no longer insecure about my nose

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Always hated my nose, it has an ugly hump on it...

Always hated my nose, it has an ugly hump on it from being broken numerous times therefore slightly off centre. Wanting to get it down possibly for my 21st birthday but definitely before I would get married to avoid horrible photos. Can someone who has used cosmeditour PLEASE contact me or let me know how everything went? Thank you

Surgery and flights booked

I finally got the money and the balls to go through with rhinoplasty. My surgeon will be dr montien, I have researched him enough to be comfortable and confident he will do a wonderful job, I have gone through cosmeditour who have stayed in contact with me the last 6 months and we have set my surgery date for April 3rd (I get into Bangkok April 2nd)

Just a quick photo post.

"Before" photos. Thought I would show you all why I'm so pleased to be going through with this

Too excited!

Legitimately finding it hard to contain my excitement and it's a whole 2 &1/2 months away! Don't know how I'm going to act closer to the time. Not nervous yet but oh my goodness am I excited! :D got some nice wish pics just for kicks I guess. Will be the only ones I post. I'm not one too really care for wish pics.

60 days!

Haha a whole 60 days away! But ONLY 60 days away. My goodness it's February already! I am so excited :D

35 days!!

It seemed like yesterday I posted about being 60 days away!! Jeepers! Well. Everything is finally paid in full and I've alerted me Instagram followers of my happenings so now I'm just playing the waiting game! Oh my goodness! Not far away now!!! + Recent photos of me :)

19 days... That's less thAn 3 weeks :o

I can not describe in enough words how excited I am for the next 3 weeks to fly by. I am so eager and ready for this. I'm ready for my lifetime of self hatred to die and to finally feel fresh in my own skin. I'm just waiting on my travel folio at the moment and not sure what Kind of communication anyone else has had with there agency but I haven't felt too looked after by mine at all recently. When I was first in contact they were so caring and kind and now I feel the last couple of months have been stand offish and contact has seemed dribbled - replies 3 days later and almost business only orientated. I guess It's not a bad thing I just expected a little more support closer to my surgery. (Especially with such a descent start) At the end of the day I'm still happy to be going through with everything because I know my surgeon is 100% for me. And what's an agency got to do with anything anyway? Anyone else had funny experiences with this? Thanks. :)

Transfer to WMC

Oh! And funny enough I've been booked into the World Medical Centre in Bangkok now. I know it's only recently opened but when I booked I thought I was going through a different hospital. Definitely not upset about this transfer, has anyone else gone through WMC??

Couldn't agree more

The email consult I Initially got from dr Montien, this was the wining ticket for me :)

Some things we bought to take over

Sooo I took my partner out shopping yesterday with plans to get everything We may need to take over with us. I think I did pretty well so will show you what we got and list also...

Cotton tips
Cotton pads
Antibacterial wipes
Power bank
Hair ties
Hair clips
Mouth wash
Big repellant
Suitcase padlocks
Arnica tablets

I am a little concerned about my contraceptive though. I am going through an agency and it hasn't been so informative or caring recently, when I asked if it was ok to take my pill still and arnica tablets the response I got was "you can if you like" has anyone else gone for rhinoplasty and not been able to take contraceptive? I know other surgeries they say not to take for 2 weeks before. Thanks!!!

"before video"

10 days before
Just a short video to give you all an understanding on what My profile looks like at the moment


Deleted my first "before" photos, to be honest this is such a horrible feeling putting up the worst photo angles you've always hated but I hope to get a great result and before photos are totally crucial. So here goes :)

On my way to consult, surgery tomorrow!

In the car now on our way to world medical centre where I will meet my surgeon and have all my tests done

Surgery yesterday

No delays or anything going into surgery yesterday. Got taken from my room at 12.30 and put into preparation for 10 minutes max and had surgery on time at 1pm. All I remember is the anathetist asking me if I was cold to which I replied the bed was. Some nurses put the sticky pads on my chest and back and took my clothes off and then the anathetist told me I would feel a little pain in my IV and to breath in some oxygen... Boom I was knocked out. My partner was told at 5pm I was out and I stayed in recovery for another 2 hours before coming back to my room. After then I was quite dizzy. Definitely couldn't walk myself to the toilet. No bruising lastnight just swelling which was expected. Sorest part of it all was the blood pressure machine they put on my arm. It inflates quite often and gets really tight haha glad that's off. Only other discomfort is my jaw and ear. Had a really sore throat last night and my jaw and ear have been aching, I think that is because I have kept my mouth open constantly. Honestly though. When I woke up I wasn't even sure I had, had surgery haha. Feeling good today just been cleaned by the nurses. Only downfall is I am so tired!! Finding it hard to sleep sitting up so haven't slept a lot at all. That's all for now :)

