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After having large breasts since they first...

After having large breasts since they first developed (DD when I was 16), last year I finally took the step to see a surgeon to get rid of my G cup breasts.
I had a waiting list of 10 months, under private health care in Australia. My operation was March 26, 2013. My surgeon has taken me from a G, to hopefully a C once all is healed and settled down.
I'm 27 now, and really wish I had of had this surgery years ago. I feel like I have gotten a whole new lease on life, and already feel so much more confident.
What really pushed me into making the decision was the pain I was in from carrying around my breasts each day. My neck and shoulders requires a massage weekly, plus heat packs at night after work. The best part of my day was coming home and taking my bra off!!!
I can not wait to start buying pretty bras from the likes of Target even, and the lingerie stores. No longer having to order ugly white, cream or black bras from online. I can finally have pretty colored ones!!! And bathers, that's a whole other story. Having to buy a specially made bikini top to go under a special "big girls" swim top just so I would have the support for a paddle around in the water. And sports bras, what a joke. No such thing for big boobs!
I can't wait to go out on the town with my friends, to meet and chat to new people, guys in particular without thinking in the back of my mind "does he really want to talk to me or my boobs?"
I know breast feeding may not be an option, but I'm fine with that.
I'm looking forward to starting my new journey in life with my new boobs (once they have settled down of course!)
If I had seen a private plastic surgeon, I could have had this done almost straight away. But the cost was almost $10 000. (AU $). I decided to wait, as it worked out much cheaper for me, and my private health insurance covered a lot of it.

Day 10 post op. Stitches removed yesterday. All...

Day 10 post op.
Stitches removed yesterday. All healing well my surgeon said. Apart from 2 points of break down at the t junction. They are the size of a cotton bud head and not worth worrying about or a dressing the nurse told me. But I am still worried! I had tape over the under side incision site still. And the incision under my nipples.
Was able to have my first shower this morning, what bliss!
Still bruised and swollen. Praying like crazy my wound break down doesn't get any worse!
Am loving the new boobs, even in their swollen, messy state.

Day 13. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since surgery! Time...

Day 13. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since surgery! Time has gone quickly, but at the same time not quick enough. Still have some redness around my nipples from where the stitches and tape were.
Last 2 days I've been feeling very swollen and achey. Also a lot more of the zingers, and a few jolts of pain every now and then. Nothing that some ibuprofen doesn't fix.
Hopefully the tape over my incisions can come off soon. Have been praying the 2 points of break down have healed up, or haven't got any worse.
Looking forward to getting out of these little crop top bras. My surgeon has told be to continue to wear them until my next visit to him later in April.
I'm really hanging out to go bra shopping!
Bruising is finally starting to disappear. I have over done it the last few days, going out shopping and visiting friends. Am also feeling a lot more tired even though I'm sleeping better at night now.

Day 19. Last couple of days have been good ones....

Day 19. Last couple of days have been good ones. Bruising still visible on the bottom half of my breasts. Have been applying palmers coco butter to my nipples to help with the dry skin around them, which has worked a treat. I did feel a stitch rip on the under side of my left breast 3 days ago from reaching too far. But no real great deal of pain. Healing seems to be going well.

Hard to believe it will be 4 weeks since my op in...

Hard to believe it will be 4 weeks since my op in 2 days! I have finally taken some pics to share. Silly enough I didn't think to take any before pics. Maybe because I hated them so much!
My nipples were the exact same size, but the left seems to have shrunken more than the right. Hope this is normal healing!

4 weeks post op!! 10 months of waiting for the...

4 weeks post op!! 10 months of waiting for the surgery. I can't believe it has been 4 weeks since I got my new small boobies!
I remember that my surgeon too 900gms from Left and 1.1kg from Right. 2kgs off my chest! I picked up a 2kg bag of flour earlier and thought wow, I had this on my boobies 4 weeks ago!
Seeing my surgeon tomorrow. Hopefully the tape can come off for good. I am hoping he is happy with how the breakdown areas have healed.
I've had a few hiccups during my recovery such as an infection 3 days post op, 2 break down points at the T incisions, and a pulled muscle on my left side and a couple of popped stitches. But I wouldn't change a thing. I am already planning on celebrating with my friends when I am all healed up.

4 weeks post op- Went and saw my surgeon today....

4 weeks post op-
Went and saw my surgeon today. He told me my healing looked like it was 6-7 weeks post op, not 4!! The tape has come off and I am so happy. The 2 breakdown points have healed really well. AND he has given me clearance to buy some real bras as of next week! I asked why not this week, and he said as its only been 4, week 5 is when the swelling is generally all gone. Yay! I'm so excited now. Have 2 more weeks off from work due to the pulled stitches and pulled muscle (which I was told off about again!). Also a gentle reminder that I had major surgery only 4 weeks ago, and not to go over doing it too much.
Pics coming up soon of my 4 week post op!

Week 5 post op - new pics! Things have been going...

Week 5 post op - new pics!
Things have been going well. I've stopped using the Bio Oil for now, as I found it was softening up the incisions under my boobs. I know it sounds weird, but it was, and caused a very tiny wound to appear. Spoke to surgeon and nurse re this and my skin is still fragile at the moment, so not using it for a few more weeks. 2 days after I stopped using it, little wound closed up. I'm just using palmers coco butter all over which is nice and soothing. I can 'legally' buy bras now, but am waiting anothe week or two as the incision ends near my arm pits are a bit tender still. And I want to avoid any irritation. And plus, these little post op bras are still doing the job, as ugly as they are.
Sleep wise I am down to 1 pillow and sleeping on my side. Have tried tummy a few times, but still a bit tender. I'm not back at work yet, still have another week off due to pulled muscle. I went on my first 5km walk 2 days ago. Pre op I did this walk every day or two. I have been going for shorter walks, 2-2.5kms daily. But I felt good and went for it! Even tried a little jogging, and NO movement from the boobs! I'm feeling really good now. And can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

6 weeks post op - wow!!! Where has that time gone....

