Sisters Getting Lipo & BBL - Dr. Edgar Contreras - Dominican Republic

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*Treatment results may vary

So, I decided to write down my experience of the...

So, I decided to write down my experience of the journey I took with my sister to the Dominican Republic to get Lipo/BBL/Blepharoplasty (eyelid correction) done.

It has been 32 days post-op now and I can tell has been a interesting ride, Roller coaster style!

About me. I am 5.5 and when I started this journey, I weighed 137. My build is: no hips, small butt. When I gain weight, my fat goes straight to my belly and waist. The older I got, my ass seemed to become more flat. The term pancake-butt would describe me, pretty much. Ugh.

Soooo...when my sis stumbled over the whole BBL thing and informed me and showed me pics of ladies with round behinds and small waists, she deff got my attention!

I did not want a very large behind. Just a bit more round, perky. Nothing over the top because I feel that's not me. Also, having my fat removed from belly/stomach/flank/back was a big big thumbs up for me, since my fat gets stored there.

I will start off with a wish picture I found and how I looked pre-op.

Consult with Dr. Contreras

Before I continue btw, a summary of vitamins I took the months before the surgery on 11 of March
* Detoxed with chlorella pills - Much needed as ex-smoker
* Iron
* Vitamin C
* Folic and the Bs
* Omega 3

The day before we had our consult with Dr. Contreras we went in to get our health checked by Dr. Hasbun, the Cardiologist. Both healthy as can be :) At this point I was a bit tense...nerves kicking in, one day before BBL and Lipo, arrg :) Our taxi driver, Jose Brito, had to pick up a girl up from a recovery house and sis and me got the opportunity to see some girls/woman who had the surgery behind them and were more then willing to share how they experienced it, and what they had done. Exciting!!! They were all very open and honest. Some were in a bit of pain, others said it was so so and were so happy they had it done. The girl who drove with us to Plastica Contreras was full of stories and seemed very uncomfortable, more so then in pain. Good to know!

Finally we arrived at the clinic. Had blood check up done and decided to pay the next day.

So, up we went to Dr Contreras his office on the fourth. The whole building btw looks really nice and classy. But Dr Contreras his office is like walking into the office of scarface...but a modern version lol. Very impressive. Edgar Contreras was very nice. Calm, friendly and relaxed. Which oddly upped my nerves some haha. I had a million things I wanted to say to him, and pictures I wanted to show him. But in some strange way...I fell sorta silent around what he hell? He seemed to know what he wanted to do with me. Pointed out where he would remove fat, and where he would inject it. I also asked him I wanted some lipo done on my upperarms.
I asked him how much a upper eye lid correction cost. Because during my mail contact with him, I was told the costs for this was $2000,-. Which I found very overpriced. When I asked him in person, the price dropped to $500,-!! ..Well.....Yes Sir, I will have a Blepharoplasty please!

That night sis and I were pretty hyped up! Talking about our butts, how we wanted it to be and wanted serious Lipo done to get a small waist!

The Big day!

First of all I want to say, everyone is super nice at the Clinic. Say hi to Catharina from the Faja shop! Her English is perfect and is always so willing to help out. Sis and I adored her!

We arrived at Plastica Contreras around nine-ish? and some girls were already waiting there on the
2nd floor to meet the anesthesiologist, Dr. Meija. He explained about the whole epidural and sedation procedure. Assured me I would not wake up - which I did but more of this later-

Then up to Dr. Contreras to be marked up. This time I DID express more what I wanted to have. I said I wanted more hips and if it was possible to inject fat in my hips as well, and urged him I wanted a round behind, but not big. Fitting to my body type. A nod and a gentle, "Yes, I understand, round, not too big" came from him. At this point I was sweating like a lill He marked me up and that was it. Sis had already mentioned we wanted shorter our bottom a bit - by removing the fat above your butt-. He understood and off we went to the 3rd floor. I made sure sis and I shared a recovery room and here the waiting began :)

Patience...I do not have lol and I was more hyped up when they picked up sis first! zomg! off she went! Whaaaaaaa! I actually had a bit of a nap before they came and picked me up!

The wheelchair guy picked me up, he even rubbed my shoulders a bit, aww (tip him too girls, he is a sweetheart!), had a nice laugh & chat with chief of surgery - forgot her name- super nice lady! Her English is perfect which eased my nerves some. I heard my sis was done and could have a peek at her. Couldn't go to her but wanted to hug her so badly, but I saw she was doing well. Pale and sleeping, awwww.

