Going Back to Salama for Tummy Tuck and Bigger Implants - Aventura, FL

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I had a Brazilian butt lift with Dr Salama which...

I had a Brazilian butt lift with Dr Salama which results are amazing BUT I can't enjoy it because my diastasis recti is bigger than it. I've payed thousands of dollars for personal trainers who did not understand that typical abdominal exercises will only make it worse but they looked at me like I'm stupid or pretended they understand but wouldn't work me out properly. They would just overall avoid working my abdominal area. I'm looking to schedule for spring break so hopefully something opens up

wanting to change date to March 7-11

I have a date in June. To be exact June 14. I would love to go between March 7-11. Anyone want to trade, I would love it!!!!

1 day post op

Sorry I'm just now writing. During my consult right before sx, Dr Salama stated that I did have a small hernia. I KNEW IT. I can't have my fat sucked out n still have it looking pointy for no reason. I went in with an agreement of 500/550cc silicone high profile because I wanted more fullness on top. Post op I was like wow my boons r huge. He said he went with 600/650cc instead. I'm like not bad, I like. I'll post more pics later. This pic is just post op 1 day

Undone tummy tuck

So I am a little upset. apparently my tummy tuck became undone and I'm going back for a revision. I sent pictures to Dr Salama and he said that is the best choice. fortunately I am doing it for a reduced price mostly facility and anesthesia fee but the fact that I have to go to the recovery phase all over again walking like a little old lady for two weeks is what bothers me the most. I really wanted to have my sexy skinny waist this summer but that won't be happening. I asked Naomi what cause my tummy tuck to become undone so that I can prevent that from happening again but I got no response. I wore my garment for one month like a saint and periodically afterwards. The round 2 will happen in July. hopefully it will be the last time .another thing I would like to do is maybe a round 2 BBL, a small one. I feel that my left butt cheek is smaller than my right butt cheek and my butt is starting to become very dimply and it bothers me so much. I think I'm going to send Nancy an email to see how much it will cost for a mini BBL along with a tummy tuck here goes to another recovery process.
Moises Salama, MD

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