Septorhinoplasty/Turbinoplasty 5.11.2014

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I have been looking through real self for months...

I have been looking through real self for months now and everyone's reviews have been so helpful! So I thought I would start my own review to document my journey :)
It all starts when on the day I was born all those years ago ... My cord wrapped around my face and my nose basically needed to be propped back into position when I came out as it had moved so significantly. I have always disliked my nose and It is only now that I have the funds to seriously start looking into rhinoplasty to fix my nose both cosmetically and also to improve the functionality.

Basically the things I would like to change are:
- shave the bump off top (not sure yet if I want a bit of a slope or completely straight nose)
- straighten my nose (completely crooked so I can't breathe out of one nostril)
- droopy tip (if the tip is fixed then I think my nostrils might be too long and in view so may need nostril work too)

What I am really wanting is a refined nose that enhances my other features and improves my breathing.

Refined and feminine looking noses

Here are a couple of noses that I like ... Whether they are achievable or not ... That's another story!

Consultation with Dr Imani

I've had my first consultation with Dr Imani.
We went through what I didn't like about my nose and I was quoted for a septal reconstruction + turbinoplasty + rhinoplasty.
Basically the doctor will shave down the bump on my nose, deproject the nose, improve the functionality and work on the tip. He said the surgery will not be as straightforward as most and I will be under for around 3.5 hours.

We spent some time looking at before and after pictures of previous clients that had similar looking noses and I have to admit their noses came out looking very natural. They still looked like their own noses just .. better!!

Dr Imani did mention he would like to build my bridge up to make it wider using my own cartilage which kind of scared me as I have read so many horror stories of being able to see the cartilage protruding through peoples skin afterwards. And to be honest the width of my bridge I have never thought about so it sucks hearing that something needs to be worked on when you didn't have a problem with it in the first place. I guess I should trust him that it will improve the overall look of the rest of his work if done though.

My biggest fear is coming out looking piggish with an upturned nose and my nostrils showing .. but he assured me he would not let this happen. I guess living my whole life with a droopy tip, to have anything else completely freaks me out now!

I walked out of the consult feeling like the surgeon knows his stuff, he is apparently the best in Perth and he is also an ENT meaning that I don't need two surgeons working on me at once. However I am just not sure that by booking my surgery in now that we are on the exact same page with the type of look I am after (don't think I get to see him before surgery again). Perhaps I can book in another appointment before surgery to speak with him again. I am thinking that most people freak out this way before booking, arghhhh help?!

Swelling and bruising prep

So with all the work I'm having done I'm thinking that I am going to bruise like crazy! I have seen a lot of people mention arnica tablets or cream on realself lately. Has anyone had any experience with these and is the cream or tablets better to use?

33 days!

Surgery is just over a month away and I am so excited! I have scheduled my second appointment with my surgeon for a week before surgery.

I have been looking on the internet for more photos of noses that I like as I would like to show at least one to my surgeon the week before surgery. I am struggling to find a pic that captures what I am really after as obviously my nose is unique and who knows what will look good on my face!!!

I like the pic attached but could be a little too upturned compared to what I am used to ... I don't want a scooped out nose either, more a straight profile I think would suit.


14 sleeps to go!

Has anyone got any advice for sleeping without a recliner? I'm thinking my best option is to sleep in my bed with three or four pillows?

Does anyone have any suggestions for things to buy prior to surgery? So far I have bought arnica tablets and will stock up on ingredients to make smoothies ... Any suggestions would be great!

Four sleeps

This week I had my second and last consultation with my surgeon and I am so glad I booked this in. We spoke about what I want and didn't want again and I really felt at ease afterwards and know that I have picked the right surgeon.

I was asked if I had a picture I wanted to show him before the surgery but I said no as I couldn't find a picture of someone's nose that I really wanted that looked 'perfect' that would look perfect on me. I would hate to show him a picture of a nose I just liked and he tried to make my nose look like that when it probably wouldn't suit my facial structure and features at all ... If that makes sense. So I trust him to do what he thinks best. I asked about how upturned my nose would be as I remember he said there was an angle that is considered the most attractive and feminine for females. He said he will decide when I am in surgery and that he pins his noses back quite a few times before deciding which angle looks best on the patient.

