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Hi all. Like yourselves I have been reading this...

Hi all.
Like yourselves I have been reading this forum for quiet some time now and decided to go ahead with a few consultations.
I would love to wear normal sized clothes without busting !!!! ( paraded the pun ) Out of my tops and finally feeling comfortable and sexy in my clothes .
Ime 49yrs of age with grown children.
Ime wanting to do this for myself ( knowing that except my gorgeous partner my family are unhappy with the decision to go ahead ).
Hoping I can get some support on this brilliant site and recommendations from Drs and clients on my choice of surgery and doing them separately or all together ???
Looking toward to hearing from you.

Costing $$$$$$$

Any ideas on prices for :: tummy tuck
:: lipo
:: breast reduction ???


Updated before pictures.... No reviews from Surgeons so asking for Real Self followers for HELP and ADVICE

Hi there , I have 49 days before I fly to bankok for surgery ????????????????
Is any one going to Yankee mid May .........
OMG can't hardly believe the day is coming around so soon.
I am having a tummy tuck
Breast reduction
Lipo upper and lower
I am wondering if any one has had similar surgeries.
I would like to get your opinion weather I will have one surgery or 2/3 different surgeries ??????????????
It's been difficult to get an answer as I will be having my face to face appointment with my doctor prior.
Ime getting the feeling that the Lipo upper and lower is a more severe surgery than tt and b reduction.

Before pics

What supplies to take ????????????????????????

What suggestions do you all recommend to take with you for supplies
I will be staying in hospital 5 days..

Clothing and medical supplies ????

Surgery went really well ???? ???? ???? ????

Meeting dr nj early the morning of surgery was an 100% relief to me
We three Dr NJ ,myself and my lovely supportive partner discussed the requested changes in my body being breasts being a large 14 F . Way to heavy for my frame of 5 ft 2.
My tummy tuck and liposuction upper and under .
He was not at all pushy and left it entirely for myself to decide.
The doctor wasn't at all like I've been reading about although he as we all do has our days.
He was actually quiet funny and really easy to understand.
The next part was a little rushed but looking back was the best way for me as ime either full steam ahead or completely zero !!!!!
Within an hour I had blood tests , blood pressure,chest X-rays,heart X-rays.
I had forgotten to mention I have had thyroid cancer a few years back and had it completely removed.
I was then off to the cancer centre were they discussed a lot with me but since I am under Australia's number 1 professor and g
Had got ok with him I walked immediately into THEARTE !!!!!!
Wowwwww how quick not hours of waiting and thinking like I would of done in Australia.

I was chatting away with everyone in the theatre room everyone happy dr came in and we gave each other the thumbs up.
They talked about my arms and I said no no no I think they were wanting to just strap them down ????????????????????????????????
I kept saying read my paper work ....dr said relax all ok

Operations were all done together and went to ccu ( critical care unit ) for the night which ime presuming normal.
Spent 6 nights all up in hospital.
Up and about the next day only to toilet and back ecttt until I ventured down to get a decent cappuccino with partner in hand.
There is a little language variorum but I must admit I got past that and they never left my room until I was sure they fully understood me.
Examples ::::::: pet having worked well for me but I would not have it unless I also had injection for nausea with it.
One vomiting session nearly ripped me in half.
Ion my leaving the lovely nurses they called out don't go home we will miss you !!!!!!!!!! ????????????????Sweeties they were sat and talked to me braided my hair bought me in special little extras.
Thank you Dr NJ for your very caring and funny personality.
Your nurses are so gentle and amazing at TRIA

Only I negative thing. They lost my shoes ????????????????????????????I only brought I pair.

P.S. After breakfast each morning at Somerset we have been going shopping g for an hour or 2 not to much.
But feeling pretty dam good
Brome lain has been great for minimum brusing.
Changed melds I came out with as tramadol had me having nightmares all night long so seemed out a little pharmacy up the road and pain is minimal.


Infection at day 14 after surgery ????????????????????????

After feeling really good.
Minimal pain ..
I woke up went to toilet and my stomach gushed with blood .
Went straight to the hospital.
Re admitted and rested up for the night.
Was well taken care off in hospital by the nurses and Drs

Infection day 15. Dr NJ after cleaning the hole he placed a sticky bandage with a pump attached .

The pump was sucking out the infection every 5 seconds or so and quickly filled up after a few days.

The area had to be milked (squeezed out) at each cleaning.
Morning and night.
With the bandages being full of ouzze.
Very groused out but a necessity apparently.
Very swollen and tender.
Ime feeling a little pain at this stage.
Spirits still high

Updates of infection

These are some pics of my infection in tummy , breast ...
Ime doing all the right things cleaning and keeping dry.

Slowly slowly

Went to see my doctor here in Australia.
She seemed okay with the infection in my tummy and breast .
I was a bit surprised at that as to me seems really awful.
She gave me same advice keep it clean and dry.
Rest rest rest.....
The body will do an amazing job at healing itself.

Things not going so well.

Went to check up with my Australian dr and she sent me straight to emergency.

Feeling down and depressed which is what I don't need.

Drs in Thailand say it's alright ?????
My Drs here in Melbourne are really horrified????
My body looks so disfigured and I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS
Apparently I have an infection ( obviously ) in tummy tuck which thought my SECOND surgery in Melbourne they said it's like a cave of infection deep into my stomach and now throughout my belly button.
Apart on the tummy tuck procedure ( fat or skin the size of my fist was left inside my stomach )
What more can I say Ime miserabl and unhappy more surgeries to come.

Am in touch with destination beauty Thailand so let's see what they end up saying.
So far Ime alright by them ????
Been out of hospital 2 days surgery 14 th may 2015 ????

Photos if your game !!!!!!

Finally new phone arrived so can down load pics

This is sat 20th

This is what I me carrying around everyday
A suction pump to bring my good new skin to the top
A big pain to carry around and sleep with

Liposuction upper and lower ???????

This is not really different from my initial consultation .
Dr Narongdej

Just about to start looking as I have may off work this year so that's my time frame to find specialist have the consultations and booking. Dr Narongdej is at Destination Beauty inThailand. My sister went there late 2014 and had a Breast augmentation thought he was extremely proffesional. The serviced apartments are wonderful, clean At this stage I have removed my positive review on my dr and the procedure at this stage.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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