Scar Management / Removal - Lech, Austria

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*Treatment results may vary

BACKGROUND Had an operation to have an...


Had an operation to have an alloderm implant put in on the facial area, to even out a large dip.

Although the operation did not cause scarring, a significant crease (worse than a scar)developed below the Alloderm as it did not properly/evenly heal.

Was forced to go to another PS to have the Alloderm implant removed (which had already bonded to the natural skin). The only way to remove the alloderm was to make a large 3inch incision on the face from the outside. Surgery was carried out accordingly.


Large scar approximately 3inch long.

Scar eventually developed into both Hypertrophic and Atrophic and was uneven/no longer in a straight line.

ACTION (and advice to others)

Patience = 1 year

Discipline = 2 Times a day application
of Power Shower/Water, Towel, Bar of Natural Soap, BP Aqueos Cream, Kelocote Gel, 2 seperate clean toothbrushes


The objective is to keep the scar as hydrated or 'fresh' and 'pink' as possible.

I placed the power shower/water onto the scar to get rid of the skins natural oils, heat the scar and massage it.

I cleaned the face with 100% natural soap.

I dried the scar with a soft clean towel.

I applied BP Aqueos cream 0.10in thick and wait thirty minutes to allow the scar to absorb the cream until the cream sunk in and was almost no longer visible. Any visible cream was dabbed with a toothbrush to help the skin absorb it.

Applied the Kelocte gel onto the vanished BP Aqueos cream, again 0.10in thick. Dab, with the other toothbursh (only to create more surface and to stop the gel from drooping down).


After 1 Year the scar is 0.46inch and 95% flat.

The results are so good that 99% of people would not even know that the scar exists (as the color and shape has drastically improved).

The results obtained are the closest thing to a miracle and the treatement is continuing.

Moreover, I have many other older scars (surgical and not surgical, linear and craters as well as deep chicken pox scars etc..etc)

The same application has also work wonders on them.

It should be noted that the chicken pox scars have improved to a lesser degree than all the other scars (approximately by 50%).

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