All in all I am very excited, not nervous about going under or the operation just the recovery and being anxious to get the cast off to see if I like it or not.

One day post op

Stayed over night in hospital I believe surgery was 3.5 hrs and all went well. Not in too much pain just a Nagging aching pain and I'm on painkillers as well.

So far I can see a cute lifted tip and I'm not bleeding too bad today. Not much bruising so far so either the arnicas working or it'll hit me in a day or two.

I have a Bag full of prescription tablets and nose sprays etc which I have to start using tomorrow have no idea how though when my nose feels so tender don't want to go near it!

Two days post op

So scared to touch my nose but I know I need to start cleaning all the dried blood out ... I have used the nose spray which wasn't bad but got to use a saltwater wash today which freaks me out!!
How has everyone else cleaned theirs out?

Day 3 post op

I prepared myself for day three to be the worst as that's what a lot of people have said on here and they weren't wrong!

Was hard to sleep last night propped up and waking up the congestion and pounding was a lot worse than day 2 but still bearable. Just keeping up with my pain meds and using the salt solution and spray to try and keep my nostrils semi clean. Still terrified to go anywhere near the inside but I am sure within time it'll be okay.

Last night I decided to have a slice of pizza for dinner knowing full well to avoid salty foods ... And bam my face ballooned up within about an hour and felt horrible. Lesson learnt!

Bruising also started to come up yesterday but still isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Face is oily and yuck, can only imagine what it looks like under the cast!!

Day 5 post op

Still have a super dry mouth especially when sleeping that is driving me nuts! And the itching has begun!! There are sometimes that I just want to rip the cast off haha.

Yesterday after I used my saline solution I noticed a thick maroon coloured goop coming out of my nose and I looked online it looks like my internal dissolvable packing is started to come out! So strange to see!

Washed my hair for the first time yesterday which made me feel so much better as well, was worried about how I would do it but ended up just having a normal shower and tilting my hair back so that no water went on my face.

Throat is still so so sore and struggling to eat much... Still assuming it's bruising or something from where the tube was in my mouth for 3.5hrs during surgery but not sure.

Cast comes off in two days! Woohoo can't wait to see what's underneath this thing :)

Post op day 6

Well and truely ready for this cast to come off!!! Driving me absolutely nuts haha! One more sleep! Can't wait to wash my face properly and be able to step foot out in public feeling clean woohoooo

Cast off

Yesterday was cast removal and i was so excited to see what was under the cast.
The removal itself was the weirdest feeling, uncomfortable and like a suction cap being pulled off my nose.
I was given a mirror to look into and I burst into tears. It is better than I could have imagined!!! Everything I could have asked for and more!!! I can't explain the feelings that we're going on when I saw it, relief, happiness, awe, shock, so much!!!
After about twenty seconds of looking at my new nose it was all taped up and now I have to wait another week to see it again haha.
I am still in shock as to how nice it is and complimentary to my other features. Even though in the end I did not supply a models picture to my surgeon before surgery in fear that it would be copied and not take into account my own features I can honestly say that my nose to me looks better than any picture I could have supplied.

Right now my nose is tender, numb and swollen at the bridge where I have had extra cartlidge put in which is to be expected. My focus now is on patience and letting the natural healing process continue and using the salt cleaner and special ointment given to me by the surgeon. Very happy with the results so far and excited to see how it heals and changes over the coming months.


Left pics, before. Right pics 7 days post op


The dreaded droop when smiling before surgery ... Can't wait until I am ab,e to properly smile again to see how it compares now!

11 days post op

So I am 11 days post op and nearing the end of my second jar of arnica tablets. Has anyone got any advice about when to stop taking the tablets? I am thinking to stop in the next few days and then when I can take my tape off (Weds) start using the arnica gel instead?

