Mummy of 4... Finally Tucked!!! *2 month update with NEW PICS... Hello bikini!*

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Hello! I'm a 30 year old mum to 4 little girls...

Hello! I'm a 30 year old mum to 4 little girls aged 7, 6, 3 & 9 months.
I was always slim & healthy before I had kids. But I got the shock of my life after I gave birth to my eldest, almost 8 years ago. I gained an enormous 24kg (53lb) during my pregnancy & ended up COVERED with stretch marks, with separated abdominal muscles & a saggy "apron". I decided back then that I would look into abdominoplasty once I'd finished having babies.
My second daughter arrived 19 months after my first. After she was born I worked my butt off & was the thinnest I'd ever been - an Australian size 8, which is healthy for my petite 159cm (5ft 2 1/2) frame. But despite being so thin, my belly homestly looked like a flopped souffle.
Unfortunately, the weight piled back on during my third pregnancy. After my daughter was born, I got a referral to se Dr Julie Lawrence. I was completely overwhelmed when she told me that due to the amount of excess skin I had & the damage to my ab's, I was eligible to have a TT with muscle repair for NO out of pocket expense as a public patient!!!!! The wait was around a year, which I was happy with, because I wanted to lose more weight.
Fast forward 11 months & I get "the call" to book my pre-surgery consult, except... I'm pregnant AGAIN, hahaha!
So I had my beautiful (& very planned) last baby & was devastated: I was the most overweight I'd ever been... 28.8kg (63 1/2 lb) more than I was after my second baby. When she was 6 months old though, somethjng just clicked & I felt ready to look & feel like me again. So I joined Weight Watchers online & started doing zumba, high impact group personal training & running.
I called my surgeon's office not long after & was shocked & excited to find out I didn't need to wait another year for surgery & I could book in whenever I was ready!!! I made my appointment for February 27th 2014 & my surgery will be around 8 weeks after that. I wanted to allow enough time for me to breastfeed my baby until she's 12 months or so & her birthday is March 27th, so I'm hoping it all works out well :)
So here I am, with 2 months until my pre-op consult. So far I've lost 14.1kg (31lb) in 13 weeks & I'm feeling incredible! I can't believe that in 4-ish months I'll have the flat tummy I've been dreaming of for 8 years!

** I'll add some pics soon of my weight loss progress & also me at my goal weight - I can't do it from my phone :-/ **

Photos added... Shrinking, shrinking, shrinking!

I thought I'd add some progress pics of my weight loss & also of me at my goal weight.
I'm actually another 4.2kg (9 1/4 lb) lighter now, so I'll try and get a more recent one soon. I was sucking in so much (don't we all!) Once I'm closer to my surgery, I'll share a photo of what my jelly-belly looks like under my clothes. Oh also, I don't usually wear a headband & legwarmers... it was an 80s theme night at Zumba, hahaha!

I was going to hide my face, but I'm too lazy to edit the pics, lol, so this is me!

My surgeon would happily operate at my weight now, but I want to be at my goal weight, or as close as possible, to get the best results. She agreed that the less body fat I have, the more loose skin she'd be able to remove

One more random thing - I caught my 6 year old skipping & singing a little tune the other day, she was so proud of herself:
"Pizza dough, pizza dough
My mummy's belly is like pizza dough.
Squish the dough & bake the bread,
Mummy's belly is pizza dough."
"Did you hear my song mummy? Its because your belly feels just like dough!"


Change Dr Details?

Hey girls. Thanks so much for your encouragement so far :)

Quick question: do you know if I can change my Dr details? I'm not too concerned if I can't, but there's another review on here that links to her actual profile "Julie Lawrence, FRACS" So I thought it would be nice to have her details listed correctly on mine.

7 1/2 weeks until my pre-op appointment, where I'll book my date, YAY! I'm starting to write a list of questions to ask.

Also (I totally forgot to write it initially,) I'm also possibly having a breast lift with Dr Lawrence too! I enquired at the end of my last appointment & she gave me the info & said we'd discuss it at my pre-op. I was a 12DD prior to having kids & ended up an enormous 12G when I was pregs/breastfeeding, I'm probably a deflated 12DD/E now & I'm still feeding, so I'll go down a whole lot more once I wean my bubba in a couple of months. She mentioned a BR as well as a lift, but I'm so deflated after losing weight & breastfeeding 4 kids for close to a year each, that I don't think I'd have much left to reduce once I stop BF, bahaha! I still have a decent sized bust, but not a decent amount of volume anymore (just a decent amount of SKIN!) ;)
She said that I could actually get a lift under the public healthcare system too, providing that I met a few criteria... the age of my kids (can't remember when the cut off was) & whether my nipples had sagged lower than the fold line under my boobies (um, unfortunately yes). I'm not getting my hopes up though. It would be incredible to have the full mummy makeover, but I'll just be so thankful to finally have my tummy back, after 8 years of waiting!

Updated "before and after" shot!

I thought I'd put up a more recent update pic of my weight loss :) Over halfway there now!!! 7 1/2 weeks until I see my surgeon again.

I've felt so confident until tonight...

Reality is starting to kick in a little. My husband & I were looking in the calendar tonight, trying to work out the best time for my surgery. In theory, it will be 6-8 weeks after my appointment on the 27th of Feb: so sometime from April 10-24.
But there's so much to think about! My mum will be in Africa until the 17th, Easter is 18th-21st, school holidays start on the 28th... Aaaaargh!!!
I can't work out whether it will be less pressure having all the kids home at first, so that my husband won't have to worry about school & Kindy pick up/drop initially, or to wait until everyone is back at Kindy & school. Hmmm.
So he's going to speak to his boss this week, to find the ideal time for his leave to start, then we'll at least have a better idea for when we see my surgeon next month.
Anyway, all this talk ended with me having a little freak out & bursting into tears! I still want this, more than ever. But I'll be in hospital for 3 nights after surgery & I've never actually stayed away from my girls for that long before :( My littlest will be barely 13 months old. My husband will bring them in to visit every day & I know it's only 3 days, but I just got a bit emotional thinking about it :'(
Most of the time I'm so certain, but I do feel a bit of mummy-guilt creeping in, because I'm choosing to have such major surgery done while my kids are so young.

Finally brave enough to share pics of my "flopped souffle" :-o

If ever you girls need something to remind you why you're doing this, I'd highly recommend running on the treadmill in your underwear.
I'm not kidding.
That's what I did this morning. We've had a big heatwave this week, with temps up to 46 degrees C (114.8 F) & today is a steamy 42 (107.6) So because it's just too hot for clothes, I went for a run at home in my undies & sports bra. My goodness, it was disgusting, but helped me feel so motivated & inspired me to finally get the courage to share some "befores".