Now, it was my turn. In the surgery room things became a tad bit surreal. 1. I could hear a girl moan and expressing she was in pain from a other surgery room. A nurse opened the door to the other surgery room and I could see DR. Contreras work on her. Now, mind you. I am pretty fearless when it really comes down to it...but this visual and sound put my nerves to the test. Holy cow lolol! I didn't up and leave though...haha. So now the anesthesiologist and some nurses came in and soon I dozed which I woke up! mmhmm! when they gave me a epidural. That shit HURTS! I was half asleep but I was very vocal at this which I dozed off again......and then I woke up again during the procedure....fer real????!! LOL
No. I didn't feel pain when I woke up and no I couldn't open my eyes. But I was aware enough to say "Ola....I am awake....and again...Ola....yo I am awake" slurring probably and then I got a bit angry..even though I didn't feel a thing, I did feel them working on me...then I said, "motherf*&%^ers I am awake!" ...and phew...slipped away again. jeees. lol I really didn't mean to curse....I just didn't want to experience it awake haha. They got the point.

Next time I woke up was when I was brought to my room, where my chatterbox sis was already instructing the nurses to do this and that for me -

The night after surgery at the Clinic. last post got eaten :( darn it. So where was I? Oh yeah, chatterbox sis was instructing the nurses to slip a pillow under my new butt. It was aching. I was shaking like crazy and couldn't see a thing because I had gauze over my eyes.
After some pain medication the shaking went away and when the gauze was removed I could actually see my sis, chatting away like nothing happened O.o

We weren't allowed to leave our beds but had to pee. So we got a thing, what's it called (Not English) to pee in. They placed it under your butt. Sis wet herself..and what was odd to me, the night nurses didn't change her sheets. Hmm. Urine + open wounds, not good in my book. But ok..we were to weak to object or be too vocal about it. I couldn't pee, although the sensation I had to pee became worse with each passing minute! Becoming painful so kept the pee thing on my bed, just in case. At this point I became nauseous because of the anesthetics I think. And used the thing to throw up in. Because of my eyelid surgery the blood poured in my eyes and over my face. Ugh. At this point we called for the nurses. I had no gauze and was unable to leave my bed. So then we started to yell. Which continued for a while, till a nurse came in and wiped the blood from my face. I asked for another cloth and that was the last time I asked for help.

At this point sis dozed off and my sensation of having to pee became rather urgent. Seeing I used the pee thing (:P) to throw up in a few times I decided to get out of bed and use the toilet. But, no pee. But the pain was real real bad...I wobbled to the night nurse in the hall and used google translator to ask if I had a blather infection because at this point I was not a happy camper. She said it sometimes happens to woman who had surgery and I should not be worried. I think around this time it was nearing midnight, so...I decided to stay up and wobble around the room and drank drank and then drank some more...then peed, wobbled, drank, peed, wobbled...well you get the picture. I did this all night. Now and then sis woke up mumbling how I was chatted some and she dozed off...went out to get more water and continued this all night. Bleh, didn't expect this during first night of recovery.

Around 4-ish sis woke up too. Now and then a nurse came in to rub sis with Trombocid (Bought downstairs at he Faja shop before Op) and around this time my pain subsided some. Thank god. I asked the nurse if I could shower, I NEEDED to. I promised I would not get water on the incisions (Water in DR is not good after surgery!) and I got a go. That shower was sooooo good! sis decided to take a picture of my very swollen body.

1 day post-op at the Hotel the taxi I decided to play it cool when entering the hotel lounge. Fail. What was I thinking? Almost pulled the hotel door guy in the taxi with me as he helped me out :) Sis mumbled " surgery" at the lady in the lounge, so decided to drop all pretenses and wobble into the hotel with stitches in my eyes till the elevator came to bring us up to a lovely welcomed air-conditioned cool room. Yesssss.

Body is very very swollen at this point, but not painful. More in shock prolly, not realizing i was in a mini car crash :D
So I sat on a cushion. Yes I sat! I didn't want to lay down and I was up all night wobbling and peeing. So chatted some. Ate some. Made pictures and sis and I compared our bloated faja bodies haha. If I could advice someone...bring someone with you who has the same done. It's so much better together!

