KTP Laser Teeth Whitnening - Australia, AU

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I had KTP laser teeth whitening done about 4...

I had KTP laser teeth whitening done about 4 months ago. My teeth weren't really yellow, they were actually pretty good before, I just wanted a pick me up and chose what was classed as the best whitening procedure. The dentist said this wouldn't hurt much although I was mainly concerned about any sensitivity that I may experience during or after the procedure (long term sensitivity), he assured me there would be nothing, no side effects, nothing!!. So based on that I decided to go ahead with it. Before I had the procedure done I looked it up online but couldn't find any reviews about it, it’s only now 4 months after the procedure when I look up ' Ktp laser EXTREME pain' that I found reviews, funny that. So from what I understand during the procedure the dentist applies 3 coats of the whitening solution, and after each coat uses the laser light. The first, and second coat were fine but after the 3rd coat, the pain really started to kick in, it felt like acid was eating my teeth alive. I really tried to focus on something else, but this was real inescapable pain. I'd say without much exaggeration 50 times worse then tattoo pain. The dentist asked me to show him the level of pain on with my hands ranging from 1-10, its funny now but I remember my hands in open and close mode, showing that this pain was defiantly off the 1-10 finger chart. I do have a high pain threshold, and this was by far the worst pain one may ever experience in their life. Some words to describe it: agonizing, torturous, mentally inescapable, experiencing thoughts of wanting to die rather than experience the pain. I was asked if I wanted to stop, but I thought spending $1400 on something that may not turn out as well because I stopped is painful enough. Anyway shortly after it was all done, I thought AWESOME the pain would be over (I didn't care about how my teeth looked) but little did I know I would be in for hours of agony as well public humiliation. So as soon as it was over I started yelling like 'Aaaaaaaaahhhh' over and over, I felt like I was making weird twitchy faces as well, which usually accompanies 'Aaaaahh' sounds. I think the staff were suprised and scared of my yelling, I was given some oral pain relief gel and nurofen which didn't help much, the pain was sharp shooting sporadic pains. So it wasn't constant, every 5 seconds I let out an 'aaaaahhh' sound accompanied by a face that said 'HELPPPP!! I'm dying', and inbetween that little salivary 'heeee' 'heeeee' panting breathing sounds, that seemed to make the pain a tiny bit more bearable. Basically you could call it TOURETTES meltdown.......... and I had to take this home with me for a 10 minute walk on an extremely busy street, 1 hour public transport ride, another 10 minute walk, and finally a 15 minute drive home. I knew the journey ahead would be unforgiving, seemingly never ending and relentless. But I had to go on, my mission was to get home, and I didn't give a **** how white my teeth were, that kind of pain is not worth it. Sure they look great on the first and second day but after that, they look pretty average. So on my public transport ride home I was god damn lucky enough to get a seat by myself right at the back with no one facing me, I was in real tears, and had half a bottle of water with me, which saved me. First I rubbed the pain relief gel all over my teeth, "you only need a drop" they said, I almost consumed the whole thing, but that didn't help. What did seem to help was every time I felt the pain I would take a sip of my water, to help lessen the pain, it wasn't much, but it was something. There were a few people that noticed nearby including a frightened looking child. Sometimes there are some strange, druggo looking, mentally challenged people on public transport and that day I'm sure I was seen as one. Actually I was one. Just at the end of my public transport journey I had run out of water, and did not think I'd be able to survive without this (sipping therapy). The long isolated awkward style sprint to my car, felt like the most agonising/joyous moments of my life, and then it was a speeding like **** journey home. I got onto a really strong painkiller which didn't really help much, then I got some Colgate Pro Argin Sensitive toothpaste and slathered it all over my teeth, and that really seemed to help. I had the procedure done early in the morning , but at night there was still sharp pains, the next day, nothing, but 4 months after my teeth feel alot different, they are quite sensitive now to hot and cold, and even sugary foods, when before I had no sensitivity as well. And my teeth don't look amazing, just average. So because of vanity, my teeth have suffered, and to this day remain sensitive. As this was by far the worst experience of my life, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but I relise the pain could be different for other people, I would just say to the very brave people who do go ahead with it, make sure you have someone with you, that can take you home straight away, so you can just curl up in the back of the car and deal with it isolated and with your dignity intact. Also whatever painkillers your dentist recommends, a bottle of water, and I think that Colgate pro argin toothpaste really helped me most of all, the oral pain relief gel did nothing. I think each experience will be different, and good luck to those people who do go ahead with it.
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