25year Old Mother of 1 Want Her Body Back - Aventura, FL

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Want to get ride of all my back fat love handles...

Want to get ride of all my back fat love handles and add some more volume to my butt and hips. At first I I pick Dr Orlando Llorente but the Cordinator say he good but no aggressive with taking muck fat out in back and perfect dr Hanaberg and show me her work done by him that sold me even though I didn't find much review on him I guess people didn't post his work. Ok so put my deposits down to lock the deal that they had with was 3,800 which was better the I expected. Then the next day she sent me a email to sign and send back stating that my deposit is non refundable which she didn't say on the phone and my deposit didn't go toward my total I went to therapies fee and I had to pay $160 for one garment $70 for one or two pads so I was like no thanks I'm not paying that much for one garment when I can get 3 for that price and pads so she said cool that's not added to my amount

Date change to may 19!!

Hey dolls, so I decided to change my date to May 19 only because of that I wasn't ready was nervous still wanted to do some research and to make sure I have everything I needed for my surgery and that I'll have some money saved from the time I was taking off from work. I've been looking at some of the dolls on here and you girl or hot/bad. I'm sticking with Dr. Hanaberg and I know some girls our schedule for surgery on May 13 so I'll be following you guys now and your whole recovery wish you the best.

More wish pics!!

Am I crazy to be in love with all these frames lol.. I hope DR. Hanaberg hook me.. I'm thinking 450-600cc but everybody cc's looks different

Visited New Life Office

So today I had a visit so I can do lab work and see Dr E. Hanaberg. So had my fiancé drive me there and it's very far it was a hour drive I hate being the care that long. So I arrive signed in and had a seat and it ass every where every Lady in their head ass or hip that went their frame. It made my fiancé uncomfortable so he walked out. So I met Hanaberg before he went in surgery before I saw him they sat me in a big COLD room where the patient are out of surgery and I can here a lady making disturbing noises like she was in a lot of pain and I feel so so I saw became nervous and shaking at the same time because The room is cold. But he came in smiling and we spoke laughed and he answered all my question and he said I can workout up until a week before the surgery so I'm still wanting to lose weight I'm 158 so I can lose the fat on my face and arm so he can Focus on my abdominal abdominal and upper back lower area. So he left and they wanted to sign all paper work before my lab that they said I won't be getting done I was very up set they said it needed to be done 2week before my surgery. I was like okay whatever let me sign all the paper works so they send me to vivi and she's A rude bitch I try to keep my composure because there is a lot of people in the office but you can see in my face that I was mad and she made a smart remark like I didn't know I was seeing Brieanna today and I'm like OK I'm here now so let me sign the paper and leave she make me wait 45later I go to the front dest and told her how long it takes to sign paper she talking in the office to other coworkers. So l said listen you you guys made me drive up 1hour drive to do no lab but at least I got a chance to see my surgern so I told them to email me all my paper works to sign and when I drive up again to do my labs I'll give it to them them so I don't stay that long again for no reason. But I'll call ms. Vivi tomorrow talk to her and help her with professionalism


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