The night was more challenging. How do you sleep right? You are not allowed to sit or sleep on your back for 3 weeks. (At the Clinic they did put us on our back). Sis had ordered floaters to sit on which we on and off used to sleep on...or in...well at least the relieve the pressure. Very very uncomfy, odd but it worked, for a few nights!

needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. I pretty much, the following two weeks woke up around either 11 in the evening or at 3 in the night. Thank god for my tablet and Netflix. Trust me, I would have died of boredom if I had brought my tablet with me! :D

2 days post op - night & day routine

I haven't mentioned my eyes much. Well. They are bloody and swollen with tight stitches. The stitches are taped to each side of your eyes. Correction, it is one stitch. it goes through one eye, over the bridge of your nose into the other eye. Mum, who went along with us, thought she saw a bloodspeck on the bridge of my nose and wanted to gently remove it with her nail...she almost gave me a heart attack. lol. handed her her glasses and she turned a little pale when she saw it was the stitch on the bridge of my nose. Haha! Love her.
I had no pain, whatsoever. Not the first night not any night after it. The mornings were interesting. Because I had two swollen little sausages for eyelids. After a wash (from a bottle, no tap water ladies!) the swelling went down and I applied trombocid the first week or so. After the first week I used Arnica cream combined with strong arnica gel. The last helped real well. Going to find them both and upload the pics later. The first few days I had no bruising beneath my eyes. Just upper, but I knew this would come. And sure did and stayed with me for 1 month!!

Breakfast was fun fun fun. Sis always had a boppy pillow to sit on. I refused. I just sat like Forrest Gump. Upright and stiff with bloodred upper eyes, pretending nothing is the matter with our family, and enjoyed my sandwich & pineapple juice (Good for swelling ladies!! disgusting sweet but healthy and good after Op!)

After breakfast we were picked up by the charming Jose Brito who brought us to the Clinic. There we had our morning massages. Painful but oh so needed. We bought 10 massages there, and you get 2 free laser treatments too to melt the fat.

The first two times Iris (I think that was her name, sweet lady who had a Lipo & BBL too @ the Clinic!) and after Suzie did my massages. They both rock. After a very painful massage they strap you in the so "hatedbutcantlivewithout" Faja. So And then you feel so good!

By the time we got to our hotel around lunchtime and had a bite to eat, I was worn out. And often I had to sleep some. I just had too. At this stage you really need to listen to your body. If I didn't sleep in the afternoon, I would become nauseous. :/

Swelling kicks in worse 2 days post op and continues. The vajeejee is becoming something alien. TMI? probably but I think we passed that stage. The faja is so tight, you are so swollen, the swelling goes everywhere where there isn't any pressure. In my case, vajeejee, knees, ankles, feet and face. Melon face. Miss bloatee, nice to meet you. At 2 days post op, I only took the faja off at the clinic. Not at the hotel. I just couldn't haha.

3 days post op - Bruising starts to kick in

The nights are still filled with Netflix. I just can not sleep. Swelling is enormous. The faja is something you can not do without. At the same time I hate it. It's so tight. It makes laying down a hell. It dents your skin and even gives skin burns there where it rubs against the flesh. Mostly, in my case, my belly. because the swelling on my belly and back are bad.

I am not the only one. Heard sis whisper my name from the other room. She saw my tablet flickering. She is as swollen as I am. Can't sleep. laying down sucks. It's no pain, just utter discomfort. Bleh. A girl is allowed to mope some from time to time.

Starting to hate my bed, and the pillows, the floater. Sometimes I roll off the bed...yes, you roll. Its hard to sit up like a normal person. Heard mum snicker in the dark when she saw my silhouette roll over to get out of bed to pee. " Want help?' she asked. " No..I am fine..just slow". Took me 1 minute to get up from bed, lmao. It's all good...just need to get through the night hehe.

The next morning decided to use all bottles to have a decent wash before massage in the Clinic. That took a while. Really. Lucky for me I don't sleep much. Wobbled to sisters room ( adjoining rooms). She is swollen too. Her knee mostly. Me, my back. Big time. Time for naked pictures.

After breakfast headed towards the Clinic. This time, Suzie send me up for a drain. Oh!? Si, you have bad swelling and inflammation. So, up I went up to the 2nd floor to one of DR. Contreras his doctors. Very nice man, although I do not speak much Spanish and he doesn't speak English. It's all good though. He inserted a needle in my lower back (ouch) and took 4 tubes of blood/fluid from it. I do feel better after and down I went for my massage with the amazing Suzie. In Suzie we trust! xxx

8 days post op - the things i could not do without!