Any advice would be much appreciated :)

13 days post op - nose rock hard!

Still waiting to remove my tape, tomorrow's the big day!!! A few days ago I noticed that one side of my nose turned really really hard near the nostril area ... Like rock hard! And now today the other side is firming up as well ... Has anyone else experienced this? I am wondering if this is swelling or scar tissue forming which freaks me out!! I wonder if it will ever go back to being less firm like how it was before?

16 days post op - hello swelling!

I was allowed to take the tape off after a week on Wednesday and it is now Friday night. Upon taking off the tape I looked at my nose and it was swollen like no tomorrow! Kind of shocked me after seeing the perfect little nose in the surgeons office when getting my cast removed. But I know to be patient and it shall return to that in months to come.

My nose still feels super congested and I get relief from the salt water washes twice a day. My right nostril (one I could previously breathe from) I can't really breathe from at all and feels majorly congested. I had called the surgeons office and they told me that this is normal and it may take a while longer to get better.

I am really happy with the deprojection, not sure how much it has been deprojected in terms of mm but I love the change!

My nose is still super tender to touch and tip is numb. I have been washing my nose with a normal cleanser I use on the rest of my face. A word of warning for everyone when taking their cast/tape off ... If your anything like me it will be blackhead central!!!! And it's not like you can get any of them out because it's so tender to touch your nose! A few people have posted that they use the pore strips a few weeks post op to extract them but I feel as if I could cause damage doing that! Ouch!

Every day my nose changes, it's crazy to wake up and see the differences! One day it looks really wonky from uneven swelling, the next it's straight. I think the key is to be patient and not stare into the mirror too much otherwise you will drive yourself nuts. I have also found that if I take the dog for a walk or do anything strenuous like a day of cleaning etc I will feel even more congested and crappy so it really does pay to rest up, eat well and take care of yourself.

So clogged up!!

I have caught a cold which I didn't need!!! The congested feeling is unbearable coupled with the congestion of the surgery, dry throat, not being able to blow my nose etc. it's 3am here and I'm sitting up with a honey lemon tea trying to soothe my throat but no progress! Have tried a antibiotic gargle wash as well that is supposed to numb my throat but no luck!

If anyone has any special remedies for a sore throat pass them on haha :(

3wks post op

Still swollen as anything and trying to avoid looking in a mirror because I feel yuck!

How does everyone's incisions look at 3 wks? (Open rhino)
Mine is healing alright but I have noticed on the inside of both nostrils there is a ball of what looks like scar tissue that has formed (was there as early as a week post op) and they really annoy me because you can see them when looking at my nose ... Has anyone else got these? I have read that they are part of the incision made by the surgeon but can't find any info as to if they heal over or stay there ... I hate them!

27 days post op

Will this swelling ever go away? I mean I was prepared for a long wait but waking up every day with a nose that I feel looks exactly like it did before surgery is so frustrating. But at the same time I know how happy I was with it right after the cast came off if was tiny.
I feel like I have lost the slight upturn as well which is something I suprisingly liked after seeing it. Arghhhh frustrating evening :(

4.5 weeks post op

Swelling has been going up and down this week. Have been trying to keep salt intake to a minimum and it actually helps!

Nose has been really stuffy and runny today so just taking it easy. I feel like the right nostril that I Havent been able to breathe from since surgery is slowly opening up as I am able to get the water up there in my salt water wash now and can get a tiny bit of mucous out. Will be good when I can breathe through both nostrils.
Here are some pics from today, swelling is okay not the best but looking at my before pics I can really see a difference especially in terms of projection and the tip drooping.

5 weeks post op tomorrow

Today I met with my surgeon for the second time since surgery. He was very happy with my nose and healing overall.

