Rhino-septo-turb reduction - 8 Months Post Op (love it!) - Melbourne, AU

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Hi. I'm plucking up the courage to start my...

Hi. I'm plucking up the courage to start my journey here. Finding this site has been such an encouragement and has provided me with a wealth of information & support.

The first time I noticed a change in my nose was when I looked at my Year 6 school portrait; the tip seemed to be pointing slightly to the left and lengthening. Through my teens I was aware my nose was not my best feature but photos were never taken side on and usually taken at a distance. The first time I saw my profile in a picture was at 22 and I was horrified to see a huge, pointed nose with a hump....when did that happen?!! At that time I would have loved a nose job, but had no idea how to go about it and soon got caught up in working, getting married, having kids etc etc. Over the years I've learned ways to cope with my twisted nose (that looks different from every angle): I purposely place myself on the left of people in photos and turn slightly side on to minimise it and avoid the pointed humpy look; I turn my body to speak to people and avoid having a person engage in conversation from one side; I use makeup to play up my eyes; I always were a fringe (bangs) and would dream of having my hair pulled back off my face. Ah the things we do! Funny it's just become part of what I do and I hadn't questioned it until reading others peoples stories.

A few weeks ago I visited the doctor as I had become aware of a lump in my nose and was concerned it was cancer. I was so embarrassed presenting with it and drawing attention to my nose, and felt ashamed. My doctor commented on how crooked my nose is and if it had become worse with the lump.....I didn't think so. She was to refer me to an ENT when it dawned on her that I could actually see a plastic surgeon and maybe have my nose fixed at the same time. It took me totally by surprise that I could still have my nose corrected in my 40's. I went along to see the plastic surgeon and he suggested septoplasty and open rhinoplasty to correct the bulbous tip. Part of the procedure would be covered my Medicare due to breathing difficulties. Wow, my head was spinning with excitement. Since then I've been combing the internet obtaining as much information as I can and reading through the reviews on the site. The surgery will cost in total $6600 which the hospital and $2800 being covered my health insurance & Medicare. I need to save the balance and hope to have the surgery carried out late January. I a little scared of the recovery and adjusting to a new nose, but still very excited.

Also, I think as I'm getting older my nose appears larger because my face has become thinner. I would love to be able to spend my next 44 years with a nose that matches my face. It's not likely I'll have much to say until later in the year, but thanks for reading my story so far......it will help me keep moving forward. Bless you all.

I have been feeling a bit down & in limbo, & have...

I have been feeling a bit down & in limbo, & have felt that the opportunity may pass and I wouldn't end up having it done. Anyway, it now looks like it could be back on again so I'm hopeful once again. I have been placed on two lists with my PS with a date to be confirmed. Both dates will work well because my kids will be on school holidays.

I have also experienced feelings of being ridiculous wanting this at my stage of life, and also for not being satisfied with the nose I have when there are so many others with real disabilities. However, when I remember that I do have real breathing issues, a lump that still needs removing (& testing) & look at the photo looking up at my nostrils, it reminds me that it's not just for vanities sake that I am doing it. Bring it on I say!! Let the count down begin. :)

Today I received all of the documentation from my...

Today I received all of the documentation from my plastic surgeon and the hospital where the procedure will be carried out. It is looking very official now. My next appointments with my plastic surgeon will be on 6th December (with his nurse), then himself on the 10th. I believe I am to have a MRI done at some stage too.

I applied to take leave in January for a week (hope that will be enough because it's all I can take), but my employer is yet to approve it as he has been working away a lot recently. I really need to get that and the money sorted, then I can complete the paperwork and start making plans. With Christmas and New Year in the middle, I'm sure it will be here in no time at all. I do have a slight hassle, even though my kids are on holidays during that time (no school runs), my husband it to return to work after a two week break. He is fairly new to the company and feels uncomfortable asking for a couple of days off. Hopefully he'll address it soon. All I need is for him to drop me off to the hospital then pick me up and take me home the next day....not a big ask.

I have told a couple of friends that I plan on getting my nose fixed up (straightened I've told them), but I am yet to tell my parents. I'm going to underplay the rhinoplasty part and concentrate more of the lump that needs to be removed and the septoplasty for breathing purposes. My parents are likely to feel hurt, as if they have passed on some feature that I don't like....actually my nose looks nothing like theirs or any of my brothers. The plastic surgeon said the septum was probably damaged during my birth (I won't tell Mum that either!!).

After nearly six months of patiently waiting, the...

After nearly six months of patiently waiting, the ball is finally rolling and I am off to my PS rooms to spend an hour with his nurse. I wonder what we'll be speaking about? I'll update again after the appointment. Bye for now!

It is 4am and I can't sleep, because I am going...

It is 4am and I can't sleep, because I am going over and over in my head the outcome of my procedure; you see, I spent an hour with my PS's nurse and it has become real again.

The nurse was terrific and explained all about the lead up yo the day: appointments, ceasing supplements, starting Arnica and stopping fish oil. She then went over in great detail, the actual surgery day from arrival at hospital right through to discharge and beyond. Everything was covered! For me there were no surprises because I have spent so much time on this site, gaining knowledge and reading other peoples stories. Realself is invaluable, and so are the reviews....so thank you everyone.

My next appointment is with the PS on the 10th to go over the procedure again and sign consent forms. I don't hand over cash until 7th January. I'll update agsin soon.