Things are constantly changing from day to day from hour to hour. Then you catch a night with a few hours sleep, then you are awake pretty much all night. The nights from 3 days post up till now have been very uncomfortable. It's the swelling mostly. It makes you cranky. Today my name was Miss Moody. And not very emotionally stable. I just accept that it comes with the package.

I found out that I could not do without some things.
At the clinic, the first night mostly and at least for 1.5 weeks after to pee can be challenging lol.
So we used a funnel. You can get this in every cooking/grocery store for a buck or less.

Things you need!
* funnel to pee
* Blanket (at clinic first night!)
* whipes
* Arnica crème & gel
* Trombocid (only first week for me, sis needed it more)
* tanktops for under faja (Against skin burn)
* Lipo foam to use under faja (Brilliant sis xx)
* Lots of cash (more later)
* Pain killers (Diclofenac & Tramadol)
* Sunglasses (if you have your eyes done)

Diclofenac is also given to you (well you buy it) at the Clinic since it is a anti inflammatory drug.

It was around this time I started to wear lipofoam under my faja. At first I wasn't convinced but it really protects the skin (mostly there where you close the faja) and against swelling. One of the doctors of Dr. Contreras, the one who daily drains my back, advised me to cut a diamond shaped piece from the lipofoam and put it in the small of my back or even lower, just above my buttocks since I have bad inflammation/swelling there.

Sis I often called my drugdealer. lol. Often, due to lack of sleep, I was to grumpy to take my painkillers or vitamins. Often she would place a handful of colored pills at my nightstand. xx

9 day's Post op - From Faja S to Faja XS

8 days post op, I had purchased a faja XS. Our driver, Jose Brito, took us to a special Faja store. I paid way way way to much for it. And I wish I hadn't. The faja I bought at the Clinic was 114 or so. Dollars. The one at the other store I paid about 140 dollars. Crazy. After I heard from lots of girls in the Clinic you can get them online for much cheaper I felt a bit cheated. Some even claimed 40 dollars. I feel a dork.

Anyhows, what is done is done, but my advice to others, is wait with purchasing a second tighter faja. You can go home and have it taken in for 15 dollars. That's at least what you pay in my country. Or you can buy one online.

At 8 days post op I wore my new, XS faja for a few hours. By the time I got home after my massage in the Clinic, I was sick. I didn't understand why I was feeling so exhausted and really sick and nauseous but I am guessing it was because my inflammation and swelling was so bad 8 days post op, the faja was just to much for me. when I took it off before bedtime and wore the old one, I felt much better.

The next day, 9 days post op, I went to the Clinic. Again had a drain. Again, 4 tubes and after I went back to Suzie for my massage. She then said I could wear the XS. "really?", I asked her. "Si" she said. So I did and she squeezed me into it. It did feel a tad bit better. At least, that morning and midday. At the end of the day it was again a bit too much. Too tight and made me feel sick. So off it went!

Even though people tell you to wear things or do things, if you feel your body is objecting to it, too the point you get sick, stop. You know your body best. Tomorrow is another day to try things imho.

14 days post op. Results thus far, disappointing.

At this point of our vacation, we stayed in a apartment near sea. Awesome view! Amazing to open your curtains and see the sea and palm trees while sipping on a café con leche. :) Sadly, no dipping in the sea for us. We did ask though in the clinic. Showering and swimming was still out of the question. Ugh.

Anyhows. Our massages came to an end when we went from Santo Domingo to Juan Dolio. Nights were still hell. At this point I tried laying on my sides, which was uncomfortable and somewhat painful because of the lipo done on my upper arms and I suspect Dr. Contreras also lipoed the space between armpits and breast, where I always had a cushion of fat. I am not too sure, but I think he did this. What I suspected before, was that he did not put any fat in my hip area, as I requested. My shape/build is pretty much a line. I have no hips, where sis has a natural hourglass build.

