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I am now day 3 from my revision rhino and chin...

I am now day 3 from my revision rhino and chin augmentation surgery. I am very swollen and can't talk or eat properly! I am mainly just having soups and shakes and some soft food that I have to guide to my mouth with my fingers cos of the numbness in my lips.

Is this normal? I'm starting to worry that I am going to be stuck like this. How long has it taken other people to be able to talk and eat after these surgeries?


I am now four weeks post my rhinoplasty and chin implant. I know that many surgeons say 10 days for recovery although reading people's experiences here I'd say that for many people such as myself it was much longer.

For the first 2 weeks I really struggled with eating and talking properly and was very swollen. It started to reside at 2 weeks and at four weeks the sensation in my lower lip has started to return. It's still not perfect, there is still some numbness and swelling so my speech and smile has not yet completely normalised. I can see that I'm progressing though and am really happy with the results. Anyone that is early in their recivery amd is in a panic (like i was) the healing process can be really slow but it does get better! You can check out my recovery blog at

One year on

It's been a year since my surgery and I now love it! The swelling took a looong time to go down and even longer for full sensation to return, I'd say closer to six to eight months for full sensation to return then the few weeks others experience.

I didn't really consider having it removed after the first month as I liked the way it looked and hoped for it to get better, thankfully it did but let me reiterate it took a really, really long time and during this time recovery was hard. I couldn't eat like I normally did and on occasion stumbled over words. Now it's all completely back to normal.

My appearance has improved considerably, it's a subtle but powerful change and one of the best things is that I weight gain hasn't affected my face so much. I went on a two and a half month holiday and gained almost five kilograms, usually this would show in my face as those of us with a weak chin know that the dreaded double can be an issue! My face still looked thin and no double chin.

If you are struggling with your recovery please be patient, it will improve. For me the initial stages were really hard, I was in a panic allot of the time and thought I had made a massive mistake.

I will update my blog soon too, I'm trying to remember my password...
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