6 weeks post op - wow!!! Where has that time gone. I am due to start back at work on Monday. Also went for a bra fitting last Friday, but the lady asked me to come back this coming Friday as I still had 2 tiny tiny scabs present and she didn't want to risk anything by fitting me for a bra. I have purchased 2 sneaky bras fr $3 on clearance from target though. I am feeling back to normal now though.
Am still not using the Bio oil yet, will be waiting a couple more weeks to ensure that everything is OK first. I spoke to a friend of mine who is a breast care nurse, told her what happened with the bio oil, and she said that it can happen. So ladies, just beware that bio oil can break down incision lines! I've been using the palmers coco butter with no problem at all. Will post some pics in the next couple of days.

6 weeks post op pics up

6 weeks post op pics up

Wearing a bra for the first time: I am almost 7...

Wearing a bra for the first time:
I am almost 7 weeks post op. I wore my first bra (a pretty pink lacey padded C cup bra) yesterday for the first time. It's amazing how it, at first, it felt like I had nothing on. I was very careful with adjusting the girls into the cups, making sure they fit in well and the bra was adjusted right.
4 hours into my day I had to take my bra off, as it was starting to rub the incisions under my arm pits. I didn't want to risk anything, so that's why I took it off. Just in case. 5 hours later I went out for dinner with friends and wore another bra, and had it on for 4 hours again. I was itching to get it off when I got home due to the rubbing again.
Today I wore my bra for 6 hours before taking it off. It's just my personal choice as I don't want to irritate my incisions as it has only been 7 weeks (almost). So in between wearing a bra and at night I've just been wearing a crop top like bra, similar to the ahh bra.
It feels weird wearing a bra again, but also really good! My new boobs look great in my new bras, and I can't wait to do more bra shopping to start up my collection.

7 weeks post op *new pics* So wow, 7 weeks down!...

7 weeks post op *new pics*
So wow, 7 weeks down! I've had 2 shifts back at work. They have been very accomadating and have lightened my work load from most of the physical until I feel up to it. I have been in bras for 4 days now. Getting used to the feeling again!
Healing is still going well (I think so anyway). Still get the occasional throb/stab pain. But apart from that nothing major! Still applying the Palmers cocoa butter twice a day.

Just to add - sometimes I have little 'freak out'...

Just to add - sometimes I have little 'freak out' moments when I think "ahh they still look so big!!!" And "what if they grow back again?!". I wish I had have kept one of my old bras just to remind myself how far I have come, and how small they are now!

8 weeks post op

8 weeks down. Am managing to wear bras nearly all day now. Still don't feel safe to not sleep with anything, so am continuing to wear the little crop bras/ahh bras.

Has anyone else noticed that their boobies have dropped? Mine are soft now, still very perky, but I've noticed they have dropped a little as the healing process has gone along.

9 weeks post op

The last 3 days I've been having a burning pain in my left breast. Went to the doctor today as it was getting too much. He gave me a tablet for nerve pain and it has worked like a charm! He said it is quite normal to have pain like this as the nerves do what they need to do while healing.

12 weeks post op.

12 weeks have gone! I am loving my new boobies more every day. They have dropped nicely, so the incision underneath is hidden well. Have no problems wearing bras now. I won't sleep without an ahh bra type thing or even my surgical bras. It just feels wrong not to! I even have cute little sports bra in my collection now. Every now and then I get some shocking burning nerve pain, and have some Lyrica for that.
Nipples are working fine, just have no feeling of them, or any breast below them. I still get the internal itchiness every now and then too.
I am STILL checking myself out in the mirror every day. I still have a fear at the back of my mind that they are going to grow back. But I wouldn't hesitate in getting them chopped off again!

1 more photo

5 months

I've just hit the 5 month post op mark and wow. I am so so happy with my results (pics to come).
I feel like I have a new lease on life. I'm going to the gym 4-5 times a week (for the first time in years), I've taken up running again. And am loving trying on new bras and clothes again.
I'm still using the Palmers skin oil, Palmers cocoa butter cream and the Bio Oil. My scars are fading nicely. Still can't feel my nipples, but they are working. Sensation is starting to come back on the bottom part of my boobs.
Every now and then I get that internal itch. And the zapping zinging niggly nerve pains have pretty much vanished. I still keep some pain meds on stock just in case.
Every morning I STILL look down my pajama top to make sure they are still there! I often catch myself looking at my reflection in mirrors, windows etc lol. And NO MORE SHOULDER pain! It's amazing. And I can sleep on my tummy without having to readjust myself.
Life has improved for me so dramatically.

7 months down

Hard to believe 7 months are almost up since I had my BR. I am still checking every day that my boobs are still small. I fit quite nicely into a C cup now.
I still have a little trouble with my left side, especially the area where I ripped my stitches, but nothing major.
My right nipple has healed really well, and the scaring has faded quite nicely. The left though, not as well. But my surgeon did say it can take up to 12 months so I'm not all that worried.
It's amazing to live pain free (as in neck/back/shoulder). I never really realized how limited my life WAS. I am running again, something I haven't done since I was in primary school and early high school. I'm even dressing differently. And have so much more confidence now. My last pics didn't upload for some reason, so I will try again :)
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