Keep in mind that I still have another 12-13kg (28ish lbs) to lose. But I'm losing weight every week & looking forward to reaching my goal! The bad news is that my belly is even more deflated when I'm thinner, but the good news is that my surgeon is getting rid of it all, hehe.

I've never been one to carry weight around my middle. I know some people naturally have that body shape, but I don't. I've always been more of an hourglass... DD bust, smaller waist, curvy hips & thighs. So inheriting a belly was a bit of a shock! I'm really hoping to get good results from my surgery. It's been almost 9 years, but I miss my flat tummy!

Some more pics

More pics - they're not uploading together!

One more try :-/


5 weeks until PS consult!

Its 5 weeks today until I have my second consult with my PS :) In that time I'm planning on continuing to lose weigh & also possibly weaning my baby from breast feeding.

Weight loss is still going well! I was down to 71.9kg/158 1/2 lb at my weigh in yesterday! 16.9kg/37 1/4lb gone in 17 weeks so far, woo hoo! I'm now fitting perfectly in my Aus size 12 jeans (I think that's about a US size 8) & I'm hoping to be down to a size 8 (US 4) by my surgery in 3 months.

That reminds me, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share in here (admin please delete if I can't), but I've created a Facebook page to share my weight loss journey. Up until now I've been doing regular updates on my personal profile, but I've decided to keep it separate & stop clogging my friends' newsfeeds with my weight loss posts! If anyone's interested, it's called "Tina's Slowly Shrinking"

Hope everyone's wait until surgery isn't dragging too much & those of you who are recovering are doing well! xx

22 days until I finally get my date!

My long-awaited appointment with my surgeon is getting so close now! I've now lost 18.4kgs (40 1/2lbs) & I'm still hoping to lose around 10.4kgs (22-23lbs) before I go under the knife in 2-3 months.

I want to write a list of questions to ask her at my next appointment, does anyone have any suggestions of what to ask? I'm really concerned about scar placement- one of my friends had a TT with Julie & although she looks incredible, her scar is quite high.

I've added an updated weight loss pic. I'm sucking in, lol, because this is the pic that I shared on my Facebook page "Tina's Slowly Shrinking." I was so excited because these shorts are an Aus size 10 (US size 6)! They're still way too tight to wear in public & as soon as I move my belly spills out, but they do up, woo hoo!!!!

Bring on my new abs!

I did a HUGE workout tonight - 90 mins of boxing, weights, burpees, squats, lunges, Zumba & pretty much every nasty exercise imaginable, lol.
One exercise I did was "the plank"where you hold yourself up in a pushup pose & it works your core. My stretched, separated tummy muscles we're struggling & my saggy belly was hanging & all I could think about was how much I can't wait for my surgery! To have my core properly supported, have nothing hanging when I'm "planking" & to be able to push myself (eventually) to my true potential. I seriously can't wait!!!!!
No other updates from me, just a random pre-surgery thought

Trying not to get grumpy

Firstly, only 10 days until I see my PS to book my date, woo hoo!

But for the first time since I started losing weight, it's slowed for the last couple of weeks :( last week I only lost 0.2kg & the week before I only lost 0.4kg. I don't weigh in officially until Wednesday, but it's Monday here today & I've barely lost anything this week either. I'm hoping I pick up some momentum again soon... I was hoping to be 10kg lighter by the time I have surgery, but that could be as soon as 8-10 weeks away :-o
I've stopped breast feeding too, so hopefully my body is just adjusting to that change. Part of my motivation to stop feeding was for my surgeon to be able to see my non-inflated boobs, haha! I'm still hoping to be eligible for a BL too, but I think I'll need to have another 12 month wait for that one.

Anyway, I'm just rambling now! Looking forward to being able to start my official countdown to surgery next Thursday, rather than chatting :)

I'll have my date in 2 days!

After 8 years of waiting, I'll have a date locked in for my TT & muscle repair at 2pm on Thursday (Australian time) I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! I'm about to sit & write a list of questions for my dr. I just realised it's been 2 1/2 years since my initial consult in 2011, because I had another baby in the meantime.

A little update on my weight loss: I started at an Aus size 16 (obese for my petite 5ft 2 1/2 frame) & I'm now fitting is SIZE 10 JEANS!!!! (around a US 6) I've lost over 20kg/45lb. I'm pretty much at my before-kids weight now, I just want to lose another 8.5 kg & get back down to the size I was after 2 babies.

A date, a date, I have myself a date!!!

I'm on cloud nine right now, I've just seen my surgeon & I'm all booked in for June 17th!
We talked about recovery, my scar, etc & I'm feeling so confident & comfortable. I mentioned that I was worried about my scar lifting too high, so she's cuttin a bit lower into my mons area, to allow for it to lift a bit. My scar will be huge, but I was expecting that.
I ended up forgetting my list of questions, haha, but I'm feeling great & SO happy! 15 weeks & 5 days to go :D

50lb lost!!!

Well, almost ;) I'm down 49 1/2 lb now (22.4kg) & I'm weighing less than I did when I fell pregnant with my eldest daighters, nearly 9 years ago!
If one more person tells me I don't need a tummy tuck though, I might scream! I hide my belly well, I hold in pretty much constantly & I am fit & slim (size 6/Aus10) BUT my abs & tummy skin are destroyed! I almost want to start wearin midriff tops around to show people the truth. Well maybe not, haha, but you get the point ;)
I think people hear "tummy tuck" & think it's something fat people do to lose weight, by it's not about that at all.
Anyway, I'm rambling, lol! Less that 3 months until my surgery now & I'm feeling great, but starting to get nervous about the hospital stay & the recovery.
I'll post some updated pics of the flopped souffle belly next time ;) There's so much skin now that I've lost so much fat!

And THIS is why I still need a tummy tuck!

Here's my latest pics. The first is the difference a year has made... I'm now over 66lb (30kg) lighter than I was just before I had my 1 year old!!! I'm only a few kg off my goal now & down around 51lb/23kg from when I started losing weight 6 months ago :)
The second 2 are my letting it all out & me trying to suck in. My Aus size 10/US size 6 jeans are starting to fall down now, but THIS is what's hiding underneath :-o
81 sleeps until my new belly

2 months to go!

Tomorrow I start the 2 month countdown! I only have 3.7kg (8ish lbs) to lose now & I'm just starting to fit in some Aus size 8/US 4 clothes. My belly is looking pretty shocking though, I have handfuls of skin!
I tried on the hottest dress last week & my 8 year old said, "Mummy you look so good, but you do kind of look like you have a baby in your tummy."
Ugh, bring on my new belly!

