Permanent Tattoo for "Hair Challenged" Eyebrows - Australia

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I am unfortunately eyebrow-hair challenged at the...

I am unfortunately eyebrow-hair challenged at the outer part of my eyebrows and had been drawing them on for many, many years (probably since i was 16) with my good ol' Rimmel eyebrow pencil ~ bless!. I was fine with drawing them on until i hit 27 and the idea of waking up every morning for the rest of my life and re-applying my eyebrows was truly a horrifying thought.

It was becoming time consuming and was inconvenient when i wanted to go swimming as they would come off in the water (even with the 'waterproof' pencil) So i decided to take the plunge and do it!

I was scared of the permanency but did my research and asked a million questions until i found the right cosmetic tattooist AND I have never looked back, it's been about 4 weeks scince i had it done and i love it!!!! It hurt like hell even with the numbing cream but i would do it again in a heart beat.

My tattoist was very patient with me, going through all the colours until i found one i liked and we worked on the shape of them for a good hour until i was happy :)

Took about 2 weeks for them to heal completely and about 3 weeks for the colour to calm (the colour comes out a lot darker when you first get them done).

Over all I am very happy.

4 years later...

Well it's 4 years later and the tattoo has all but gone :(
(good for people who are worried about it's permanency, but i was really happy with the results so it's a bit of a bummer for me and i am back to using eyebrow pencils).
I probably only got under 2 years worth of good colour, so it's back to the drawing board for me and I have made an appointment for a new cosmetic tattooist who believes i should not have felt much pain the first time (i was in excoriating pain!) and says she will be able to do it with very little discomfort to me, so i guess we'll see how this one goes !
Will keep you updated,
Wish me luck!


Well i did end up getting them done again at the different tattooist mentioned above AND LET ME TELL YOU...
It did not hurt at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't believe i went through all that pain the first time when i didn't have to!
I'm finding the results much more natural too (using the hair stroke method) The colour is great, it didn't take as long to heal AND get this ~ She charges half the price! $250 upfront and $100 if you need to go back for a touch-up (which i didn't have to do).
I am so happy! Saving heaps of money on eyebrow pencils and also saving time in the mornings getting ready too :)
Melodie Murphy (QLD)

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