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I had endoscopic eyebrow lift 4 weeks ago. One of...

I had endoscopic eyebrow lift 4 weeks ago. One of my eyebrows had dropped and was creating pressure on my eyelid which made my eye heavy and watery. It was a real effort to keep my eye open. My specialist came highly recommended. He said I needed to do both eyebrows. My eyebrows are now numb, so is the area above my eyebrow and the top of my head. On the middle of my head I often get pressure which is quite unpleasant. My specialist told me the numbness would disappear over 4 months but did not know what to make of the pressure. Has anyone else had pressure on their head after the eyebrow lift?

It is now a week later. The pressure in the...

It is now a week later. The pressure in the middle of my head is a bit less as long as I do not lift any heavy things (it is now 5 wks after the operation). For the rest my forehead, eyebrows and top of my head still feels numb. Because of the pressure in the middle of my head I often lack motivation to do anything. I hope the situation will improve soon

It is now 9 weeks ago since my operation. I have...

It is now 9 weeks ago since my operation. I have just taken 2 Ibuprofens. To think I did not even know what Ibuprofen was before this operation upsets me to no extent. I never ever used to get headaches. I asked the specialist if I would end up with headaches after the operation I was told it was unlikely if I did not have them before. I still have the pressure on top of my head. I had hoped that by now i would feel a lot better. The reason for the operation was a drooping, heavy eyelid. It has remained unchanged although people notice it more now. Even people that don't know about the operation. I also still have the faint blue lines on the bottom of my eye socket/top of my cheek which other people can easily notice. So overall not impressed.

4 months review

This week it will be 4 months ago that I had my eyebrow lift. Not much has changed from the 3 months review. You can still see the bruises on my cheekbone although thy have faded quite a bit. I still have tightness on top of my head. Sometimes it is not too bad and sometimes I need to take Ibuprofen. It seems that not drinking enough makes it worse. So I do my best with drinking as much as I can. A friend of mine who has had quite a few operations cheered me up by saying it may be 2 years before all the nerve endings have grown back. That was news I certainly did not want to hear. But considering it is now 4 months since the operation and progress is slow, she could be right. The specialist's wife (when i tried to phone the specialist) told me the slow healing is because I am older (I am 63 yrs old and certainly not decrepit and in very good health). I am curious to hear how Mark and Faith are doing. So this is my latest news. Best wishes to you all. Ineke

5 months review

It is now almost 5 months ago since my operation. I don't have to take Ibuprofen anymore and overall I feel a lot better although I still have the tightness on my head and forehead. Sometimes better, sometimes not that great. I am definitely hoping that by the end of next month it will be a distant memory. Fingers crossed. So I don't have much to report.

5 1/2 months development

This afternoon I have been to a cosmetic surgeon specialised in eyelid lifts. I still have problems with drooping eyelids and the endoscopic browlift ( suppsed to fix this) had no benefits only negatives. The cosmetic specialist referred me to a surgeon who is Professor specialised in Ophthalmology because he felt that I have ptoses

n. pl. pto┬Ěses (-sz). Wickepedia)
Abnormal lowering or drooping of an organ or a part, especially a drooping of the upper eyelid caused by muscle weakness or paralysis.

He also felt that it needs someone skilled in Ophthalmology and it was not his area of expertise. So now I need to make an appointment with this Professor and take it from there. I forgot to mention that is till have those blue lines under my eyes just above my cheekbone. I asked the cosmetic specialist about that and he said that is blood pooling. When asked when that would go or if that would go, he could not/ would not say. So the saga with my eyelid will be continued.

6 1/2 months review

I basically have not much to report. I am just waiting for my appointment with the Opthamologist on 1 October. The symptoms described before are pretty much the same. I had expected more improvement by now. Last week I even had to resort to Ibuprofen because I was fed up with the tightness/pain on my head and forehead and heaviness on my eyelids. I cannot wait for my appointment on 1 October. Maybe I am expecting too much from that appointment . I just want it all to go away. Sorry, I sincerely wish I had more positive news to report. All I can say is do a lot of research before you have the Brow Lift. It is a big operation with lengthy after effects.