Pizza Dough

"Mummy, I will miss your squishy pizza dough belly when the doctor cuts it all off! Its so soft & wrinkly & snuggly."

~ Summer, 4


This time in 6 weeks...

I'll be wide awake in bed & a nervous wreck, hahaha! 6 weeks to go tomorrow & feeling very excited, a little guilty & a teeny bit nervous.
I'm SO close to my goal weight now, only a couple of kg to go :) This pic is the slinky size 8 (US size 4) dress that I wore out on Friday night. I can't wait to wear it in a few months WITHOUT heavy duty tummy-sucky-in knickers ;)


Nothing much else to update, hahaha, I just can't believe that I only have 1 month to go! I'm almost at my goal, only around 1.5kg to go & I'm feeling great!
To be brutally honest, Im getting a little nervous. I'm feeling scared about complications that could delay my healing, curious as to how extreme my swelling will get, hoping my muscle repair isn't TOO painful so I can get back uni working out, excited & overwhelmed that my big "one day" fantasy is actually happening, scared that my scar will be in a bad spot & I'll hate it, amazed that I'll have a magazine belly & not handfuls of wrinkly skin, worried about not being able to 100% be "mum" at first.
So many emotions all at the same time! Mostly excited though :)

Updated before pic :-o

Nothing new to update, haha, but I keep coming on to RS as is it will magically make my date come sooner!
Here's the "pizza dough" 29 days out from surgery, lol! Almost there!

Pre-op paperwork = done!

I got a little surprise in the letterbox yesterday... all of the forms I had to fill out for the hospital! I got butterflies in my tummy when I opened the envelope, things are feeling real now! I filled them in & dropped them straight off. Apparently I'll get a phone call from a nurse to go over the details soon :)
I'm happy that I don't have to check in until midday. It means that I'll be able to see my girls in the morning & still take them to school (I won't be in a state to see them that evening). It also means way less stress in the morning & that my husband will be able to wait with me while I'm waiting to go in.
Eek... 21 sleeps!


My tummy is getting tucked THIS month :-o

Nothing new to report. I have been a bit slack for the last 2 weeks with my eating. I'm SO close to my goal, I really hope I reach it in the next fortnight.

I called my PS to see if I needed to buy any supplies, CG or anything, but she said no. So all I have to do now is stay fit & healthy, drop a couple of pounds & count down!!! 16 sleeps :D



I've reached my goal weight after 8 & a bit months of hard work! 61 1/2 lbs lost in 36 weeks & now weighing in at 134 1/4 lbs.

I can't believe I've actually done it, I feel amazing :D

8 sleeps!

Its only 8 days until my TT now... just over a week!
I thought I'd share my final before & after photo from my weight loss journey. If your struggling in this area, please be encouraged that it absolutely can be done! It takes hard work & a change of lifestyle, but its worth it :D All of the skin from that fat belly that was hanging over my pants in the first photo is still there - its just hiding under my new tiny jeans. Not for long though!
I've lost 28kg / almost 62lbs.
I'm only 159cm / 5ft 2 1/2
I've gone from an AUS size 16 / US 12 to an AUS size 8 / US 4

6 days to go!

Ive just had my pre-admission appointment, I'm so excited!
I have such a busy morning... I'm going straight home from the hospital & meeting a news camera crew, because I'm being interviewed about a government program encouraging obesity prevention & lifestyle awareness in kids!
The appointment was really just a formality, going over my paperwork, etc. I can call up in a few days to see where I am on the list.
This is feeling real now.

5 days to go!

Just wondering what you wore during recovery? If you're slim & mostly had skin removed, how long until you fit in your regular size clothes?

The surgery list is done...

...and I'm LAST!!!

I have to stop eating at 7am & stop drinking at 10am & check in to hospital at midday. I probably won't get my surgery until around 4pm :-o

It's going to be a looooong day!

4 days to go!

I finally started thinking about what to bring to the hospital, lol!
My beautiful friend bought me a surgery gift yesterday (early, in case I needed to exchange it) She got my some leg warmers... Perfect for when I'm wearing a mighty & don't want to wear pants yet!), a gorgeous necklace, a brunch & mirror & a beautiful pair of soft velour track suit pants ( Peter Alexander, for any Aussie girls!) it made me feel so special, she's such a great friend.
Today I bought a new lip balm, a nighty & a couple of pairs of cheap, stretchy black pyjama pants. I've also got another nighty, some baggy tops, cleansing face wipes, moisturiser & a toothbrush & that's about it so far.
I don't think I'll need much else for the stay, other than underwear, deodorant, etc.
Tomorrow is the weekend & then I'll just have Monday to get through before THE day!

3 days to go!

Random thing I won't miss... How much my tummy protrudes at the end of the night! I go to bed every night looking 4 months pregnant & feeling achey all through my middle. It's frustrating, because I eat fairly healthy & I don't over eat at dinner time. I only recently clicked that it's because of my body's poor core support, due to my abdominal separation.
I can't wait for my muscles to be all back where they should be! My mum is a nurse & she told me that when I'm old, I'll be so thankful that I had this done!

On another note, I cried this morning when I brought my toddler into my bed for our morning snuggle while she had her cup of milk. I am so nervous about not being able to hold her & take care of her properly :'( I love being a mum so much & today I'm feeling incredibly guilty for making my kids sacrifice a bit. I hope my girls manage, especially with me in hospital for 3 nights. My 8 year old has been getting a bit upset, because she's nervous too.
Aaaaah, this is getting real now!

2 days to go!

...and I'm completely obsessed with my surgery! I can't stop thinking about it, it's on my mind constantly. I've checked RS more in the last week, than I have in the last 6 months, lol.
My husband, kids & I are having a "bye bye pizza dough party" today, ROFL! We're going to a chocolateria ("San Churro" for any Aussies on here ;) ) & having a feast of churros & strawberries dipped in melted chocolate!
People have stared messaging me to wish me luck for Tuesday, it makes it seem very real. I'm really hoping I'm happy with my results & have a scar that isn't too high.

1 day to go!

ONE DAY!!!!!!!!

I've got a busy day catching up with friends & doing stuff after school with the kids, so I'm hoping it goes quickly. I have butterflies in my tummy all the time now.

After 8 years if planning, tomorrow is my day!

16 hours & 39 minutes to go!

I just got off the phone to the admissions nurse. My instructions have changed slightly... I'm being admitted at 12:30pm, not midday now. Dr Lawrence is starting her surgery list at 1:30, but because I'm last I'll be waiting a while!
The good new is I can eat up until 8am, then I can keep drinking water up until midday, so that's a little but better.
My bag is all packed & I'm about to pop out & grab some last minute groceries for my husband, then it's washing my hair, relaxing with my husband & attempting to get some sleep before the big day :-o
This time tomorrow I'll be on the flat side!!!

