Botox/Dysport User of 6 Years -Australia

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I had my first botox treatment at 30 (6 years...

I had my first botox treatment at 30 (6 years ago), I required very little but was pleased with the results. I had around my eyes and my forehead treated. I have a high forehead and expression lines had formed. I had some lines from my eyes also which were deepening when I smiled... these were treated as was my forehead without loss of movement in my forehead or expression around my eyes. That was my biggest concern.

One of my friends the same age as me was so impressed that she got it done too. She had that kind of line between her eyes that was deepening with age and made her look a little angry. Voila! One treatment and it disappeared.

Then another friend of mine, an older lady I used to work for, after seeing my results, was treated for the same area and looked so much younger just from having that area done, and no one can really tell. I knew she looked great but had no idea why until she told me.

Although I don't get injected for this purpose, I used to get a lot of headaches and the occasional migraine and can say that since using botox/dysport I do not have them anywhere near like before, this could be a coincidence.

I've also used Dysport as mentioned but tend to prefer Botox as you require less injections and the cost is fairly much the same. Dysport is cheaper per unit but you require more of it. It costs me the same to get equal results with either. Although I have read that Dysport is good for treating larger areas such as foreheads due to it spreading better. This may be true as my forehead seems to have better results than around my eyes with dysport.

My best advice is DO NOT go anywhere you get charged per area unless you know for a fact you require a lot of units to get a result and it works out cost effective for you. Less is more, as you can always get more later, if you overdo it up front, time is the only thing that can reverse a frozen expression.

I did this once and ended up with a very frozen forehead for a couple of months, I couldn't raise my eyebrows which felt really weird! I had warned the doctor I did not require as much as other people so he did less and was really surprised I reacted so strongly. I make sure to let people know up front before my treatment and only go to places that charge per unit.

You don't really want to wait until the results wear off to get another treatment so you just need a top up, not whole areas retreated. This method of charging 'per area' customers baffles me as we simply do not all need so many units per 'area'.

Due to my lifestyle requiring me to move around a lot I have been to many different practitioners. I have found doctors (despite one negative experience) or people who solely do botox within their clinic (if they have a lot of experience) the best people to get it done by. I have had dramatically differing results from different people. Especially when it comes to lifting the eyebrows with botox. You should ask before they treat you how comfortable treating the areas you want done too. The doctor that froze my forehead told me he had not used botox for brow lifting before and with a frozen forehead my brows did not lift.

I find that over time you require less and less botox and that the results last longer. At my last treatment I had Dysport as I had my forehead redone having not been for botox for over a year. I also had my eyes done and inbetween my brows as a faint line was starting to show there. I also had a little near to my lip to lift the corner.

I find the cost to be done if I leave it a long time to be around AUD$300 but I have areas topped up for around $100 depending on what area it is. I paid $360 at my last visit but was overcharged. They had a deal whereby if you have more than one area treated (even thought they charge per unit) you get a 20% discount. This was not applied and I didn't realise until later. You tend to be a little less on the ball for a short while after being jabbed repeatedly in the face or at least, I am. :-)
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