Full Tummy Tuck,no Lipo Due Date 10th Jan.2011 - Australia

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After 3 children and 18 years of marriage my...

After 3 children and 18 years of marriage my husband left me for a skinny woman 17years younger than me. Yep, you guessed it..I ate my way out of depression and ended up at 84 kilograms on a 5'2''.Decided to get a gastric band inserted and that was how I lost 21Kgs. Of course the old tum tum took a beatig,as the before photos will show when they are postrd.

Decided to get TT after a dear fiend had one and all went so well for her.I NEEDED to do this for ME !!Anyway,I since have married the dearest soul on earth and am even more excited to have the op.I will post photos soon....CAN'T WAIT !!!

Only 7 days till I get rid of my belly once and...

Only 7 days till I get rid of my belly once and for all.Got everything all organised,..My Dad,[85] who lives with us, is going into a Retreat for 2 weeks and my husband is working half days during that time to help me.My bag is backed and I have a box with my "Kimmers Survival Stuff"in it by the bed ready. Got my drugs for pain..woopie, lots of them !! Thinking I should have rented bed Kimmers suggested, but have nowhere to put it..darn.

I'm really prepared, both mentally and physically for the worst of it and the best of it.Thanks everyone, you've all been great .

Well here I am ,the BIGESR drama Queen when it...

Well here I am ,the BIGESR drama Queen when it come topain,aches,and thiking 'the worst' BUT ladies,who haven't had the sx yet, let me just give you a quick review of a real sook[Aussie for scardy cat]
I has a pain pupmp filled with wonderful Pethaedine fir less than 2 days, then onto oxycodne ,and Panadola and codeine. I was afraid they didn't have enough drugs in the whole hospital to help me, but I was wrong. ! Used the pain pump with great gusto every second I was a wake. Got me thru the first 5 days easlily.After that, the only pain I had was getting up to pee. I feel NO pain now,just a little twinge now and then and slight,but painless "pull"where my fron inscision is. HOW...EVER.....I now have insomnia and NOTHING will shut me down, and when I take far more than prescribed,I still only sleeo 2-3jr if lucky
Good Luck to all the newbies just starting out on thif journey, and a speedy recovery to all you lovely experts who have been there, done that and bought a binder to prove it !!

Three weeks ago today I was lying on the operatig...

three weeks ago today I was lying on the operatig table waiting to be put under for the TT and now here I am happy as a clam.!! Tummy and muffin top are GONE and my abs are normal and I am off meds and all is well!! Yes I have swelling, and I have sad days for no reason and I itch a bit etc,etc, etc but I have what I have always dreamed of...a body that I can look at naked and say,"ÿes, you look good girl !!!"

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