Unfortunate Facelift. now fixed. Wish the old doctor well and hope he is doing better in his life.

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I knew this doctor from social circles between...

I knew this doctor from social circles between Munich and Salzburg. HIs father is a very well known plastic surgeon who is a kind man and aided his son in a previous liposuction surgery on me that did turn out well (no noticeable scarring, indentations, etc ) - so after that experience, I trusted my body and face to the son on the second round- and boy did I pay for this lapse in luck and judgment . Dr. Alexander Papp told me I needed a facelift one morning in Italy at a hotel where we were staying . He looked at my face and said, "you look pretty standing up but lying down you look like an old smushed bedsheet!" . He was at the time a friend (we have no personal relationship now ) , and a friend who was a plastic surgeon, and so, I trusted his judgement and agreed to schedule for a "mini" facelift. I was a bit concerned when I scheduled as we were on a trip together a few times before he did work on me , and he took multiple painkillers every day , he admitted to me he was taking up to 700 milligrams of some of these painkillers, narcotics. He gave me one during that trip for back pain ,and I was knocked out. . But he was my "friend", and seemed very secure in his belief in himself, and sold me on the procedure, even saying when he was my age he would also get one(I thought I was too young for a facelift) , and I asked for some additional lipo on my stomach and inner thighs after he told me "I can do some more there, and there"..I woke up from the procedure in the OR, and my first impression and memory after waking was of anger in the room, the anesthesiologist and Dr Alexander Papp were yelling at each other, Dr Papp was snapping in a very arrogant tone at the man . I was taken to my room and recovery began. My face the first night I was pleased with , as from the front the lift looked great and I could not yet see the scar areas. But the second morning I saw my thigh and stomach area had what appeared to be massive deformations in the contour. Sometime in the first 48 I had my first large shock when the face packing was removed and I saw for the first time how my ears had been literally sewn onto my cheek directly, the tragus (the little piece of cartilage that protects the inside of your ear ) on both sides was completely MISSING, GONE, and I had massive and jagged incisions running on the OUTSIDE of my temple areas- I lived in LA and had seen so many facelifts, and I have never seen one where they leave visible scars on your cheeks and temples- - especially not on such a young person!!!! (I was only 42) . I gently expressed my concerns to my doctor, and he said there was nothing to worry about. I asked him also, I remember, if I could smoke again the day after surgery and he said, "Oh yes, go ahead, it doesn't really matter , here I will have one with you ". And he did smoke one cigarette with me on my balcony of the hospital room. I read in so many places afterwards that this is not true at all, ons should not smoke during healing . Very irresponsible doctor. He left the area two weeks or so after my surgery for a training in the United States, during which time I texted him twice to show him photographs of the wounds and how they were not closing above my ear, and the tragus, etc , and the dents on the leg and stomach- he was extremely dismissive, arrogant , and said things like "You are being ridiculous" and "Just don't bother me with this ". He hung up and I never heard from him again. I contacted his father who I will not name here out of respect for his work , and he asked me to schedule with his office. He ended up performing THREE surgeries on me to correct the mistakes of his son. All under local anesthesia, ladies, can you imagine, having your face opened up and sewn back on to your head while you are AWAKE- the sound of scissors snipping at my skin is one I will never forget! Three times, and three times removing the stitches, what a nightmare . And my poor little ears, they looks "normal" now, but slightly mangled, and I have scarring all around them and underneath, One surgery to create new tragus and close one of the wounds above the ear which had been badly closed, one surgery to recreate a separation of cheek and ear again, and a third surgery to refine both those areas , again separate the ear. My ears both now have a massive web of scar tissue surrounding them. I feel pressure and tightness in my ears still to this day, I have to massage the areas once a day or i feel stress and discomfort and a feeling that my face is held together with pins . The large dent above my knee exists to this day, as do the divots in my stomach. I am going for hair transplants on my sideburns to cover the scars he left behind, surgery to correct the irregularities and divots in my body from his liposuction, and I wish very much I had never met Dr Alexander Papp. Every single day of my life I am required to be conscious of hiding his disaster work, these scars , the hair loss, the dents in my legs and stomach. I post this to protect others from sharing my experience , as I have been so grateful to the other ladies here who bravely share their own troubles and pain and stories, to guide, warn and help the others. I hope really he or what he did to me never happens to another lady or girl . I will let the pictures speak for themselves, album attached .
Dr Alexander Papp

I hope he is doing better these days. Wish him well. Sorry we had a bad moment in life together in this and other arenas. I am sure you didn't mean to hurt me, you just probably were unpracticed. Now I am fixed and life is good again, and I have to recognize and say to you- every young doctor probably makes mistakes early in his career. I just wish we had not been friends as well, that is what made it all hurt the more, that this happened and then also- the friend didn't care what had happened to me. I recognize you were lost in your own pain at the time.! Take care and I truly hope you are doing better these days!''

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