1st and 2nd day post op

Swelling was up yesterday and down today still no real sign of bruising. Jaw is no longer painful just a slightly blocked ear which is very bareable! Going shopping today and then booked in for a laser shower at 5pm to see if we can reduce some swelling. I slept like an angel last night and feel awesome today. Sleeping pills are real miracle workers. So again here are some photos :) thanks ladies

3rd 4th and today is my 5th? Post op

No pain the last 4 days, literally been sleeping good had one set of car sixkness in the car ride back to the hospital on Thursday and been good since. Cast is hellar itchy!! Like the shiniest thing about this whole thing is having an itchy you can't scratch. Looking forward to getting my cast off but not relying on it. This morning I woke up so dry it's not even funny. The air conditioning is so dreading redivulous my mouth was stuck together police a horror movie. I've been using eye drops to relieve dry eyes also just from Bangkok air conditioning. Going to stay in by the pool today as we have been shopping every night and went to a temple yesterday also. Time for a rest whoops. Will post day 5 this evening if I remember but I probably look about the same :) xx

100% if you are having nose surgery use arnica! :)

So I know it's been a week or so since I've been on. In that time I've done so much shopping and touring and even came home and started work again. I've been uber busy and also got my cast off! I know you are all so eager too see my results I'm sorry for taking so long hehe I remember waiting too, it sucks! Well! All in all my second day was by far the worst to hit my face for swelling and honestly it was amazing! I believe 100% the arnica I took pre surgery is the reason it was so bareable! Ladies do yourself a favour! $12 for 100 tablets you can very casually take whenever you like (even if you forget or want to take extra) honestly did the world of difference for me. My elder sister looked like so many other rhinoplasty patience and had exactly the same procedures.. She looked like she had been mauled. My swelling was VERY bareable..please try arnica. I know you won't regret it. Anyway! Some photos!! Here we go :D

Cool!! So an update! Don't feel very different, apparently I'm 1 month post op now! Wow! Holy! Haha

Sweet so thought I'd add a couple photos will put a couple from before now cause I'm not sure it's changed much and also I really wanted to show what my stitches/scars looked like, especially from cast removal onwards my scars almost been invisible since I've had it. Scary to see a couple other girls have nostrils that don't line up properly. Posting to show you mine definitely do and I don't think they shouldn't... Especially more than 2 weeks post op.. Scared for you anyway. Smiley face from me.
Here's some recents and I'll post more but honestly don't
Feel much has changed hehe

More side views that didn't upload

Side views my phone struggled to handle lol

Just some more photo updates :)

I am 5 weeks post op today!! Just putting up some photos from the weekend just gone, so between 1 month and 5 weeks post :) first time I've worn proper make up since surgery, feeling VERY CONFIDENT <3 so nice to feel this way xx

Between 6 and 7 weeks post op :)

Just some extra photos from recently :) so between 6-7 weeks post op at the moment. Tip seems to be settling especially now winter is coming! The cold almost takes swelling put too which is nice! (Just cold haha)

Little bit of a photo update

Nothing new to report. Swelling goes up and down often, thinking of jumping back on arnica for a wee bit now my hairs grown a little more hehe would love to see some swelling go down just being patient :) between 8-10 weeks

6days ish vs. 2.5 months

Wasn't until just now I've realised how much swelling has gone down since being in Thailand!! (Even though I smacked myself in the nose today, ouch) anyway here's a pretty cool comparison just from going to bed now and being in Thailand so about 6 days p.o

4-5 month

Photos from the last couple of weeks/month so about 5 months HOLY! Time flies

Couple extra recent photos

7 months post op!!

8-9 months in :)

Just thought I'd share a couple more photos. Sorry they're shameless selfies it just gives an idea of my profile now :)
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