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Hey all! Thought I would prepare one of these...

Hey all! Thought I would prepare one of these reviews to share my experience and the process in having a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation with you all.

I’ve disliked my nose ever since it grew into my face. When I look in the mirror, it is the first thing I notice. It’s size and it’s width. It’s massive and just takes up an insane amount of space on my face. When I look at my side profile, I want to be sick. I think I look like an oversized bird of prey with a beak that could poke someone’s eye out. Needless to say, I’ve fantasised about the idea of having a ‘nose job’ since I was about 17 years old.

Early last year, I heard about the chin augmentation procedure (I’m pretty clueless about these things!) and was led to understand that when you have a weak chin- which I most definitely do, it can make your nose seem even more out of proportion to the rest of your face. I realised that this procedure could hopefully give me a jaw line and a chin whilst making my nose appear not so huge. I believe that a combination of the two procedures, performed together will help bring my face into balance and make me not hate my face (especially my side profile) so much. I’m looking forward to a renewed sense of confidence from having these procedures done.

Something a little different about me… in my genes I have something called Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome, otherwise known as Whistling Face Syndrome (Thanks so much, Dad!) which explains my ridiculously small mouth and underdeveloped jaw. I’ve been pretty lucky that I didn’t end up with major problems with walking like many of my relatives (who were born with club feet and are very restricted) so it sometimes seems a little minor that I want these things fixed. I’ve always had difficulties breathing through my nose too which I will be discussing with my surgeon. If I touch my nose even just a little, it hurts and if I sleep with my window open at night I’ll wake up with my nose in agony. It’s really weird! So I’m hoping to find out about that too!

Anyway, I’ve been booked in to see Dr Timothy Hewitt who sees patients both publicly and privately. I’ve heard some good reviews about him. He’s a reasonably young surgeon considering all his credentials and I hope that means he’ll understand what I’m after and why. My GP informed me of the possibility of being able to see him publicly due to the Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome- which has actually caused the problems but that because it’s a cosmetic procedure and not an emergency, that I might end up seeing him privately meaning I will have to fork out up to $20,000 to see him. I’ve got two appointments scheduled. The first one is private on the 20th of August and the second, I’m booked in to see him publicly on the 16th of September.

It’s been a nightmare trying to organise two referrals to see him. I can’t really understand why I need both. The hospital has accepted my original form and I’ve been on their waiting list for 8 months now. I only called to book privately too because I was told that I might not be able to see him publicly if the surgical review board (or something like that!) deems the procedure unnecessary, meaning I’ll have to go private in the end and be on a waiting list for several months after that appointment In September. Hopefully I can get it all sorted before that second appointment!

So far this site has been an excellent tool for me. I’m hoping to use it as a form of education to find out loads more about rhinoplasty and chin augmentation before I have my own done. I plan on updating my review each time anything of interest pops up and plan on uploading some before photos soon. I’m really looking forward to seeing Dr Hewitt and finding out how he may be able to help me finally get a nose and chin that I’m happy with.

Stay tuned ;)

How badly do I want this surgery?

I've been doubting myself for the past few days as to whether I should go ahead with the rhinoplasty/chin augmentation. My main concerns are the pain, the cost and the risk of something going wrong and ruining my face permanently. That being said, I know how much more confident and happy I will be within myself if I were to get this procedure done and all went well.

I saw a segment on morning TV on a lady who was obsessed with plastic surgery spending around $2 million dollars. She looked ridiculous to me and she said at the end of the day, she still isn't happy with her appearance. So that caused me to doubt myself a bit.

I spoke to my close friend about my concerns today. She had an unrelated cosmetic surgery performed a year ago and she is ecstatic with her results and explained to me the difference in her confidence and self image. She said that the pain is all worth it.

