaming out for help. I am currently wearing my faja medium stuffed with 3 Lipo foams sandwiched together along with my board to help with the closeness of the garment around the waist and then I wear an extra small waist cincher over my faja to finish off the compression sandwich I have going in. I still take all the vitamins I was taking pre surgery and post surgery. Take a multivitamin, iron pill, vitamin e, emergen-c, water pill when very necessary and 2 tylenols here and there when I'm switching garment sizes. The surgery has helped me feel better about myself but I'm still not where I want to be. Oh by the way I also us nivea q 10 on my tummy legs arms and now butt to help the skin too. I think ill get more excited maybe when I' finally out of my faja and able to dress in regular clothing and go shopping. The baggy shirts and leggings got me tripping. Feel like I'm always looking like I'm either going to the gym or chilling at home sucks want to show off my new look but hard to with so many things on at the same time. But I guess all in due time. I'm going to the gym as I had mentioned before but haven't really done much of anything because of the layers but I am doing cardio and come out looking likeiI just took a shower in my gym clothes. I really can't wait to hit the weights like I usto so I can get back to my toning. Going from what I usto look like to now I feel its going to be easier to tone now with less fat in the problem areas. I'm planning on toning up and getting to my ideal weight of 160 by my 30 birthday which is this coming February so I only got 7 months to get the weight off and the body nice and toned... So wish me luck ladies 30s are definitely the new 20s and I intend of owning it. Well ill keep you all posted on the abdominal progress and will keep posting as things progress or change till then ttyl and stay fabulous ladies xoxo

stomach swelling and sensitive skin around stomach and waist

Well ladies I'm officially way past my 3 month mark. And let me tell you its been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences for me so far. I must say my booty has held tight at 47 inches but my tummy is not behaving its self as good as the booty has its been a dilemma with my stomach since day 1. Well I took off my garment the other day for my daughters birthday party last week when I officially was 3 months and keys just say by the end of the party my stomach was all over the place. It was puffy swollen anthe skin was sagging around the navel area,more so then before it was a hot mess my measurements went up from 27 3/4 inches to 29 and I was so upset... I cried I was devastated. I have done everything to the t since I had surgery didint sit on butt till 8 wks and well had my messages and I just don't get it. Went to see the doc said I still have swelling and hard area on my abdomen and it can take up to 6 months forccomplete healing so I felt a bit disappointed but was relieved to know it will get better with time. I since then have nit been wearing garment and the stuffings as before only to go to bed as per Dr. Perry's ok. Said its fine to not wear it so much anymore it would not hurt my results at this point so I have and I must say the skin on my tummy is looking way better not as wrinkled as before around my navel area and the puffiness is not as bad either stomach isn't as flat as it was before when I was wearing garment 24/7 but doc said that will get better to that its swelling so I pray it will get better with time. Now to all the vets out there has anyone experienced this, has anyone had swelling in the abdomen and pain in the skin after 3 months. What have you guys done what have your docs said about it and has it gotten better and advice will help please I'm kind of trying to stay hopeful but its hard after giving it your all for so ling and it doing this so far into the healing. Thanks in advance for the help and info. Ttyl xoxo godbess

15 weeks

Well ladies I'm almost 4 months and I still have hard spots on my abdomen along with swelling that comes and goes throughout the day. I am still wearing my garment daily along with foam board waist cincher and vest on top of that. I still am working out drinking plenty of h2o and eatting as healthy as possible. Went to south beach finally since having surgery. Kept getting looks mainly all the hating women it was fun. Don't dare to wear a 2 piece cuz of swelling and lose skin on the navel area still but did work my monokini. I am going to see Dr. Perry again this week and I'm gonna tall to him about the lose skin. During my consult he said if I had lose skin after the surgery he could do an in office mini tummy tuck under local anesthesia and it would only $500 so I might be looking into that just to help out the skin that's a bit loose. Well I'm still using the roller per Dr. Perry's request on my last visit and I am also doing a 24 day abs challenge so far so good on my 3rd day today ill keep you all posted as I progress and let you know if it makes my abs look nicer and toner. Also I wanted to know of anyone is experiencing this so late in the healing process and if so what are you doing to help and if it has gotten better or not. Any nfo would be helpful and appreciated. I've gotten to the point where I'm extremely discouraged and have lost all hope for any fyrthur improvement and am now regretfully considering undergoing a tummy tuck in the near future. I really don't want to go through all the physical, mental and emotional torcher that comes with surgery but don'tthink its gonna improve anymore. I kind of regret not going for a tummy tuck as planned initially and feel horrible about spending so much money to still find myself trying to hide my stomach like I usto but more now then ever cuz the lose skin is over my belly button not at my c-section scar like prior to the surgery so its harder to hide now. I cry at times and wish I would have just gotten the tummy tuck and delt with the scar now then still dealing with the lose skin oh well we live and we learn. So any info about this if you went through this and it ended up turning out great or if it didint too. Well ill keep posting as I progress and see any good or bad changes happening. Thanks for the info and god bless and happy healing to those in progress and best of luck to those in transit. Ttyl xoxo

still struggling with my abdomen.