He confirmed that the tip is still very swollen and within the next 6-10 wks I will notice a difference in the swelling. The little balls of skin in my nostrils were little fluid type things that he popped, so happy they are gone. I also let him know that I can't breathe through my right nostril, he had a look up there and got out some crusty stuff that was right up there and now I can somewhat breathe but feel like there's more up there so I'll keep an eye on it and may need to go back in for him to have a look again and clear it out.

I am to continue with the salt wash which honestly does help clear the nose.

He showed me my before photos he took at my first consultation and my god the change is so awesome! Really glad I took the leap and did this :) My next appointment is in Feb and that's where we will take my 'after' photos to compare.

2 months post op

Back to normal activities, have found what looks like a cartilage piece sitting rather snugly on the tip (right side) meaning I can see it through the skin. Have spoken to surgeon and may need to be shaved down in a quick procedure in the next few months, this will be confirmed at my next post op appoint hopefully. Massaging is important and seems to really reduce the swelling, and I am noticing a lot more definition which is awesome!

Still can't believe the change in my side profile

Smiling and 3/4 photos as requested

The first time I have taken a smiling photo and WOW what a change compared to my before photo I posted prior to surgery!!!!

2.5 month update

Nose has been sore the past week or two ..mostly the internal bit surrounding the septum but also under the incision if press gently the bone aches. Strange because it was never really sore all through recovery. If I open my mouth up wide or twitch my nose I feel like I am pulling the skin on the side of my nose ouch!!!

Today I also found a thick stitch just sitting half way out of my nose!!! Did not know they were supposed to stay in there this long as mine were dissolvable but it was so thick and I think it was one that originated right up the back of nose as I could always feel it when cleaning with a cotton bud.

Still trying to massage a few times a day but it has been sore so trying not to disturb it too much.

Went out on the weekend and took a picture of myself and a friend front on and couldn't believe how perfect the bridge looks compared to before (love how he has added cartilage to straighten it all out which was the bit I was originally most scared of!!!)

Still using my salt wash twice a day to help get any gunk out, I attempt to try and blow my nose but nothing really comes out (perhaps because I am too chicken to blow hard haha)

3 months post op

So it has been a little over three months and I am beginning to get used to my nose and it doesn't feel as foreign anymore.

I had my 3 month follow up appointment with Dr Imani this week and he has said that because my skin is so thin all of my swelling is now gone. We spoke about the bump in the tip of my nose again and he confirmed that it is cartilage and asked me if it bothered me. I told him it did and he said that he would be willing to open the nose back up again and do one of two things.

First of all he would crush the piece of cartilage that was poking out (which he said is only visible as my skin is so thin). This piece of cartilage basically needs to be there as my nose was drooping to one side so the cartilage helps to hold it up and make my nose appear more symmetrical. He said that once he crushed this piece of cartilage it could result in it obviously looking less symmetrical than it does now (drooping to one side again) and there would be risk of a divot forming. He said that if he opens up the nose and thinks that it will not look nice after crushing the cartilage he would have to take some cartilage from my ear and wrap it over the tip to form a 'blanket' over the entire tip to cover any imperfections. He said the problem with this is that it will make my tip thicker and somewhat boxier which is fine but that I originally asked for a defined, dainty type nose so it will look different to what he has created on me now.

To be honest I am so confused, is it worth while going through with the surgery and possibly coming out looking worse? On the other hand the cartilage piece really bothers me as it sticks out and looks like something is poking through my skin! I assume it will only get worse once I heal more as well.

He said that the surgery can be done mid year if it really bothered me and that recovery wouldn't be as intense as the first time round as he would just be working on the tip quickly so it will just be swollen and tender and that sort of thing.

Has anyone been through this before, would love to hear from you!

I will post some pictures now of how my nose looks and try to capture a picture of the bump for you to see.

3 months post

Quick Adjustment Surgery

Yesterday I had a quick 1 hour surgery to open my nose back up to shave down the cartilage poking out. Have got a cast on and will be getting this off on Friday, no pain just a little tender where the incision is. Recovery is going smoothly and the whole process with Dr Imani has been good.
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