So I had a play with a plastic surgery app using a photo my Dad took of me when we were discussing the prospects of me having this procedure done. My Dad doesn't seem to think I need it, but my Mum is all for it. I'm not sure if the surgeon can get results like this- especially with my chin and jaw and I've not considered the frontal view yet- this is just my side profile, but I'm sure you will all agree that the transformation is significant but not overly drastic. I love the idea of having a side profile I'm happy with and the idea of a 'pretty nose' excites me so much!

Time for an update!

I went to see Dr Hewitt for my initial consultation back in August. I've been crazily busy with work, uni and teaching so haven't had a chance to update.

Anyway, my appointment was at 'The Rose Medical and Aesthetic Centre' in North Fremantle. I'm not familiar with the area, got lost, found my way again and still managed to make it to the centre for my appointment. It wouldn't have mattered even if I was horrendously late though as I waited for ages before I was called in.

Dr Hewitt was really nice. He began the appointment looking over the referral and the notes discussing my condition. He then proceeded to ask me about what I it was that I didn’t like about my appearance and also what I was hoping for.

In regards to the rhinoplasty, he explained in detail about the dorsal hump and how it can make a female’s nose look quite masculine and he also pointed out that the bottom part of my nose was rather bulbous. I wasn’t sure how to describe it myself, I’ve just always hated my nose, but having him explain it like that made me realise what the problem was with the lower half. He said I would make a good candidate for a rhinoplasty (which is good to know) and the proceeded to explain what the operation would entail. He mentioned the 4 sections of cartilage and said that he would take them all apart and shave different parts of them down (as well as the bone) and fit them all back together, pull the skin back over and stitch me up. He also said that I could possibly need a facial fracture on one side of my face to bring it all together. I was in shock! I didn’t realise that I needed that much work! The whole idea of all 4 sections of my nose being taken apart, reshaped and then my face being deliberately fractured horrified me! I guess that makes me a big scaredy-cat, especially if this is the norm for a rhinoplasty! (Some advice on this from fellow reviewers would be appreciated).

In regards to the chin augmentation, Dr Hewitt was concerned about the significant chin dimple I have due to the Freeman-Sheldon syndrome. It is quite deep and apparently totally attached to my bone. As such, Dr Hewitt was concerned that a chin implant might make my chin area look abnormal and suggested that I possibly consider a jaw advancement surgery (which I know is definitely a lot of work and something I am definitely not interested in). He has referred me to Dr Evan Kakulis in West Perth who is a max-fac surgeon who will be able to investigate further and be able to tell me what the right type of surgery will be for me, if I should choose to proceed.

I asked to see some photos of patients who have had similar procedures done, but Dr Hewitt didn’t have any on hand. He showed me his iPad, but I’d already seen those photos on his website and the rest wouldn’t work. It’s a shame I didn’t see him at Subi. Perhaps he may have had some more photos at his official suite?

I’m feeling really disheartened about all of this, which is another reason why it has taken me so long to write about it. I was really excited about getting my face fixed up, but now I’m feeling even less confident about myself and even more so like a freaky monster- because of my stupid chin dimple. I’ve booked an appointment to see Dr Kakulis in December (which is another long wait).

Finally, in regards to my public appointment… Dr Hewitt said he had resigned from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and will therefore not be my surgeon if I were to go public. My appointment was scheduled for September, it was cancelled and subsequently rescheduled to October. Then that appointment was cancelled too and rescheduled for November. Here’s hoping I actually get to see a surgeon about it! The public system is really concerning! So far, not impressed with this journey and feeling quite down.

My Dad's corrective rhinoplasty is scheduled for next month. He had a bad accident last year and the first surgery left him unable to breathe. He doesnt seem to have had a problem going through the public system- but perhaps it's because his nose issues is caused by an accident rather than being more cosmetic? Regardless, I'm going to make sure he tells me all about his experiences.

PICS: My nose and chin dimple. (BEFORE)

This front view hopefully shows the bulbous bottom half of my nose which Dr Hewitt mentioned as well as the significant chin dimple. Sounds like it will be a massive job to fix this mess up... :S

Update- because it has been a while!

It's been such a long time since I've updated my own review! I need to because so much has happened since I posted last...