4 hours & 30 minutes to go... Today is the day!

This is it. 8 years of planning, 4 pregnancies, 62lbs of fat gone & today I get my new tummy!

I've just eaten toast & Nutella with a coffee for my last meal for a while. I'm being admitted in only 4 1/2 hours!

I broke down & cried & was terrified last night, but today I'm feeling strangely calm.

30 minutes to go!

I'm about to leave for the hospital, but thought I'd put up my LAST EVER photos of the pizza dough!

Wish me luck girls, Its only around 4 hours until they'll be putting me under :-o

All marked up!

It looks like my scar will be very low at the front, but a bit higher than I thought on the sides... Like a big smile to remind me what I've achieved, hehe! I'm feeling really relaxed. I'm here with my husband & 2 littlest girls, just waiting. It will probably be another hour it 2 before I go in.
I expected to feel more hungry, but I think my nerves are helping with that.

See you all in the flat side! My phone is in storage, so I'm just using my husbands phone now.

Eek, bye bye pizza dough!

I'm flat!

Just a quick update, I got into surgery quite late yesterday. Everything went smoothly, they took 655g of skin.
I was ok overnight, but got nauseous & dry retched & screamed out in pain so loud, it was the worst pain ever!
I had a quick look at my belly in recovery & it's so flat!!!

Day 1 PO

I'm doing MUCH better than I expected! I was nauseous overnight, but I haven't been since. My pain is being managed really well & I'm even going to the toilet on my own. No sign of #2s, but I've peed quite a few times. One drain is barely draining, the other has a lot more.

My mum sat with me in hospital this morning & bought some flowers & snacks. My husband is bringing my girls to see me in a few hours :)

Overall I'm way better than I thought I would be!

Day 2

It's only the morning, but I'm feeling good so far! I only needed pain meds once overnight & I had paracetamol plus one endone pill, instead of 2.
My left drain has barely drained anything the whole time. My right has, but apparently it's only drained 20ml in the last 12 hours, so that's a good sign.
Today the nurse from my surgeons rooms will come visit the ward & examine me, I'm hoping she says good things!
I'm eating fine & drinking loads of water. I'm still waiting on a BM, but I passed wind today, so at least something is happening in that department, lol.
Hope you other June girls are healing well/doing well during the wait


I was expecting to have no appetite, but I've been the opposite... I'm eating so much! Has anyone else found this? My mum was saying my body is probably using extra energy to heal itself. The hospital food is actually really nice, plus my friends & family have brought in some naughty treats ;) I think the 700g (over 1 1/2 lbs) of skin they took will be replaced by peppermint slice, haha!
It's been around 48 hours since my op now & I'm still in shock with how well I'm recovering. I'm a bit tired, I had visitors pretty much all day today, but I think they've kept me feeling fresh & happy. My daughters all sat up on the bed with me & I managed to get comfortable enough for my toddler to sit on my lap & lie on my chest. I was so happy that I cried a little

Day 3... Yay for poop!

I'm feeling really bright today! I had a much better sleep last night. I was quite sore in the evening , after visitors all day. I had an endone at 11pm, slept until 4am, had some paracetamol, the woke for the day just before 7.
I tried getting up to give myself a sponge bath, but I was due for pain relief & only made it to the chair, before I went back to bed & buzzed the nurse for some drugs!
Once they kicked in I was fine though & the best news of all: I pooped! It wasn't even painful or uncomfortable, I was so excited, haha!!!
I gave myself a little wash after & now I'm sitting up in a chair, rather than in bed. It's surprisingly comfortable. I have a room to myself, with a nice big window & I have beautiful flowers from people all over the room, so I'm feeling really happy & loved.
Hopefully they'll let me go home once they check my drain & change my belly button dressing. I can't wait to see my new little button!
Happy healing/waiting to my lovely RS girls!


I'm home


Not quite sure what happened to my review? I'm home & it feels so good. It's weird to be drain-free & out of hospital. I can finally show you all the new me

Day 4!

Good morning day 4 & hello to my beautiful own bed! I had the best night slept I've had since my surgery. My husband & I initially fell asleep on the couch, where I've been spent most of my time, propped up on pillows. He woke me at 1am & set me up in bed with a couch cushion & pillows behind me & a couch cushion under my knees. I slept pretty much all night I think.
My toddler woke at 6am & didn't realise I was there... My husband asked, "where's mummy?" & she pointed out the door. Then I talked & she got so excited & cuddled me for AGES, it was the best wake up! The kids all took their turn in snuggling with me when they woke up.
So if you have young children, be encouraged, it's not as bad as you think!!!! My kids are cuddling me all the time. If I'm nervous, I'll put a cushion or my hand in between us. I have a little ikea stool next to the couch, so my 15 month old can climb up & sit with me when she wants. It's only been less than 24 hours since I came home, but so far, so good!
I also did the unthinkable & got on the scales. I'm still under my goal weight, even with a bit of swelling!

- I'm home & everything is that bit better when you're home, I can't stop smiling!
- sleeping in my own bed
- going all night with only paracetamol (no strong pain meds)
- getting lots of cuddles from my family & having them wait on me
- having no drains

- getting a little itchy where me my incision is healing. It's frustrating, especially seeing that a lot of that area is numb!
- hurting a bit more on the right side of my hip. It's always been a bit more sore & I think getting the drain out aggravated it a little.
- getting up without an adjustable hospital bed is trickier!
- I was wrecked after being home yesterday... Need to remember that simple things like sitting for ages are tiring at the moment.

I might attempt a standing-up look at my incision when I have my BB dressing changed today, I'll see how I feel. I actually hate having my binder off, I feel so exposed & the dressing change feels weird, because I'm numb, but I can feel the pressure... Yuck!

Laughing 'til it hurts!

My favourite quote from today, by my 8 year old:

"Mummy, does it feel really weird just lying here while people do stuff for you & all around you, like dad does sometimes?"

ROFL! My abs were hurting from laughing!

Sorry for all the updates...

...but what else am I supposed to do? Hahaha!

