NEW PICS 4 weeks post op Tummy Tuck, feeling good!!!

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Married, mid thirties, mother of 3 beautiful...

Married, mid thirties, mother of 3 beautiful children. I'm just an average mum just looking to feel better about my body. I love my life and I'm at a point now where I'm mostly happy with the way I look, except for the saggy skin, rolls and stretchmarks. Its funny to reflect on how I spent most of my teens and early twenties despising my body...only to realise looking back how lovely it once was. Im not looking to win a bikini contest anytime soon but it would be nice not to have to tuck my tummy into my pants, lol.

OK, so here are my stats and story... Oh and...

OK, so here are my stats and story...

Oh and btw, I'm typically not much of a "sharer", you know those people who are constantly on facebook and the like, well that's not me. I have always felt I have nothing interesting to say...but finding this website filled with so many amazing stories has inspired me to share mine. So thank you everyone for sharing and being so supportive of each other... it has given me the courage to go ahead with my TT!!!!

Ht: 5'2" (157cm)
Wt: 55kg

So I have always struggled with my weight, my highest was about 80kg (Im not sure but I think thats about 180pd???) which is alot for my height. I'm no amazon, in fact I'm pretty short, 5'2" and now I am about 54-55kg (i think thats roughly 125pd, would like to lose a couple more before the big day but will see how we go. Ive lost about 10kg since the birth of my 2yr old and am currently at my lowest weight since I was about 18...its been hard work at the gym and mainly watching what goes in my mouth! I'm at a healthy weight now so perhaps I should just be happy with that and not aim for something that I might not be able to maintain???

My hubby is very supportive of my decision to have a TT, I think he just want the whinging to end lol...I really am sick of it myself. I just hope I get the results I'm looking for. (and don't start picking at other imperfections...)

I have seen 2 surgeons, the first one said I didn't need rectus muscle repair which I thought was crazy...I've had 3 babies, by c-section...I thought that didn't sound right. So I saw another Dr, recommended from a friends mum. Hes a lot more expensive (about $12000 vs $8000) but I felf a lot more comfortable with him and I figure you get what you pay for???

Cannot afford to do the whole mummy makeover, as the mastopexy/reduction and implants was going to take my total spend to $30000!!!! No way I could afford that right now. Having a hard time swallowing my guilt to do the TT alone so the boobies will have to wait!

So have scheduled TT for the 4th July...

Have uploaded some before pics...I don't think they are really clear so might do another. I think I was holding my tummy in too. Its really hard to photograph yourself relaxed, lol. Note to self: Next time wipe all the toothpaste marks off the mirror!

Also, Is it normal to dream of nothing else but plastic surgery???

1 week to go! Feeling excited one minute then on...

1 week to go! Feeling excited one minute then on the verge of a nervous breakdown the next....I guess this is normal???
Im as organised as I can be so will try to distract myself this week and can't wait to be on the other side! My doc said I will be in for 5 nights
(I have to travel a few hours to the city for my op so can't travel too soon after) I hate the thought of leaving the hubby & kids for so long :(
Will just ride the rollercoaster........

OK, I made it, hooray!!!!!!!!!! 6 days post op now...

OK, I made it, hooray!!!!!!!!!! 6 days post op now after my tummy tuck and feeling pretty well this morning. Today is the first day I have woken up and not reached for the heavy pain meds. Made my own tea and toast and feeling quite human, lol.
I think my surgeon did an AMAZING job even though I can't really see the results yet.

So let me just start by saying to anyone considering a tummy tuck, please make sure you are well informed as this is MAJOR surgery and this operation is NOT for the faint hearted. I found the first 3 days really, really rough (worse than my previous 3
c-sections). I have a small frame and struggled to tolerate pain medication especially morphine - nausea, low blood pressure and insane itching were the main problems. I also lost consciouness after getting out of bed for the first time which was a bit scary (apparently this is called vasovagal syncope and this can be common when you have low blood pressure).
Pain down the midline from the rectus repair was very painful, and breathing deeply hurt for the first few days but the actual incision site not really sore at all. After you start walking around, your lower back muscles are very sore as you walk like a hunchback for a few days and can't use your ab muscles.
I had a lot of lipo over my abdomen so I also have lots of bruising and swelling which is to be expected.