Following my consultation with Dr Hewitt in North Fremantle, I also met with Dr Sam Cunneen at Sir Charles Gairdner (in late 2013) and also Dr David Gillett in Cottesloe (earlier this year). Long story short, I felt the most comfortable with Dr Gillett and have decided I want him to do my procedure.

Initially we discussed both a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation and I'd received quotes for the whole lot, but I've decided to just go with the rhinoplasty for now. The chin augmentation procedure would have involved sawing off the bottom portion of my mandible and reattaching it with titanium plates. My friend showed me a photo of a colleague of hers who had it done and I feel that it just makes the face look too long and the chin look too bulged so I've decided against that procedure and only have the rhinoplasty! Such a big decision but one I'm feeling quite confident about.

I have a second appointment with Dr Gillett on the 22nd and I've invited my parents along too so we can view the digitally altered photos and discuss dates for the surgery. Ideally I'd like to have it at the end of this year, so I'll be mostly recovered by the commencement of my second year of law school. My Mum is adamant that I have the procedure and recovery completed before I finish my degree, just because my nose really destroys my confidence and she doesn't want it holding me back when I go to apply for graduate positions.

I've been doing lots of nose-shopping (kind of like window shopping) and had picked out the type of nose I'm hoping for. I'm hoping to get the tip lifted, the bump reduced and possibly have it made shorter. Hopefully these things can all be achieved. Also, Dr Gillett has suggested we look at fixing my narrow nasal airway to allow for better breathing, which will be great if all goes to plan.

I'll be sure to update this space following my appointment on the 22nd :)

Pre-Surgery: Appointment 22 July & Digital Images

My appointment with Dr Gillett went well. (Pretty sure surgeons get called Mr, right?) I took my Dad with me and we had the opportunity to ask plenty of questions regarding the procedure, recovery etc. Dad, like me, really liked Dr Gillett and appreciated his patient and understanding manner. We both felt very comfortable and at ease. Following discussion of the changes which I felt needed to be made, we also had a look at the digital imaging and whilst I wasn't particularly impressed with the initial image because the nose looked way too straight, it has since been altered following my request for a more concave/ski-slope look so now I'm happy with it and I'm starting to get excited! One thing I'm not sure of though… is if it looks too pointy on first glance! (Some opinions would be appreciated).

We have made a tentative booking for the surgery on Monday 2nd December. I can’t believe it is all really happening! And I will hopefully be going back for a final discussion with Dr Gillett some time in Sep-Nov.

I'm certainly not going to look like a supermodel after my procedure, but it will definitely be an improvement!

My Dad has his revision rhinoplasty/septoplasty done last week.

My Dad was involved in a terrible cycling accident in 2012 which ended with him going face first into the pavement and he has finally arranged to have his nose fixed up. He underwent his procedure almost 2 weeks ago now. It was meant to take 45 mins but the surgeons found so much damaged tissue that he was under for 4 hours! :/

Anyway his first week post-surgery was apparently quite uncomfortable and he had some constant (very light) bleeding. So he was feeling rather sorry for himself and trying to talk me out of having mine done. I've been asking heaps of questions and he doesn't seem to care too much about it all (typical guy).

He had his cast off on Monday and he's looking really great. His nose is straight again and my Mum said she thinks he looks as handsome as he did before the accident (sweet!). Now that I've seen the great results, I'm definitely not getting put off having mine done. He did say that taking off the cast and removing the stitches was quite painful also. He still has some swelling obviously and that will go down over time.

I keep warning him about wearing his glasses, but he doesn't seem to care- even when I warn him about prolonging the healing process and making the tip droop! Oh well! It's been interesting to see him go through the process anyway and I'm super glad the lovely doctors and nurses at Fremantle Hospital did an amazing job. He underwent the procedure at a public hospital (ie. with no cost) only to improve his breathing and clear out the damaged tissue, but they went above and beyond by reshaping his nose. Very impressive!

Counting down until my procedure - 96 days to go :D
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