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In April 2010 after over 10 years I had my...

In April 2010 after over 10 years I had my Anatomical Saline Breast Implants removed and replaced with a larger sized Round Silicone Implants and I immediately started to have issues, firstly with Double Bubble (Double Bubble (DB) a common breast condition which can be caused by several distinct reasons.

DB is characterized by a multi-tiered appearance to the breast, typically below the nipple /areola) the PS I had for surgery had placed my implants behind the muscle and lowered my crease and this was the reason for my DB.
I had the DB for 4 months until I insisted the surgeon fix the problem; he removed the implants and replaced them in front of the muscle. I now had very large breast implants (900cc) in front of the muscle .This in turn caused me to have further issues with my left breast “Lateral Disposition” where the left implant was slowly moving into the left armpit area. Was the pocket over dissected? Who knows?

I spent many hours emailing, talking on the phone and in person to Dr’s for a solution that would be best suited to my situation. My implants were large and this was presenting me with more problems as some Dr’s I spoke to suggested removal of just the left implant till the pocket healed and then the implant could be reinserted. Others said full removal and a full lift as they felt the breast tissue would be compromised after the surgeries I had undergone.

What to do, I was confused and alone in this and feeling really sad. As soon as I spoke to the Dr that I finally choose I knew she was the one, she genuinely cared and made me feel a little better if that was at all possible. The date was booked and there was no going back now. I made my informed decision, Breast Implant Removal / Explant without a lift.

Thur 7th Oct, my appt was for removal of my breast implants, I was so scared but I knew it had to be done. My 26yr old daughter came with me to the surgery so she could drive me home after it, I didn’t say much on the drive there, and she respected that, I think she knew well enough that I was deep in thought. My Dr was to remove my implants via twilight sedation.

On arrival I was taken through to put on a gown, I was slightly terrified to say the least. Then off to the pre op room for meds and an IV drip. The Dr put the drip in with ease and little or no pain at all. She was very kind and understanding and my health and wellbeing was her major concern. Drip in I was taken to the operating room where I was placed on the table and next thing I was waking up with the Dr finishing the stitches on my right breast, no pain or feelings, then I drifted off again, I woke again with her doing the last stitches on the left side and I remember thinking this should hurt but it didn’t, just a little sting on the very last stitch.

I was fully aware very quickly and in the recovery room immediately. I had to stay in the recovery area for over an hour, and then I was allowed to go home fitted with a very tight fitting sports bra that I was to wear for the next 6 weeks. I weighed myself before I left her surgery and I had lost 5kgs / 11 pounds just from having my breast implants removed.

I had such high hopes for my April redo and was devastated by all this. I had no real support throughout my journey that is why this website has come about. My older sister was a great shoulder for me to cry on and someone to talk to but I needed someone who had been through what I was going through. The need to talk to someone who has had their breast implants removed / Explanted and not replaced is real and I had no one and it was hard. I needed to talk, to vent to cry to someone / with someone but couldn’t so I began to trawl the internet to find anything I could. I did find some sites but not many. Most devoted to people who have has issues with health related removal and burst implants. I could find nothing for reasons like mine and not many pictures for me to look at.

I have subsequently taken pictures weekly from the day of removal and my recovery and breasts resilience has amazed me. I will not lie to you; I was so traumatised on the day, horrified to say the least. I looked at my once beautiful breasts and cried my eyes out in the privacy of my bathroom. My partner and I at the time had only just gotten back together after his infidelity and when I walked in from having them removed he didn’t even hug me, god I needed a hug so much. I curled up in bed and felt lost in the abyss of the emotions I was feeling. So very hurt and confused.

There was no real physical pain, but the emotional pain was huge and real. The need for someone to talk to and someone to hold you while you cry, someone to tell you it will get better and you will come out the other side of it all
I went back to work after a weekend off, as I was not in pain and felt fine physically. Emotionally was a different story all together.

I followed the Dr’s instructions and took all the supplements and Antibiotics as prescribed. At my week 1 check up the Dr said I should start to loofah my breasts gently avoiding the incisions to remove the dead skin and promote healing and massage them twice daily. At this stage I hated the way I looked and was still hiding my nudity from my partner. I had seen many pictures of women’s breasts and had even saved one or two to my computer for reference but to me I didn’t look half as good as them and this was disturbing for me to deal with. My Dr had warned me it would take approx 3 months to even begin to look normal again and this was only week one.

My breasts were empty stretched skin, flat and covered in flaking skin. I had gone from a sexy 10G/32G to flat in a matter of an hour, and now I had to deal with it both emotionally and physically. I made the decision to take pictures each week so I could see my progress and hopefully see a difference. For the first few weeks I saw no improvement or change at all, I would study the pictures and notice nothing, then week 4 and it was like overnight things looked different, better maybe? Was I being silly or did they look fuller, not so empty and less saggy. I was following the regime of twice a day massage religiously and I was beginning to feel the fullness returning to my breasts. My Dr had suggested Bio Oil for the massage but I was using another product suggested by my beautician. It worked the skin was shrinking back really well and I was feeling a fullness in my breasts.
I was bouncing back and forwards between feeling good one minute then bottomless despair the next, just when I thought I looked good that inner voice would tell me differently and my loving sister would keep reminding me it was all going to be ok, trust in the universe.

As the weeks have passed my feelings have changed towards my breast from hating them to now seeing them as things of great beauty. I now am at the 3 month mark and my breasts are amazing and you can hardly tell what I have been through, I have been really surprised this week by the total change in their appearance, I am LOVE them, as I should. They have sprung back into shape beautifully. They are mine and 100% real, I am alive and healthy what more could I ask for. Happiness is mine and it is up to me to make my own happiness not rely on someone else or something else to make me happy. I have taken this journey alone and come out the other side a wiser woman with much to learn and give and with a better insight into who I really am and what I can achieve.
I am now 7 months along and have healed very well.

I have created a PRIVATE facebook group for ladies...

I have created a PRIVATE facebook group for ladies considering breast implant removal. feel free to ask to join,!/home.php?sk=group_170323549687975&ap=1
thanks Lynne
Dr G Konrat

She was so kind and understanding unlike the male Dr's i saw.

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