22 Years Old 1 Baby Bbl Lipo Bl with Implants. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hellooo there ! After giving birth I gaming lots...

Hellooo there ! After giving birth I gaming lots of weight...(sorry for the Typo) after searching for the right dr I finally decide to go with DR tactuk.. I loved his reviews & he answering my concerns ..I'm traveling on the 22 of feb :D Dr Tactuk responses every single question ???? (I'm really annoying ):( I'm staying at Raysa recovery House for 7 days ???????? Il any Advise? ????

Wishhhhh bootayyyy:D

I'm super exitedddd 9 Daysssss :D

Almost there :D


Raysa recovery House

was wondering if any ladies will be traveling during my stay? I would love to have a surgery buddy ??


Ughh before pic :O

Buying buying buying


Last minute pick ups

Raysa Recovery H

Loveee Raysa & the girl that helps her :) so far so good

Tactuk doll

More pictures

Raysa Recovery house

Feeling better


Raysa Rh

Good morning


Tomorrow 1 week after surgery

I'm in love with my bobbies:D still sore & swelling but getting there with the Masages :)

2 weeks later :D


Raysa Recovery House

Hey girls ya keep asking me abt the recovery house! Raysa was there from day one .. Really organized .. Help me with the pills .. Change my clothes ..with the same big smile always ! My best choice.. Very professional & her food :D yummmmmm! She keep asking me how I'm doing stil .. I hope this can help :*

:D 1 month

Tactuk Doll :) I'm really happy with the results I know it's just the beginning & that's makes me happier :)

Bobiesssss :D

I was really scared abt T mark in my bobies! I had seen horrible stuff .. Thanks god mines look incredible ! I love em so much ! Tactuk simo did what I always wanted! Small breast but really feminine ! He is the best ! Can't wait to c my final results

Bootayyyy by Tactuk Simo :)

2 months

2nd Round???

I want a Flat Tommy :( 5 months Post Op
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

he is the best dr ever ;) I'm really happy with the results

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