Oh, one last thing: the nurse strongky suggested not telling many people to avoid hearing their opinions or judgements like, "What? You don't need that done!" She told me very few people actually notice the change, or if they do they can't pinpoint what it is. I find that fascinating and reassuring. So, other than telling my parents that I'm having a little procedure done (still haven't told them!), I am shutting up. The friends I have told have not replied that I don't need it.....funny that....obviously to them I do! :)

I have just returned from my final consultation...

I have just returned from my final consultation with my PS prior to the big day. It was a good visit and I feel very comfortable with him. So, we went through the details again, signed the consent and took a couple more pics looking up at my nostrils (a fabulous view!). This is what I am having done: hump removed, septum straightened and shortened, turbinate reduction, tip reduction (refining) and fixing my nostrils to make them even. I have quite a list!

So, next step is paying then buying some supplies. Only 5 weeks to go now and I'm trying to stay excited and not freak out that I am actually going through with it!! No turning back now :-)

On this date next month I will be heading to the...

On this date next month I will be heading to the hospital for my op, and with Christmas & New Year in the middle, I know the day will arrive quickly.

Since the pre-op appointment I haven't been sleeping well; I'm not worried, just can't seem to turn my mind off. Is that normal? I have noticed that scared and excited are an emotional response by many here. May I add, if it wasn't for this site, the people, reviews etc, I may not have come this far. People here have similar issues and offer more understanding than most. Thank you for sharing your journeys.

By the way, how busy is this time of year for nose jobs? I am loving reading all of the reviews.

Three weeks from today the fun begins! It seems...

Three weeks from today the fun begins! It seems like I've been waiting in the wings for soooooooo long, patiently waiting for my turn to walk out onto the surgery stage. I have loved all of the recent reviews and strangely can't wait to finally have a new photo with a cast on......I know, weird!! Bye for now & a happy Christmas to you all. xo

It is 16 days until my surgery. Today I went...

It is 16 days until my surgery. Today I went shopping and bought: Arnica cream, iron supplements, Vitamin C and protein shake mix. The supplements are to help my body heal itself....all good healing agents. In two days I start the Arnica spray, three times a day. I tried to source Bromelain here but could find it, so I am planning on eating & drinking plenty of pineapple. Take care out there! Oh, and next week I better go in and hand over my dollars....doh!

I have added a couple of new before photos. It is...

I have added a couple of new before photos. It is funny that I am taking photos of myself from these not so attractive angles, then putting them on here for others to see. I will take them down again for privacy somewhere down the track.

It's 11 days until surgery. I started the Arnica...

It's 11 days until surgery. I started the Arnica spray 4 days ago and have had a dull headache since, so I'm wondering if that could be the reason? Anyway, I'll continue regardless.

Today I finally told my parents about the surgery, so now they know I am having the lump removed and airway corrected; I didn't say anymore than that, but I may say a bit more to Dad. Anyway, they are keen to have our kids for a couple of days, and come over and help out when I get home initially as my husband will need to work. Glad to have it out in the open.

Tomorrow I pay out $6600....goodness that is alot of money, but a good investment :)

I have been in and paid the fees...ouch! My...

I have been in and paid the fees...ouch! My surgeons secretary told me 4 hoirs from 1pm has been allocated for my surgery, and not to expect to be awake until 5pm. Nothing like a good beauty nap. Well, at least we won't be rushed to get going early, and we can drop our kids off to my parents that morning. I'll probably try to avoid updating until the day before, so my review doesn't keep popping up on top...particularly when others are going through surgery now and recovering. Until next time! :)

Well it is nearly the day, only 4 more sleeps to...

Well it is nearly the day, only 4 more sleeps to go! Today is my final day at work. This week I have been thinking to myself things like: this is the last time I will see this person, or go to this place, or drive this direction with this nose. I wonder if others do it too?

The last 3 days I have been jumping out of my skin with excitement, and so proud to be looking after myself well in preparation for the operation. Stopped the blood thinning supplements, have been taking Arnica etc etc......been a very good girl! Then last night while reading some information on Make Me Heal, it dawned on me that I had a glass of champagne with some famiky who were visiting yesterday and didn't even register it a no no. I also read that Vitamin E in skincare should be avoided, and found when I read the label of my moisturiser that it has Vitamin E in it...arrgh! Anyway, as peeved as I am surely one small glass shouldn't matter and hopefully the cream won't be an issue either. I could just kick myself though!

Anyway, I better get up and get organisee for work. Happy day and happy healing everyone.

Only 3 sleeps!! I'm wondering what the best way to...

Only 3 sleeps!! I'm wondering what the best way to be propped up in bed is? What do others find the most comfortable? Should I go out and buy a wedge of some description?

I'm a bit nervous about the anasthesia experience...you know, the going to sleep and the waking up bit, and also of feeling claustrophobic with a cast on. Other than that I am sleeping well and excited. Have a great day everyone!

I have 2 sleeps. This morning I used a Christmas...

I have 2 sleeps. This morning I used a Christmas gift voucher and treated myself to a luxurious 60 minute facial. We did need to be creative with the products used as many of them had Vitamin E. I am pleased I remembered to check! I am so keen to minimise bruising that I not even breathing near anything that could be a problem!! Anyway, I had my brow wax-tint and my lashes tinted so I don't look like a ghost when I head into surgery.

