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I am finally doing this. I have always wanted...

I am finally doing this. I have always wanted bigger breasts but never thought I'd go through with a breast augmentation. I've now thought its now or never. The few ladies I've spoken to who have had implants have all said they had no regrets. Hubby doesn't understand why I'm doing it, but why would he? He doesn't have boobs. It's for me. I figured having 3 children so quickly has left me more deflated than ever. It's time to inflate my (boob) ego. I think...oh, I don't want my hubby to change my mind. It's now or never. I'm booked in for mid July. I have a pre-op appt tomorrow as i'm unsure of size. I've seen 4 PS and they have all said different things. I have a preferred PS so I'm going to grill him tomorrow on what size is going to best. I'm thinking 350 to 370cc. Wish me luck!

Counting down the days...

Ok so I'm counting down the days now. Hard to believe my BA is scheduled for next week. Hitting the gym as much as I can as I know I won't be as to do any running for a while after the BA. I have chosen a 365cc and 345cc on smaller breast. I hope that's not too big and not too small. It is so hard to know as it seems everyone has different results with sizes. Some look bigger / some look smaller. I don't want to big enough that people notice. I want a result whereby I can dress the girls up with a booster bra or simply not have to wear a bloody padded bra and still feel womanly. Right now, without a padded bra I feel like a man. The countdown is well and trust on. Bring it on!!

Tomorrow I'll have boobs !!!

So tomorrow is the big day. Can't believe I'm finally going to do this. No backing out now. Feeling a bit nervous but excited too. i think mu biggest fear is how much pain ill be in, but hey, Im sure the pain will all be worth it. I hope the size looks good. I dont want to look too big pr small. Wish me luck.

I did it

Well I finally went through with my breast augmentation last Thursday. I'm now 3 days post op and feel great. The worst day was day 1. I only took pain meds till the morning of day 2 as I didn't feel I needed them. Since then I've only needed Panadol and my antibiotics. As you can see I am fully bandaged up like a mummy at the moment, but from what I can see, I'm very happy with the size. I know there will be swelling so I expect a slight reduction in size. When my PS was drawing on me just prior to surgery he did say the implants could take me to a small D so I will let you know. My post op appointment is tomorrow and that is when all will be revealed when the bandaged as removed. I'm a bit nervous as to how they'll look. Also very excited though.


Well they were revealed today and I'm really happy. They are high profile which I like and they don't look too big from the front which is good. I love that they arent too big as it means i can dress them up or dress them down. I dont think anyone will bat an eyelid except when I have them on show in a low cut top or bikini. Im only day 4 post op but have no pain whatsoever. Just a mild tightness. Amazing. Hubby has changed his tune. He loves them. Can't wait to see how they change week by week.

8 days post op

I wanted to give another update as this site was such a help when i was considering a BA. Well I cant believe its been 1 week already since my BA. My recovery has been great. My boobs are still sore at times and I seem to get pretty tired very quickly but loving how the girls are coming along. Part off me wishes that I had could of gone a bit bigger... For my BA i had 340cc on the right and 360cc in the left. I remember the PS saying that with my implant brand (cant remember what it is) next size up from 360cc was a 410cc so if i was to of chosen that size, the smaller breast would of been 360cc. That of course wouldn't have worked. The other solution was to go both breasts at 410cc and live with the size difference. No thanks. But saying that, I only ever wanted to have a natural look. I also love running at the gym and I know if I went much bigger that could be a bit hard. I love bra shopping now. I was never interested in buying bra's as I never had anything to fill them. I hope the size is big enough for me and Im praying the size doesnt go down. I think my boobs don't scream 'boob job' but I love how I can play them up which is great fun.

Bra Size

Also forgot to mention I went bra shopping today and fit a 12DD (or US 32DD)! LOL. Who would of good.

Not so happy now

Well, it's been 15 months since my BA and they have changed (and moved) quite a bit. They have slowly moved to my arm pits and I now hate the look of them. I finally went back to my PS and he's going to redo them. Soon I'm going in for my revision and plan to get bigger ones too. 425 and 495cc. I'm going to get textured implants which means hopefully they won't move again. Fingers crossed I get the boobs I want.
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