Overall, I'm very happy so far that I have gone through with it, I don't mean to scare anyone but its good to know what you're in for I think! Important to keep it all in perspective - there is a lot of pain but it will subside and it is only a few weeks of your life!

Will post some pics and some tips soon. Happy healing everyone xo

11 Days post op now. Feeling a little improvement...

11 Days post op now. Feeling a little improvement each day. Trying not to overdo things and so grateful for the help from my hubby and beautiful mum! Tummy not so much sore now, just feels very tight and working hard to try and walk upright to help ease my lower back strain.
Spent my first night in my own bed last night instead of recliner! Hooray!

Ok here's some tips, mainly commonsense stuff that others may find usefu! (probably just stuff you've already read, hope it helps!)

1. Get as fit as you can! You need to rely a lot on your arms, back and legs so having strength in these areas helps.
If you smoke I would seriously get help to quit a couple of months before surgery...I'm a non-smoker and it hurt to breathe for the first few days, let alone cough!
2. Eat well before surgery, ditch the "hard core" diet in the week leading up to your TT as you need to prepare your body's fuel reserves because you may not eat well aften the fasting/operation and become nutritionally depleted.
3. Organise someone to help you for the first couple of weeks, especially if you have young children. Your body needs to rest.
4. If you have time. prepare and freeze some healthy easy meals for your family.
5. Try to have your surgery in the cooler months...Its the middle of winter here in Australia and Im glad not to be sweating through our long hot summer with this binder on. Besides, the gloomy weather makes me feel OK about sitting indoors watching movies. I dont feel like Im missing out on anything.
6. Night before surgery - eat a good meal (not too rich or spicy) and drink a couple of sports drinks to help with hydration and try to get some sleep. .
7. Get your supplies ready!!!
- Nutritional supplements - Arnica, Bromelain, Multivitamin, Hair/skin and nail supplement, Iron & Vit C. (more on these later)
- Few protein shakes/bars, healthy snack foods.
- Mediswab (alcohol wipes)
- Antibacterial handwash and or body wash,
- Small dressings for drain sites (i used "op-site" waterproof dressing...they may give you some in hospital to take home.
- A spare binder so you can wear one and wash one (I got mine after surgery so I knew what size I would need)
- If you can get hold of a recliner to sleep in for first week or two, I still cant lie flat in bed yet!
- A shower chair (Im just using a plastic outdoor chair with armrests) and a foot stool to sit your shampoo, soap etc on in shower (if you have the room), saves you bending down to floor or reaching up.
- A toilet seat raiser (if you are going home right after surgery) I used one in hospital but didn't need it by day 4..
- Hot/cold packs...A heat pack helps ease back/neck pain and cold pack on tummy helps swelling/bruising. BE CAREFUL not to put cold pack or ice directly on skin as you will be numb in spots and don't want to get freezer burn. I use cold pack for a max of 5-10 minutes twice a day, I sort of slide it in my binder so not directly on skin.
- Stool softener (like coloxyl with senna)
- Good vitamin E cream/ scar oil ..wont be able to use until doctor give the ok but I liked to put a little vit E cream on my tummy (avoiding the dressings/incisions) because it helped ease the itch under binder.
- Lots of pillows and a bucket with lid for car ride home...I had a 4 hour drive home and needed lots of padding to feel comfy...didnt need the bucket as I had good anti nausea med but glad it was there just in case!!!!

THINGS TO TAKE TO HOSPITAL (If you are staying several nights)
1. Sports drinks, protein shakes/bars.
1. Pack of baby wipes, nice for a quick freshen up if you can't get up too shower.
2.TMI warning... despite taking stool softeners and laxatives I still got very constipated. The anaesthetic slows the peristalsis in you gut, the opiate medications make you constipated and the fact you are not eating very much means theres not a lot moving through your bowel. Try to get the constipation resolved quickly, you will feel so much better. .I took hamorrhoid cream with me as I have suffered with them during pregnancy, and constipation made them reappear. Glad I was prepared!!!
3. Cough lollies (your throat may be sore and mouth dry after anaesthetic)
4. Slippers or warm socks, a couple of pairs of button up pyjamas, nighties, loose comfy tracksuit & t shirts. I needed a button up PJ top to put on intially as IV etc made difficult to get things over head, but after that came out I was ok to wear normal nightdress/t-shirts as long as they are loose and comfortable. I didn't wear undies or anything on my bottom half until my drains came out on day 4 so not sure what to wear if you go home with drains still in.
5. Nutrition supplements - If ok with your surgeon take Arnica (homeopathic remedy that may assist with bruising and swelling), Bromelain - I read that you should take 1000mg per day (this is an enzyme formulation extracted from pineapples that may have anti- inflammatory affect and also help with swelling), don't know for sure how effective they are but I will give anything a go for a speedier recovery!!! Also take multivitamin tablets and hair/skin/nail supplement. I waited until my constipation resolved before I started on my Iron & vit C supplement, I take it now at night and I had read its recommended after liposuction. Check with your doctor first!