I have set up my bedroom, bed & bedside table with everything I can think of that I will need. My husband reckons it is like I'm nesting before giving birth LOL! I have frozen peas in gloves (tied together) in the freezer and have a list of to do reminders for when I come home. So I reckon I am ready to go..............guess this is where the patience comes in again. Thanks for reading my update and your much valued support :)

Oh one more crazy thing I have done: I videoed my...

Oh one more crazy thing I have done: I videoed my nose from every angle possible, as a momento and something else to compare with post surgery.

I cannot believe it is actually the eve of my long...

I cannot believe it is actually the eve of my long awaited surgery and this is the final day my nose will be bent and big. In all the dreaming, scheming, researching, praying, reading, watching etc etc, I guess we still need to allow the emotions, soul and spirit to catch up with the mind.

I am about to head out and hire a bunch of dvd's for my recovery; comedies to help me stay up emotionally as I can sometimes grieve when I go through a change, even if it is something that I dearly want.

So, goodbye old nose and thank you for being with me for 45 years; I am about to treat you to some well deserved beautification that will have you breathing easy and feeling pretty for the remainder of your existence.

Thanks everyone for being here...you are all amazing & totally gorgeous!! See you on the other side. Oh, and all the best to those going through surgery tomorrow too. xoxo

Ok here I am one final time. I just couldn't...

Ok here I am one final time. I just couldn't resist writing one more time before heading off. My surgery is after lunch today so I have been able to have some toast and coffee, which has been nice. I just need to stay away from our pantry now and not grab a snack without thinking. I am excited, nervous and have been just a little teary. The couple of tears is just the release valve allowing some of the pressure out. I'm about to
go and have a shower and wash my hair, then will finish packing and get my boys up and organised, ready to be taken to their grandparents house. They will be sleeping over there tonight.

Wishing you all a beautiful day. I know I have said it before, buy you all rock. Because I have told very few people, I feel like I am going through something major in my life with very little support, so having you all here each little step of the way makes the journey much easier....so thanks again!! xoxo

Well here I am in my gorgeous hospital gown and...

Well here I am in my gorgeous hospital gown and white compression stockings, waiting to be taken in. It is a wonderful look!! It is very quiet and I feel like I am waiting to be called in for a massage LOL. The nurse said once they get me it will move very quickly. Anyway, nice to be sitting quietly to centre. She also said my PS takes his time and performs beautiful work. I promise I will sleep during the surgery and won't update while its being done ;)

Well I went in after waiting 2 hours in my stylish...

Well I went in after waiting 2 hours in my stylish gown, stocking and French colored red cap (a little color to alert my allergy to a particular pain med), and yes it all happened very fast. I think I am in love with my PS, he is so engaging and caring (joking, but you know what I mean!). I was looking forward to countIng to ten before my beauty slumber, but didn't get a chance. Woke up in recovery around 5.30. PS said my turbinates were causing more issues than anticipated so I will notice the difference to my breathing. No particular discomfort yet, but I have definitely been to the boxing ring and lost a few rounds!! Darn it, should have sourced that salmon coloured concealer. The only thing bothering me has been the taste of the dripping blood and the constant spitting (gross!). I have whooping bandages and will try to load a glamor portrait for your interest and enjoyment. Oh, my blood pressure skyrocketed briefly this causing the bruising.

Cheerio friends! I'll chat again tomorrow. Oh oh oh, I snuck a peak at my nostrils and they look symmetrical and lovely!! Woooooohooooooo!!!!! Hugs to you all. xoxo

Well it's nearly 2.00pm on Tuesday, 15th January...

Well it's nearly 2.00pm on Tuesday, 15th January and I have been home for a couple of hours. I cannot begin to rave enough about how amazingly smooth this whole process has been from start to finish. I feel really blessed. All staff were amazing, and as I said yesterday, I love love love my surgeon!

For about 9 hours the nasal drip down my throat annoyed me and made it difficult to sleep. The blood taste was foul, and I wonder if it was the anaesthetic I was tasting more than the blood. It still drips a little but nothing like it was. I made a very consciuos effort spit it out and not swallow. As for my tummy, no issues, completely nausea free. As for pain, no pain to speak of at this stage. I'm taking Panadol but that's all and will continue to just in case it's taken the edge off the pain. I have packing in my left nostril which I'll have removed on Thursday. I've been drinking heaps of water and eating light, smooth and nutrients rich food to promote healing. I'll continue with the Arnica spray, Vit C, Iron, Arnica cream and water throughout. Also, to avoid a caffeine withdrawal headache, I've made a conscious effort to have a couple of luke warm cups.

Now, the exciting part.....don't be alarmed by the bruising because I am not, and it will fade. But you simply must get a look at how my nose looks from all angles, but particularly looking up at my nostrils. I took these photos during my first night. No longer do I have a bent over, asymmetrical and deformed looking nostrils but gorgeous balanced looking ones. In addition to all of the septum work, he did move my nostrils in slightly as he said they would have looked flared. Anyway, I hope you are amazed by the difference. Thanks again everyone, and I'll keep posting over the next few days. xoxo

One last thing, I am not wearing any makeup. The...

One last thing, I am not wearing any makeup. The black eyeliner look around my Day 1 photos is bruising.....how weird is that?!!

Hi. I guess this is day 3 now. My surgery was on...

