27 No Kids Petite Body Just Want Hips and Not Look Like a Little Gurl - Aventura, FL

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So I wish they will hurry up and get back to me,...

So I wish they will hurry up and get back to me, I'm so anxious and I have stop smoking for this. I been dancing for a while but I'm not getting the results from dancing. I want make my life better and feel better bout myself. It is a lot competition but If u are at your best there no way u can't win. That's y I want do it so bad


So I talk the doctors I been thinking bout this week, and now I'm confused who I want to go with, it's between fisher and Salam. I am just going to keep Savin up and then by time I get my deposit hopefully I'll figure it out, and comments ladies ugh who shuld I go with.

I am finally going to stat this journey

I am still on the fence about wo I want to go to but ghurani, baez, or duran are my options. I am tired of looking everyone else get tere done lol and im still trying make a decision but its okay God will grant me this. What am I going to start doing though is saving and preparing.

Finally made a Decision

So today I got call from dr ghurani and im so excited. He really gave me tat umph to know what to do. Just by talking to him and im seeming like he know what to do and how to. So by next week ill put down my deposit and set a date for myself. So excited. I definitely have start working over time to get what I need to be done in this.

Ladies who does the best hips in your opinion of doctors

So I am in Chicago and I think I want a travel buddy . I really want to gain more weight because my bf has been making me work out, running and I think that if I keep it up I will loose all the potential I got. I am 127pds and I really would like to be 145 cu im short and I want to look slim thick not thick and fat. Its a shape im goong for. but Iwould like to get hips because I have a nice ass already lol

Stress out thought this would be fun journey

I thought I knew who I wanted but im again still under stress, indecisive, but im doing good with saving my money and when im ready ill know.

October 7th is my date Excited Laides


Looking for buddy for Dominican

I was on Instagram and just browsing through some photos that had there bbl done over I'm Dominican and I really would like to go over there but I am just to scared o would like cabrel or Duran to do mine what are you guys thought on it

Looking for buddy from Chicago to Dominican

Hey so I been on here for three years back and forth reading reviews and totally just wasn't sure if I wanted to do this but I really want get this out the way and start doing something for me so last night I email Yily she got back with me Cabral email me back but not how Yily did she gave a lot info and how to be prepare and what test I should take so I can know where I am with it Duran hasn't got back to me yet but I know she will. I was thinking July or August because I just stop smoking and I have to get my money up.

About to make sure I am healthy as far testing before I go under anybody's knife

I was looking at some info you need to know before you get surgery and I am definitely going to be sure I play my part and get this body ready so I am going to go the doctor and see if she can get my test done cuz I think you have to get Doctor permission to take these kind of test and then I am not going to be smoking or drinking for some months get that out of my system cuz I do like to party . But anywho I am really starting to get serious for this . My weight right now is 127 but I would like to be 140 but I got see if that's too much cuz I'm short but I think I got it planned out oh and this week passport cuz I read it takes s long time so I wAnt get it out the way

Got in touch with rh got quote

So I finally got some things done now on the agendAs is passport travel ticket test and reservations for where I am going to stay that's what I work on these two weeks so excited
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