Upon our last day in the Clinic, we went to our last consult with Dr. Contreras. He said I was swollen but healed well. Pointed out I had a burn mark on my belly from the faja and asked me to stay out of the sun (More so concerning my eyelid correction). Again...I fell sorta silent around him...odd seeing he is the one who is very silent. Not sure how this dynamic works..anyhows...I asked him, "did you put fat in my hips?", (as I had requested I wanted during our second consult). I got a flat out no.
Usually I can be vocal. Why wasn't I like this during this last consult?? I didn't ask him why. where am I at this stage of my journey emotionally wise and how I perceive my body? I feel sorta content. It is hard to tell really, since you have swelling & inflammation. But I do not have hips. Zero....and this is what I wanted too. It was basically the only thing I was vocal about. I feel he did a great job on lipoeing my torso. Also how he shortened my butt optically by removing fat above the butt. It really made my butt pop out more and it stayed small-ish. I do not have a natural small waist and I wonder would I have a more hourglass shape figure if he injected fat in my hips?

I have doubts and feel insecure. My sis her waist looks amazingly small compared to mine. I am so happy for her and I know she, at this point, battles with insecurities with her butt, which she feels doesn't 'pop' enough. Are we too impatient at this point? Or is this a glimpse of how my body will turn out, 2 weeks post-op? With no real hips and not a small waist. Sis and mum assured me, the pictures do not do me justice, in the butt department mostly. The pop, and I see this as well, is better in real.

Do not get me wrong....I am not a unsatisfied patient, nor do I want to have unrealistic expectations. I said I wanted a small butt but perky and aggressive lipo. The only wish that wasn't met was fat injections in my hips. I just had expected a bit more of a hourshape glass.

Patience Padawan....


Facts & Money.

So a small topic about money and my weight.

- During my first consult at Dr. Contreras he weighed me: 137LBS / 62 Kilo
- 8 days post up I weighed myself in the Faja shop with Catherina: 143 LBS /65 Kilo
- 5 weeks post op weighed at home - 147 LBS / 67 kilo

Soooo, much of it is swelling I suspect BUT...perhaps I kinda gained weight eating lots of bread and crisps, ahem. I will better my way of eating..soon! Want to go back to my ideal weight, which for me is 130 LBL / 59 kilo.

So I said before in my blog to take allot of cash with you. Here is a list for what you need cash for:
- $3000,- for the Lipo & BBL (2500) & Blepharoplasty ($500,-)
- $60,- EKG with Dr. Hasbun, the Cardiologist
- $240,- 10 Massages at the Clinic
- $85,- Bloodtest at Contreras Clinic
- $75,- Post op Meds (Trombocid & Diclofinac)
-$114,- Faja size S, at Faja shop @ the Clinic.
- $200,- for Jose Brito, taxidriver.

In the last week in Juan Dolio, we were lucky that the people who lived in the apartment above us had a masseuse who came by frequently. It was not a lymph drain massage, but good still felt great. She massaged the lumps and hard discs beneath our skin. I visited her twice. Price, $40,- for 2 massages.

So, after this I got money from the bank, pesos this time, for tip money and other expenses such as food etc.
Thing I regret most is the purchase of faja number 2, ($140,- dollars)

*Recovery houses*
Sis and I were supposed to go to daisy's recovery house. We heard good things about her and sis was always in contact with Daisy who is an incredible sweet woman. But we decided to go to our hotel instead. Sis and I took care of eachother and mum jumped in now and then too! People were very positive about Daisy. When Jose, the taxi driver, picked up a girl on the day of our consult at Plastica Contreras, we saw the RH owned by a lady named Mira. She was very nice, but I was not impressed with the RH itself. The girl who drove with us herself said too, the place was packed. And that even two sisters had to share a bed there and were charged as they would have when having their own bed! O.o I love my sis....but would nevah eveh share a bed with her in the state I was in during recovery LOL.

17 days post up - The issue of sitting after a BBL

So, 17 days post op. I have been laying on my back and sitting in a chair with a large cushion these days. I got so darn tired of laying on my side, stomach and the use of the floater. I didn't feel as worried as my sis. She kept the sitting to a minimum and used the boppy most of the time. I figured, the fat was injected inside the butt muscle. (googled this before and read this from a girl who had asked Dr. Contreras where he injected fat, his answer, inside the muscle)

Also, on the last day of our consult with Dr. Contreras (march 20th) when asked if or when we could sit normally, he said, "Now..just sit it's fine". Weeeeellll...Ok!

I have rummaged through Realself as well and the answers from Doctors differ so much! Others say you can not sit for at least 3 weeks for you might damage the fat cells. Others say it's bollocks if the fat is injected inside or below your fat muscle. So what is it?

Comments are welcome from other BBLers out there, to what their doctors told them, where their fat was injected (Inside/beneath/above ass muscle) and if sitting in the first 3 weeks had a (negative/no effect) on their butt.