Hi ladies well its official I'm 17 weeks and few days and well my abdomen skin still trippin... Not much has changed since my last update.only thing is my butt has shrank about another inche its now 46 instead if 47. I guess I had swelling on my booty too or because of diet and exercise it has shrank some. Oh well at this point in the game I'm just over it all. It's so dissapointing to pay so much out of pocket save for years and then end up so unhappy with the outcome. There are days when im more optimistic then others. I'll be ok with itad still be positive about it and then I have days when I'm Like super angry at myself for being so stupid for waisting my money on something I didint need and didint take care of my abdomen like I should have cuz I'm still covering up like before and now even more embarrassed because of the uneven lumpy saggy stomach I got. If you don't know me you coukdnt even tell I had surgery if you knew me you would just notice my butt is a bit bigger but that's all. Nothing you can't achieve at the gym not so huge its obviously fake. It's such a let down and a dissapoiment. For the last 4 year's diet and exercise have consumed me and my time and felt this surgery was gonna be the icing on the cake and let's just say I feel I have a lot of mire work to do now then ever before. For the amount of money I coughed up for this surgery it should have been a big difference and I should have ended up happy. I came in this being realistic when it came to my results and didint expect perfection but damb I'm far from it. Maybe I'm crazy maybe I don't see what others see but I'm not looking in the mirror and loving or feeling I look better then before. I cry at times and other times I get very down and don't o go out don't want to ge dressed up or show off my body at all. My.husband thinks I look fantastic and he says I'm super sexy but I don't see it sometimes I want to throw out the towel and say fuck it to it all diet surgery exercise and just be fat its easier and I can do it perfectly easy but then I snap out if it but ladies this is a struggle I'm going through and I hope that the 6 month mark will be the game changer for me but to be honest I doubt it. Anyways well , has anybody gone through this have you had issues and then it some how gets better one day when you get up in the morning has it improved by 6 months any help advice info would truly be so much appreciated honestly. Thanks in advance xoxo ttyl god bless.

1year 2mths and holding strong :-)

Well ladies, its officially been a year and my booty is holding strong. Waist is hanging tight too. I recently started lifting heavy weights and eatting clean so my booty has shrunk about an inch, inch in a half but its expected. My booty held tight at 47inches and waist at 28. I still do wear my waist cincher at night to sleep in and sometimes during the day depending on a few things. I tend to swell cuz of heat but that's just me. I live in florida so swelling is part of my life and if im on my period its worse. So those are my reasons for wearing it more or less. In regards to my stomach well the skin never got better... surprise. But nothing a future tummy tuck cant fix. But over all im happy with my results and loving my body and how I look in my clothes. Especially tight fitted dresses and legging. Wish I wpuld have gotten a bigger booty though lol but that's the booty greed monster in me. Maybe ill go for round 2 in the future to fix a few dents and give more fullness at the bottom but for the time being it fine. Not to big it looks super fake but big enough to have people ask if its mine and real. Lol. Take care of your investment ladies work out eat healthy and enjoy your curves. FYI cardio will shrink your ass faster then a prune and give you cellulite. Do squats, lunges, butt bridges, dead lifts and leg presses. I promise it does the booty good and keeps it all nicely in its place... ill post pics soon :-)

happy as can be ladies.

Hello ladies I'm gonna be 2 years post op soon and loving my results still. Gonna be going in soon for a tummy tuck and possible breast aug but that's still in the works. My waist and booty still holding tight. Love my curves and proud to show it off. Would have liked a bigger booty but I can't complain.

31 and fabulous.

Well ladies I just hit the 3 1 and I'm feeling fabulous. I've been working out and eating extremely clean and have lost 10lbs in 5 weeks. I finally decided that I wanted to lose more weight before getting my tummy tuck and a possible breast augmentation by the end of the year during the winter though cuz recovery during the summer really sucks. Did that during my bbl and recovery was a bitch The heat makes me swell on any random day and it was 10xs worse while recovering so won't make that mistake again. But yeah only thing that's sucks is as you lose weight your booty shrinks and so does your waist but because most of your fat is in your butt it's whe're you see the most shrinkage because it's mostly concentrated there. But it's ok cuz I feel it will get smaller but so will everything else too. So I'm ok with it. I also am doing my usual lower body training to at least keep It lifted as I go through my weight loss journey. I'll keep you guys posted on how the bbl behaves under weight loss. I planning on losing about 25 pounds and seeing how I feel at that point and will stop there or continue and keep losing till I'm happy with my loss. Anyways I'll post pics so you guys can see me at 10 lbs lighter and the booty still holding up. Xoxo

31 and 10lbs lighter

4 years later and looking good.

Everything is good it's been 4 years since my surgery and I'm still happy...
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am rating because its requiring me to but haven't gotten nothing done yet but once I get my procedure done I will rerate based on my overall experience.

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