27 Year Old MALE Getting a BBL - Aventura, FL

Yes I am a male getting a BBL procedure. I have...

Yes I am a male getting a BBL procedure. I have been lurking Real Self for a little over a year. There are tons of BBL reviews by women and little to none by men. The skepticism kept me from following through but I have decided to just go with the procedure, because waiting for the perfect male review or any male review will keep me waiting for a longer period of time.
I first started a chat with Cynthia over at Elite plastic surgery website. We discussed my skepticism and settled on a surgery date, June 8, 2017. I payed my 800$ deposit to lock my surgery date and was then emailed a surgery conformation form which I later signed and faxed. I will be paying for my surgery in installments and will have to be done paying the 8049$ 4 weeks prior to my surgery date. I am excited and hopefully everything will be worth it at the end. None of my family members nor friends know about the surgery, hopefully I'll be able to keep it that way.
currently debating if I should stay at their recovery house or stay at a hotel near by. I will be going by my self.
I am planning on working out hard up to my surgery date while maintaining my current weight. I have attached four before pictures. I am really out of shape which is why I will be working out to build a habit so it will be easier to workout after surgery.
current measurements:
waist: 35
hip: 41.6
weight: 167 lbs
height: 5'4''

Wish pictures

These are the pictures of the body I wish to have post op. It is hard finding male wish pics. Almost all of the google images that pop up after my search are inappropriate but I have added to tamed ones. I also added some wish pics that I created using an app.


Time has past by fast. My surgery is in 2 months and 3 weeks. I have yet to decide if to stay in the recovery house offered by elite plastic surgery or to rent a small cottage via airbnb and hire a nurse for the first couple days. A 4 day stay at the recovery house will cost me $999 and if I decide to rent a cottage for 12 days it will cost me about $1,240 (including the cost for the nurse and food). Can't decide, any opinions?
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