Hi. I guess this is day 3 now. My surgery was on Monday afternoon and it is now around 8am here in sunny Australia. I have just spent my first night at home and slept reasonably well on my back and upright. My bottom is aching from laying down so much! I iced my eyes and cheeks twice through the night for 20 minutes. The peas in latex gloves, tied together are fabulous. I still the drip pad on and have no plans to take it off yet as I can still feel oozing.

I am a little less comfortable today. The left side of my nose feels tender, which is the side that is packed, and my jaw is slightly sore too. I think that I may have a tiny bit of swelling in that area, but I think my jaw is sore from being open through a long surgery....it is more tender in the joint.

The swelling near my tear ducts has reduced but there appears to be more under my eyes. It is hard to see though due to the tape. My left nostril is very swollen now, so I am pleased I took an early photo before it kicked in. All in all, I am still emotionally over the moon......I would jump for joy if I was allowed to!!! I will post a new photo later in the day. Right now I am off to have a brief bath. Bye for now! :)

Wow how time flies! It is Day 4 of my recovery...

Wow how time flies! It is Day 4 of my recovery already......approximately 63 hours since surgery was completed. My first two days I was riding on a high, then yesterday my energy levels were less and I have been feeling a little sore. The bruising over and under my eyes is improving....still purple/red in colour but not jet black like before. Last night I became more aware of heaviness in my top lip and looked in the mirror to see a chipmunk....yes the swelling has moved to my cheeks and around my mouth in a big way...and there is no need for lip fillers because they are looking like a newborn baby's lips!! The tip and column area is mildly sore (no wonder as the work done there was huge) and I have not been wearing the drip pad for a few hours. I do have some dried blood around that area and it is hard to clean off. My lips also have become very dry even though I've been using a lip balm. I've swapped to Vaseline on my lips instead and that is working better. I haven't struggled with mouth breathing which has been interesting. I'm wondering if due to my airway issues, that I have been doing it alot anyway? My mouth also hasn't been particularly dry which I think is due to the copious amount of water I've been drinking.

At lunch time my husband will pick me up and take me in to see my PS, to have the silicon pack removed from my left nostril. There is some oozing from it, which is probably normal, but I am worried when the pack comes out that my nose will bleed badly. I suppose if that happens they will handle it. I really don't want to get up and go out yet as I'm feeling more weary today, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Things handy so far: resting, the U shaped neck pillow at night keeps my head steady, Arnica cream on bruising, having lots of water on hand, Vaseline for lips, having everything at my finger tips, a scarf to tie around my head to hold ice in place on jaw and over eyes, taping my glasses to my head with brown paper tape, having my laptop and phone nearby. Something i wish I had is one of those donut cushions to sit on and honestly, but bottom and tailbone are sick of being compressed.

One last thing, I thought I would be fine to go back to work after a week or so.....ha ha what was I thinking?!! My employer and good friend has been checking in on my each day, so I will need to let him know I am going to need more time. It's Thursday here already and I cannot imagine going back to work on Monday. Definitely take two weeks off people! Take care and I'll try to rustle up the energy to take a Day 4 photo.

It is midnight and I can't sleep due to...

It is midnight and I can't sleep due to congestion, sore eyes and tenderness under my nose. Everything just seems raw tonight. More bruising is coming out where the chipmunk swelling is. I am suspecting this is the rough patch I am going through now and just want the next couple of days to be over. I am wondering how long the intense swelking around the lower part of the face lasts, and what people are doing to salve the skin under the drip pad? For anyone who is considering surgery and I am putting you off, please don't freak out, my bruising etc is unusual. Hope to sleep soon and feel fresher in the morning.

It is about 9am on Friday morning here. It is...

It is about 9am on Friday morning here. It is going to be a extremely hot day here 40 deg C (104), so I'll be staying indoors. Last night was pretty rough and I am still feeling yuk now. I feel like I have a really heavy cold, stuffed up nose, heavy head and chest. I may even try and locate a thermometer because I'm feeling a tad hot in myself today, and wonder if I may have a slight fever....I hope not. My nose continues to drip drip drip clear-yellowish fluid which is causing red tracks to appear above my lip. The bruising continues to change and in the photos really shows the yellow coming, so it is good to know there are changes. At the moment I'm not feeling particularly interested in my nose and its appearance, I just want to start feeling well again and not so sore and sorry for myself. I don't have pain, just pressure, and it is not the cast that is bothering so much as the swelling. I hope to post a super well and happy review tomorrow friends.

Mini update to occupy myself: took my temperature...

Mini update to occupy myself: took my temperature and it's normal so yay no infection. I am usually a very active person so the sitting around is making me probably feel worse, so I have decided to move around more to move the muck off my chest & get my sluggish system working better. Also, oh my goodness, I really must have bled alot during surgery because the bruising is now coming out on my neck and chest....hooley dooley!! Looks like I am going to need a really big jar of concealer now ;P

It is Saturday morning and nearly 114 whole hours...