This is the difference a few day makes. I took the pic on the left the day before my surgery, without holding my stomach in. I just can't believe the change :-o

Day 5

Firstly, thank you so much for all of your encouragement & kind words, you girls are wonderful! I'm so glad I've found this community of people walking a similar walk to me xxx
Secondly, I'm appreciating my morning endone hit today! I need to remember I'm recovering from MAJOR surgery & I can't just let my pain relief go. I woke up a little sore in the middle of the night, but my husband forgot to put panadol next to the bed & I didn't want to wake him, so I went back to sleep. I had no hesitation waking him at 6:45 though - I hadn't had endone since 10pm or panadol since 7:30pm :-o I think the last few busy days of visitors & being home have caught up with me & I'm a bit tired. My Iain us gone now, but I decided to just lie in bed & rest while no one is home.
My husband is in absolute shock as to how hectic my life is. He hates it. He's always been quite hands on, but being left to do everything I normally would for 6 days has just about killed him, lol.I don't think he'll ever see me the same way again. I feel for him, but some of me doesn't - it's good for him to see! He really is an amazing husband & dad though, I'm so thankful for him. I think he just needs to take the pressure off himself a bit & enjoy the crazy ride with our energetic, busy little people.
Anyway, I must rest, I have another 4 rounds of visitors coming today!
Happy healing to my fellow tummy tuckers & I hope time flies for all of you who are still waiting... It's worth the wait

What a relief!

I've been a big sore on my right side & I was wondering it it might've been pressure from my binder, where the Velcro sits. So today when my mum changed my belly button dressing, we swapped it over so the Velcro is on the left side. OMG, best idea ever! My right hip feels so much better!!! I'll give it a couple of days on this side, then I'll rotate it every day.
So that's my little tip of the day... Rotating your binder = VERY good idea :D

Day 6

I've had so many visitors & so much going on, today will be a quiet, slow day. I need to just rest & recover. The big girls are going to school, so it will just be my husband, the 2 littlies & NO VISITORS (except a daily visit from my nurse mum, to change my BB dressing :) )

- every day I feel more like "me!"
- I sat on the couch for longer last night (I even folded a tiny bit if washing)
- I braided my girls' hair for school today
- I can get up & walk around a lot easier & in more of a fluid motion, rather than isolating every little movement
- I'm popping like a normal person! Every morning since day ... DRINK LOTS OF WATER PEOPLE!
- apparently my belly button is healing perfectly
- I'm not as propped up in bed anymore. I still have cushions under my knees, but I'm in less if a sitting up position
- today I've started the day without an endone pain pill!!!!! Paracetamol seems to be working fine so far (it's only 8:55am though, lol)

- I've discovered SWELLING :-o I lifted my binder for a peek last night & I looked so weird :-/ I keep telling myself this is all part of the process
- my crotch is a mess, lol. It's swollen, the hair is prickly & growing back & I have a random row of stitches (no incision?!!) My vagina is like a stretched, itchy, prickly ken-crotch
- my weight has gone up. I know, I know "don't weigh yourself." I thought I was immune to the whole swelling weight gain, looks like I'm not. I'm not stressed at all - it's very minimal, hardly any extra, so I'm not stressing.. Again, it's all part of the process & I'm intrigued with what my body is doing, more than anything
- I think I'm stronger than I am. Yesterday I decided to help & get my toddler some milk. The 3L (100fl oz) bottle was that bit too heavy.
- getting comfy in bed last night was so annoying. I attempted to get comfy on my side... My muscles definitely aren't ready for that yet!

All in all, I feel pretty wonderful for someone who had just come out if recovery 5 1/2 days ago!

Day 6 part II (actually day 7 in 21 minutes, lol)

Sooky la la whinge alert!!!

Swelling sucks! By the end if the day I feel like a strung ham in my binder. Plus I have a big ken crotcb that's itchy, because the hair is growing back & there's stitches & some clear dressing there too - what a mess!
I know it's temporary, even though I worry constantly that I'm going to stay looking like this! Reading all you other girls' reviews encourages me that it won't last forever :)

Also, my family are SO funny, it's killing me!!! I never realised how much we laugh until it hurt so much. I had a movie & cuddle night with my husband tonight. Stupidly we watched a comedy, lol, but then he makes things even funnier with his silly comments. I ended up laughing until I cried from the pain.
I went to bed with an endone tablet, feeling sorry for myself.

Then I thought: being so blissfully happy, that I'm hurting myself with laughter, while recovering from my dream plastic surgery, is all I have to complain about right now.

I must be a pretty blessed lady

I've survived the first week!

This time last week I was fasting & only an hour from being admitted!
I've woken up feeling great! I slept a lot flatter, just with one pillow & 2 pillows under my knees. I'm also feeling so much like "me" today :) I'm moving around a lot easier, much less hunched & even sat on our 2 steps & played on the floor with my daughter. She can sit on my lap for a while too. I spent the morning sitting in the dining room, rather than just on the couch. It's a good day!

I actually wanted to encourage you girls with kids, who are still waiting. My biggest concern was my kids suffering. I have to admit though, it's been way better than j thought it would!!! My 3 days in hospital were like an exciting time with daddy! They got take-out, came to visit me every day & they coped fine. Now I'm home, I'm actually getting a lot of quality time with them. I'm reading to my toddler & singing songs, she's snuggling into me & playing next to me. I'm helping the big girls with their homework, without cooking dinner at the same time & I can watch my 4 year old show me things without juggling 15 other things at once. It's not uncommon for all 4 of then to be snuggled around me on our couch

1 week photos

I finally felt confident enough to stand up during my 5 minutes of binder free time each day, when my BB dressing gets changed. I am hanging out until Thursday when my BB stitches come out & my big dressing gets changed... I NEED A SHOWWWWWERRRRR!

I kind of look like an inflated Bride of Frankenstein, lol. I'm swollen out of shape EVERYWHERE... tummy, hips, thighs & definitely my GIANT Ken crotch :-o It's confronting to see, after watching myself lose so much weight & tone up over the last 9 months. I know that it's part of the process though :) Overall I think my results look pretty good so far! I'm pretty happy with my scar placement too :D My swollen hoo-ha looks ridiculous in this thong, but once I'm not full of fluid, I think I'll definitely be able to pull off a bikini this (Australian) Summer!

Day 8 PO... Clothes!

So excited, today I put on some more fitted, cuffed track pants & a nice hoody. I shaved my legs, put on some BB cream & lipgloss & I feel like me. I generally dress quite nicely, so I'm missing wearing stylish clothes, but at least today's outfit is not pyjamas, haha!

I'm going out for the first time this afternoon. Every Wednesday, I take my girls to visit my papa & bring him hot chips (fries) for dinner. He puts on Elvis & dances with my girls & we have Oreos, cheese & crackers & lemon squash. It's the same thing EVERY time, but my grandma has dementia & is in a nursing home, so this is the highlight of his week

Day 9: post op appointment done!

Today I saw a nurse at my surgeon's practice for my first post-op appointment. I ended up driving myself, because my mum was running too late to take me. Everything is looking great! She removed my bb stitches & dressing & took the honeycomb dressing off my incision. I can finally stop wearing my compression tight too, woo hoo! The nurse was absolutely lovely - very down to earth & funny! I have another apt on Tuesday to remove the glue & tape that's still on it & to discuss scar treatment.