1. Drink, drink drink.. but drink slowly... you want to avoid coughing & hiccups!!!.Rehydrate yourself and flush your kidneys with water, sports drinks and protein shakes. Give the soda/carbonated drinks a miss as you it is not fun to hiccup or burp after the op.
2. Nutrition, Your body has been through a major trauma so your nutritional needs are increased - you need more calories and protein than normal (as well as Iron, zinc, vit c etc..) and you not feel like eating much for a few days but try your best to eat small, frequent meals/snacks. At home, eat a healthy diet and include lots of high protein foods (eggs, lean meats, yoghurt, cheese, unsalted nuts), Do not worry about your weight for the first few weeks, eat sensibly and let yourself recover before getting on those scales or restricting your diet....on the flip side, try not to eat lots of junk either!!!
I found the vanilla high protein shakes (e.g. Musashi) really good when my appetite was poor. Remember that good nutrition is vital to helping your recovery and preventing infection
3. Slow deep breaths for couple of days after surgey (in through nose out through mouth) .helps your oxygen levels after anaesthetic, hurts a bit but the nursing staff recommended it.
4. Give yourself permission to have a little cry each day for the first week if you need it. I know I did, just for a minute or two...I don't mean hysterical sobbing (way to painful) but a little cry helped me acknowledge how I felt. The lead up to surgery is very stressful and you feel really crappy post op....So I found holding a folded towel over my abs and having a little sook ( not a full blown pity party!) helped relieve tension and made me feel better. Some of you maybe a lot tougher than me and not need to do this!
5.Take your painkillers but insist on ANTI NAUSEA medication too if you are sensitive to analgesics (like me!)
6. You need a SHOWER CHAIR, both in hospital and home. I sit whenever I can, in shower, drying my hair, redressing wounds anytime you can do something sitting rather than standing do it!
7.Dont stress about the drains and their removal...they are a little uncomfortable but not nearly as bad as I had built up in my head.
8. A hairdryer on a cool setting is good for dryng the incision site after showering...again, be careful that you dont use warm/hot air as you don't want to irritate/burn skin that may be numb.
9. When trying to sit up, put your chin to your chest and use your arms not abs to pull yourself up. I kept throwing my head back when trying to get up and its not the right way to do it so tje nurses told me.
10. Stay positive and take each day at a time!!! Some days you feel better than others!


12 days post op. Not a great day. Saw my surgeon...

12 days post op. Not a great day. Saw my surgeon today to get stitches out, and now have a large haematoma and heaps of swelling. My PS seems to think its all going OK and will settle down but I guess Im just a bit down a I thought everything would look a bit better than it does. Probably looks worse because of the 8 hr round trip in the car!
Anyway, will rest tonight and try to be more patient!

Ok, now 4 1/2 weeks post op. Feeling a lot better...

Ok, now 4 1/2 weeks post op. Feeling a lot better now. I am used to seeing the incision now and don't like a Frankenstein like I did when I first saw the scar. I know it will settle with time!!!!

My tummy still feels a bit "alien" like its not really mine. Still feels very tight and some numbness under belly button but otherwise all going well. Not really any pain anymore (only when I sneeze or cough), and occasional stinging on hip incision under tight clothes like jeans or if I carry my 2 yr old on my hip (probably a no no). Most of the bruising has gone, still get a bit of swelling by the end of the day.

Can mostly do my normal day to day things (except Im not back at the gym yet, waiting for 6 wk check) but have managed some treadmill walking. I still get tired by the end of the day, can't wait to ditch the binder!

Heres some pics...
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