It is Saturday morning and nearly 114 whole hours since surgery; time to stick to days now I think! I am happy to report I am feeling a bit better now. I am slowly moving around the house doing things without leaning over...it looks like I'm balancing a book on my head and I've never had such good posture LOL. Yesterday I washed my hair in the shower;; I taped plastic food wrap over my forehead and past my cast and that worked a treat.....looked very strange but worked The bruising still persists but is continuing to chage. The tip of my nose is tender still and very swollen. I've been cleaning the dried blood in stages so can see all of the stitching more clearly. The blue tinge down my neck and chest has faded and hardly visible. I am very pale so perhaps it was drainage that most people don't usually see if their skin is darker. Today I'm going to try and wear my contact lenses as I'm sick of having my glasses taped to my head. I'm also putting olive oil on my bruises as i've read that helps the body clean up the blood. My diet has never been better: lots of fresh fruit (high in anti-oxidants, water, Vitamin C and protein. I'm avoiding processed foods and anything that could make me swell. I continue to occasionally cough up dark muck and my chest is a little sore on one side. I think that stuff has made my voice very weak, but it is coming back. Ok that's enough for today. I'll put up another daily photo. I still look like a zombie but that should change when I get this huge cast off. Take care everyone.

Where has the week gone? Goodness it is nearly a...

Where has the week gone? Goodness it is nearly a week since surgery already! Strangely enough it has gone by super fast so that has to be good. I am feeling house bound today; the weather is so beautiful outside and I would normally be off for a long brisk walk. I haven't put a pic up today because there isn't much change other than having a jaundice looking glow. My nose is very swollen inside and the incision was looking angry yesterday but it seem to have settled down. I think it may have been inflamed from the drip. Anyway, the drip has eased off finally but I am very congested on my left side; the right side allows a little air through. The chubby cheeks are diminishing well....yay!! Contact lenses were a treat yesterday and I had no discomfort. On a bodily note, be prepared to not go to the toilet for a few days. I drank heaps of water, ate lots of fibre and it still took 5 days & reminded me of childbirth :-/ happy day beautiful people. I'm planning to go for a drive today :)

Woo hoo!! It is hard to believe it is a week today...

Woo hoo!! It is hard to believe it is a week today since my surgery. So much has gone on in that time, and yet the week has flown by. In myself I feel pretty good. I find I tend to feel clogged up from my nose to my chest when I first wake up, which I am guessing is drainage down my throat at night, but once I get moving I improve.

Over the past two days I have been moving around more. I think this as caused extra pressure under my cast. I enjoyed a meal at my parents yesterday (first time out and about driving!) and I noticed I swelled later in the day. My mother uses salt in her cooking so I m suspecting it may have contributed. Has anyone else noticed that?

Today I will go into work for a couple of hours just to have a meeting with my boss and get briefed on what has been happening in my absence. He is heading away on a business trip so is keen catch up before he leaves. I spoke with him yesterday over the phone and was surprised how anxious I felt for some time afterwards. I have been living in a private bubble for a week so maybe it is the facing the world for the first time that is freaking me out? Mind you, I still have a cast and some bruising, so I am probably very courageous (or nuts!) to be going in. My quiet week hidden away has come to an end. I am pleased in one way, but feeling vulnerable and anxious in another. Facing people is a big emotional thing.

Tomorrow I get the sutures around my nostril area removed and the cast taken off.......scarey on both accounts!! My PS's nurse called me yesterday (Sunday) to check in on how I am which I appreciated. Take care everyone. xo

It is Day 8 for me and I am off to have the cast...

It is Day 8 for me and I am off to have the cast removed and sutures removed from my columna area.....I am nervous about that because it is a tender area, so I hope they come out easily. I worked for a couple of hours yesterday and felt pretty good, although I had to work hard a moving slowly and breathing deeply to keep myself calm because my nose would drip if my heart rate increased too much. I'm very aware of the change in my body when my heart rate/blood pressure rises. Fingers crossed today's visit goes well and I like it! Happy day to you lovely people :)

I nervously arrived at my 10am appointment to have...

I nervously arrived at my 10am appointment to have sutures and cast removed. The staff immediately ushered me into a private room to wait so I didn't have to sit out in the waiting room feeling self conscious with my cast on. They are so caring and thoughtfu! Karin, the beautiful well spoken and caring nurse, came for me and took me to the procedure room and gently removed the tape and cast. My PS, Richard, came in to look at it and have a chat. Karin then gently removed the sutures.....only one ouch! I was totally blow away by the front view....wow! I have almost no front view photos because of the major swing to my nose, so to see myself looking symmetrical was incredible. I will attach one front before photo just of my nose for a comparison. They commented on how very swollen it is and how the tip is upturned because of the swelling. They want me to keep the tape on that was under the cast on for another week. I'm going to try to get the sticky stuff off my face and around my nose, then will place the tan paper tape over it as the original tape is really grubby. My left cheek is beginning to swell more now the cast is off, so I thought I'd add a photo before the swelling changes the symmetry too much. Anyway, I hope you can see the difference. I go back again next Tuesday for another check up. I love this surgeon and all of his staff...they are an amazing team. Ooh, one last thing, I was thrilled to receive a cheque in the mail for the anesthesia for $650! The reimbursement was due to me paying for a longer period than the surgery actually took.....a very welcome surprise.

Now I have gone past the first week, I think I...