I asked about sex too, lol. Technically Dr Lawrence recommends 6 weeks, but her nurse said that "starfish sex" without using my abs too much should be ok from 4 weeks, hahahaha. I'm actually going to die waiting that long :-o

After my appointment I ended up taking my 8 year old & 4 year olds to a drs apt (my husband got dumped with some last-minute paperwork) it ran late, then we had to wait at the chemist for a prescription, so it took a while.

I was already tired, but I couldn't pass up my first opportunity to shower in 9 days! My husband helped me - it was the longest time I've been out of my binder, so I felt really weird. Lucky we have an enormous double shower, so I had a chair in there to lean on/sit down when I needed. I washed my stinky hair & stayed in there for SO LONG

Lost 1/2 my post!

...Once I was dry, my husband dried my tape with a hair dryer & helped me put a cotton singlet under my binder so nothing gets aggravated. My swelling was ridiculous - I looked like something giant & puffy, tied up in strung, haha! I was a bit queasy at the end of it, but I feel amazing... So clean!

After such a huge day I am thoroughly exhausted! It's 10:12pm & I'm ready to REST! Tomorrow is going to be a quiet day in this house *yawn*

Day 9 pics

Day 10

I was super tired today, after yesterday's efforts! I rested most of the day, hopefully I'm not too swollen when I have a shower in a sec.

I have a teeny drama though. I just noticed that the middle of my incision looked different. It turns out that some of the glue tape has rolled up & exposed some of the incision :-o I called my mum all stressed out & she said it should be fine. It's healing nicely & the tape is coming off in 4 days anyway,. I'm so worried that something will happen that will affect the healing! I don't have anything I could put on it, so we've decided to cover it with a sanitary liner, until I see the nurse, haha!

I've looked at my incision though & realised that one of the puckered bits is actually my belly button piercing scar! How funny that it's in my underwear now, lol. The only thing is, it isn't in the centre, it's set just to the left :-/ the left side has more puckering:pleating than the right too, so it looks like I have a but extra skin in the left than the right.

Anyway, wish me luck with shower #2 tonight! I'm hoping everything is ok with my incision. I'll can my PS tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure her rooms will be closed for the weekend.

Day 11 Incision decisions

My mum looked at my exposed incision today. It looks great, a couple of bits look a bit more delicate though. I spoke to my surgeon & she said to cover it with hyper fix tape, so I'm off to buy that today.
Here's a couple of pics though... Evening of day 10 (SWOLLEN!) & morning of day 11, in my pre-op size 4 jeans, even with the binder & swelling!
I'm feeling so good & rally not in pain at all now! I'm still taking paracetamol every 6 hours though & I started taking arnica yesterday too :)
Happy healing girlies

One more day 11 pic

Harem pants hide the ken bulge brilliantly!

Day 12 PO

Last night I showered totally on my own & didn't feel queasy afterwards, which was great! The glue has peeled even more off my incision, so I'm glad I called my surgeon & found out what to cover it with. That reminds me - she was so easy to contact! There's a message at her rooms with a contact number (it was Saturday) & she answered right away!
Today was busy (again!) my daughters & I accepted an award at a community event, but I managed fine. I just made sure I sat down a lot. I was exhausted afterwards though!
I was considering taking my 4 year old to a party, but my less-than-thrilled husband took her & my toddler instead... There's only so much I can do in one day!
I'm still feeling great & walking a lot straighter.
Oh & last night I slept on my side with a pillow between my legs, woo hoo! My incision was a teeny bit tender when I woke up, but I was comfortable & it was fine. My incision is sooooo long! It pretty much goes to my back. Also, I noticed a tiny little fold of skin at the end of the left side. I hope it flattens out, I really don't want it to stay there :-/ aside from that, everything is perfect! My incision is just beautiful & I'm happy with it's placement. I think having realistic expectations in the first place made it easier as well.
Overall I'm feeling totally blessed to have such a supportive husband & SO happy that I did this for myself


I don't own a bikini, so I has to make do with bikini bottoms & a bra, lol. The first pic is before my shower (racist the mess!) I thought that gorgeous line down the centre of my belly was leftover marking.
The second pic confirms it though... I have abs!!!! I'm still so swollen, but I can see those muscles I worked so hard for peeking through!

My naughty husband!!!!

My husband saw this on Facebook & said it looked like me right now :-p
I thought it would give my fellow Ken-bulge girls a giggle!


Today I saw the nurse & she removed the tape & glue! My incision looked great, it feels so weird, but good, being free! There was a teeny bit that looked a little more tender, so she covered that with tape. She said I have no sign of a seroma, but my tissues are still very swollen.
I don't have to sleep in my binder anymore! I'm just about to wash it, so I'm sitting here, binder-free, for the first time... How crazy! The nurse suggested I start massaging my scar, I just used pawpaw ointment tonight, but I'm buying some rose hip oil tomorrow, plus some scar treatment cream from the PS office at my apt next week.
It's given me my first proper chance to look at my scar! I have a little pleating under my stretch marks, mostly on the lefts side. The nurse said it should mostly flatten out (my poor skin was SO stretched in proportion to my petite body!) Then end of the scar on the left is also a little sticky-outy, but she just said to massage it.
So overall, I'm thrilled with my results so far!!!! I can't believe it's still going to look better. I'll have to wear my bikini bottoms slightly higher on my hip to disguise my scar, but I don't care... I have FOUR babies!!! I've stretched & shrunk & done it all again over & over & I look like THIS now.
I am so happy :')

Day 16 - Had a sad moment

Last night I had my first little cry. I was expecting it, I've heard it's normal around the 2 week mark, but I still had a sooky-baby whinge ;)
It's frustrating feeling normal in your head, but still not being totally back to normal physically yet. I can do so much now, but I get so stupidly tired & am still really limited with my movements. I'm sick of having to ask people to put my toddler on my lap & not being able to get her in & out of the highchair/pram/cot.
Plus my scar is mostly flat on one side, but quite pleated on the other side. I'm nervous that it will always look odd.
I'm over it now though, it lasted all of about 15 minutes, lol. I'm back to feeling myself & even went grocery shopping with my husband today (I'm tired now though... OF COURSE :-p )
I'm loving massaging my scar with pure tissue oil, it feels so good. Just a few days ago I was terrified to touch my incision, but now I'm confident to touch, clean & massage it. One end of my scar looked like it wasn't sealed as well last night, so I just popped some tape on it, until I see the nurse.
So overall I'm still really good! I'm only taking panadol if I need it now, which isn't very often! I'm taking arnica tablets for the swelling & I think it's helping... I was down 4 1/2lbs when I weighed myself yesterday! The surgeon only took 1 1/2lbs of skin, so I don't know where the other 3 have gone, haha!

