24 YO, 10A/B, 60kg - Want to Be Natural Looking D - Looking for Advice - Australia

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I am needing some advice regarding size if anyone...

I am needing some advice regarding size if anyone can help... I have had two consultations with my surgeon now and have been really happy with his bedside manner and info etc but am worried about getting the wrong size implant. At my first consultation he measured my BWD as 12cm so I went home and tried rice sizers and was happy with about 300-350cc. When I went back for my second consultation however he re-measured me and said that taking into account my own breast tissue etc I was more like BWD 10.5 which drastically lowers my cc options. He has recommended Nagor Impleo 270cc round textured implants but I am worried these will be too small!! I haven't seen any before and afters of people with below 300cc that I like?? I'm wondering if the 270cc will give me the d cup I'm after? PLEASE HELP. I have attached my before pics as well as some "wish" boobs I like the look of.

Post-op 6 months

Ended up going for 270cc moderate profile and am super happy! Fitting a 10DD bra which was very unexpected but not unwelcome ???? Think I will be super happy long term as well that I didn't go bigger when I do decide to have children/breast feed etc.
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