Now I have gone past the first week, I think I will update each week. My next check up will be on Tuesday 29th and the remaining tape will come off at that time. I am still thrilled with my nose so far, but know I'll feel weird having such a large elevated tip which is mainly visible side on for awhile; I just hope it's weeks and not months. I'm still going to sleep elevated. No pics today as I've had a major pimple breakout where the sticky bandages have been across my cheeks....what fun! I continue to be fully congested in my left nostril and can get a tiny amount in through my right. am back to work for 1/2 day today. I can see a little of my top teeth but definitely no sign of a smile.....feels very strange! Have a lovely day everyone :-)

Okay okay, I know I wasn't going to post again...

Okay okay, I know I wasn't going to post again until my two week mark, but I just can't resist!! It is Day 12 and I feel like my normal sefl...yay! This week I have been troubled by a sore chest and yesterday morning I was coughing up a bit of bright blook which alarmed me and made me wonder if the sore chest was due to a chest infection. So I managed to get into my doctor and after the consultation she decided it was probably inflammation of the rib/sternum area on that side, and the bleeding possibly due to a low grade infection. I'm on an anti-inflammatory and a course of antibiotics (I haven't been on these until now), and already I'm feeling 100%. As for my nose, I ADORE it! Oh my goodness, it is so unbelievable to have something so feminine, petite and cute (!) on the front of my face, which looks gorgeous from all angles. I almost need to pinch myself because it feels like a dream. I am feeling so humbled to think I have been blessed with actually have a lovely nose. One thing I'm watching is a little lump that has formed near my right nostril since the sutures were removed. I'll chat to the surgeon about that one Tuesday. The drip stopped a couple of days ago, but I still need to pop a QTip in every so often and it still comes out with a little blood (just one nostril). I'm sleeping well and my husband says I'm starting to breathe better....he said up until a couple of night's ago I was breathing like I was ventilated! I can now breathe just a little through both nostrils but not enough to close my nose yet. Ok....that's probably enough for now. Thanks for your interest lovely people! :)

Sorry..."not enough to close my mouth yet" (not...

Sorry..."not enough to close my mouth yet" (not nose...see previous review). LOL

It has been two whole weeks nearly to the hour,...

It has been two whole weeks nearly to the hour, since I walked into surgery. It seems like a life time ago now. I am feeling well in myself and keen to get the greasy sticky tape off my nose for good. I am breathing a little more through my nose but still mostly through my mouth. I am quite tender where one of my turbinates was reduced so will enquire about that tomorrow when I have my check up and tape removed. Woo hoo....bring on the tape removal...can't wait to see skin on my nose again. I'm guessing the next focus will be removing blackheads!! Chat again tomorrow when I post some new photos. x

Hi! I had tape removed yesterday morning and my...

Hi! I had tape removed yesterday morning and my nose is looking really good. I had a busy day yesterday so didn't get a chance to put any photos up. Hope to do that later today.

Had a bit of drama here earlier. At 6am I awoke to the feeling warm blood flowing down my throat. I sat up and spat up a lot of blood. So, aware I was having a nose bleed got the tissues, and my hubby got ice for the back of my neck to slow the flow. After 15 minutes I felt nausea and next thing I knew my husband was telling someone on the phone I was starting to breath. I had passed out and had a slight seizure. The ambulance arrived & took me to hospital when I was tested for a range of things. My blood pressure was 80/50, so had a bag of fluid pumped in. Anyway, I'm home and looks like I will be resting for a couple of days :-( I have a tendency to pass out when I feel nauseous (maybe from swallowing blood) and have usually have lowish blood pressure, so I am sure that's what caused it. All tests came back fine. The bleeding I believe came from the top turbinate near my bridge. I am a singer and lastnight had my first rehearsal since surgery, so perhaps the effort and breathing dislodged a clot at the turbinate site. My poor husband got a huge fright and is a little worse for wear; he thought I had died when he walked back in the room. So grateful he was home at the time. My advice to all who are healing is to remember no matter how good you are feeling (& I was!), continue to take things slowly. Clearly my body still needs more time.

It is midnight and I have decided to sleep almost...

It is midnight and I have decided to sleep almost upright on the couch tonight. The left side of my nose started a slight bleed again around 7.30pm and I haven't been able to stop it completely. I don't want to swallow blood again, as I am certain that is what caused the sickness and fainting earlier today. I may try icing the bridge area of my nose too. It just feels like my nose is about to pour again at any time. Have any of you had issues with bleeding post op? Anyway, I am tired and do want to get some sleep. I had been going along really well until today and feel I have lost my confidence a bit now. Thanks for your kind words everyone.....I'll chat again soon.

Since I wrote 11 hours ago, I've had 4 heavy nose...

Since I wrote 11 hours ago, I've had 4 heavy nose bleeds with constant drips in between. I called my PS at 9am and got a lunch time appointment. Both PS and nurse think it could be due to singing practice, but were also surprised at the bruising on my arm from the hospital drip (huge black-purple bruise & swelling). I am under strict instructions to not move unless going to the bathroom, for at least 48 hours....bummer! The bleed is coming from turbinate at left side of bridge. I have stopped multi-supplement in case something is thinning my blood. I just remembered prior to singing practice, I took an allergy tablet to avoid a cat allergic reaction at the home I to rehearse at...completely forgot about that and now I'm thinking that could have contributed to it. I'll mention it to my nurse when she calls tomorrow. I am sooooooo looking forward to getting back on track again. BTW, I still love my nose!! (Sorry to be a sad sack again).

I am thankful to report that my bleeding has...