19 days post op.

Hey girls!
Thought I'd share a couple of photos from this morning :)
I've started an update 3 times this week, but I've been so busy that I don't end up finishing! Yesterday was a huge day & I'm surprised with how well I managed. We went to my nephew party at an arcade & I played a few games with my kids (I know, I know, I probably shouldn't have!) Then we went out for lunch, went to a housewarming party & had my brother & his partner over for my first post-op glass of wine :D I was a bit swollen & achey, but overall I felt pretty good. I slept in this morning though, so my body must be catching up.
My scar is looking much nicer! I'm massaging it twice a day with pure tissue oil - a combination of rose hip, avocado & grape seed oil. It feels so nice rubbing it in & I can already see the appearance of my scar improving. Plus all of the scabbing has gone now :) just a few days ago I was afraid to
Touch my incision, but now it feels like part of my body.
I'm still swollen, but I can see more a dining definition now. I still look like ken & above my scar sits out more than underneath, like a ledge.
I'm moving really well now. I can stand totally straight, but still hunch a bit if I've been walking around too much. All in all I'm feeling good for less than 3 weeks post-op!

19 day comparison pics

I'm definitely getting there! I can't wait for the puffiness to go. I forgot how many stretch marks I had :-o

20 days PO - first post-op workout!!!

I just got off the treadmill, woo hoo! I did a very gentle 20 minute walk... 10 mins at 4kph, 5 mins at 5kph & another 5 mins at 4kph. Gosh it felt good to be moving again though! I didn't have any pain at all, but I didn't want to push myself any harder just yet.
Who would've thought I missed exercise so much?

3 weeks!

Where has the time gone?! I just saw the nurse & she said my scar is looking great, I don't have to see her again now. I have an appointment on the 3rd of November with my surgeon. I have to keep massaging the pleats in my scar. If they don't flatten out, the nurse said my surgeon will just do a quick procedure in her rooms to fix it up, so that's a relief to know!
I'm a bit excited that I have the all clear to have an orgasm, haha! 3 weeks of no exercise or umm other release, has been tough :-p I still have to keep fairly still & not do anything vigorous until 6 weeks, but at least I can do something , haha!
I've included a couple of pics of this morning , I might add some more later :)

- I'm moving around pretty naturally now. I can sit & stand in a fluid motion.
- I'm wearing all of my ore-op clothes under my binder
- I can sleep without my binder, but still wear it during the day
- My swelling is settling a little
- I can easily shower, wash my hair & do light household things like making dinner & doing dishes
- I can do light walking on the treadmill
- My scar is healing beautifully
- I don't have any pain now , just the odd aches here & there
- I'm standing straight, I just need to remind myself to put my shoulders back

- I still get tired really easily
- my muscles still need to rest after simple things (I'm having a little sit now, because I just went to my nurse apt & got a few groceries)
- I still look like Ken in my groin, especially at the end of the day
- I still have swelling & I swell more by the end of the day if I'm more active
- I still can't lift my kids, so I need help getting my daughter in & out of the highchair/cot/pram
- I hunch a bit by the end of the day if I've been busy.
- I'm dying to do some high-impact exercise!

Forgot photos! 3 weeks

Winter + TT = perfect!

I'm so glad I had my surgery in winter, it makes my binder so easy to disguise! Current fashion means lots of chunky knits & oversized jackets too... Most people would have no idea I have a thick, awkward binder underneath!

Photos didn't work

Don't mind my bed hair, lol

Weight Watchers Ambassador!

I've just entered the Australian Weight Watchers Healthy Life Awards, to be Australia's Slimmer of the Year & the ambassador for Weight Watchers! I'm so excited & proud :)

If any of you have a free moment, please click on the link & "like" my entry xxx

Weird itching... Aaaaargh!

One of the most strange & frustrating part of healing is when I feel itchy where I'm actually NUMB! Obviously I can't actually feel anything there, so I have to kind of scratch around the nearest part of skin that does actually have feeling, until I hit the spot that relieves the inching. Sometimes I can't relieve the itching, it's honestly so odd!!!

Also, I keep getting paranoid that my skin wasn't pulled tight enough, because I'm all poofy up above my belly button. I keep telling myself it's swelling, but it seems softer than underneath my belly button, so I'm worried I'll always look odd when I'm sitting :-/

I'm sure it will sort itself out in time, like every other crazy part of this roller coaster ride of recovery!

FOUR WEEKS... Time flies!

I remember looking enviously at ladies posting their 4 week update, now here I am. I'm still thrilled with my results so far

Nooooo... My update didn't work!!!!

Grrrrrr, I spent So much time writing a detailed 4 week update, while juggling my sick kids & most of it is missing :( Yep, 4 weeks post-op, my hubby has been back at work for a week & I'm dealing 4 kids on school holidays, including a toddler with bronchiolitis, an 8 year old with an ear infection! Plus I have conjunctivitis & my period & I still can't lift :-o
I'm doing well though & I'll do a proper update when I get another chance x

Week 4 update, attempt 2!

OK, it may not be as well written as the one that disappeared somewhere in internet land. But here's my update of life at 4 weeks post-op!
My husband went back to work a week ago. The kids are on school holidays & we've managed surprisingly well! I'm trying not to give the bigger girls too much responsibility, but I'm appreciating their help with lifting my toddler! We've had a few tricky situations though, like when she fell asleep in our huge SUV & no one could get her out, hahaha!
I'm walking pretty much straight now, I think. I occasional hunch, but I think it's out of habit now, rather than necessity. I'm very mobile & not as tired as I was this time last week - I'm managing some gentle housework (putting washing in the machine, dishes, etc.) I occasionally get a little achey. My overall swelling is improving, but it's always worse at night.
Another thing is, I've stopped seeing my incision as an "incision," it's not treated like a "scar" that's part of my body. That's a big milestone! I used to be so gentle & careful with the area, but now I massage it quite roughly with oil & clean it in the shower like the rest of me. I still have a lot of numbness, but no soreness there.
I know everyone wonders, so I might as well let people know... I've hit the big "O" a few times in the last week & it was way better than I expected! I was so scared it would hurt or rip my muscles apart, lol. It didn't hurt, but the first couple of times I had a really dull burning feeling in my lower abs. I had to share, because sex /orgasm after surgery was one of my biggest curiosities before I had my TY!
I'm starting to get really frustrated with not being able to lift, especially having sick kids this week!!! I'm also struggling to fit any exercise in. Between having all 4 kids home, having 2 sickies & general tiredness, my well-intended walks on the treadmill haven't happened much at all :-/ I'm going to aim to at least walk 3-4 times a week for the next 2 weeks. once my poor little princess isn't so sick & needy. I'm really hoping to be ready to return to Zumba at 6 weeks.
All in all, life is pretty good. Every week in feeling much more normal & looking better!

