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I finally made the decision to go with my...

I finally made the decision to go with my treatment, I got invisalign in mid May 2012. It is very costly, my treatment cost 7500 excluding acceledent that I got recently (paid that upfront). I have high hope that my smile will be next to perfect.
It doesn’t bother me that I have to keep my invisalign on for 22 hours a day; I probably have them on for 23 hours because I eat very quickly. My friend and my mom call them granny teeth and my sister calls them dentures ewww lol. They make me laugh but I don’t mind, they both have traditional braces and they are ugly. I do get some weird looks sometimes, like ‘what is that on your teeth’ and I be like none of your business *rolls eyes*.
My goal from this treatment is to have straighter, broader and brighter smile and I made that very clear during my consultation. So I will be quite furious if I don’t get that outcome because I PAID HEAPS OF MONEY.
As soon as I heard of acceledent I went and did my research and was convinced that it will work and speed up my treatment by 50%. That means I would be changing my aligners every week. But what really made me desperately get it was that I got attachments on my 4th aligners… all across my top teeth. 10 on the top and 6 on the bottom, my first 3 aligners had no attachments. Well not so invisible I guess but still, I will take invisalign over traditional braces anyday.
I started using the acceledent on the 9th of July in the middle of my 4th aligners, for 20 minutes every night. From now on (from the 5th aligners) I will change them every Thursdays. Its day 4 and I can already feel that it’s loosened up and not so tight which is a good thing. So on Thursday the 19th I will change to my 6th. It’ll be the first time I’m changing them after using an aligner for one week. I will write review on how that goes.

Btw I have 32 aligner to go through before my perfect smile. My invisalign treatment is supposed to go for 18 months but with Acceledent I will be done with them by January 2013, than have refinements if necessary. Then its retainers and a hidden wire behind your front teeth that will be there eternally.
The only thing that bothered me was the price. But that’s my fault; I should have looked around but i was very impatient. That is a self taught lesson, never going to happen again.

Suprisingly the the 6th tray isnt all that very...

Suprisingly the the 6th tray isnt all that very tight like how i expected.

Had a little problem with my 11th aligners, they...

Had a little problem with my 11th aligners, they were bothering my top gum because it was a tad bit bigger and sharp, so i called my ortho and he said i should file it down with nail file. Other than that all is good. Now im on my 12th aligner everything is moving fast and quite smooth. Im actually starting to see some results now, my arch is sort of widened, just a little bit though. My bottom teeth are 95% straight which im very impressed with, because im not even half way through so i should expect my treatment to go as planned. My top gap hasn't closed but they have straightened because they were initially a tad bit to the east and west lol.

I will update soon after i have my next appointment.
Ta Ta

Half way through!!!!! Currently wearing aligner 16...

Half way through!!!!! Currently wearing aligner 16 :) woohoo cantttttt wait. bring on beautiful smile baby! Haha

I was putting my 17th aligner tonight and it was...

I was putting my 17th aligner tonight and it was nearly impossible getting them in, the arch was so much wider especially for the bottom. I just forced them it. Literally!
Good thing no pain.

Sorry guys, i know ive been MIA . I had so much...

Sorry guys, i know ive been MIA . I had so much going on. I will post photo after i get the final touches done like whitening,etc. The results are incredible, im so happy. :)

Hi guys

sorry MIA for like a year and a half. I'm so done with my treatment. I am happy with result. Now I just want to whiten them, my dentist only gave me whitening pen which is practically useless. so that's some extra money that I have to cough up :( I will put a review in zoom whitening because from what I hear its very effective but painful.
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