6 1/2 months review changes

Just the day after I posted the above review I had to see my GP who is interested in the possibility that I may have ptosis. He had undertaken some research and told me to get some tests done so that I have them ready for the Ophtamology specialist who I'll be seeing on October 1. I had to do a blood test to check for my Thyroid and another test to check the Peripheral Nerves above my eyelid. This will be done on September 4. Thank goodness the tests are being bulk billed. The test for the Peripheral Nerves would otherwise have cost me $800. Isn't he a great GP to check that all out and to get it bulk billed? So the wait continues but at least things are happening :)

Bruising after eyebrow lift surgery

I read quite a few reviews of surgeons on your website who state that there is no or hardly any bruising after an eyebrow lift. Please see attached photos and also notice how totally unsuccessful the operation was. All that I gained from the operation are constant tightness on my head, headaches (which I never used to have) and still bruising on my cheeks. After 8 months I still cannot do any heavy lifting and if I don't drink enough the headaches also get worse. Take notice of my photos and i hope I can prevent some people from having this dreadful operation.

photos have been cropped

I just one to let you know that because the second photo has been cropped considerably you cannot see that my cheek was all yellow/blue right down to my jawbone and the photo also shows some jowls that had been created for the occasion to collect the blood that ran down my cheek. So much about no bruising after the operation.

Almost 9 months

Although each time it is getting somewhat better, I still have problems with tightness in my forehead and tightness on my head. Sometimes it is worse than other times. I thought I had more or less solved the issue of my eyes because I felt I had been taking too much magnesium but tonight I had to go out to listen to a forum and I had big problems keeping my right eye open. I am quietly hoping this tightness will be over once a year has passed. :-)

1 week then it will have been 10 months

The tightness on my head and forehead continues. Last week I went to see a Professor of Opthamology who thought that it could take a total of 12 to 18 months before the muscles will slacken. I showed him a photo of the bruising after my eyebrow surgery and he told me that he had never seen bruising like that before. He also more or less indicated that he did not believe in the school that supported eyebrow surgery for ptosis (which I have now definitely been diagnosed with). He is going to operate my eyelids in February. I cannot wait for that operation because initially the ptosis only effected my right eye but it now effects both my eyes. I now also have it during the daytime whereas before I only had it at night. It is very tiring and is effecting the quality of my life. I am so glad now that my operation will be done by a very capable professor of Opthamology. By the time he does the operation it will have been a year of drama and visiting all sorts of specialists to get my eyelid problem fixed I can now finally see the light at the end of the tunnel :-)

My recent eyelid lift

My journey is almost over. Friday 7 Feb 2014 I had my eyebrow lift which was done by Prof Sullivan. He is an excellent specialist and a very nice person as well in contrast to the uncaring Opthamologist who did my eyebrow lift last year. The anaesthetist this time was also a very nice person and last year the anesthetist was also quite unpleasant. The eyelid lift was a walk in the park. I have had to take no painkillers afterwards and the bruising has been absolutely minimal. This coming Wednesday the stitches will come out. I am not looking forward to that but I know Prof Sullivan will do his best to minimise the pain. An extra bonus is that my headaches so far have not returned. The day before the surgery I had quite a bad headache (still the result of my eyebrow lift). I had to phone the anaesthetist the day be4 the operation if I could have more time to drink water because that seemed to alleviate the headaches a bit, and that was ok. I hope I will not get the headaches back. I never had headaches be4 the eyebrow lift. I still have some of the tightness on top,of my head but without the headaches that is not too bad. So my journey is almost over. It has been a long journey to get to this point but at least it has now almost to an end. I wish everybody who has had a bad experience the very best and hopefully you will also come across a nice, very skilled specialist that can make things better for you. Cheers, Ineke

Correction to the above story

I had my eyelid lift on 7 Feb 2014. Apologies .

The ongoing saga following my eyebrow lift

It has been a while since I wrote a review. I have been very busy and my husband and I are just back from a 4 weeks holiday. But here we go. I continue to have headaches as a result of my eyebrow lift almost every day so I am not impressed. I specifically asked my first specialist if I would end up with headaches after the eyebrow lift. As mentioned before, he told me that if I never had them before, there should be no reason why I should get them after the operation. How wrong could he be! It is ongoing after 1 1/2 yrs.
My eyelid lift was successful as long as I do not get very tired. Then my right eyelid starts to feel heavy and sags.
So, as far as the eyebrow lift is concerned, there are no changes. I live in hope it will get better. To think I have subjected myself to the eyebrow lift is hard to come to terms with.


31 July 2015
I have been diagnosed with Ocular Myasthenia Gravis (OMG) which means that I only have the symptoms of drooping eyelids. I have had an eyebrow lift and eyelid lift but my eyelids are drooping just the same as they did before my operations. It has been an absolute waste of money.
If you have drooping eyelids, Plse check with a specialist if it might be OMG. In the brochure of the American Ocular Myasthenia Gravis Association it clearly states that eyebrow or eyelid operations are contraindicated. They are useless. I did not know I had OMG when my operations were advised.
After all this time I get regular headaches still due to the eyebrow lift and tightness in the area were things have been pulled tighter.
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