Just picked up my daughter... Eek!

I'm meant to wait until 6 weeks, but my toddler had woken up without me realising it :-o I was in the living room with the other 3 kids, watching a movie with the noisy gas heater on. I looked at the time & realised how late it was & sure enough, I went down the hallway & my baby was crying. I felt so awful! I couldn't wait for one of my bigger girls to get her out of the cot, :'(
The good news is, I managed to carry her fine. I feel like a naughty schoolgirl though, lol. Mummy instincts won this time!

Today I wondered if my crotch might actually burst.

I hate stupid swelling.

Sometimes I wonder if it will ever go away & I'll ever look like I have a normal belly again (especially Ag the end of the day)

Plus I've been eating too much crap & not exercising & I feel gross.

Woe is me.


5 weeks!

If only my belly looked this good by the end of the day, haha!! I'm seeing lots more definition now. My pleating is settling & my tummy is looking & feeling a bit more like a real belly, not a plastic one.
I only have one more week of wearing my binder full time during the day! I'm going to buy a few pairs of good quality spanx for when I'm transitioning :)
I'm managing well during the day now. I don't have to sit & have a rest as often now & I'm not getting tired as easily. On Sunday I managed a walk on the treadmill at 3.7 mph. I want to try & do it most days before I attempt Zumba next week :) I still get a little sore in my muscles if I've done too much.
I had a little breakdown this week. I'm meant to be going on a gros night out on Saturday, but I just don't feel ready :( I still look like ken at the end of the day, so I couldn't wear a slinky dress. Plus I'm still in a binder & I don't think I'd manage a night dancing in sky high heels yet :( I AMA little frustrated with this stage of recovery... I feel good, I look great in the morning, but my body hasn't quite caught up yet :-/ I'm fine with day to day outings & things though. They weren't joking when they said this is a long recovery!

5 weeks photos

I pressed the wrong button! Here's the pic from the post above...

Small victories

The magical 6 week mark is edging closer - 5 weeks 4 days today

Lost my post again :-/

This happens all the time! I've ran out of time now, so in summary...

- I an sleep totally normal, on my tummy/side, no pillow, cuddling my husband, etc
-I'm picking up my toddler. Not too much, but it's comfortable (& it feels wonderful!)

This just happened...

Size TWO JEANS! These are an Aussie size 6, which is the smallest size in regular Australian sizing (some teenage shops sell 4s) I know they're generous sizing, but they fit! No pizza dough in sight :-o


I'm 6 weeks PO tomorrow, so I thought I'd up the intensity on the treadmill slightly. I just included 4 x 1 minute bursts of jogging at 8kph / 5mph in my 20 minute walk.
The best part... NOTHING JIGGLED!!! I'm wearing a binder, so that helped, but I rested my hand on my belly & there was no pizza dough jumping around! I still can't believe I've actually done it... I'm flat!

I promise, a proper 6 week update is coming ;)

It's been a busy few days, but guess what? I went to zumba tonight at 6 weeks 1 day post-op!!!

I can't even explain how amazing it felt. I definitely couldn't go at full capacity yet & I had to avoid a few moves. Overall I did WAY better than I expected though - it felt natural & I felt like ME again... I smiled the whole time

7 weeks :)

I somehow skipped 6 weeks, but here I am at 7 weeks!
I'm feeling great, although I've been on a bit of a PMS downer this week. I haven't been wearing my binder for a week now. I've been wearing shapewear for extra support, but today I went a whole day in just normal panties... It felt so good! I recovered really well from Zumba & I've been on the treadmill a couple of times since. I wear my binder, but I can jog easily now. I still haven't ran at quite my normal intensity, but I'm getting there.
I just realised that I don't real feel that sore now. I still feel tight, but I'm feeling way more normal & not thinking about my tummy constantly. I can easily pick up my 26 month old now, I'm carrying her around 100% normally.
I've been a bit discouraged about swelling this week, in hindsight I think a lot of it was probably related to getting my period... It turns out that period bloating is still there after you have a TT ;)
I'm also pretty. Certain I'll need some minor revision, which is annoying. My pleating is still there & when I swell I stick out a lot more on that side. Actually that side sticks out a little more full stop. Plus I have a little bit of a sticky-outy bit at the end of my scar on that side. Both of these issues have improved, but been there from the start. I feel guilty complaining, but it is frustrating. I'm just annoyed that I won't get them fixed until November, when I see my surgeon next. They're both very minor issues though, I still love my results! Hopefully they may even surprise me & resolve themselves.
I'm glad I took some pics this morning - they're just what I needed after feeling a bit "blergh" all week

Quick update

The difference losing 66lb makes (& of course a TT!) leaner, fitter, stronger & loving it!

Oops... Photo

2 month update!

It's been 2 months now & I'm feeling great! I'm not wearing any kind of compression, except when I'm exercising. I've been a bit sick for the last fortnight, so I'm feeling a bit flabby & blergh. I just want to get back j to exercise properly again!
I have no pain now. I do swell by the end of the day, bit it's minimal compared to a few weeks ago. I can reach up high, lie on my stomach, run, jump, even lift my 6 year old!
I'm so happy with my results. The skin is a bit looser where my pleating was (it's almost gone!) & I do have a slight dog ear still on the left, but I'll discuss those with my surgeon in November.
Another exciting development... I had some bikinis arrive today! The chevron too to too big, but I just can't believe how good they look :)
I am so glad I did this. I feel like me. I feel like I put so much hard work into losing 66lb & toning up & my surgeon just put everything back where it was meant to be & tidied me up , hehe .

Hello Abs!

Last night I did my first targeted abdominal work out! I called the nurse at my surgeon's rooms first & she said to start slow, but it should be totally fine :D It was only a 15 minute session, before my hour of zumba. I managed way better than I expected. I dropped down to my knees when we were planking at first, more because I was nervous. Other than that I was fine! My abs are burning a little today, but no different to how they would be normally.
I'm almost back to full intensity now. I'm taking the high impact options at zumba & on Monday I'll go back to my very full-on boxing/weights/sculpting class (THAT will be interesting!)
I'm not wearing any compression on normal days now, just high-waisted shapewear when I work out. I still swell a bit here & there, especially when I'm getting my period, but nothing like I used to. I've noticed that if I ever bloat up, I'm such a different shape than I used to be when I was bloated pre-TT.
All in all, I'm feeling excellent. I still have days where I feel a bit puffy by the end of the day, but most of the time I'm perfectly flat
Brighton Plastic Surgeon

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