I am thankful to report that my bleeding has finally eased and I haven't had a heavy bleed for 10 hours. I've been quiet as a wee mouse all day & have barely moved a muscle. My nurse has phoned twice since my appointment yesterday and said she would call again later today. It has been a discouraging set back for a couple of days, but I am pleased to report that I do believe I am coming out of the woods!!! I will be laying low for the next day or two. Thanks for your kind words of support everyone.

Hi everyone. I am on day 26 and plan on updating...

Hi everyone. I am on day 26 and plan on updating at 4 weeks. Like everyone who had open rhinoplasty, I have a lot of swelling in the bottom third of my nose. I am wondering if people are still sleeping elevated, taping at night, applying Arnica cream/gel etc at this time? I'm still sleeping elevated but not doing much else except staying out of the sun and avoiding alcohol and salty foods. I'd love to find out what has worked or not worked for you. Thanks heaps!!

It is 4 weeks tomorrow since surgery and even...

It is 4 weeks tomorrow since surgery and even though there has been such a lot going on, with many changes, the time has flown by quickly. I am going along well now and have entered the "waiting for swelling to go down" phase, which requires months of patience. I am very happy with the result of my nose from all angles, but most of all I'm looking forward to the swelling subsiding and getting some definition and shape to the tip. The left side is particularly swollen due to turbinate reduction x 2. I'm also looking forward to being able to smile fully again, be able to form a kiss (top lip finds this hard) and also speak more comfortably (form words) with a relaxed top lip again. As a singer, it is particularly tricky to form words well. I've updated the photos to include four angles from pre-surgery through to 4 weeks. Enjoy and thanks for your interest and support. x

I forgot to mention that this last few days I have...

I forgot to mention that this last few days I have been out and about more, running into people who know me well. My hairdresser and her assistant didn't seem to notice at all which was interesting, but a few girlfriends at church definitely did a double take with quizical looks on their faces. One commented saying, "wow your hairstyle and color has completely changed the look of your face!" I decided to go darker for awhile rather than blonde, so that is throwing the focal point off just my nose. I guess my change wasn't as minimal as many so it has changed my look a lot. I need to watch that I don't tell everyone the details whenever they do the double take. I almost feel guilty in some way for getting it done. There is a definite change in the wat strangers respond to me......people seem much warmer and talkative so I am guessing I look softer and more approachable. Also, my husband checked out my collage pics and couldn't believe my nose was as pointy and crooked at it was, particularly the photo looking up at my nostrils.....he now sees why I had a problem with my nose where he didn't before! He also thinks I should change my right profile pic because the 4 week one doesn't do it justice due to the lighting hitting my bridge. I'll leave it because I think it shows where the swelking starts (shadowed bottom 1/3). I had a follow up call from my nurse on Sunday and go in for a check up tomorrow. Bye for now! :-)

Just quickly updating photos: the 0 - 2 months...

Just quickly updating photos: the 0 - 2 months front & nostril views. Tomorrow it is 2 months since surgery so I'll officially update my review then. Bye for now.

It will be 2 months tomorrow since my surgery, and...

It will be 2 months tomorrow since my surgery, and a month since updating my review last. I've written a few headings down so I think I'll write my review differently today....here goes!

Breathing: I am breathing well out of both nostrils and have been for some time now. Sometimes the left side get a bit more swollen inside or get more mucus, but generally it is good.
Nose: Very little change since 1 month to report, however I think since the weekend, I've noticed swelling has reduced at the sides of my tip and my the nostril area seems much softer....woo hoo, progress, it is finally slimming down! The bridge is smooth and lovely and hasn't been swollen at all throughout. One thing, I am keeping an eye on the very tip as I can see a very slight swing to the right. It could swelling, but it also could be the septum remembering where it used to be, which can happen. My septum is much shorter than it used to be so it will never be as pronounced, however it does concern me a little.
Sleeping: I am still sleeping elevated, with my bestfriend, the U-Pillow, and have become very used to it. However, I have noticed that my eyes have become deeper set and a little hollow under my eyes, which I am attributing to the extra draining by sleeping this way. A couple of days ago, Dr Oz suggested sleeping elevated to reduce eyebags.....and I thought, ah, that's why I am hollow around the eyes! Well it definitely works, no eyebags around here, so I am keen to see this resolve when I lay flat again :)
Smile: It's back...yay! I think it has gradually gotten bigger over the past 4 weeks. For the first month I thought I would never see my top teeth again.
Check Up: I saw my surgeon yesterday and he is very happy with my progress, and can see swelling has reduced, however he said it will take me about 6 months to see some shape to my tip area. He calls the type of swelling in my nose a koala nose (cute!)......no shape/definition yet.
Bruising: Been gone for ages, however under fluro lighting I can still see a residue under my outer eye area. I've bought a new concealer with a illunimator to combat the bruising and sunken eye issue, and it is helping.
Massage: I stroke my nose from the tip up and out over the cheeks 100 times a day, and it has become my ritual. Lymphatic drainage helps.
Hair & Skin: I can definitely see the toll of the anaethesia (dry/dull), so I am continuing to eat well and take my supplements.
Q-Tips: I have gone through hundreds and hundreds of them. Due to swelling and hardness of my tip, I can't squeeze out mucus, so I've become skilled with Q-Tips, a torch app on my phone and a little mirror...works a treat! I also use a saline spray a couple of times a day.
Exercise & Singing: At 2 weeks I had a few days of heavy bleeding (see story around 30 Jan). My surgeon has not allowed me to exercise, sing, take certain supplements, lift etc etc for a period of 6 weeks since the bleeding stopped. I think this has been the hardest thing because I've been feeling well but this has kept me from resuming my normal active lifestyle and other interests. I have felt stuck at week 2 for so long, but I have one more week to go then I'm full steam ahead.