Status quo 17 days post op.
* body - Skin is itchy. Body is hard/lumpy especially around the belly area. Swelling is still pretty bad on my lower back and still use the diamond shaped lipofoam there and the bigger one on my belly. Also butt swelling has gone down much and feel as if there is more projection, like it's rounded out more. Is this what they call fluffing? Where swelling subsides and your fat begins to settle? At times I feel hard places on my butt and on my left cheek, near the thip i have spots that glow hot real real hot!
* eyes - Amazed bruising is so persistent, especially beneath eyes. Swelling is pretty much non existent. Still use Arnica cream in combo with strong Arnica gel (love love the last one) every morning and evening.

21 days post op - @ Home Lymphe & Thai Massages

At 21 days post op I have been home for 2 days. I sure do love my own bed, hallelujah. After a flight of 10 hours or so my body was effed up. Like, fer real. (Bought a boppy pillow at the airport to sit on. That did help!) Hard as a rock, stiff and lumpy is my middle name. Yikes.

So searched for massage places. I found a Lymph massage shop near my home and for the first time I cycled. It was not that bad!! Also good exercise for me since I would start working 6 days later and would have to sit on my butt for 8 hours in the office and I always use my bicycle to get there!

Lymphatic massage was good. It's a very gentle massage in my country compared to what the ladies at Plastica Contreras did. They have hard aka aggressive massage.
With a break of usually 1 or 2 days I would venture off to my Thai massage salon. This was a more deeper massage and worked real well on my lumps and hard discs I felt beneath my skin. For me, even though I still have swelling and fluid, the Thai massage was more satisfactory. It really relaxed my muscles and softened the tissue.

Still unsure what to think of my results thus far. The pics below, don't do my butt justice. The projection is much better in real and I actually love it now. It's nice and perky but not over the top, as I wanted. However, still wanted more hips. I do not understand why he didn't inject the fat there..perhaps he forgot? He was out of fat? Like, really what?! Also, my waist is not as small as I hoped it would be 21 days post op. I know I know..patience right? Most Doctors on real self say the following about swelling.
* 3 months post op 50% less swelling
* 6 months post op around 80% less swelling
* 9 months final end result.

Anyhows. Love my ass in my sweats (to swollen to wear my jeans lol)

Eyes are fine. Bruising turned to a red shade. Still using arnica gel. Still have 6 days before work. So not want colleagues to know.

32 days post op - more pics

So this is how I look in the morning when I take off my faja. I swell up like a friggin balloon. I am sweaty, my body hurts because the Lipofoam/faja presses into my flesh causing burn sensations, deep dents and creases. Decided to show you guys also where those odd impressions of belly and waist come from. It's from the Lipofoam.

The belly Lipofoam I cut in half because I retained (Not English, spelling?) heat too much there. But still needed it for protection against the hooks. Also had small pieces cut out for my waist. Had my old Faja taken in for $15,- and it is tiiiigth again and my sides hurt without the Lipofoam.
Also wearing the diamond shaped foam in my lower back against swelling. Though swelling goes down pretty quickly there now.

Ordered a Squeem Cotton & Rubber Waist Cincher Faja at $66,- Can't wait to get it. Am sick of this faja!

Started work 1 month post up. And it's going fine. I sit about 8 hours behind my desk and around 3PM I start to feel stings inside my assflesh. No better or more gross way to describe it haha. So then I start to squirm a bit in my chair. It does not go unnoticed but my medusa look prevents any unwanted questions from my dearest colleagues. Again, can not wait for the Squeem.

Also, the past week I have been taking breaks from my faja. I feel it is good for my body. I usually take it off after work, around 6pm and I do my grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry or get a massage and then do my chores. I stay active when not wearing the faja! This way the stiffness resides much quicker. My sis is hard like a board, lol and I think its because she lives in her faja 24/7. Then, after 2 or 4 hours I put it back on and sleep and next day I keep it on at work as well.

My body is only stiff, hard and with lumps when I wear my faja non stop. Thus far these breaks from beloved faja the past week has worked well for my body.

Eyes are fine. One colleague noticed. I shot her. JK of course. Mumbled something about bad nights sleep and overdoing my make up. On her remark at my still wobbly way of moving I said hemorrhoids. Stone cold face. :D

Compilation pictures.

Made a compilation. I had to crop the pictures somewhat making some look a bit odd or stretched. Nevertheless, it does show the development of my recovery. Sadly, still and again..I'm not content with my waist. Not crying...just moping. But..patience because at moment, I feel like a bloated goat.

I said, a few weeks into the recovery period, this...never again, well...if my waist does not shrink down to what I have in mind, my wish..I WILL repeat this procedure.

My waist is not at all slim, it was at it's thinnest at 14 days post op oddly. I don't get it. O.o
Do love my ass now. It seems like it's dropping. I think the swelling is gone on my back for the most part and my ass is slowly fluffing out...if you can say such a thing :D

Butt noticed at work.

At work now. colleague noticed my gain weight and said, especially your butt...its so much bigger then what I'm used from you. Erm...quickly pointed out my larger upper thighs and round face...deflect deflect!!

Btw..Swelling went down big time this morning. Also have burning sensation beneath my flesh and painful stings in thighs and butt. This is a new thing. Also decided to eat more healthy and less carbs to shed a few pounds. My ass looks amazing in my new pants...very round according to colleague lol.

Good times ?

Body hard and lumpy after day's work

After a days work my body is often very hard and has lumps. Today I wore my faja, which was taken in last week, at it's tightest. Maybe because it was so tight I often felt a burning sensation underneath my flesh when I moved or turned my upper body. And even worse...a ripping sensation. Each time I stood up it felt like something ripped underneath my flesh of my belly. Brr.

By the end of the workday I was swollen too. Faja was so tight felt like I was out of breath. Came home, took effin faja off and did some vacuuming. But the feel of my flesh, the ripping feel and the fact my belly, the pouch I have there, looked as lumpy as coliflower made me call my Thai masseuse.

She softened the hard discs on my lower back. Massaged the fatty lumps away a bit but the best part was, when she started to work on my coliflower looking belly. Belly looks smooth again and feels softer. Back is softer too but tightness remains.

I don't feel like putting the faja back on, ugh. But I will. Btw, my ass is sore too. This is new too me. Did not have this as much in my first workweek, wonder if the fat in my ass is like...setteling?

6 weeks post op, good and bad day's

Swelling is good at some days, others I feel like ripping the faja off and burning it. At the end of a workday I am so bloated and my lumps returns. Skin is tingly and will feel better if I have either a 3 hour break of faja or a thai love the thai massage, does wonders on hard discs, lumps and bumps, smoothing all out.

Other days are just good. The area where I had lipo feels softer then and I seem less swollen. The swelling does lessen allot round this time but surprisingly at times my body would go into bloat mode where I feel I can not breath with faja on. Still need it to sleep in. Feels horrid without.

Still not 100% happy with waist but am still patient to see what happens in the coming 1,5 months. Butt seems to stick out a bit more. Also experience more of a uneasy sensation there now. Like tingling or is sensitive.. weird.

Pics are made 5 weeks post op.

forgot the eye pic, 5 weeks PO

Eyes are fine. Eyelids are still slightly swollen, this seems to stay. Foundation is key. Putting eyeliner on is weird as hell! Eyelids are numb and this makes putting on liner harder???
So i had a few over the top catwoman eye make up days...oh well.


Hey all!

Been wearing the squeem now since a couple of days and it does so much more for my waist! Faja isbye bye for me. It was so uncomfy with those legs n stuff. The squeem seems to be much tighter and is not at all visible underneath my clothes, which is a big plus!

I had bought the squeem size s and at night I wear it on the first and during the day on the second (tightest). Truth be said, because the outside is latex it is hot..warm...and it begins to itch BIG TIME.

So yes I do take it off, now and then, allowing skin to breath and to rub away the dents but overall it is better then the faja. The itching is just part of it I suppose.


Small update. Wearing squeem for a while but decided to sleep in faja. This because of swelling and swelling especially around my hips and thighs. Like...real swelling there. Super annoying!! My hips and thugs are hoooge and mushy. Read on rs here and there this happens...that with some woman the swelling goes to your this. I feel fat. Ugh. I lost 2 kilos though in two weeks so I know it's swell hell.

Anyhows..patience. belly is uneven and lumpy but goes away after thai massage.
Dr. Edgar Contreras

Overall I am satisfied with Dr. Contreras and his staff. All were very friendly and very helpful. Dr. Contreras is a very calm man. This allows you to speak your mind about your wishes. His clinic is clean and looks amazing.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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