So, I am still totally thrilled with the whole process and the outcome,my nose continues to be a novelty that I still think about every day, I love imy surgeon and his wonderful wife/nurse, and I can't wait to see the final result in a few months. I have updated a few photos, but there is little change at this stage. At this stage, my main advice is if you have had or are having a similar surgery to me, particularly turbinate reduction, please do not rush into normal activities too quickly. Even though your nose looks fine and feels fine (mine did...had no pain thoughout), there is still much healing to be done. It's worth waiting and being patient.

That's it for another month or so, Take care everyone and thank you for your support (hugs!).

Just a quick note: I went to a family reunion...

Just a quick note: I went to a family reunion yesterday and nobody noticed anything, there wasn't even a quizzical look to be seen by anyone! My change was significant, so this should encourage those who are only having tweaking done. Also, I can officially resume singing and exercise now as it has been 6 weeks since bleeding ceased.....woo hoo! Thanks for your support everyone.

Hi everyone. Well today marks 3 months since...

Hi everyone. Well today marks 3 months since surgery and I must say that the time has passed by rapidly. I was hoping to report some big change since two months, but there hasn't been. I have resumed singing and my usual exercise regime and feel strong and back to normal. I don't hear any difference in the tone of my voice. My scar is healing well and the inside of my nose less sensitive and mucousy. The swelling in the bottom 1/3 of my nose persists & hasn't changed at all this month. I have decided to sleep on one pillow again & stop trying to be so precious about minimising the swelling. I see my PS again in May and will ask him whether he thinks the tip of my nose is twisting a little to the right, or if it is the swelling. I have adjusted to looking at myself with the new nose, but still can't believe I really went through with it. Truly the best thing I think I have ever done for myself and worth every penny! Oh, I haven't bothered adding any new pics and there hasn't been any particular change to see....maybe next time?! Bless you all.

Hi everyone! The 14th marked the 4th month...

Hi everyone! The 14th marked the 4th month anniversary since surgery and I am cruising along nicely. My nose is feeling slimmer and the feeling of a golf ball on the end of my nose has reduced; it now feels more like a duck bill! I have noticed my nose swells more in warm environments and more so in the evenings, but it is random and not always easy to identify the reason. I saw my PS on the 14th as he is very pleased. He told me I am losing my koala nose and gaining more definition. I asked if there is much more swelling to go, and he said there is still quite a bit in the tip. He also believes it is the swelling causing the tip to look off centre, so I hope that is true. The tip is still very hard and I can't wipe it well with a tissue because of the stiffness so he is probably right. On another note, I was singing the other night and a friend took a photo of me from the side, my first reaction was to cringe, then I remembered my nose is ok now & instead I was keen to see the pic (I haven't seen it yet!). I will upload a couple of pics I tool at work for your info....they aren't very nice due to Fluro lighting but they give an idea. In the front progression photo I've covered my eyes because the my expression makes me look like a space cadet. Bye for now! Oh, my next check up with my PS will be on the 14th Jan 14, my 1st year surgery anniversary.

6 months down & 6 to go!

How fast time is traveling since surgery; it's hard to believe still that I had rhinoplasty and I am now 6 months post op! How exciting that I have made the 1/2 way mark to 100% healing (well hopefully). I don't have much to report but thought I would mark the date with something so it might be useful to others to read how I have progressed. Well, my scar has healed beautifully & is almost invisible except when I am hot then it goes a deeper pink. I honestly don't know if the swelling has changed much since my last review.....maybe a little less, particularly to the right side that I thought was my septum twisting; it still goes up and down on a daily basis. One thing I notice when it is swollen is that I feel like I have mucous (but haven't) and it gets a strange smell (like bread baking). I haven't had a cold at all or been sick so have no idea how my nose will feel. It is still quite rigid in the tip so I continue to use Q-tips morning & night as wiping with a tissue/handkerchief is ineffective. Oh, & I still get an indentation across my bridge when I wear glasses, so I am guessing there is a wee bit more swelling there as well. I can't wait to
see what my nose looks like at 12 months because I am very happy at this stage, and the novelty hasn't worn off.....many times a day I feel my new small straight nose shape and feel so amazed and happy. I hope to update next at 9 months and finally at 12. Hugs to you all! :-)

9 Months and very happy :)

Hi everyone! This will be brief because there isn't too much to say. My nose still has some swelling in the tip which increases and decreases all the time depending on what I'm doing, the heat of the day, food etc, but it is confined mainly to the very tip now. This past week I have seen a few people who haven't seen me for awhile and the general comments are like "wow, you look so vibrant and alive", "you are looking young".....of which I can only really attribute to my shorter prettier nose. My Mum looked at a couple of recent pics and said how gorgeous I am looking and said it must be my nose. So these sorts of comments just confirm it was a great decision to have this done. See you again at 12 months!! x

Whoops, it is 8 months not 9!

Silly me, previous update is at 8 months and not 9.....I'm getting ahead of myself ;)
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